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Fri Mar 21 17:10:23 2014 UTClccn-n20050618510.00Stefan Lorant collection, ca. 1869-1993 (bulk 1920-1992)0.811.00[Hermann Göring greeting German general at review(?) of troops]31407833n 2005061851lccn-n2005075151Hermann Göring Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n80061235Göring, Hermann1893-1946lccn-n2009024680Robertphotographerlccn-n50015807Sander, Augustlccn-n50043233Brassaï1899-1984lccn-n91115843Third Reich Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n93088802Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin--Preussischer Kulturbesitzlccn-nr94022335March, Werner1894-1976lccn-n80149385WilliamIGerman Emperor1797-1888lccn-n79046200Hitler, Adolf1889-1945Kurth, HelmuthHistoryLincoln, Abraham,Kristallnacht (1938)Economic historyThälmann, Ernst,William,--Crown Prince of Germany,Manners and customsInternational relationsGoebbels, Joseph,Bismarck, Otto,--Fürst von,Allied Occupation of Germany (1918-1930)Germany.--ReichstagIntellectual lifeMeissner, Hans OttoBernstein, Leonard,Austria--ViennaGöring, Hermann,Legislative bodies--DissolutionAndra, Fern,GermanyGermany--BerlinNight of the Long Knives (Germany : 1934)Reinhardt, Max,March Uprising (Germany : 1921)Beer Hall Putsch (Germany : 1923)Churchill, Winston,Riefenstahl, LeniBraun, EvaGert, ValeskaPolitical scienceWessel, Horst,William--II,--German Emperor,Einstein, Albert,Social historyRevolution (Germany : 1918)Military readinessWilliam--I,--German Emperor,Kapp Putsch (Germany : 1920)Hitler, Adolf,Constitutional historyHindenburg, Paul von,Dietrich, Marlene1931888LOT 8616ocn056826079ocn326966034ocn326962584ocn313971449ocn04111733811ocn082595163fileLorant, StefanHistory11ocn255021930book19310.47Kurth, Helmuth1200 Jahrfeier des Klosters Niederalteich ...11ocn326962584visu1.00Photoarchiv Generalfeldmarschall Göring miscellaneous printsPhotographs show Hermann Göring reviewing troops; visiting the cemetery in Leonding, Austria where Adolf Hitler's parents are buried; conferring with military and Nazi party leaders; cruising on the Danube river in Austria; touring a smelter; ground breaking ceremonies for the Hermann Göring Werke steel mill in Linz, Austria in 1938; enjoying a carnival. Also views of Göring giving speeches; at a rally in Graz; greeting crowds and children11ocn056826079visu1.00Hermann Göring at public events and other activities, January-February 1939Photographs show Göring reviewing Wehrmacht troops at new year's muster for Adolf Hitler. Includes views of Hermann Göring's birthday celebration with meetings with delegations of government staff, ministers and military and family and visit by Adolf Hitler. Also includes views of visit to a military orphanage in Potsdam and a meeting with members of the Brazilian air force; visit of King Gustavus V and Prince Adolf of Sweden; visit to the international riding tournament with awards ceremony for the German team. Also includes views of visit to the Tobis motion picture film studio and breakfast for Yugoslavian dignitaries including new foreign minister Alexander Cincar-Markowitsch. Includes views of Emmy and Hermann Göring at benefit concert for charity to help aging artists. Also includes views of launching of the destroyer "Bismarck" in Hamburg including speech by Hitler. Also includes views of the the international automobile exposition and opening of Japanese art exhibition in Berlin. Also includes many pictures of baby Edda Göring at seven months old11ocn041117338visu1.00[Hermann Göring greeting German general at review(?) of troops]11ocn227762529visu1.00Hunting lodge at Schorfheide, built for Hermann GöringPhotographs show general exterior views, entrance, desk, dining facilities, etc. Also, dog house, boat house and other outbuildings11ocn326966034visu1.00Photoarchiv Generalfeldmarschall Göring. Feste der StaatstheaterPhotographs show Hermann and Emmy Göring at a banquet, garden party and ballet performance with people associated with the theater and Nazi officials. Also includes views of ballet dancers performing on the lawn of the Göring's house at Leipziger Platz 11a in Berlin. Includes informal portraits of the Göring's and their guests including the composer Richard Strauss and the conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler. Also includes views of Nazi government and military leaders in conversation including Josef Goebbels, Reinhard Heydrich, Werner von Blomberg, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Bernhard Rust and Erhard Milch11ocn313971449visu1.00Hermann Göring's activities, June 1934. Karin ÜberführungPhotographs show reburial of Carin Göring at Carinhall, June 21, 1934. Includes views of floral tributes; honor guard, procession; arrival of Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, and prominent Nazis. Includes views of Carin Göring's sister Mary Fock and brother-in- law Eric von Rosen. Also includes views of grave site and tomb of Carin GöringFri Mar 21 15:58:12 EDT 2014batch7702