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Fri Mar 21 17:14:13 2014 UTClccn-n000086890.06Chew on this : everything you don't want to know about fast food /0.191.00Exposé and excess /56834947Eric_Schlossern 000086895342241ʻĪrik Chalō̜tsœ̄Schlosser, ErichShlosser, Ėrikإيريك شلوسر، 1959-シュローサー, エリックlccn-n2005070721Wilson, Charles1974-lccn-n2005037486Kenner, Robert1950-proausdrtlccn-no2006094914Magnolia Home Entertainment (Firm)np-roberts, kimRoberts, Kimausflmlccn-no2002067556Pearlstein, Eliseausprolccn-no2001056780Adler, Markcmpnp-pohlad, williamPohlad, Williamprolccn-no2010017035Robledo, Melissaprolccn-no2008053718Weyermann, Dianeprolccn-no2004111283Magnolia Pictures (Firm)Schlosser, EricFictionPolitical fictionJuvenile worksCase studiesHistoryDramaDomestic fictionPersonal narrativesYoung adult worksFilm adaptationsUnited StatesFood industry and tradeFast food restaurantsIllinois--ChicagoStockyardsImmigrantsConvenience foodsWorking classLithuanian AmericansFood habitsJunk foodMeat industry and tradeMcDonald's CorporationIllegal aliensMarijuana abuseSex-oriented businessesCaliforniaBlack marketMigrant agricultural laborersFood industry and trade--Quality controlInformal sector (Economics)ObesityAgricultural industriesFood handlingFood adulteration and inspectionProduct safetyFoodborne diseasesProduct recallAgricultural processing--Quality controlAgriculture--Environmental aspectsAgriculture--Economic aspectsCereal products industryDairy products industryProduce tradeFood pricesFood industry and trade--Moral and ethical aspectsGastronomyEthicsAgricultureNutritionally induced diseasesPornographyNuclear weapons--AccidentsNuclear weapons--Government policyArkansasTitan (Missile)ColoradoNutritionJungle (Sinclair, Upton)Packing-houses--Corrupt practicesPolitical fiction195919851994199819992001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201424135120383394.10973TX945.3ocn429531017ocn761396260ocn610586651ocn828070587ocn859426477ocn755933081ocn429531017ocn761396260ocn610586651ocn859426477ocn755933081ocn422006262ocn799771871ocn742999864ocn821175612ocn799618941ocn674493966ocn780811983ocn422006262ocn742999864ocn780811983ocn767920982ocn775738797ocn842589089ocn816865668ocn722828945752553ocn045248356book20010.23Schlosser, EricFast food nation : the dark side of the all-American mealAn exploration of the fast food industry in the United States, from its roots to its long-term consequences+-+9432240485443317ocn061694815book20060.06Schlosser, EricChew on this : everything you don't want to know about fast foodJuvenile worksA behind-the-scenes look at the fast food industry+-+5685623615302720ocn429531017visu20080.22Kenner, RobertFood, IncPersonal narrativesExplores the U.S. commercial food industry, examining corporate control of supply and market. The film seeks to demonstrate how the incentive for corporate profit can overwhelm consumer health needs, as well as the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and the environment. Reveals various details of food ingredients and additives, and how contemporary mass production methods of food affects U.S. culture278016ocn051178261book20030.24Schlosser, EricReefer madness : sex, drugs, and cheap labor in the American black marketCase studiesReports on America's "shadow" economy of illegal drugs, pornography, and illegal migrant workers, arguing that these underground industries continue to grow with government intervention+-+6119883615162312ocn843228712book20090.20Schlosser, EricCommand and control : nuclear weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the illusion of safetyHistoryPresents a minute-by-minute account of an H-bomb accident that nearly caused a nuclear disaster, examining other near misses and America's growing susceptibility to a catastrophic event+-+8277579406122730ocn077539187visu20010.22Linklater, RichardFast food nationDramaFilm adaptationsAn ensemble drama examining the health issues and social consequences of America's love affair with fast food5712ocn802891994book20130.25Jayaraman, SarumathiBehind the kitchen doorUncovers the inequities of restaurant labor in the United States, from low wages and poor employee benefits to sexual harassment, unsafe working conditions, and the hypocrisy of ethical, free-trade restuarants52313ocn055117619rcrd20010.15Schlosser, EricFast food nation [the dark side of the all-American meal]HistoryFast food has hastened the malling of our landscape, widened the chasm between rich and poor, fueled an epidemic of obesity, and propelled American cultural imperialism abroad. That's a lengthy list of charges, but here [the author] makes them stick with an artful mix of first-rate reportage, wry wit, and careful reasoning. [His] myth-shattering survey stretches from California's subdivisions where the business was born to the industrial corridor along the New Jersey Turnpike where many fast food's flavors are concocted. Along the way, he unearths a trove of fascinating, unsettling truths - from the unholy alliance between fast food and Hollywood to the seismic changes the industry has wrought in food production, popular culture, and even real estate.-Back cover+-+750768482549232ocn048680355book20010.23Schlosser, EricFast food nation : what the all-American meal is doing to the worldThis myth-shattering book tells the story of America and the world's infatuation with fast food, from its origins in the 1950s southern California to the global triumph of a handful of burger and fried chicken chains+-+62315569653242946ocn849903209rcrd20110.12Schlosser, EricCommand and control nuclear weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the illusion of safetyHistory"Famed investigative journalist Eric Schlosser digs deep to uncover secrets about the management of America's nuclear arsenal. A ground-breaking account of accidents, near-misses, extraordinary heroism, and technological breakthroughs, Command and Control explores the dilemma that has existed since the dawn of the nuclear age: how do you deploy weapons of mass destruction without being destroyed by them? That question has never been resolved--and Schlosser reveals how the combination of human fallibility and technological complexity still poses a grave risk to mankind" -- from publisher's web site+-+56509689651924ocn318408874book20090.16SoupThis beautifully illustrated book is packed full of recipes the entire family will love. With chapters such as Pasta and Noodles, Meat, and Winter Vegetables, you can turn any surplus items in your refrigerator into a delicious meal. In a handy, compact format, this book is perfect for taking with you to the farmer's market or supermarket+-+92410110251766ocn052149324rcrd20030.15Schlosser, EricReefer madness sex, drugs, and cheap labor in the American black marketCase studiesInvestigates America's underground economy, fueled by a black market of illegal drugs, pornography, and illegal migrant workers+-+4575808925969ocn053710262book20020.21Schlosser, EricReefer madness : and other tales from the American undergroundCase studies+-+7125656965324963ocn050017277book20030.18Schlosser, EricReefer madness and other tales from the American underworldCase studies+-+1301448625324933ocn456560306com20060.21Sinclair, UptonThe jungleHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionDomestic fictionPolitical fictionYoung adult worksOm arbejdernes kår i Chicagos slagtehaller omkring århundredskiftet+-+7711015996571ocn052191037rcrd20030.10Schlosser, EricReefer madness [sex, drugs, and cheap labor in the American black market]Case studiesReports on America's "shadow" economy of illegal drugs, pornography, and illegal migrant workers, arguing that these underground industries continue to grow with government intervention+-+0465808925554ocn300743926book20030.53Schlosser, EricLes empereurs du fast-food : le cauchemar d'un système tentaculaireE. Schlosser a enquêté auprès de tous les acteurs, témoins ou victimes de l'agro-business engendré par le système des fast-food : vendeurs de frites de l'après-guerre devenus milliardaires, éleveurs indépendants chassés de leur terre, ouvriers des industries d'abattage, créateurs d'arômes, publicistes, consommateurs, malades, ouvriers exploités... Tous témoignent d'un système tentaculaire507ocn213302782book20030.18Schlosser, EricFast food nationA journalist explores the homogenization of American culture and the impact of the fast food industry on modern-day health, economy, politics, popular culture, entertainment, and food production+-+8950198393504ocn191214790book20060.07Schlosser, EricChew on this : the unhappy truth about fast foodJuvenile worksA behind-the-scenes look at the fast food industry+-+5685623615462ocn050976794book20020.31Schlosser, EricFast-food-Gesellschaft : die dunkle Seite von McFood & Co.1215ocn071849639visu20040.22Spurlock, MorganSuper size meInterviewsDramaFilmmaker Morgan Spurlock embarks on a journey to find out if fast food is making Americans fat. For 30 days he can't eat or drink anything that isn't on McDonald's menu; he must eat three square meals a day, he must eat everything on the menu at least once and supersize his meal if asked. He treks across the country interviewing a host of experts on fast food and a number of regular folk while downing McDonald's to try and find out why 37% of American are now overweight. Spurlock's grueling diet spirals him into a metamorphosis that will make you think twice about picking up another Big Mac111ocn270934408com20070.33Eric SchlosserPage includes a brief movie featuring Eric Schlosser, Charles Wilson, and students from Middle School 61 in Brooklyn, New York; four additional movies of Schlosser and Wilson reading from their book; plus a book trailer. Also includes a movie transcript, an in-depth written interview, a comprehensive bibliography, and a collection of relevant off-site links111ocn527378597book20050.28Authors & artists for young adultsBio-bibliographyBiographyInterviewsFacts about the writers, artists, film directors, graphic novelists, and other creative personalities that interest teens. International in scope+-+839111232541ocn171143986visu20070.10Fast food nationFilm adaptationsA marketing executive for a burger chain investigates the company's food products and uncovers unpleasant findings11ocn863457248art20031.00Tichi, CeceliaExposé and excessCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+5685623615+-+5685623615Fri Mar 21 16:11:01 EDT 2014batch24384