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Thu Oct 16 18:02:31 2014 UTClccn-n001135830.00Short story masterpieces. Edited by Robert Penn Warren and Albert Erskine. (Seventh printing.)0.321.00Noel Polk editorial papers from the Library of America and Random House editions of the works of William Faulkner76409942n 001135835311415Erskine, Albert Russel 1911-1993lccn-n79003304Faulkner, William1897-1962lccn-n79060653O'Hara, John1905-1970lccn-n78091524Warren, Robert Penn1905-1989edtlccn-n50021806Prince, F. T.(Frank Templeton)1912-lccn-n79038434Welty, Eudora1909-2001lccn-no94031320Coindreau, Maurice Edgarlccn-n50017659Courtin, Pierre1921-lccn-n80028611Bolognese, Donilllccn-n80051803Random House (Firm)lccn-n84175003Bianciardi, Luciano1922-1971Erskine, Albert1911-1993HistoryShort storiesFictionRecords and correspondenceCriticism, interpretation, etcArchivesPhotographsMississippiPeople with mental disabilitiesAristocracy (Social class)African American women cooksIllegitimate childrenBrothers and sistersPregnant womenDriftersRacially mixed peopleDeathBurialSnopes family (Fictitious characters)Fathers--DeathFuneral rites and ceremoniesWomenReunionsReminiscingManners and customsRapeKidnappingSound and the fury (Faulkner, William)FamiliesSouthern StatesWomen--Crimes againstErskine, Albert,Rape victimsDomestic fictionStream of consciousness fictionFloodsMississippi River ValleyMan-woman relationshipsFugitives from justiceAmerican fictionSartoris family (Fictitious characters)As I lay dying (Faulkner, William)Short storiesLight in August (Faulkner, William)Short stories, AmericanMaster and servantShort stories, EnglishPsychological fictionFaulkner, William,Manuscripts, AmericanUnited StatesYoknapatawpha County (Imaginary place)Studebaker CorporationEnglish poetryLouisianaMarried peopleRacism1911199319331934194119461948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319801982198419851989199019922007200920102011381565142813.52PS3529.H29ocn000817175ocn001646097ocn015388994ocn613265291ocn490099717ocn468067574ocn613154562ocn657977398ocn837210287ocn46806750152719ocn000817175book19550.24Warren, Robert PennSix centuries of great poetryCollection of classic lyric poetry, with over 100 selections written by British authors between the mid-1300s and the early 1900s+-+083867599549741ocn025619608book19480.24Warren, Robert PennShort story masterpiecesShort storiesWith works by Henry James, Stephen Crane, John Cheever, James Joyce and many others, this outstanding collection of 35 American and British short pieces of fiction from the first half of the 20th century is one of the bestselling collections of our time+-+3913285995846ocn001646097book19570.74Warren, Robert PennA new southern harvest, an anthologyFiction41ocn490895464book19690.24O'Hara, JohnThe O'Hara generation22 stories chosen from John O'Hara's first nine volumes 1935-1966. Doctor's son-Over the river and through the wood-Do you like it here?-Summer's day-Decision-Drawing Room B-Mrs. Stratton of Oak Knoll-Mary and Norma-You can always tell Neward-Pat Collins-First day and many more31ocn633899478book19540.47Short story masterpieces : Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, John Steinbeck... and many others22ocn504580627book1964Warren, Robert PennShort story masterpieces. Edited by Robert Penn Warren and Albert Erskine. (Seventh printing.)22ocn864511043book20110.63Erskine, Albert RusselHistory of the Studebaker CorporationHistory22ocn504580643book1964Warren, Robert PennSix centuries of great poetry. Edited by Robert Penn Warren and Albert Erskine. (Eighth printing.)11ocn647818184mix1.00Faulkner, WilliamSanctuaryIn addition to revised master and duplicate galley and page proofs, there is a setting copy, two copies of the afterword, and a letter to Albert Russell Erskine11ocn079660429rcrd2007Short story masterpiecesShort stories can be funny, pathetic, frightening, uplifting, nostalgic, beautiful.... Here, in one volume, have been brought together 35 of the best stories of our time. -unp11ocn318459105rcrd2009Six centuries of great poetry11ocn845018124bookWarren, Robert PennSix centuries of great poetry, ed.11ocn647990318mix19841.00Blotner, JosephCorrected pages from 'Faulkner: A Biography'TMs, corrected miscellaneous pages from Joseph Blotner's revised 'Faulkner: A Biography,' with most of the corrections in the hand of Albert Erskine (147 p.)11ocn647835631mix1.00Erskine, AlbertCollection of William Faulkner manuscripts and proofsThere is also a 1965 Faulkner souvenir edition of the Oxford Eagle. In addition there is publication material for Set this house on fire by William Styron, Shadows on the grass by Isak Dinesen, and Ulysses by James Joyce11ocn861551981book20100.10Erskine, AlbertHistory of the studebaker co11ocn647911513mix1.00Erskine, AlbertCorrespondence of Albert Erskine with and about William Faulkner and Random HouseCorrespondence of Albert Erskine of Random House with and about William Faulkner and his books published by Random House11ocn228069932mix1.00Polk, NoelNoel Polk editorial papers from the Library of America and Random House editions of the works of William FaulknerCriticism, interpretation, etcThe editorial papers of Polk consist chiefly of electrostatic copies of Faulkner manuscripts and first editions with Polk's collations, marginal editorial notes, editorial queries and decisions, together with some page and galley proofs of corrected text. Used for the Library of America series on Faulkner and the Random House corrected texts editions of the works of William Faulkner, as well as Faulkner's intended, original text of "Sanctuary."11ocn647911508mix1.00Erskine, AlbertPapers of Albert Erskine pertaining to William FaulknerCorrespondence of Albert Erskine with and about William Faulkner and Random House11ocn668419370mix1.00O'Hara, JohnMatthew Bruccoli collection of John O'Hara's correspondence with his Random House editorsPhotographsArchivesRecords and correspondenceThe collection consists of Matthew Bruccoli's files on the author John O'Hara, some of which he obtained from O'Hara's publisher, Random House. In the letters between O'Hara and his Random House editors, including Albert Erskine, Bennett Cerf, Robert Linscott, Emanuel Harper, Donald Klopfer, and Saxe Commins, O'Hara discusses all aspects of details concerning writing and publishing his books. He talks about galleys and proofs, payments, rights and permissions, contractual issues, sends details about his writing progress, sends dedications for his books, explains his loyalty to Random House, and mentions his health and his family. Includes two black-and-white publicity photos O'Hara rejected; a letter to Dan Brennan, 1968, about Long Island, with an annotation by Brennan on the verso; and the 1970 Random House memorial service program for O'Hara. Bruccoli's files contain his correspondence with Random House concerning Prohibition materials in Selected Letters of John O'Hara; two letters from Mrs. Katharine O'Hara to Bruccoli; offprints from Bruccoli's article, "John O'Hara's Pottsville Journalism," in DLB Yearbook 1988); publicity for his biography of O'Hara, The O'Hara Concern; and correspondence concerning John O'Hara's book, Hope of Heaven, with a 2009 note by Arlyn Bruccoli explaining her role in the search for the missing final chapter11ocn647943375mix1.00Blotner, JosephFaulkner a biography : typescriptSetting copy, galley proof, page proof, photographs, and other illustrations for Blotner's book, together with miscellaneous typescript pages with editorial corrections in the hand of Albert Russell Erskine11402ocn033871040book19650.27O'Hara, JohnThe Lockwood concern : a novelFictionFour-generation family history, concentrating on the third-generation father who has inherited great wealth and a tainted mind. /2393ocn000963215book19500.39Faulkner, WilliamPylonFictionFour days in the lives of several strange people, all of whom are connected with an air show being held at the opening of a new airport, and as part of a Mardi Gras festival in a Southern city2351ocn000988320book19340.63Faulkner, WilliamDoctor Martino and other storiesFictionIndhold: Barn burning ; Death drag ; Elly ; Lo! ; Turn-about ; Wash ; Honor ; Dr. Martino ; Fox hunt ; There was a queen ; Mountain Victory ; Beyond ; Black music ; The leg1491ocn000917300book19540.30Faulkner, WilliamSartorisFictionDomestic fictionGrief-stricken World War I veteran takes his own life after his son is born1331ocn002786677book19530.27Faulkner, WilliamRequiem for a nunFictionDramaManuscripts"This sequel to Faulkner's most sensational novel, 'Sanctuary', was written twenty years later but takes up the story of Temple Drake eight years after the events related in 'Sanctuary'. Temple is now married to Gowan Stevens. The book begins when the death sentence is pronounced on the nurse Nancy for the murder of Temple and Gowan's child. In an attempt to save her, Temple goes to see the judge to confess her own quilt. Told partly in prose, partly in play form, 'Requiem For A Nun' is a haunting exploration of the impact of the past on the present"--Publisher's description1281ocn003422632book19580.08Faulkner, WilliamThe townFictionManuscriptsDomestic fictionThis is the second volume of Faulkner's trilogy about the Snopes family, his symbol for the grasping, destructive element in the post-bellum South. Like its predecessor The Hamlet, and its successor The Mansion, The Town is completely self-contained, but it gains resonance from being read with the other two. The story of Flem Snopes' ruthless struggle to take over the town of Jefferson, Mississippi, the book is rich in typically Faulknerian episodes of humor and of profundity812ocn002979752book19520.31Faulkner, WilliamThe wild palmsFictionManuscriptsTwo interlocking stories, one of an illicit love affair and the other of a convict sent out to do rescue work during a flood802ocn004282263book19580.24Faulkner, WilliamCollected stories of William FaulknerFictionDomestic fictionForty-two American short stories662ocn002181762book19520.29Faulkner, WilliamSanctuaryFictionManuscriptsSouthern story of cruelty and perversion, about a young college girl who falls under the spell of a gangster bootlegger. Precedes "Requiem for a Nun". For other editions, see Author Catalog642ocn001953531book19570.28Faulkner, WilliamThe hamletFictionManuscriptsDomestic fictionTraces the growing power of Flem Snopes, a white-trash farmer, in the Mississippi town of Frenchman's Bend522ocn003135048book19410.86Prince, F. TPoems501ocn003939879book19510.95Faulkner, WilliamSpeech of acceptance upon the award of the Nobel prize for literature, delivered in Stockholm on the tenth of December, nineteen hundred fifty492ocn016707692book19540.22Faulkner, WilliamThe sound and the fury : the corrected textHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcGlossaries, vocabularies, etcFictionStudy guidesManuscriptsPsychological fictionDomestic fictionFirst published in 1929, Faulkner created his "heart's darling," the beautiful and tragic Caddy Compson, whose story Faulkner told through separate monologues by her three brothers--the idiot Benjy, the neurotic suicidal Quentin and the monstrous Jason481ocn003501130book19330.23Faulkner, WilliamLight in August : the corrected textHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionStudy guidesManuscriptsPsychological fictionStream of consciousness fictionJoe Christmas does not know whether he is black or white. Faulkner makes of Joe's tragedy a powerful indictment of racism; at the same time Joe's life is a study of the divided self and becomes a symbol of 20th century man332ocn016707066book19520.21Faulkner, WilliamAs I lay dying : the corrected textHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionStudy guidesDomestic fictionStream of consciousness fictionAt the heart of this 1930 novel is the Bundren family's bizarre journey to Jefferson to bury Addie, their wife and mother. Faulkner lets each family member--including Addie--and others along the way tell their private responses to Addie's life. As I Lay Dying is the harrowing, darkly comic tale of the Bundren family's trek across Mississippi to bury Addie, their wife and mother, as told by each of the family members--including Addie herself181ocn020985539book19690.21Welty, EudoraThe optimist's daughterFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fictionThis story of a young woman's confrontation with death and her past is a poetic study of human relations. "The Optimist's Daughter" is the story of Laurel McKelva Hand, a young woman who has left the South and returns, years later, to New Orleans, where her father is dying. After his death, she and her silly young stepmother go back still farther, to the small Mississippi town where she grew up. Alone in the old house, Laurel finally comes to an understanding of the past, herself, and her parents181ocn002577282book19460.82Faulkner, WilliamTandis que j'agoniseFiction131ocn001102757book19550.92Faulkner, WilliamLe rameau vert : (A green bough)102ocn007569812book19560.95Faulkner, WilliamLe palme selvagge91ocn006663049book19590.96Faulkner, William664 [i.e. Seicento sessantaquattro] pagine di William Faulkner+-+3913285995+-+3913285995Thu Oct 16 16:01:56 EDT 2014batch26065