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Thu Oct 16 18:00:26 2014 UTClccn-n20060533770.00Hal Higdon research papers on the Leopold and Loeb case,0.851.00The truth about crime in Cook County53578195Robert_E._Crowen 20060533776991897lccn-n50048217Loeb, Richard A.1905-1936lccn-n79026987Darrow, Clarence1857-1938lccn-n50049890Leopold, Nathan Freudenthal1904-1971lccn-n93025290Franks, Bobby1909-1924lccn-no97032162IllinoisCriminal Court (Cook County)np-leopold, nathan freudenthal$1904 or 1905 1971Leopold, Nathan Freudenthal1904 or 1905-1971np-vaughn, betty ann erickson$1924Vaughn, Betty Ann Erickson1924-lccn-n2002071558Republican Party (Cook County, Ill.)np-leopold, trudi fLeopold, Trudi F.lccn-n79110549Higdon, HalCrowe, Robert E.1879-1958Trials, litigation, etcLoeb, Richard A.,Leopold, Nathan Freudenthal,Franks, Bobby,Illinois.--Criminal Court (Cook County)Darrow, Clarence,Crowe, Robert E.,Campaign literatureIllinois--Cook CountyMurderersCapital punishmentAuthors, AmericanLovitz, GeneIllinois--ChicagoJudgesIllinoisSocial historyRepublican Party (Cook County, Ill.)Trials (Murder)CrimeGertz, Elmer,Illinois--Chicago--Hyde Park1879195819201923192419482989345.77302523KF224.L46121ocn000901591book19230.96Darrow, ClarenceAttorney Clarence Darrow's plea for mercy and Prosecutor Robert E. Crowe's demand for the death penalty in the Loeb-Leopold case, the crime of a century101ocn003295352book19240.84Crowe, Robert EArguments of State's Attorney Robert E. Crowe in behalf of the people in the case of the people of the state of Illinois vs. Nathan F. Leopold, Jr., and Richard A. Loeb11ocn037847882book19241.00Crowe, Robert EArguments of State's Attorney Robert E. Crowe in the case of the people vs. Leopold and LoebTrials, litigation, etc22ocn609204200com19480.92Vaughn, Betty Ann EricksonThe forensic speaking in the Loeb-Leopold trial11ocn050704019book1920What is the duty of the State's Attorney ... : who is the man Judge Robert E. Crowe, the Republican nominee for State's AttorneyBiography11ocn317951098book19241.00The truth about crime in Cook County11ocn165088341visu19241.00Robert E. Crowe, State's Attorney of Cook County (Chicago)Photograph shows Robert E. Crowe, head-and-shoulders portrait. Crowe lead the prosecution of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb for the murder of Robert Franks11ocn713341998mixHigdon, HalHal Higdon research papers on the Leopold and Loeb caseArchivesCase studiesResearch notes, transcripts of interviews, correspondence, partial trial transcript, copies of newspaper and magazine articles, and other documentation gathered by Higdon that relate to the the 1924 murder of Bobby Franks by Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb; plus annotated and revised manuscripts of Higdon's book (Crime of the century: the Leopold and Loeb case, published 1975; reprinted 1999 as: Leopold and Loeb: the crime of the century) and text of a lecture by Higdon about the case. Most materials date from the early 1970s. Topics include juvenile delinquency of privileged youths; psychology and the concept of thrill killing; Clarence Darrow's trial strategy for the defense and opposition to capital punishment; the trial prosecutor, Robert E. Crowe; and reactions of family and friends. Correspondents include Nathan Leopold's widow, Trudi F. Leopold; Leopold's lawyer Elmer Gertz; and Gene Lovitz. Interviewees include acquaintenances and friends of Leopold and LoebThu Oct 16 15:59:38 EDT 2014batch6001