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Fri Mar 21 17:14:07 2014 UTClccn-n000258170.13Longman A-level study guide: chemistry /0.691.00August the one : a comic song sung with ubounded applause by M. Cox77484553Michael_Cox_(academic)n 000258175240642コックス, マイケルlccn-n00102737Booth, Ken1943-edtlccn-n98024908Dunne, Timothy1965-edtlccn-n83057719Inoguchi, Takashiedtlccn-n88047130Ikenberry, G. Johnedtlccn-n78095561Carr, Edward Hallett1892-1982lccn-n80008782Royal Institute of International Affairslccn-n88022207Guelke, Adrianedtlccn-no2001022476Stephen, Fionaedtlccn-n2004104716Lawson, George1972-edtlccn-n2010040658Armbruster, Chris1969-edtCox, Michael1947-HistoryBiographyTextbooksLocal historyHandbooks, manuals, etcDirectoriesInternational relationsWorld politicsUnited StatesPolitical scienceDemocracyDemocratization--Government policySoviet UnionEuropeHistoriographySecurity, InternationalNorthern IrelandIrish questionStudy skillsRussia (Federation)Peace movementsCarr, Edward Hallett,HistoriansGreat BritainNineteen eighty-nine, A.DHistory--PhilosophyNationalismColoniesState, TheTerritorial expansionGeopoliticsImperialismSovereigntyHistory, ModernEthicsGlobalization--Moral and ethical aspectsRelations (Canon law)New democraciesDemocratization--International cooperationInformation scienceRelationsSocietiesScotlandLibrary resourcesArchival resourcesInternational lawInternational relations--Moral and ethical aspectsPower (Social sciences)ArmisticesPolitical ethicsNonsense songsInternational economic relationsGlobalizationMilitary relationsHumorous songsGreat powers1947196019611962196419651967197019741977197819811983198519871988198919901992199319941995199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220135276157341327.73JX1391ocn852546751ocn491135620ocn469905075ocn180168832ocn849732827ocn469323577ocn491437578ocn177358457ocn506862132ocn263665738ocn048787822ocn08309441086022ocn317304373file20000.59Cox, MichaelAmerican democracy promotion impulses, strategies, and impactsAs we enter the 21st-century with American hegemony intact, this volume helps us understand what drives the world's last remaining superpower. It explores one of the least analysed, and most misunderstood aspects of American foreign policy+-+02459744653244388ocn036720936book19950.66Cox, MichaelUS foreign policy after the Cold War : superpower without a mission?3593ocn039516035book19980.53Cox, MichaelRethinking the Soviet collapse : sovietology, the death of communism and the new Russia+-+877821003627312ocn050123408book20010.79Empires, systems and states : great transformations in international politicsHistory+-+K1316567052659ocn044468940book20000.79Cox, MichaelE.H. Carr : a critical appraisalHistoryBiography+-+511572888526311ocn643569166book20100.81Lawson, GeorgeThe global 1989 : continuity and change in world politics"1989 signifies the collapse of Soviet communism and the end of the Cold War, a moment generally recognised as a triumph for liberal democracy and when capitalism became global. The Global 1989 challenges these ideas. An international group of prominent scholars investigate the mixed, paradoxical and even contradictory outcomes engendered by these events, unravelling the intricacies of this important moment in world history. Although the political, economic and cultural orders generated have, for the most part, been an improvement on what was in place before, this has not always been clear-cut: 1989 has many meanings, many effects and multiple trajectories. This volume leads the way in defining how 1989 can be assessed both in terms of its world historical impact and in terms of its contribution to the shape of contemporary world politics"--+-+864296670524812ocn277195874book20090.79Parmar, InderjeetSoft power and US foreign policy : theoretical, historical and contemporary perspectivesSoft power is the use of attraction and persuasion rather than the use of coercion or force in foreign policy.This volume features a brand new chapter by Nye outlining his views on soft, hard and smart power and offers a critique of the Bush administration' s inadequacies.The other contributions to the volume respond to Nye's views from a range of theoretical, historical and policy perspectives giving new insights in to both soft power and the concept of power itself+-+44910385753242427ocn059413338book19980.79Booth, KenThe eighty years' crisis : international relations 1919-1999HistoryThis text uses the agenda of E.H. Carr, and exploits the title of his classic book The Twenty Years Crisis, as the point of departure to explore aspects of the world historical crisis from the end of World War I until the end of the 1990s+-+183211670523912ocn047098846book20010.53Carr, Edward HallettThe twenty years' crisis, 1919-1939 : an introduction to the study of international relationsHistoryThis is one of the classic studies of the period between the two world wars and is also one of the finest books in the English language on war, peace and the conduct of international affairs+-+K02814888523814ocn173498600book20080.66US foreign policyTextbooks"This major new textbook is the most comprehensive introduction to US foreign policy available. Bringing together a number of the world's leading experts, the text deals with the rise of America, US foreign policy during and after the Cold War, and the complex issues facing the US since September 11th. The book is divided into 5 sections: historical contexts; institutions and processes; the United States and the World; key issues; and futures and scenarios."--Publisher's description+-+879177446523715ocn043207399book19990.73Cox, MichaelThe interregnum : controversies in world politics 1989-1999+-+K4503267052237ocn059576266book20000.86A farewell to arms? : from 'long war' to long peace in Northern IrelandHistoryThis collection of writings by experts on the history of the troubles in Northern Ireland paints a realistic picture of the peace processes that have dotted the province's landscape+-+82420546252037ocn046678139book20000.73How might we live? : global ethics in a new century+-+05705567051935ocn057576049book20060.81A farewell to arms? : beyond the Good Friday AgreementHistoryNeither naively optimistic nor hopelessley pessimistic, this collection of writings by experts on the history of the troubles in Northern Ireland paints a realistic picture of the peace processes that have dotted the province's landscape+-+89662546251854ocn021976422book19900.86Beyond the Cold War : superpowers at the crossroads?1459ocn727702699book20130.84US foreign policy and democracy promotion : from Theodore Roosevelt to Barack Obama12114ocn084988718book20050.63Twentieth century international relationsHistoryTogether, the eight volumes in this set combine to provide an unparalleled resource providing broad coverage of the subject with historical depth and contemporary relevance+-+1019946125943ocn028334352book19920.56Exploring Scottish history : a directory of resource centres for Scottish local and national history in ScotlandHistoryLocal historyDirectoriesHandbooks, manuals, etc441ocn059600086book19970.13Cox, MichaelLongman A-level study guide: chemistry+-+9190687305324314ocn045852916book20000.53Booth, KenHow might we live? : global ethics in the new century+-+057055670511ocn083094410score1.00August the one : a comic song sung with ubounded applause by M. Cox+-+0245974465324+-+0245974465324Fri Mar 21 15:33:00 EDT 2014batch19398