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Hermann Göring's activities, August-October 1936 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show crown prince Gustav Adolf of Sweden and his wife Sibylla von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha with the Göring's at Carinhall; Göring meeting with other Nazi leaders at Hitler's villa at Berchtesgaden; Nazi party Congress in Nuremberg; funeral and burial of Hungarian prime minister Gyula Gömbös in Budapest; breakfast for Italian foreign minister Galeazzo Ciano, reception for Italian ambassador Bernardo Attolico; motorboat trips to Hamburg, the North Sea and Frau Göring's trip to Sylt; hunting trips to the Schorfheide, Pait and Rixdorf, including a hunting trip with the Polish foreign minister Józef Lipski, German foreign minister Konstantin von Neurath and Colonel Ernst Udet in Rominten
Carinhall, Berlin, Darss, Rominten ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show interior views of homes or hunting lodges belonging to Hermann Göring. Includes views of Carinhall in the Schorfheide and apartment at Kaiserdamm and home at Leipziger Platz 11a before and after renovations in Berlin. Also views of hunting lodges at Rominten (Poland and Russia) and at the Darss Peninsula on the Baltic Sea in Germany. Also includes views of works of art, stained glass windows, sculpture and architectural details. Also views of Göring with a bow and arrow; bison and deer grazing and views of Swedish visitors and of Emmy Göring with pet lion cub at Carinhall
Photoarchiv Generalfeldmarschall Göring. Białowieża 1935 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show Göring and his party hunting boar in Poland. Includes informal portraits of the hunters; views of sleds, ponies and dog. Also includes views of men in formal dress in a card game. Includes a few views of stuffed birds and wolves and animal skeleton
Hermann Göring at public events and other activities, April-May 1939 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show Göring's visit to Libya with Italo Balbo; aboard ship en route to Naples, Italy; with Benito Mussolini and Count Galeazzo Ciano in Rome. Includes views of Adolf Hitler's birthday celebration with parades and public festivities. Includes views of the Nationaler Feiertag des Deutschen Volkes (national holiday) demonstrations in Berlin. Also includes views of Göring playing tennis in San Remo, Italy; Count Ciano and von Ribbentrop with Adolf Hitler and Göring in the Reichs chancellery in Berlin on the occasion of signing the German-Italian military alliance pact. Also includes views of dedication of the Air defense school (Reichsluftschutzschule) in Wannsee with views of flag ceremonies and funeral of Friedrich von der Schulenburg. Includes meeting with Robert Ley in Hamburg to welcome German military personnel from the Legion Condor returning from Spain, including views of the ship "Wilhelm Gustloff"; a military parade; medal presentation ceremonies and speeches
Hermann Göring at a Deutsche Verkehrsfliegerschule air force installation ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show Hermann Göring primarily walking on the grounds of a Deutsche Verkehrsfliegerschule (German Air Transport School) installation with military personnel. Includes group portraits of men and officers and some views of hangars and planes
Hermann Göring's activities, July-September, 1937 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show formal opening of the Haus der Deutschen Kunst in Munich; garden party hosted by Emmy and Hermann Göring for Benito Mussolini and Italian guests at Carinhall and views of military processions in Berlin with Adolf Hitler and Mussolini. Includes views of dedication of new hunting lodge at Carinhall. Also includes views of motorboat trip on the Carin II from Rendsburg to Kiel and motorboat trips to Heiligenhaven,Travemünde and Hitzacker. Also views of boat trips from Hamburg to Tönning, Hallig Gröde, Reede, Hörnum and from Wenningstedt to List, the Danish islands and Helgoland. Also views of another boat trip from Rendsburg to Holtenau to Kiel. Includes views of the Göring's pet lion cub Mucki and and hunting trips to Jasnitz and Röth
Hermann Göring's activities, Oct.-Dec. 1936 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show hunting parties with Hinrich Lohse in Farve, in Letzlinglen and at a hunting conference and hunting trip to Braunschweig including views of falconry and dead animals given to the Winterhilfswerk charity. Includes views of a visit to Kiel to dedicate a new building of the airforce. Also includes views of dedication of memorial to German deep sea fishermen in Wesermünde with speeches, corner-stone laying ceremony and review of troops, navy, sailors and visiting English fishermen; also includes views of ceremony receiving honorary citizenship from the town of Wesermünde. Includes views of Rudolf Hess, Josef Goebbels and others with Göring speaking about the 4-year plan at the Sportpalast. Also includes dedication ceremony at a new barracks for the Hermann Göring regiment and views of breakfast with Austrian state secretary Guido Schmidt with visit to the German Air Force Ministry. Includes views topping-out ceremony for an addition to Göring's home Carinhall. Includes views of regional party conference for agriculture development at Goslar with views of Nazi officials including agricultural minister Richard Walther Darré. Also views of the Görings and Paul Hartmann during charity fundraising campaign for the day of national solidarity on December 5. Also includes views of Göring's visit to the site of fire on the subway near Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. Includes views of Christmas party for children in Thüringia and for poor children in Berlin. Also includes views of the wedding of Gunvor Martin, niece of Göring's first wife, held in Göring's villa in Berlin and views of children at the opera for New Year's and views of private New Year's party at the Göring's
Hermann Göring's activities, March-April, 1938 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show festivities for Air Force Day including Adolf Hitler presenting Göring with a field marshall's baton. Includes views of Erhard Milch laying a cornerstone for new airforce training school in Wannsee; Herbert Hoover's visit at Carinhall; Göring and other field marshalls at a ball and at the opera; Hitler, Göring, Joseph Goebbels, and others with Austrian dignitaries at Tempelhof; luncheon for Luftwaffe generals at Carinhall. Includes views of Hitler visiting art exhibit for Werner Peine and Paraskewe von Bereskine and Hitler speaking in the Reichstag; views of Göring and Goebbels giving speeches for 1938 election and at memorial ceremonies. Includes views of Hermann Göring's visit to Austria from March 25th-April 2nd after German annexation, including meetings with Arthur Seyss-Inquart and Gauleiter Josef Bürkel and others. Includes view of Göring laying wreath at grave site of Hitler's parents in Leonding; visiting the Huebers in Lichtenegg and views of parades and rallies in Wels, Linz, Vienna, Wiener-Neustadt, Eisenerz, Graz, Bleiberg, Tamsweg, Mautenburg and Salzburg. Also includes views of ceremonies to honor war heroes and the 20th anniversary of the death of Manfred von Richthofen
Hermann Göring at public events and other activities, January-May 1940 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show meeting of Luftwaffe generals at Göring's home at Carinhall; views of Göring's birthday celebration; Adolf Hitler with the Görings; Emmy and Edda Göring at Carinhall; Göring on skis. Includes views of visits to German airfields in Jever, Oldenburg, Delmenhorst, Cologne, Bonn, Trier, Frankfurt and Langendiebach with views of fortifications along the Siegfied Line on the German Luxemburg border near Trier and view of a Zeppelin air ship in Frankfurt. Includes views of visits of American Under Secretary of State Sumner Welles and writer Colin Ross visiting at Carinhall. Includes views of meeting Hitler on his return from meeting with Mussolini; Göring giving radio address; attending the premiere of the film "Feuertaufe" in the Ufa-Filmpalast and attending the presentation of the Mussolini-Forzano play about Cavour in the State Theater in Berlin. Also includes views of scrap metal drive in honor of Hitler's birthday; Göring's visit with Adolf Hitler and visit of Italian Ambassador Dino Alfieri on the German western front; tour of Rotterdam inspecting damage after German air raids in May and visits to wounded German airmen at a hospital in Amsterdam. Also includes views of Göring at Knight's Cross presentation ceremony for Martin Möbus for the sinking of an English battleship and later group portraits of Göring with Knight's Cross recipients for military action in Rotterdam
Hermann Göring's activities, June 13-August 1939 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show Frau Emmy Göring with women of the Red Cross and at award presentation ceremony. Includes views of Artur Görlitzer presenting Göring with a boat and Robert Ley and Ferdinand Porsche presenting Göring a Volkswagen. Includes views of Hermann and Emmy Göring at the premiere of a motion picture in Berlin. Includes views of Göring visiting military maneuvers and air force tests in Reichlin with Adolf Hitler. Includes views of visits of Bulgarian prime minister Georgi Kyoseivanov and family and of visit of Giuseppe Valle and other Italian air force generals at Carinhall. Also includes pictures of Göring with his daughter Edda; visit to the Reichswerke Herman-Göring, a steel mill in Salzgitter; cruise on the yacht "Carin II" along the Elbe and Rhine and on other German waterways. Includes views of the Kraft durch Freude cruise ship, the "Robert Ley" near Hamburg; day cruise with the family of regional Nazi leader Martin Mutschmann on board near Dresden and meeting with Colonel Jeschonnek and Lieutenant Colonel Schmid. Also includes views of hunting trip with Mr. Blühdorn in Reichenbach and view of meeting and activities of the German Forestry association
Hermann Göring's activities, September-December 1938 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show Adolf Hitler, Hermann Göring, Rudolf Hess, Robert Ley, and other Nazi leaders on Nazi party day in Nuremberg. Also includes views of Göring meeting English ambassador Neville Henderson at Burg Veldstein; Göring with King Boris of Bulgaria on hunting trip in Alt-Sternberg and Rominten in E. Prussia; Hitler giving speech in Berlin; meeting of Hitler, Benito Mussolini of Italy, Neville Chamberlain of Great Britain and Edouard Daladier of France at the Führerbau in Munich September 29th to sign the Four-Power agreement annexing Czechoslovakia to Germany. Includes views of Hitler with Göring on trip in the Sudetenland after the annexation. Includes views of Göring's hunting trips with Count Hahn in Basedow and hunting trip to Lobau in Austria. Also includes views of visit to the office of the Deutsche Arbeitsfront in Zehlendorf. Includes views of commemorative march to the Feldherrnhalle in Munich with wreath laying ceremony on the anniversary of the failed 1923 Putsch attempt on November 9th and view of the newly opened hunting museum in Munich. Includes views of the christening ceremony of Hermann and Emmy Göring's daughter Edda in Carinhall with Adolf Hitler as godfather; meeting with Albert Speer to view models of rebuilding of Berlin; meetings with South African minister Oswald Pirow and Minister Feruccio Lantini of Italy; meeting King Carol II of Romania in Leipzig; launching of the aircraft carrier "Graf Zeppelin" in Kiel; gathering donations on the Day of National Solidarity to benefit the Winterhilfswerk charity; meeting with Hanns Trippel about designs for an amphibious land vehicle and views of children's Christmas party in Clou
Hermann Göring's activities, January-March 1936 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show receptions for diplomats, party leaders and officials at Göring's villa and Göring's birthday celebration; the pet lion cub "Mucki;" winter Olympic Games at Garmisch-Partenkirchen; hunting trips to Rominten; hunting trip with Lord and Lady Londonderry in Schorfheide and to Bialowiecza in Poland; Opera ball in Berlin in January and at the opera in Dresden in February; Ball at the Aero-Club; ceremonies at the grave of Manfred von Richthofen (1892-1918); Rhine River cruise from Assmannshausen to Coblenz; Nazi party campaign trips to Königsberg, Frankfurt, Coblenz, Cologne, Stuttgart, with visits to the Daimler-Benz factory and to the castle Solitude, Karlsruhe and Weimar. Includes many views of crowds and of Göring giving speeches, receving honors and at dedications. Also includes views of New Years' reception of the armed forces for Adolf Hitler and swearing in ceremonies for the military police corps
Hermann Göring's activities, April-May 1936 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show confirmation of Heinz Göring in Potsdam; opening of the first section of the Berlin-Stettin Reichsautobahn; Easter at Carinhall; private snapshots taken at the Göring's homes in Berlin in Leipziger Platz and at Carinhall by Göring's nephew Heinz; Soulavy wedding party; birthday celebrations for Adolf Hitler; wreath laying ceremony at the grave of Manfred von Richthofen; view of Richthofen's airplane; flag and dedication ceremony at the Air Force news agency in Gatow; birthday party for Roswitha Hueber; motor boat cruises; views of the Air Force ministry; hunting trips in Lauenburg and Federow; visit from the Hungarian culture minister Bálint Hóman and visit to the opera; reception in Göring's villa; Pentecost holiday in Obersalzberg
Photoarchiv Generalfeldmarschall Göring. Hauskonzert 1935 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show musicale at the Göring home in Berlin. Includes views of guests in formal dress conversing with Hermann and Emmy Göring before the concert. Includes views of Josef Goebbels, Werner von Blomberg and an unidentified Japanese dignitary [possibly Mushanokoji Kintomo or Inoue Kojiro] among the guests. Also includes views of pianist and male and female vocal soloists, possibly Jan Kiepura and Lotte Lehmann
Hermann Göring's activities, April-June 1935 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show civil and religious wedding ceremonies of Hermann Göring and Emmy Sonnemann and riding through Berlin in an open car; Adolf Hitler, Werner Blomberg, and other prominent Nazis at the wedding reception. Also includes views of final acting performance of Emmy Sonnemann in production of Minna von Barnhelm. Includes views of May Day rally and speeches in Berlin. Also includes views of visits by Hermann Göring to Poland for the funeral of Marshal Pilsudski, travels to Freiburg and Nestlers in Lahr. Includes views of his travels to Coblenz for installation ceremony for Josef Terboven; opening ceremony for hunting exhibition and building dedication in Brunswick; memorial and wreath laying ceremony in Bochum. Also views of the Göring's trip to the Balkans
Hermann Göring's activities, May-August 1938 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show Göring and Adolf Hitler during the Nationalfeiertag des Deutschen Volkes (National celebration of the German people); views of Göring's trip to Austria to visit new construction projects for airfields and also views of groundbreaking ceremonies for the Reichswerke Hermann Göring, a steel mill in Linz, Austria. Also includes views of Göring with Robert Lay at an exhibition of arts and crafts; Göring's visit to the Hermann-Göring Meisterschule in Kronenburg/Eifel and visit to Ordensburg Vogelsang. Includes views of meetings with generals of the Air Force and Gauleiters (regional Nazi party leaders) and visit by Hitler. Also includes views of visitors including a group of Japanese youth leaders to Carinhall; visits by Italo Balbo of Italy and Miklós Horthy of Hungary. Includes views of visit by Joseph Vuillemin of France for medal presention ceremony honoring Rudolph von Moreau on his record-breaking trans-Atlantic flight from Berlin to New York. Also includes views of Göring's motorboat trips including visit to performance of "Hamlet" by the Prussian State Theater in castle at Kronburg near Helsingør, Denmark and boating along North sea and northern German waterways. Also includes views of Göring's model railroad and hunting trips in the Schorfheide with Italo Balbo and in Jasnitz with Staatsrat Dr. Hermann
Photoarchiv Generalfeldmarschall Göring miscellaneous prints ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show Hermann Göring reviewing troops; visiting the cemetery in Leonding, Austria where Adolf Hitler's parents are buried; conferring with military and Nazi party leaders; cruising on the Danube river in Austria; touring a smelter; ground breaking ceremonies for the Hermann Göring Werke steel mill in Linz, Austria in 1938; enjoying a carnival. Also views of Göring giving speeches; at a rally in Graz; greeting crowds and children
Hermann Göring at public events and other activities, March-April 1939 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show Luftwaffe Day parade; ceremonies and speeches. Also includes views of the Hermann and Emmy Göring's vacation visit to San Remo, Italy and include views of Göring on the golf course; playing tennis; walking through the city; going shopping and views of side trip to Monaco. Includes views of the visit of Emil Hacha, President of Czechoslovakia in the Reich chancellery in Berlin and views of Göring greeting Hitler at the Görlitzer train station in Berlin on Hitler's return from visit to Bohemia and Moravia. Includes views of international tennis tournament in San Remo with German and Yugoslav teams and celebration of Emmy Göring's birthday. Also includes views of trip to Libya with views of Hermann Göring with Italo Balbo aboard the yacht "Montserrate" and touring among ruins at Leptis Magna in Libya. Also includes views of Göring and Balbo watching Italian military maneuvers near Tripoli
Hermann Göring's activities, August-December, 1941 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show Göring's visit to France with review of airfield and troops at Bar le Duc and with Otto Abetz at the German embassy in Paris. Also includes views of meeting with Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler at Göring's headquarters. Also views of meetings with Miklós von Horthy of Hungary; Gheorghe Jienescu of Romania, and Slovak Republic president Jozef Tiso and Slovak Republic prime minister Vojtech Tuka. Includes views of reception for members of Anti-Komintern pact countries with Adolf Hitler in Berlin and vews of meeting with Marshal Philippe Pétain in St. Florentin-Vergingy, France. Also includes views of meetings with East Prussian regional Nazi party leader Erich Koch and Fritz Görnnert; lunch meeting with Göring's command staff and artist Klaus Richter; and meeting at Army headquarters with General Fieldmarshal Walther von Brauchitsch, Achim Gercke, Rudolf Bogatsch and others. Also includes views of Göring's visit to command squadron "Schlageter" with former commander Adolf Galland. Also views of Knight's Cross metal presentations to Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke, Hans Kroh, Dr. Heinrich Neumann, Heinrich Welksop, Wilhelm Kempke and Erich Schuster and views of military parades and state funerals for Ernst Udet, Werner Mölders and Hanns Kerrl with speeches by Göring and Bernhard Rust
Hermann Göring at public events and other activities, September-December 1939 ( Visual )
in German and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide
Photographs show Göring visiting Junkers airplane factory in Dessau, Germany; in Danzig, Gdynia, Breslau and Gleiwitz, Poland; hunting in Rominten, Alt Sternberg and Springe; with captured English officers Major Murray and Lieutenant Thomesen at Göring's game reserve; visiting workers at Rheinmetall-Borsigwerke in Berlin-Tegel; Göring speaking at the German parliament. Includes views of trip to Eastern front with meetings with military officers and view of aerial bomb decorated with caricature of Neville Chamberlain at military camp in Neudorf. Includes views of Emmy Göring and daughter Edda shopping for a doll; formal portraits of the Görings by Rosemarie Clausen, E. Bieber and Robert. Also includes group portrait at wedding of Princess Benigna-Viktoria of Wied and Baron Ernst Hartmann von Schlotheim
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