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Berry, Steve 1955-

Works: 368 works in 2,186 publications in 19 languages and 84,852 library holdings
Genres: Fiction  Thrillers (Fiction)  Political fiction  Spy fiction  Historical fiction  Action and adventure fiction  Code and cipher stories  Short stories  Christian fiction  Detective and mystery fiction 
Roles: Author, Narrator, Creator, Author of introduction
Classifications: PS3602.E764, 813.6
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The Alexandria link : a novel by Steve Berry( Book )

61 editions published between 2007 and 2020 in 5 languages and held by 3,530 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Too bad former secret agent Cotton Malone knows how to unearth the lost contents of the Library of Alexandria; now his bookstore has been ransacked and his son kidnapped."--Source other than the Library of Congress
The Templar legacy : a novel by Steve Berry( Book )

87 editions published between 1984 and 2015 in 8 languages and held by 3,503 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Former secret agent Cotton Malone and Stephanie Nelle, a U.S. Justice Department prosecutor, must solve the mystery of fourteenth-century Templar riches and secrets before Raymond de Roquefort and his murderous allies prevail
The Jefferson key : a novel by Steve Berry( Book )

37 editions published between 2004 and 2020 in 3 languages and held by 3,367 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Cotton Malone battles a group of families whose influence dates back to U.S. Constitution and who seek to crack a code devised by Thomas Jefferson himself in their quest for power
The Venetian betrayal : a novel by Steve Berry( Book )

61 editions published between 2007 and 2016 in 8 languages and held by 3,300 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A miraculous healing serum, kept secret by an ancient puzzle and buried with the mummified remains of Alexander the Great--in a tomb lost to the ages for more than 1,500 years--is the coveted prize for a cunning despot unless Cotton Malone, former U.S. Justice Department agent turned rare-book dealer, can beat her to it
The Charlemagne pursuit : a novel by Steve Berry( Book )

54 editions published between 2008 and 2016 in 5 languages and held by 3,247 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A mysterious manuscript discovered in the tomb of Charlemagne sends Cotton Malone on a perilous international quest that takes him and twin sisters with their own agenda from an ancient German cathedral to the harsh, unforgiving world of Antarctica in pursuit of the truth about the death of his father on a classified sub mission beneath Antarctica
The patriot threat by Steve Berry( Book )

42 editions published between 2015 and 2020 in 3 languages and held by 3,240 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The 16th Amendment to the Constitution legalized federal income tax, but what if there were problems with the 1913 ratification of that amendment? Problems that call into question decades of tax collecting, and could even bring down the US economy. There is a surprising truth to this possibility a truth wholly entertained by Steve Berry, a top-ten New York Times bestselling writer, in his new thriller, The Patriot Threat. His protagonist, Cotton Malone, once a member of an elite intelligence division within the Justice Department known as the Magellan Billet, is now retired. But when his former boss, Stephanie Nelle, asks him to track a rogue North Korean who may have acquired some top secret Treasury Department files the kind that could bring the United States to its knees. Malone is vaulted into a harrowing twenty-four-hour chase that begins on the water in Venice and ends in the remote highlands of Croatia. With appearances by Franklin Roosevelt, Andrew Mellon, and a curious painting that still hangs in the National Gallery of Art, Steve Berry's trademark mix of history and suspense is 90% fact and 10% exciting speculation, a provocative thriller that poses a dangerous question. What if the federal income tax is illegal?"--Publisher
The Paris vendetta : a novel by Steve Berry( Book )

45 editions published between 2009 and 2012 in 5 languages and held by 3,131 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Former Justice Department operative Cotton Malone isn't looking for trouble when it comes knocking at his Copenhagen bookshop. But narrowly surviving a ferocious firefight convinces him to follow his unexpected new ally--an American Secret Service agent--and help him stop the Paris Club, a cabal of multimillionaires bent on manipulating the global economy. Only by matching wits with a terrorist-for-hire, foiling a catastrophic attack, and plunging into a desperate hunt for the legendary lost treasure of Napoleon Bonaparte can Malone hope to avert international financial anarchy
The emperor's tomb : a novel by Steve Berry( Book )

53 editions published between 2010 and 2016 in 5 languages and held by 3,129 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Former government operative Cotton Malone teams with old heartthrob Cassiopeia Vitt on a dangerous mission to retrieve a priceless Chinese lamp from the third century B.C.E
The Columbus affair : a novel by Steve Berry( Book )

48 editions published between 2012 and 2016 in 5 languages and held by 3,093 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Tom Sagan and an unscrupulous zealot, Zachariah Simon, square off in a dangerous game to find the key to a 500 year-old mystery--a treasure with explosive political significance in the modern world: the lost treasures of the Temple of Jerusalem
The Lincoln myth : a novel by Steve Berry( Book )

38 editions published between 2014 and 2016 in English and Polish and held by 2,952 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"September 1861: All is not as it seems. With these cryptic words, a shocking secret passed down from president to president comes to rest in the hands of Abraham Lincoln. And as the first bloody clashes of the Civil War unfold, Lincoln alone must decide how best to use this volatile knowledge: save thousands of American lives, or keep the young nation from being torn apart forever? The present: In Utah, the fabled remains of Mormon pioneers whose nineteenth-century expedition across the desert met with a murderous end have been uncovered. In Washington, D.C., the official investigation of an international entrepreneur, an elder in the Mormon church, has sparked a political battle between the White House and a powerful United States senator. In Denmark, a Justice Department agent, missing in action, has fallen into the hands of a dangerous zealot--a man driven by divine visions to make a prophet's words reality. And in a matter of a few short hours, Cotton Malone has gone from quietly selling books at his shop in Denmark to dodging bullets in a high-speed boat chase. All it takes is a phone call from his former boss in Washington, and suddenly the ex-agent is racing to rescue an informant carrying critical intelligence. It's just the kind of perilous business that Malone has been trying to leave behind, ever since he retired from the Justice Department. But once he draws enemy blood, Malone is plunged into a deadly conflict--a constitutional war secretly set in motion more than two hundred years ago by America's Founding Fathers. From the streets of Copenhagen to the catacombs of Salzburg to the rugged mountains of Utah, the grim specter of the Civil War looms as a dangerous conspiracy gathers power. Malone risks life, liberty, and his greatest love in a race for the truth about Abraham Lincoln--while the fate of the United States of America hangs in the balance"--
The Lost Order by Steve Berry( Book )

39 editions published between 2017 and 2018 in 3 languages and held by 2,951 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The Knights of the Golden Circle was the largest and most dangerous clandestine organization in American history. It amassed billions in stolen gold and silver, all buried in hidden caches across the United States. Since 1865 treasure hunters have searched, but little of that immense wealth has ever been found. Now, one hundred and sixty years later, two factions of what remains of the Knights of the Golden Circle want that lost treasure--one to spend it for their own ends, the other to preserve it. Thrust into this battle is former Justice Department agent Cotton Malone, whose connection to the knights is far deeper than he ever imagined. At the center is the Smithsonian Institution--linked to the knights, its treasure, and Malone himself through an ancestor, a Confederate spy named Angus "Cotton" Adams, whose story holds the key to everything. Complicating matters are the political ambitions of a reckless Speaker of the House and the bitter widow of a United States Senator, who together are planning radical changes to the country. And while Malone and Cassiopeia Vitt face the past, ex-president Danny Daniels and Stephanie Nelle confront a new and unexpected challenge, a threat that may cost one of them their life. From the backrooms of the Smithsonian to the deepest woods in rural Arkansas, and finally up into the rugged mountains of northern New Mexico, The Lost Order is a perilous adventure into our country's dark past, and a potentially even darker future"--
The king's deception : a novel by Steve Berry( Book )

33 editions published between 2012 and 2016 in English and Russian and held by 2,931 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

When escalating political tensions between the United States and England put his son, Gary, in the hands of a man with a shadowy and intensely personal agenda, Cotton Malone finds himself confronting a baffling historical mystery that questions the legitimacy of Elizabeth I
The 14th colony by Steve Berry( Book )

38 editions published between 2016 and 2018 in English and Polish and held by 2,769 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"What happens if both the president and vice-president-elect die before taking the oath of office? The answer is far from certain--in fact, what follows would be nothing short of total political chaos. Shot down over Siberia, ex-Justice Department agent Cotton Malone is forced into a fight for survival against Aleksandr Zorin, a man whose loyalty to the former Soviet Union has festered for decades into an intense hatred of the United States. Before escaping, Malone learns that Zorin and another ex-KGB officer, this one a sleeper still embedded in the West, are headed overseas to Washington D.C. Inauguration Day--noon on January 20th--is only hours away. A flaw in the Constitution, and an even more flawed presidential succession act, have opened the door to disaster and Zorin intends to exploit both weaknesses to their fullest. Armed with a weapon leftover from the Cold War, one long thought to be just a myth, Zorin plans to attack. He's aided by a shocking secret hidden in the archives of America's oldest fraternal organization--the Society of Cincinnati--a group that once lent out its military savvy to presidents, including helping to formulate three invasion plans of what was intended to be America's 14th colony--Canada. In a race against the clock that starts in the frozen extremes of Russia and ultimately ends at the White House itself, Malone must not only battle Zorin, he must also confront a crippling fear that he's long denied, but which now jeopardizes everything. Steve Berry's trademark mix of history and speculation is all here in this provocative new thriller"--
The bishop's pawn by Steve Berry( Book )

23 editions published between 2018 and 2019 in English and held by 2,686 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

History notes that the ugly feud between J. Edgar Hoover and Martin Luther King, Jr., marked by years of illegal surveillance and the accumulation of secret files, ended on April 4, 1968 when King was assassinated by James Earl Ray. But that may not have been the case. Now, fifty years later, former Justice Department agent, Cotton Malone, must reckon with the truth of what really happened that fateful day in Memphis. It all turns on an incident from eighteen years ago, when Malone, as a young Navy lawyer, is trying hard not to live up to his burgeoning reputation as a maverick. When Stephanie Nelle, a high-level Justice Department lawyer, enlists him to help with an investigation, he jumps at the opportunity. But he soon discovers that two opposing forces--the Justice Department and the FBI--are at war over a rare coin and a cadre of secret files containing explosive revelations about the King assassination, information that could ruin innocent lives and threaten the legacy of the civil rights movement's greatest martyr. Malone's decision to see it through to the end -- from the raucous bars of Mexico, to the clear waters of the Dry Tortugas, and ultimately into the halls of power within Washington D.C. itself -- not only changes his own life, but the course of history
The third secret : a novel by Steve Berry( Book )

76 editions published between 2004 and 2017 in 6 languages and held by 2,637 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Haunted by the secrets revealed in 1917 in Fatima, Portugal, the obsession of Pope Clement XV leads to intrigue at the Vatican as Alberto Cardinal Valendrea, the Vatican's Secretary of State, plots to bring down the troubled pontiff
The Amber Room by Steve Berry( Book )

54 editions published between 2003 and 2015 in 7 languages and held by 2,436 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

When her father dies under suspicious circumstances, Rachel Cutler finds everything she loves threatened by the rival quests of two art collectors who seek one of the world's greatest treasures, lost after the Second World War
The Romanov prophecy : a novel by Steve Berry( Book )

77 editions published between 1984 and 2017 in 6 languages and held by 2,424 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In 1917 Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia, was executed by revolutionaries. Now, in response to the collapse of the country's economy, the people have voted to instate a new Tsar, one who will be chosen from the descendents of Nicholas II. But a powerful group of Western businessmen want to make sure he is a candidate they can control, and hire African-American lawyer Miles Lord, with his knowledge of Russian language and history, to check the background of their chosen man. Miles is thrilled with his assignment ... until he becomes the target of an assassination attempt, and must run for his life, guided by a cryptic phrase penned by Rasputin, a bizarre prophecy that the Tsar will return to the throne and that Miles himself will see to it
The Malta exchange : a novel by Steve Berry( Book )

30 editions published between 2018 and 2020 in English and held by 2,380 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The pope is dead. A conclave to select his replacement is about to begin. Cardinals are beginning to arrive at the Vatican, but one has fled Rome for Malta in search of a document that dates back to the 4th century and Constantine the Great. Former Justice Department operative Cotton Malone is at Lake Como, Italy, on the trail of legendary letters between Winston Churchill and Benito Mussolini that disappeared in 1945 and could re-write history. When Malone obtains-- then loses-- them, he's plunged into a hunt that draws the attention of the legendary Knights of Malta. The Secreti-- an ancient sect within the Knights is intent on affecting the coming papal conclave. -- adapted from publisher info
The Warsaw protocol by Steve Berry( Book )

27 editions published between 2020 and 2021 in English and held by 2,170 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

One by one, the seven precious relics of the Arma Christi, the weapons of Christ, are disappearing from sanctuaries across the world. After former Justice Department agent, Cotton Malone, witnesses the theft of one of them, he learns from his old boss, Stephanie Nelle, that a private auction is about to be held where incriminating information on the president of Poland will be offered to the highest bidder -- blackmail that both the United States and Russia want, but for vastly different reasons. The price of admission to that auction is one of the relics, so Malone is first sent to a castle in Poland to steal the Holy Lance, a thousand-year-old spear sacred to not only Christians but to the Polish people, and then on to the auction itself. But nothing goes as planned and Malone is thrust into a bloody battle between three nations over information that, if exposed, could change the balance of power in Europe. From the tranquil canals of Bruges, to the elegant rooms of Wawel Castle, to deep beneath the earth into an ancient Polish salt mine, Malone is caught in the middle of a deadly war -- the outcome of which turns on a secret known as the Warsaw Protocol
Matchup by Sandra Brown( Book )

8 editions published in 2017 in English and held by 2,076 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Collects stories written by best-selling thriller authors,11 women and 11 men partnered in male-female literary pairings, in anthology that includes contributions by such favorites as Sandra Brown, John Sandford and Eric Van Lustbader
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The Alexandria link : a novel
The Templar legacy : a novelThe Jefferson key : a novelThe Venetian betrayal : a novelThe Charlemagne pursuit : a novelThe Paris vendetta : a novelThe emperor's tomb : a novelThe third secret : a novelThe Amber RoomThe Romanov prophecy : a novel
Alternative Names
Berijs, Stīvs 1955-

Beris Styvas

Berry S.

Berry, Steve.


Steve, Berry 1955-

Steve Berry American author and attorney

Steve Berry Americký spisovatel, též právník a politolog

Steve Berry Amerikaans schrijver

Steve Berry amerikai író

Steve Berry amerikanischer Rechtsanwalt und Autor

Steve Berry amerikansk författare och advokat

Steve Berry amerikansk skribent og advokat

Steve Berry auteur américain de romans policiers

Steve Berry avvocato e scrittore statunitense

Steve Berry Berry, Steve, 1955-

Stīvs Berijs

Берри Стив

Берри, Стив 1955-

Стив Бери

Стив Берри

Սթիվ Բերրի

ברי, סטיב 1955-

סטיב ברי

استیو بری وکیل و نویسنده آمریکایی

ستيف بيرى

ستيف بيري

베리, 스티브 1955-

스티브 베리

스티브, 베리 1955-