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Fri Mar 21 17:05:40 2014 UTClccn-n20030407720.06Between the lions0.060.06Between the lions139752967n 20030407726193933lccn-no97033628WGBH Video (Firm)lccn-n80089989WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.)lccn-n82149711Westheimer, Ruth K.(Ruth Karola)1928-lccn-n50052713WGBH Educational Foundationlccn-no2002099404Bobbie, Walter1945-lccn-no96016003Prince, Faithlccn-no2001070970Fraser, Alison1955-lccn-n95116793Berry, Berticelccn-no95005340Graves, Denycelccn-n99274922Marbury, Stephon1977-Sirius Thinking LtdJuvenile worksFictionPuppet filmsDramaChildren--Books and readingReading (Elementary)AnimalsEnglish language--Study and teachingReading (Primary)Early childhood educationReading (Preschool)PetsFearCookingEnglish language--VowelsVowelsReadingAlphabetUnited StatesEducation, PreschoolReading--Phonetic methodStorytellingLionProblem solvingReading readinessSelf-esteemDetermination (Personality trait) in childrenRobotsChildren--GrowthPhoneticsTransportationFear in childrenFamilies200020012002200320042005200620072008200920109323150219372.4LB15734474ocn046794598visu20010.06Between the lionsJuvenile worksFictionPuppet filmsA talking rock with a fuzzy memory suddenly appears in the library. With the help of Cleo and the entire library gang, the lost rock is reunited with his lost book4431ocn046653259visu20010.06Between the lionsJuvenile worksIn the African folktale "Red Hat, Green Hat, two friends have a disagreement over the color of a hat. Includes the Vowelles singing their song for short "E". Combines live action with animation4413ocn046653248visu20010.06Between the lionsJuvenile worksPuppet films"Join the Lions for Awsop's wonderful The lion and the mouse, a fable that proves even little creatures can do big things. But the story also makes the lions' friend Click the mouse jealous. Plus the knights from the word "tickle" in Gawain's word, Dr.. Ruth Wordheimer sounds out a very long word, opera star Denyce Graves performs the short "I" sound, and much more!"--Container4362ocn046794599visu20010.06Between the lionsJuvenile worksPuppet filmsThe featured hero of The Lucky Duck is out of his book and unhappy. He tells everyone at the library that he doesn't want to be cute and cuddly anymore--he wants to be The Big Bad Duck. So Lionel writes a story to make his wishes come true!4334ocn046653254visu20010.06Between the lionsJuvenile worksFictionPuppet filmsIn "The Ram in the Pepper Patch" a girl from Mexico tries to keep a ram from eating all he peppers. Also, Theo and Cleo finds out "What's Cooking?" The Fonix sing "The AR Song", and people sing about short "A." Combines live action with animation4291ocn060565606visu20050.06Fuzzy wuzzy, wuzzy?Juvenile worksDramaLionel lion refuses to read "Fuzzy wuzzy" to his little sister Leona because it's a "baby" book, but his parents (who work in the library) become interested in Fuzzy and soon the patrons join in--forming a chanting conga line through the stacks. The young shepherd from "Boy who cried wolf" jumps out of the book, and as a thin paper cutout, follows Lionel as the young lion gets a book on "How to watch sheep." "Chap with caps" is a retelling of the classic "Caps for sale", and it gives children an idea of how stories are constructed with a beginning, middle, and an end2773ocn190842530visu20050.06Between the lionsJuvenile worksFictionA series that teaches children to read with humorous characters, stories, skits, parodies, and songs2111ocn670775211visu20100.06Between the lionsJuvenile worksAnimal Stories! joins the cubs as they make friends, learn about pets, face their fears, and more, in eight exciting adventures: Dear Mr. Blueberry & I Wanna Iguana; Mole and the Baby Bird & Owen and Mzee; Are You a Snail? & Wonderful Worms; and Trosclair and the Alligator & The Coyote and the Rabbit2011ocn670775226visu20100.06Between the lionsJuvenile worksGet Cooking joins the cubs as they sing, dance, suffer bread-baking disasters, and more, in eight exciting adventures: Stop That Pickle! & Chicks and Salsa; Ruby Sings the Blues & The Camel Dances; Making Bread & Cheesybreadville; and Bein' With You This Way & How to Be. Key words: garden, loud, dance, corn, and you1613ocn048104429visu20010.06Between the lions. starring the short "U" soundJuvenile worksPuppet films"Cleo is going away for a few days and Leona thinks she's too big to miss her mother. Guest starring Bruno Kirby"--Cassette1594ocn048104504visu20010.06Between the lions. starring the "AI" soundJuvenile worksTwo pigeons named Walter and Clay learn all about poetry on Poetry Day! Combines live actions with animation and puppetry1543ocn048104473visu20010.06Between the lions. starring the short "I" soundJuvenile worksPuppet filmsThe brave knight Orlando Furioso has to be put back together again so that he can save Angelina and lift a curse from the town of Fallerina. Introduces the long "i" sound and the -ight word family1532ocn048104292visu20010.06Between the lions. starring the short "O" soundJuvenile worksPuppet filmsWhy is Bobby the Hopping Robot not hopping? Combines live action with animation and puppetry1522ocn048112253visu20010.06Between the lions. starring the double "O-OO" soundJuvenile worksA small bug goes ka-choo! and a baboon's balloon goes ka-boom1503ocn048112176visu20010.06Between the lions. starring the double "E-EE" soundJuvenile worksPuppet filmsHee, hee, hee! Click the Mouse has a computer virus! Hee, hee, hee!1472ocn048027259visu20010.06Between the lions. starring the short "E" soundJuvenile worksStarring the short "E" sound1463ocn048216473visu20010.06Between the lions. starring the short "O" and double "O" soundsJuvenile worksThe two pigeons, Walter and Clay, want "The Fox and the Crow" banned from the library because they think the book makes birds look like birdbrains+-+75732532063241463ocn048112139visu20010.06Between the lions. starring the "EA" soundJuvenile worksCleo has the I-can't-hear-or-tell-or-smell-if-someone's-sneaking-up-on-me flu1442ocn048104707visu20010.06Between the lions. starring the short "A" soundJuvenile worksSticks and stones can break your bones, but names can never hurt you. Or can they?1432ocn048103870visu20010.06Between the lions. starring the short "U" soundJuvenile worksA woodcutter and his wife, played by Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, need the lions' help with a man who has bugs, bugs, bugs in his beard+-+7573253206324+-+7573253206324Fri Mar 21 15:14:01 EDT 2014batch14468