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Fri Mar 21 17:13:27 2014 UTClccn-n20050807870.00Harriet Beecher Stowe Center lecture on Henry Ward Beecher0.241.00Green-Wood at 175 : looking back/looking foreward /49546977Debby_Applegaten 20050807876780629lccn-n50007898Beecher, Henry Ward1813-1887lccn-nr96010104Lemmey, Karenlccn-no2002092769Schecter, Barnetnp-pierre, caterina yPierre, Caterina, richard jMoylan, Richard J.lccn-nb2009025696Wood, Anthony C.lccn-n79059688Howe, Daniel Walkerlccn-n98088103Richman, Jeffrey, artPresson, Artlccn-n50017419Rogers, Elizabeth BarlowApplegate, DebbyBiographyConference proceedingsHistoryUnited StatesBeecher, Henry Ward,ClergyCongregational churches--ClergyAntiquitiesWoodland cultureExcavations (Archaeology)Ohio River ValleyCemeteriesGreen-Wood Cemetery (New York, N.Y.)New York (State)--New YorkClass consciousnessMiddle class1968199820052006200720132037717BBX7260.B3202911ocn062302519book20060.24Applegate, DebbyThe most famous man in America : the biography of Henry Ward BeecherBiographyPresents the life of the nineteenth century orator, noted for his support of the abolition of slavery and the suffrage of women, as well as his friendships with some of the century's most famous writers, including Henry Thoreau, Mark Twain, and Walt Whitman+-+314860038531ocn859269575book20131.00Green-Wood at 175 : looking back/looking forewardHistory11ocn820676115rcrd20071.00Applegate, DebbyCambridge Forum radioBiography11ocn740392396book20050.53Applegate, DarleneWoodland period systematics in the Middle Ohio ValleyConference proceedingsThis collection provides a comprehensive vocabulary for defining the cultural manifestation of the term "Woodland."The Middle Ohio Valley is an archaeologically rich region that stretches from southeastern Indiana, across southern Ohio and northeastern Kentucky, and into northwestern West Virginia. In this area are some of the most spectacular and diverse Woodland Period archaeological sites in North America, but these sites and their rich cultural remains do not fit easily into the traditional Southeastern classification system. This volume, with contributions by most of the senior researcher+-+701968263511ocn123313549rcrd2007Applegate, DebbyThe most famous man in America the biography of Henry Ward BeecherBiographyHenry Ward Beecher was, for much of the nineteenth century, America's most widely known public figure. In place of his own preacher father's fire-and- brimstone theology, Beecher preached a gospel of unconditional love and forgiveness, giving us the Christianity we have today. His sermons at Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights were so galvanizingly popular that the ferries from Manhattan to Brooklyn became known as "Beecher Boats." When he became involved in the abolition movement-his sister was Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin-rifles shipped to the resistance fighters in Kansas became known as "Beecher Bibles." Men such as Emerson, Thoreau, Whitman, and Twain befriended - and sometimes parodied - him. And then it fell apart. The wildly charismatic Beecher was accused by feminist firebrand Victoria Woodhull of adultery with his best friend's wife, and the cuckolded Theodore Tilton brought charges of "criminal conversation," leading to a salacious trial that was the most widely covered event of the nineteenth century, garnering, by some counts, more headlines than the entire Civil War. It ended in a hung jury, but by his death in 1886, Beecher's star was considerably dimmed. [The author] brings this fascinating, flawed figure to deserved new life and places him at the center of the key dramas of the American nineteenth century - including the advent of the pulp novel and tabloid press. -, DebbyHarriet Beecher Stowe Center lecture on Henry Ward BeecherBiography11ocn137340674book19981.00Applegate, DebbyThe culture of the novel and the consolidation of middle-class consciousness : Henry Ward Beecher and the uses of sympathy, 1830-1880History+-+3148600385+-+3148600385Fri Mar 21 15:31:58 EDT 2014batch6718