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ARTE FranceLa 7La SeptLa Sept-ArteSociété d'édition de programmes de télévisionSociété d'édition et de programmation de télévisionSociété européenne de programmes de télévisioncontainsVIAFID/172256888Sept/Arte (Firm)lccn-n80089989WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.)lccn-no2003057097Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm)lccn-no97033628WGBH Video (Firm)lccn-no2005057562Films Media Groupdstlccn-no96008465Independent Television Servicelccn-no96009645Sanders, Jay O.1953-nrtlccn-nr98042899Arte Video (Firm)lccn-n81052587Centre national de la cinématographie (France)lccn-n80153260Norddeutscher Rundfunklccn-nr98032545Films d'ici (Firm)ARTE FranceDramaHistoryFilm adaptationsTelevision adaptationsBiographyPersonal narratives‡vIsraeliHumorHistorical filmsCase studiesNonfiction filmsSoldiersFranceBovary, Emma (Fictitious character)Flaubert, Gustave,United StatesManners and customsLebanonIsraelWomen--Social conditionsFolman, AriAtrocitiesSabra and Shatila Massacre (Lebanon : 1982)Israeli Intervention in Lebanon (1982-1985)Einstein, Albert,PhysicistsWives--Social conditionsAdulteryMass (Physics)Mathematical physicsForce and energyBodanis, DavidMexicoMan-woman relationshipsMarried peopleKenyaCosmologySuperstring theoriesVeterans--EducationOlder menRight to educationSpace and timeCathedrals--Design and constructionCathedralsLouisiana--New OrleansHurricane Katrina (2005)Architecture, GothicEmergency managementHurricane protectionHurricanesPolitical scienceVietnam War (1961-1975)Protest movementsDissentersVietnamVietnam Veterans Against the WarVeterans--Political activityMy Lai Massacre (Vietnam : 1968)Carlos,--the JackalParthenon (Athens, Greece)Monuments--Conservation and restoration197919871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320144413411821833791.4372PN1997.2ocn758003840ocn443502900ocn557002018ocn704283009ocn124080733ocn436059900ocn505956953ocn852996189ocn461057725ocn712066734ocn075497012ocn055211295ocn320779669ocn049643722ocn725919508ocn691530386ocn691524342ocn691497140ocn691530268ocn691529135ocn691530305ocn691530281ocn691531043ocn691530373ocn691530417139411ocn317413109visu20080.23Waltz with BashirHistoryBiographyComic books, strips, etcInterviewsDramaPersonal narratives IsraeliFilm adaptationsAn animated motion picture based on events in the director's own life, involving his attempts to both remember and verify his wartime experiences. After not being able to recall the time he spent on an Israeli Army mission during the Lebanon War, Ari attempts to unravel the mystery by traveling around the world to interview old friends and comrades. As the pieces of the puzzle begin to come together, his memory begins to return in illustrations that are surreal. At the end of the animated film is a very short segment of the film that shows live footage of war casualties+-+923394089612561ocn061843630visu20050.20Einstein's big ideaBiographyFictionTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsDramatizes how Einstein arrived at his 1905 discovery that the realms of matter and energy are linked. Reveals the roots of this breakthrough in the human stories of scientists Michael Farady, Antoine Lavoisier and Lise Maitner, whose innovative thinking across four centures helped lead to E=mc², and ultimately unleashed the power of the atom+-+42680284067762ocn738478224visu20110.20The fabric of the cosmosUsing humor, everyday examples and computer animation for the more abstract concepts, author and physicist Brian Greene explains complex theories of the universe and the focus of his research, string theory7732ocn062364624visu20060.21The Storm that drowned a cityDocumentary television programsFeaturing eyewitness testimony, Nova takes an in-depth look at what made Hurricane Katrina so deadly and analyzes how, despite technically sophisticated flood and storm defenses, this event has resulted in unprecedented destruction for the Gulf Coast. In less than 12 hours on August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Louisiana coast, leading to more than a thousand deaths and transforming a city of over one million into an uninhabitable swamp. "Storm That Drowned a City" is NOVA's definitive investigation into the science of Hurricane Katrina, combining a penetrating analysis of what went wrong with a dramatic, minute-by-minute unfolding of events told through eyewitness testimony. What made this storm so deadly? Will powerful hurricanes like Katrina strike more often? How accurately did scientists predict its impact, and why did the levees protecting New Orleans fail?7693ocn658239509visu20100.21Building the great cathedralsHistoryCarved from a hundred million pounds of stone, soaring effortlessly atop a spiderweb of masonry, Gothic cathedrals are marvels of human achievement and artistry. But how did medieval builders reach such spectacular heights? Consuming the labor of entire towns, sometimes taking a hundred years to build, these architectural marvels were crafted from just hand tools and stone. Many now teeter on the brink of catastrophic collapse7594ocn758483114visu20110.18The first graderHistoryDramaIn Kenya in 1953 there was a violent uprising against British colonial rule led by the Mau Mau, who were mainly from the Kikuyu tribe. Thousands were killed, and thousands imprisoned, although the conflict did eventually lead to independence for Kenya. Based on a true story, this tells the tale of how 84-year-old Kenyan villager and ex-Mau Mau freedom fighter Kimani N'gan'ga Maruge fights for his right to go to school for the first time to get the education he could never afford. It is a triumphant testimony to the transforming force of education7176ocn073829367visu20050.21Sir! No sir! a David Zeiger filmHistoryIn archival footage and interviews, this film tells the story of an almost forgotten fact of the Vietnam era: the war's most crucial naysayers were soldiers--in the barracks and on the front lines--the GI anti-war movement. Beginning with acts of conscience by individuals, dissatisfaction escalated with the number of conscripts. Courts-martial, destroyed careers, imprisonment in military stockades or federal penitentiaries and desertions were common. There were also pirate radio stations, underground newspapers, a modern "underground railway" that helped soldiers desert and move to Canada, coffeehouses near U.S. bases where opinions shaped and altered by first-hand experiences were shared, and groups organized around every imaginable axis, which led to anti-war sentiment among U.S. troops being recognized at the highest levels in the Pentagon. On one level, this film is a corrective to the rah-rah rhetoric about Vietnam pushed by the right wing, while undermining the popular fiction that opposition to the war came strictly from outside the military, and reversing the 20 year process of erasing the GI Movement from the collective memory of the nation and the world6475ocn226241377visu20080.21Secrets of the ParthenonDocumentary television programsFor 25 centuries the Parthenon has been shot at, set on fire, rocked by earthquakes, looted for its sculptures, almost destroyed by explosion, and disfigured by well-meaning renovations. It has gone from temple, to church, to mosque, to munitions dump. What could be next? How about a scientific search for the secrets of its incomparable beauty and astonishingly rapid construction? With unprecedented access, NOVA unravels the architectural and engineering mysteries of this celebrated ancient temple6315ocn421097274visu20090.25The music instinct science & song"[The film] provides a ground-breaking exploration into how and why the human organism is moved by the undeniable effect of music, and the deep connection between music and our bodies and brains. The program follows visionary researchers and accomplished musicians to the crossroads of science and culture in search of answers to music's deep mysteries"--Container5944ocn234091131visu20070.23Chen, WeijunPlease vote for meCase studiesNonfiction filmsDocumentary films"Eight-year-old children compete for the position of class monitor in the first school election of its kind held in China. Aided and abetted by parents and teachers, the young candidates reveal the nature of democracy in a rapidly changing country" -- the Maya codeHistoryTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsThe ancient Maya civilization of Central America left behind an intricate and mysterious hieroglyphic script, carved on monuments, painted on pottery, and drawn in handmade bark-paper books. For centuries, scholars considered it too complex ever to understand - until recently, when an ingenious series of breakthroughs finally cracked the code and unleashed a torrent of new insights into the Mayas' turbulent past. For the first time, NOVA presents the epic inside story of how the decoding was done - traveling to the remote jungles of southern Mexico and Central America to investigate how the code was broken and what Maya writings now reveal5651ocn298735082visu20090.18Stranded I've come from a plane that crashed on the mountains--On October 13, 1972, a young rugby team from Montevideo, Uruguay, boarded a plane for a match in Chile, then vanished into thin air. Sixteen of the 45 passenger resurfaced, 72 days after their plane crashed. Thirty-five years later, the survivors returned to tell their story in their own words5656ocn601468319visu20090.24The Yes Men fix the worldHumorThe Yes Men again pull off one bold prank after another in an effort to raise political consciousness. Posing as top executives of giant corporations, they lie their way into big business conferences and pull off the world's most outrageous pranks. When they engineer an announcement that Dow will clean up the site of the largest industrial accident in history, the Bhopal catastrophe, Dow's stock value plunges. People want Dow to do the right thing, but the market decides that it can't. The Yes Men delve into the question of why we have given the market more power than any other instititution to determine our direction as a society+-+69132477963245406ocn185254345visu20060.27Sissako, AbderrahmaneBamakoDramaMelé, a bar singer, and her unemployed husband Chaka are on the verge of breaking up. In the courtyard of the house they share with other families in Bamako, the capital city of Mali, African civil society representatives have taken proceedings against such international financial institutions as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, whom they blame for Africa's woes. As numerous trial witnesses air bracing indictments against the multinational economic machinery that haunts them, life in the courtyard presses forward5404ocn745914432visu20100.22Assayas, OlivierCarlosBiographyDramaTelevision crime showsThe story of Venezuelan revolutionary Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, who founded a worldwide terrorist organization and raided the 1975 OPEC meeting. One of the twentieth century's most-wanted fugitives, Carlos was committed to violent left-wing activism throughout the seventies and eighties, orchestrating bombings, kidnappings, and hijackings in Europe and the Middle East5171ocn427564517visu20090.21Stellet lichtFictionDramaIn a Mennonite community in Mexico, a man betrays his family by having an affair with another woman, which changes the course of events with both his wife and his mistress5121ocn758003840visu20110.19Ruiz, RaúlMistérios de LisboaDramaFilm adaptationsThe core story centers on Joao, the bastard child of an ill-fated romance between two members of the aristocracy who are forbidden to marry, and his quest to discover the truth of his parentage. But this is just the start of an engrossing tale that follows a multitude of characters whose fates conjoin, separate and then rejoin again over three decades in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy4773ocn668251464visu20100.18NatureNonfiction television programsDocumentary television programsNew research has shown that crows are among the most intelligent animals in the world, able to use tools as only elephants and chimpanzees do, able to recognize each other's voices and 250 distinct calls. Crow experts from around the world sing their praises, and present us with captivating new footage of crows as we have never seen them before3991ocn247133531visu20080.24Chabrol, ClaudeMadame BovaryHistoryFictionDramaHistorical filmsTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsA woman, not satisfied with the limited life she leads, rebels against conventional society, and finds tragedy3932ocn226435463visu20080.17The four-winged dinosaurIn 2002, the discovery of a beautiful and bizarre fossil astonished scientists and reignited the debate over the origin of flight. With four wings and superbly preserved feathers, the 130 million-year-old creature was like nothing paleontologists had ever seen before. In this program, NOVA travels to the Chinese stone quarry where the fossil was discovered - a famed fossil treasure-trove - and teams up with the world's leading figures in paleontology, biomechanics, aerodynamics, animation, and scientific reconstruction to perform an unorthodox experiment: a wind tunnel flight test of a scientific replica of the ancient oddity. Dubbed Microraptor, the crow-sized fossil is one of the smallest dinosaurs ever found and one of the most controversial, challenging conventional theories and assumptions about the evolution of flight142ocn255068617book20080.56Rothenberger, LianeVon elitär zu populär? : die Programmentwicklung im deutsch-französischen Kulturkanal arteHistory91ocn713180891book20110.79Barreau-Brouste, SophieArte et le documentaire de nouveaux enjeux pour la créationHistory81ocn708737621book20110.66Clément, JérômeLe choix d'Arte+-+9233940896+-+9233940896Fri Mar 21 15:31:58 EDT 2014batch46369