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Fri Mar 21 17:11:13 2014 UTClccn-n20030336020.00Ossian Sweet's Murder Trial Scrapbook,0.291.00Arc of justice a saga of race, civil rights, and murder /38747663Ossian_Sweetn 20030336026131281lccn-n79026987Darrow, Clarence1857-1938lccn-n95050702Boyle, Kevin1960-lccn-n81137505Vine, Phyllis1945-lccn-no2008038556Weinberg, Kenneth G.lccn-n80049704National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoplelccn-no2003109579Mitchell, Lizannrtnc-naacp segregation defense fundNAACP Segregation Defense Fundlccn-no2006106285Findaway World, LLClccn-no2010039247Bradby, Robert L.lccn-n81139399Dershowitz, Alan M.Sweet, Ossian1895-1960African Americans--Civil rightsMichigan--DetroitDarrow, Clarence,Sweet, Ossian,Trials (Murder)TrialsRace relationsUnited StatesNational Association for the Advancement of Colored PeopleAfrican Americans--HousingDiscrimination in housingRiotsScopes, John ThomasFinanceDiscrimination in housing--Law and legislationBradby, Robert LBible and evolutionSweet, HenryRacismAfrican AmericansMichiganMurphy, Frank,Real covenantsCrimeAfrican Americans--SegregationTeaching, Freedom ofAfrican Americans--Legal status, laws, etcTennesseeDetroit (Mich.).--Recorder's CourtMichigan.--Department of CorrectionsRace discriminationLawyersOral history189519601925192619271969197019711987199020002004200520062007200820113897285311ocn034419815mix1.00Sweet, OssianOssian Sweet transcript of proceedingsTestimony presented before Judge Frank Murphy, and arguments of prosecuting attorney, Robert Toms, and defense attorney, Clarence Darrow11ocn023270362book19260.10Sweet, OssianThe people vs. Ossian Sweet, Gladys Sweet, et al. Transcript of testimony given in the Recorders Court of the City of Detroit, Michigan224512ocn054913126book20040.25Boyle, KevinArc of justice : a saga of race, civil rights, and murder in the Jazz AgeHistoryTrials, litigation, etcFollows the 1925 murder trial of African-American doctor Ossian Sweet, who was accused of murdering a white person during a mob attack on his home, and includes a history of the Sweet family and a portrait of his attorney, Clarence Darrow+-+309625053511057ocn052937836book20040.27Vine, PhyllisOne man's castle : Clarence Darrow in defense of the American dreamHistoryTrials, litigation, etcPublisher's description: This tautly told story steps back to a time when Detroit's boosters described their city as one of the most cosmopolitan in the world. It was also a city in which tensions between blacks and whites seemed manageable. Yet all that changed in 1925, when a black family named Sweet bought and moved into a house in a white neighborhood. What began with mothers bringing their children to gawk and stare soon became an angry mob of men, some of them from the local KKK, with stones. The violence that ensued landed Ossian Sweet, a doctor from the "talented tenth," and others from his family in jail and compelled the NAACP -- which had taken up the Sweets' case -- to hire famed attorney Clarence Darrow, who had just finished defending the plaintiff in Tennessee v. John Scopes. Darrow's defense led to one of the most incendiary courtroom dramas in the history of the United States. The outcome was a triumph of cooperation that transcended race in the name of justice+-+20696711552892ocn000197201book19710.47Weinberg, Kenneth GA man's home, a man's castle1105ocn076971601rcrd20060.13Boyle, KevinArc of justice [a saga of race, civil rights, and murder in the Jazz Age]HistoryTrials, litigation, etcThe grandson of a slave, Dr. Ossian Sweet moved his family to an all-white Detroit neighborhood in 1925. When his neighbors attempted to drive him out, Sweet defended himself--resulting in the death of a white man and a murder trial for Sweet. There followed one of the most important (and shockingly unknown) cases in Civil Rights history. Also caught up in the intense courtroom drama were legal giant Clarence Darrow and the newly formed National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)351ocn026075054book0.96NAACP administrative fileArchivesTrials, litigation, etcCorrespondence, memoranda, telegrams, and financial statements documenting the NAACP's fundraising to finance litigation in the Sweet case341ocn025807366book0.97NAACP legal fileArchivesCorrespondence, memoranda, drafts, clippings, briefs and transcripts, and press releases documenting the NAACP's defense of Dr. Ossian Sweet, who, along with his relatives and friends, was indicted for murder in connection with a riot in Detroit in 1925221ocn028189464book19900.95NAACP administrative fileArchivesCorrespondence, memoranda, telegrams, and press releases regarding Dr. Robert L. Bradby's lecture, held Nov. 16, 1925 in New York, on the events leading up to the mob attack on the home of Dr. Ossian H. Sweet in Detroit, Michigan221ocn028187695book19900.95NAACP administrative fileArchivesCorrespondence, memoranda, telegrams, press releases, and clippings concerning Clarence Darrow's lecture at a mass meeting held in New York city on Dec. 13, 1925 in which he discussed the Detroit riot of 1925 and the defense of Dr. Ossian Sweet123ocn036869221book19270.93Haldeman-Julius, MarcetClarence Darrow's two great trials; reports of the Scopes anti-evolution case and the Dr. Sweet negro trialTrials, litigation, etc42ocn644262487art19690.96Fleming, Thomas JThe right to self defense21ocn017987224visu19870.23Malice aforethought the Sweet trialsDramatization of the murder trials of Ossian Sweet, a black physician whose move into an all-white neighborhood sparked rioting and violence in 1920's Detroit21ocn057356991rcrd20050.47Boyle, KevinArc of justice a saga of race, rights, and murder in the Jazz AgeHistoryTrials, litigation, etc[In this book, the author offers] a great service to history ... With deep research and graceful prose, he has taken a single moment, the hot September day in 1925 when Ossian and Gladys Sweet moved into a bungalow on Garland Avenue in Detroit, and from that woven an amazing and unforgettable story of prejudice and justice at the dawn of America's racial awakening.-Dust jacket21ocn062902065visu20041.00Arc of justice a saga of race, civil rights, and murderHistoryTrials, litigation, etcOhio State University history professor Kevin Boyle talks about his book Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age. Boyle uses the trial of Ossian Sweet, an African American doctor who was defended on murder charges by the famous lawyer Clarence Darrow, to explore the history of race relations in the U.S. during the 1920s11ocn034420570mix1.00Baskin, AlexAlex Baskin interviewsTranscripts of interviews with participants in the Ossian Sweet murder trial (Detroit, Michigan, 1925) including Thomas F. Chawke, John C. Dancy, Charles Mahoney, William C. Osby, Sr., Cecil L. Rowlette, Otis Sweet and Robert M. Toms. Includes material concerning trial judge, Frank Murphy, and defense lawyer, Clarence Darrow11ocn175289510book1.00Sweet, OssianPhotographsTrials, litigation, etcProceedings of the People vs. Ossian Sweet, et al. in the Recorder's Court of Detroit, Michigan. Testimony presented before Judge Frank Murphy, and arguments of prosecuting attorney, Robert Toms, and defense attorney, Clarence Darrow11ocn034420781mix1.00Asher, CashCash Asher papersCorrespondence and other material concerning Asher's research projects, particularly the Ossian Sweet murder trial in Detroit, and the scientific career of William F. Koch; and newspaper and magazine articles and books; also photograph. Correspondents include Charles E. Coughlin, Clarence Darrow, Robert Kennedy, William F. Koch, and Walter White11ocn037916417mix1925Ossian Sweet's Murder Trial ScrapbookScrapbook and photocopy of the Nov. 1925 murder trial of Ossian Sweet. Dr. Ossian Sweet and eleven others, all African Americans, including his wife, were charged with the murder of a white man, Leon Breinek, who was killed on Sept. 9, 1925 during the course of a neighborhood protest about the Sweets moving into a previously all white neighborhood in Detroit (Mich.). The trial, which was held in the Recording Court of Michigan, was presided over by Judge Frank Murphy, prosecuted by Robert Toms, and defended by Clarence Darrow in one of his last cases, ended in a hung jury. A second trial in 1926 ended in Sweet's acquittal. This was a major trial for Civil Rights in Michigan. For further information see Frank Murphy, the Detroit Years (1975) by Prof. Sidney Fine. For further information on Toms, see his Speeches, made on the occassion of his retirement in 1960, also in the Clarke Historical Library11ocn034419606mix1.00Gellein, HilmerHilmer Gellein papersReports and other papers concerning the Michigan state penal system; and material on the Sweet Murder Trial of 1925 and the career of Frank Murphy11ocn428816001mix0.10Gellein, HilmerHilmer Gellein papersArchivesWorks, interview with Hilmer Gellein, August 21, 1963, Charge of the Court in the Ossian Sweet Trial11ocn618047972mix0.10Perry, Julian WJulian W. Perry papersArchivesCorrespondence and papers+-+3096250535Fri Mar 21 15:09:50 EDT 2014batch15207