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Fri Mar 21 17:03:50 2014 UTClccn-n20040226630.28The Oxford book of late medieval verse and prose /0.540.92A marriage of Mercury and philology : an inaugural lecture delivered before the University of Oxford on 21 May 1981 /108191184n 20040226636469820Gray, Douglaslccn-n79027228Chaucer, Geoffrey-1400lccn-n50008006Bennett, J. A. W.(Jack Arthur Walter)lccn-n83050694Stanley, Eric Geraldothhnredtlccn-n50035614Davis, Norman1913-othhnredtlccn-n50038125Henryson, Robert1430?-1506?lccn-n81016232Godden, Malcolmothedtlccn-n77005984Hoad, T. F.othedtlccn-n77017481Trapp, J. B.(Joseph Burney)auiedtlccn-n84154660Boffey, Juliaauiedtlccn-n50027448Dobson, E. J.(Eric John)othhnrGray, Douglas1930-Criticism, interpretation, etcDictionariesHistorySourcesEncyclopediasPoetryEnglish literature--Middle EnglishCivilization, MedievalLiteratureChaucer, Geoffrey,Themes, motivesCivilization, Medieval, in literatureChristian poetry, English (Middle)English poetry--Themes, motivesEnglish poetry--Middle English--Themes, motivesEnglish language--Middle EnglishEnglish poetry--Middle EnglishChristian poetry, EnglishEnglish literature--Early modernGreat BritainDavis, Norman,EnglandCivilizationEnglish poetry--Old EnglishMiddle AgesEnglish philology--Old EnglishScotlandHenryson, Robert,English languageEnglish literaturePiers Plowman (Langland, William)Shakespeare, William,Latin literature, Medieval and modernAnglo-Norman literaturePoets, English--Middle EnglishKnights and knighthoodVirtuesApplied linguisticsScottish poetryFaerie queene (Spenser, Edmund)Religious poetry, English (Middle)English fictionPhilologyEnglish poetryKnights and knighthood in literatureEpic poetryPoetryEnglish poetry--Early modernPoets, EnglishLyric poetryEpic poetry, EnglishEnglish poetry--Scottish authors193019691972197519791982198319851986198819891990199219941996199719982001200220032005200820112012793531189820.9001PR1120ocn052485487ocn469939101ocn489618648ocn000633094ocn185504311ocn468045658ocn491248265ocn489670816ocn299459704ocn186693921ocn185522214ocn185935077ocn185520826ocn185520073ocn442809329ocn439443828130718ocn052485487book20030.37The Oxford companion to ChaucerHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcEncyclopediasDictionaries"Nicknamed the Father of English Poetry, Geoffrey Chaucer has long inspired great writers, including Shakespeare. He continues to connect with contemporary audiences through his surprisingly modern depections of human behavior. Articles, such as those on emotion, memory, men, and women, explore how well he knew what made his characters tick. Distinguished scholars writing for readers from high school on up clarify Chaucer's literary devices, language, versification, cultural contexts, and other hurdles to understanding in over 2,000 entries."--"Reference that rocks," American Libraries, May 2005+-+0012663465127818ocn012501145book19850.28Davis, NormanThe Oxford book of late medieval verse and prose118224ocn013759638book19860.39Bennett, J. A. WMiddle English literatureCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+937776346578316ocn000407582book19720.56Gray, DouglasThemes and images in the medieval English religious lyricCriticism, interpretation, etc47111ocn001993625book19750.66A Selection of religious lyrics4215ocn191929696book20080.70Gray, DouglasLater medieval English literatureCriticism, interpretation, etc"The remarkable and diverse literature produced in the fascinating later medieval period - one of war, transitions, and challenges - is not as widely known as it deserves to be. In this descriptive guide the pre-eminent scholar of medieval literature Douglas Gray provides the non-specialist reader with an illuminating account of the extensive literature written in English from the death of Chaucer to the early sixteenth century."--BOOK JACKET+-+236776346534510ocn009371078book19830.81Middle English studies : presented to Norman Davis in honour of his seventieth birthdayCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+083666346530310ocn029359298book19940.81From Anglo-Saxon to early middle English : studies presented to E.G. StanleyFrom Anglo-Saxon to Early Middle English brings together eleven papers on aspects of English language and literature from the eighth to the thirteenth century, written in honour of E. G. Stanley, the recently retired Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon at the University of Oxford. The papers, written by eminent scholars from Britain, North America, and Germany, reflect the range of E. G. Stanley's work, examining philology, metre, and literary style. However, the focus of the volume is on the period of rapid change from late Anglo-Saxon to early medieval England, and the contributors consider in detail the ways in which both language and literary forms developed during this time. The volume contains a comprehensive Bibliography of E. G. Stanley's publications, together with an account of his distinguished career+-+11226634653242958ocn045505952book20010.63Trapp, J. BMedieval English literature"Medieval English Literature is the first volume of the comprehensive Oxford Anthology of English Literature to be published in a second, expanded, and fully revised edition. It provides an authoritative and representative selection from the vast riches of Anglo-Saxon and Middle English literature of the period between A.D. 700 and A.D. 1500." "The texts are presented either in full or in ample selections, helpfully and fully glossed and annotated according to the most recent scholarship. They are situated in their cultural context through general and particular introductions and through the carefully chosen illustrations, many of them new. Texts, annotations, introductions, and the bibliography have been thoroughly revised and brought up to date, and there is a full glossary of literary and historical terms."--BOOK JACKET+-+874986046528011ocn006626318book19790.81Gray, DouglasRobert HenrysonHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+72640595542736ocn009197637book19830.81Five hundred years of words and sounds : a Festschrift for Eric DobsonHistory2503ocn037142502book19970.84The long fifteenth century : essays for Douglas GrayCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+30183634652446ocn017105787book19880.79Coghill, NevillThe collected papers of Nevill Coghill, Shakespearian & medievalistCriticism, interpretation, etc2235ocn656767436book20110.73From the Norman Conquest to the Black Death : an anthology of writings from EnglandHistorySources+-+6808763465843ocn027173392book19920.84English medieval religious lyrics+-+97384340353248210ocn009345645book19820.92Gray, DouglasA marriage of Mercury and philology : an inaugural lecture delivered before the University of Oxford on 21 May 1981504ocn041112327book19980.76Henryson, RobertSelected poems of Robert Henryson and William Dunbar+-+6397795965324202ocn000633094book19690.56Spenser, Edmund... The Faerie queenePoetry172ocn220128904book19830.33Middle English studies : presented to Norman Davis in honour of his 70th birthday+-+0836663465104ocn256732343book19860.47Bennett, J. A. WMiddle English literature : 1100-1400Criticism, interpretation, etc+-+937776346511ocn861979950book20050.84The long fifteenth century : essays for Douglas GrayCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+3018363465+-+0012663465+-+0012663465Fri Mar 21 15:29:40 EDT 2014batch17150