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Thu Oct 16 17:54:43 2014 UTClccn-n20021132610.00The indispensible Zinn /0.301.00Antebellum America's "missing link" : mulattohood and "in-betweenness" in the early black novel, 1853-1862 /22435698n 20021132615901123Mac Carthy Timothy PatrickMacCarthy Timothy PatrickMc Carthy Timothy Patricklccn-no98069154McMillian, John Campbelllccn-n2001000581Stauffer, John1965-edtlccn-n79059761Zinn, Howard1922-2010lccn-n80028592Foner, Ericviaf-205598271MacMillan, John Campbellnp-mcmillian, john$mcmillian john campbellMcMillian, John(McMillian, John Campbell)lccn-n79109131Walker, Alicelccn-n79104267Chomsky, NoamMcCarthy, Timothy PatrickHistorySourcesCriticism, interpretation, etcUnited StatesPolitical scienceRadicalismAntislavery movementsAbolitionistsSocial movementsSocial historyZinn, Howard,Protest movementsRacially mixed people in literatureAmerican fiction--African American authorsAmerican literature--African American authorsHistory, ModernWorld politics190019932002200320062010201120122083729303.484HN90.R3ocn469454243ocn818386462ocn7125131748188ocn050912753book20020.26McCarthy, Timothy PatrickThe radical reader : a documentary history of the American radical traditionHistorySourcesAn anthology of writings by various authors which help explore the persistence and significance of the American radical tradition throughout history+-+17319301066686ocn062302625book20060.35McCarthy, Timothy PatrickProphets of protest : reconsidering the history of American abolitionismHistoryPresents a collection of original contributions on American abolitionism by African Americans, women, and other less-represented groups, drawing on a new body of research in African American studies, literature, and law+-+75339301064287ocn656451577book20110.23Zinn, HowardThe indispensable Zinn : the essential writings of the "people's historian"HistoryWhen the historian Howard Zinn died in early 2010, millions mourned the loss of one of our foremost intellectual and political guides: a historian, activist, and truth-teller who, in the words of the New york Times's Bob Herbert, "peel[ed] back the rosy veneer of much of American history." Designed to highlight Zinn's most important writings, this book includes excerpts from Zinn's bestselling A People's History of the United States ; his memoir, You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train ; his inspiring writings on the civil rights movement; and the full text of his celebrated play Marx in Soho+-+87713004063241645ocn435419376book20100.47Protest nation : words that inspired a century of American radicalismHistorySourcesAmerica has recently re-awakened to the idea that real change is possible. Yet this present moment is just a point on a journey that extends over a century of activism and struggle-one that has been kept alive by a powerful American tradition of inspiring radical alternatives to the status quo.Protest Nation is a guide through the speeches, letters, broadsides, essays, and manifestos that form the backbone of this tradition-a much more accessible trade edition of The Radical Reader, which was published for the academy. Here are the words-from socialists, feminists, union organizers, civil-righ+-+995030040621ocn028711994mix19931.00McCarthy, Timothy PatrickAntebellum America's "missing link" : mulattohood and "in-betweenness" in the early black novel, 1853-1862Criticism, interpretation, etc21ocn071840106mix20061.00McCarthy, Timothy PatrickA culture of dissent : American abolitionism and the ordeal of equality11ocn751535638book2011Zinn, HowardThe indispensible Zinn+-+8771300406324+-+1731930106+-+1731930106Thu Oct 16 15:55:20 EDT 2014batch6684