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Butterworth, William E. (William Edmund)

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Genres: Fiction  Thrillers (Fiction)  Spy fiction  Detective and mystery fiction  Historical fiction  War stories  War fiction  Action and adventure fiction  War stories, American  Detective and mystery stories, American 
Roles: Author, Actor
Classifications: PS3557, 813.54
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Most widely held works by William E Butterworth
The vigilantes by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

19 editions published between 2010 and 2014 in English and held by 2,929 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"There's a sudden spike in murders in Philadelphia, but no one seems to mind much, because the victims are street thugs and lowlifes. But as Homicide sergeant Matt Payne starts looking under the right rocks, he gets a feeling there's more going on than just bad guys burning one another ..."--Inside front cover
The double agents by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

13 editions published between 2007 and 2017 in English and held by 2,877 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Canidy, Fulmar, and their colleagues in the Office of Strategic Services work to convince Axis forces that the Allies are not planning an invasion of Sicily, an effort that is undermined by a traitor. David Niven, Peter Ustinov, and James Bond creator Ian Fleming are characters
Death and honor by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

24 editions published between 2008 and 2017 in English and held by 2,866 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The year is 1943, and Argentina is officially neutral, but crawling with every kind of spy, sympathizer, and military official imaginable. The hero is Cletus Frade, a Marine pilot recruited by the OSS, with strong family ties to Argentina, and a lot on his hands. OSS chief Wild Bill Donovan has asked him to set up his own official-but-really-OSS airline in Argentina, using "loaned" Lockheed Lodestars and Constellations. Of even more concern are two interwoven German operations: a government scheme for Jews outside the Fatherland to purchase the freedom of their relatives in concentration camps, who will then be transported to Argentina and Uruguay; and a plan called Operation Phoenix
The saboteurs by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

23 editions published between 1984 and 2008 in English and Polish and held by 2,829 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A new OSS adventure finds the agents of Wild Bill Donovan fighting the Battle of the Atlantic on two fronts, a situation that is compromised by a possible saboteur
Victory and honor by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

19 editions published between 2011 and 2012 in English and held by 2,822 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Facing daunting challenges in the form of political threats against the OSS and the early stirrings of the Cold War, Cletus Frade and his colleague conduct a secret operation to counter the growing ambitions of Joseph Stalin
Hazardous duty by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

17 editions published between 2013 and 2015 in English and Polish and held by 2,794 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The Presidential Agent adventures return in the most harrowing novel yet in the #1 New York Times-bestselling series. Mexican drug cartels are shooting up the streets of Laredo and El Paso. Somali pirates are holding three U.S. tankers for ransom. The President is fed up and has what he thinks is a pretty bright idea-to get hold of Colonel Charley Castillo and his merry band and put them on the case. Unfortunately, that will be difficult. Everybody knows that the President hates Castillo's guts, has just had him forcibly retired from the military, and now Castillo's men are scattered far and wide, many of them in hiding. There are also whispers that the President himself is unstable-the word "nutcake" has been mentioned. How will it all play out? No one knows for sure, but for Castillo and company, only one thing is definite: It will be hazardous duty"--
The traffickers by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

22 editions published between 2009 and 2016 in English and held by 2,741 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Homicide Sergeant Matthew Payne is used to murder, but lately there's been an awful lot of it in Philadelphia. A gangland shooting in a popular tourist location has left six dead, most of them innocent bystanders, and days later the body of a headless Latina turns up in the Schuykill River. Everybody assumes they're not related, but Payne can't shake the hunch that there's something more to it--and that hunch leads him far from the City of Brotherly Love to the Texas-Mexico border
The assassination option : a clandestine operations novel by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

27 editions published between 2014 and 2015 in English and held by 2,653 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"From the #1 New York Times- and Wall Street Journal-bestselling author comes the dramatic second adventure in the brand-new Clandestine Operations series about the Cold War, the fledgling Central Intelligence Agency-and a new breed of warrior. In Top Secret, W.E.B. Griffin introduced a remarkable new cast of heroes as they found themselves on the front lines of an entirely different kind of war. Now, these men and women are going to find out what they've really gotten themselves into. James Cronley thought he had done well-he didn't know he'd done this well. His first successful mission for the about-to-be-official new Central Intelligence Directorate has drawn all kinds of attention, some welcome, some not. On the plus side, he's now a captain; promoted to Chief, DCI, Europe; and in charge of a top secret spy operation. On the minus side, a lot of people would like to know about that operation, including not only the Soviets, but his own Pentagon, as well as a seething J. Edgar Hoover. Cronley knows that if just one thing goes wrong, he's likely to get thrown to the wolves. As if that weren't enough pressure, complications are springing up on all sides. He's discovered a surprising alliance between the former German intelligence chief and, of all things, the Mossad. A German family that Cronley never knew he had has suddenly, and suspiciously, emerged. And he's due for a rendezvous with an undercover agent against the Soviets known only as Seven K. It's when he meets Seven K that he gets the real surprise."--
The last witness by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

11 editions published between 2013 and 2014 in English and held by 2,588 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Philadelphia homicide detective Matt Payne must locate the lone living witness to a sex trade ring connected to the Mexican drug cartels and the Russian mob
Empire and honor by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

18 editions published between 2012 and 2018 in English and held by 2,576 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In the aftermath of the surrenders of Germany and Japan in October 1945, Cletus Frade and his colleagues in the OSS are given the life-threatening task of maintaining security during a covert U.S. deal with Germany for intelligence about the identities of Soviet spies in the American atomic bomb program
Top secret : a clandestine operations novel by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

25 editions published between 2014 and 2017 in English and Undetermined and held by 2,557 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"From the #1 New York Times-bestselling author, a brand-new series about the Cold War-and a different breed of warrior. In the first weeks after World War II, a squeaky-clean new second lieutenant named James D. Cronley Jr. is spotted and recruited for a new enterprise that will eventually be transformed into something called the CIA. One war may have ended, but another one has already begun, against an enemy that is bigger, smarter, and more vicious: the Soviet Union. The Soviets have hit the ground running, and Cronley's job is to help frustrate them, harass them, and spy on them any way he can. His recruiter thinks he has the potential to become an asset-though, of course, he could also screw up spectacularly. And in his first assignment, it looks like that's exactly what might happen. He's got seven days to extract a vital piece of information from a Soviet agent, but Cronley's managed to rile up his superior officers (he seems to have a talent for it), and if he fails, it could be one of the shortest intelligence careers in history. There are enemies everywhere-and, as Cronley is about to find out, some of them even wear the same uniform he does"--
Covert warriors by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

26 editions published between 2011 and 2013 in English and Undetermined and held by 2,548 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

When a hostile Third World country begins to receive military training and nuclear technology from foreign nations, Charley Castillo and his team investigate only to be abandoned by the U.S. government and placed on hit lists throughout the world
The honor of spies by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

21 editions published between 2009 and 2017 in English and Polish and held by 2,518 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

August 6, 1943: In his brief career in the Office of Strategic Services, twenty-four-year-old Cletus Frade has already been involved in a lot of unusual situations, but nothing like the one he's in now, standing with a German lieutenant colonel named Wilhelm Frogger in a Mississippi prisoner-of-war detention facility. Frade's job? To help Frogger escape so the OSS can use Frogger's knowledge and connections to kill Adolf Hitler
Broken trust by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

22 editions published between 2015 and 2017 in English and Undetermined and held by 2,423 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The dramaticNew York Times-bestselling adventure in W.E.B. Griffin's Badge of Honor series about the Philadelphia police force. Having investigated his share of gruesome murders, Philadelphia Homicide Sergeant Matt Payne is beginning to think nothing can shock him - until the case of a young socialite's death lands on his desk. The Camilla Rose Morgan he'd known as a teenager was beautiful and brilliant - how was it possible she'd jumped to her death from her own balcony? Her brother tells Payne she'd tragically been battling a lifetime of mental demons, and there is plenty of evidence of it, but still
Curtain of death : a clandestine operations novel by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

18 editions published between 2016 and 2017 in English and held by 2,407 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"January 1946: Two WACs leave an officers' club in Munich, and four Soviet NKGB agents kidnap them at knifepoint in the parking lot and shove them in the back of an ambulance. That is the agents' first mistake, and their last. One of the WACs, a blond woman improbably named Claudette Colbert, works for the new Directorate of Central Intelligence, and three of the men end up dead and the fourth wounded. The 'incident, ' however, will send shock waves rippling up and down the line and have major repercussions not only for her, but for her boss, James Cronley, Chief DCI-Europe, and for everybody involved in their still-evolving enterprise. For, though the Germans may have been defeated, Cronley and his company are on the front lines of an entirely different kind of war now. The enemy has changed, the rules have changed - and the stakes have never been higher"--Jacket
The spymasters by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

17 editions published between 2012 and 2013 in English and held by 2,395 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Tapped by FDR to assist the Allies' efforts to secure France and build an atomic bomb, OSS spy chief Wild Bill Donovan and top agent Dick Canidy coordinate a sabotage mission in Germany while countering a mole who is leaking Manhattan Project secrets to the Soviets
Death at Nuremberg : a clandestine operations novel by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

27 editions published between 2017 and 2018 in English and held by 2,314 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"When Jim Cronley hears he's just won the Legion of Merit, he figures there's another shoe to drop, and it's a big one: he's out as Chief, DCI-Europe. His new assignments, however, couldn't be bigger: to protect the U.S. chief prosecutor in the Nuremberg trials from a rumored Soviet NKGB kidnapping, and to hunt down and dismantle the infamous Odessa, an organization dedicated to helping Nazi war criminals escape to South America. It doesn't take long for the first attempt on his life, and then the second. NKGB or Odessa? Who can tell? The deeper he pushes, the more secrets tumble out: a scheme to swap Nazi gold for currency, a religious cult organized around Himmler himself, an NKGB agent who is actually working for the Mossad, a German cousin who turns out to be more malevolent than he appears -- and a distractingly attractive newspaperwoman who seems to be asking an awful lot of questions. Which one will turn out to be the most dangerous? Cronley wishes he knew."
Deadly assets by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

20 editions published between 2014 and 2016 in English and held by 2,285 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The dramatic new novel in the Philadelphia police saga by #1 New York Times-bestselling author W.E.B. Griffin. In Philadelphia--suffering among the country's highest murder rates--the tension between the Philadelphia Police Department and its Citizens Oversight Committee has long been reaching a boiling point. That turmoil turns from bad to worse shortly after the committee begins targeting police shootings--especially those of twenty-seven-year-old Homicide Sergeant Matt Payne, the "Wyatt Earp of the Main Line"--And then the committee's combative leader is found shot dead point-blank on the front porch of his run-down Philly row house. As chanting protesters fill the streets, the city threatens to erupt. Payne, among many others accused of being complicit in the leader's death, becomes quietly furious. He suspects there's something deeper behind it all, but what? Ordered to stay out of the line of fire, he struggles ahead to do what he does best--his job. He's been investigating the murder of a young family. A reporter, working on an illicit drug series for Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mickey O'Hara, has been killed with his wife and child, a note stapled to his chest warning that the drug stories are to stop. Period. While Payne knows that he, like his pal O'Hara, cannot back down, he also knows that they damn sure could be among the next to die"--
The outlaws by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

20 editions published between 2010 and 2012 in English and held by 2,249 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Charlie Castillo's secret unit has been disbanded, but that doesn't mean he's out of business. A FedEx package arrives, bearing photos of barrels containing some of the most dangerous biohazard materials on Earth, all of which were supposed to have been destroyed during a raid on a secret Russian factory in the Congo. Who has them, and what do they want? Castillo has a feeling he's not going to like the answers
The enemy of my enemy by W. E. B Griffin( Book )

18 editions published between 2018 and 2019 in English and held by 2,175 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Special agent James Cronley Jr. finds that fighting both ex-Nazis and the Soviet NKGB can lead to strange bedfellows, in the dramatic new Clandestine Operations novel about the birth of the CIA and the Cold War. A month ago, Cronley managed to capture two notorious Nazi war criminals, but not without leaving some dead bodies and outraged Austrian police in his wake. He's been lying low ever since, but that little vacation is about to end. Somebody--Odessa, the NKGB, the Hungarian Secret Police?--has broken the criminals out of jail, and he must track them down again. But there's more to it than that. Evidence has surfaced that in the war's last gasps, Heinrich Himmler had stashed away a fortune to build a secret religion, dedicated both to Himmler and to creating the Fourth Reich. That money is still out there in the hands of Odessa, and that infamous organization seems to have acquired a surprising--and troubling--ally. Cronley is fast finding out that the phrase "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" can mean a lot of different things, and that it is not always clear which people he can trust and which are out to kill him"--
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Victory and honor
The double agentsDeath and honorThe saboteursVictory and honorThe traffickersCovert warriorsThe honor of spiesThe spymastersThe outlaws
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Baldwin, Alex 1929-2019

Beech, Webb 1929-2019

Blake, Walker E. 1929-2019

Butterworth, W. E. 1929-2019

Butterworth, William E. III 1929-2019

Butterworth, William E. IV.

Butterworth, William Edmund.

Butterworth, William Edmund 1929-2019

Butterworth, William Edmund (III).

Douglas, James McM. 1929-2019

Dugan, Jack 1929-2019

Griffin, W. E. B. (1929- )

Griffin, W.E.B. 1929-2019

Griffin William E. Butterworth III

Griffin, William Edmund Butterworth 1929-2019

Hughes, Eden 1929-2019

James Douglas acteur américain, né en 1929

James Douglas Amerikaans acteur (1929-2016)

James Douglas amerikanischer Schauspieler, geboren 1929

James Douglas ator americano

Mitchell, Allison 1929-2019

Scholefield, Edmund O. 1929-2019

Williams, Patrick J. 1929-2019

Джеймс Дуглас

جيمس دوغلاس

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