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Vol. 32: offshore production platform, utility systems to optimization techniques, joint process units and utility system11ocn227594165book1974System for Evaluation of the Hazards of Bulk Water Transportation of Industrial ChemicalsThe Committee on Hazardous Materials of the National Research Council has developed a system of evaluating the potential hazard associated with the water transportation of industrial chemicals in bulk. The Hazard Evaluation System described in this report employs four main classes of hazards: fire, health, water pollution, and reactivity; and further subdivides the health, water pollution, and reactivity into subclasses. Under each class or subclass, a numerical rating is given to indicate the relative degree of potential hazard. General guidelines were developed to describe five levels of severity for each. The report concerns the rating system and contains only a short sample list of hazard ratings of chemicals11ocn813451871book19860.47McKetta, J. 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(London, England)Catalogue of valuable printed books, fine illuminated & other manuscripts, autograph letters, historical documents, literary manuscripts and relics , &. comprising an apparently unique issue of the Christmas carol and a very fine copy of Florio's Montaigne in a contemporary binding, with other English and Scottish literature, the property of John Spottiswoode of Spottiswoode; a small collection of decorated manuscripts, the property of C.W.S. Dixon, Esq., including an exceptional French XIV century bible; a fine XIII century psalter and other illuminated service books; and a very interesting early Speculum, with numerous drawings, the property of a deceased estate, and of other owners; Lord Glencairn's copy of the Kilmarnock Burns, the property of the late James Fleming, Esq.; a small collection on medicine and chemistry: numerous rare English and Continental books from the XIV to XIX centuries; fine bindings; a small collection of presentation copies of the works of C.L. Dodgson; etc. The autograph letters, &c. comprise a very fine series of over 600 unpublished letters of Arnold Bennett, the property of his nephew, Richard Bennett, esq.; important series of Oscar Wilde, the property of Lady Alexander; and of Charles Dickens, the property of Mrs. W.A. Cunningham; fine letters and manuscripts of Robert Browning, C.L. Dodgson, S.T. Coleridge, Rudyard Kipling, Edward Jenner, Samuel Pepys, John Ruskin, P.B. Shelley, William Wordsworth; and the autograph manuscript of "A window in Thrums," the property of T.L. Gilmour, Esq. Which will be sold by Messrs. Sotheby & Co. ...on Monday, the 3rd of July, 1933, and two following daysCatalogs11ocn301745450mix1.00Indian depredation claimsHistoryThis collection contains correspondence, legal forms, and transcriptions pertaining to several Indian depredation claims between 1891 and 1899. These cases occurred in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Nevada, and were primarily administered by claims examiner John Wedderburn. The correspondence discusses supplemental information surrounding each claim such as the personal character of the involved parties and requests from lawyers for case related information. The legal document entitled "In the Court of Claims of the United States" summarizes the depredation claim by identifying the parties involved, the items stolen and their value, and the party responsible for compensation. The most common stolen property among these documents is livestock. Other claims request monetary compensation for wounds inflicted by Native American tribes during raids+-+K639729735+-+K639729735Fri Mar 21 15:08:47 EDT 2014batch12881