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Fri Mar 21 17:08:36 2014 UTClccn-n20060021230.00The United Nations past, present and future : proceedings of the 2007 Francis Marion University UN Symposium /0.541.00Argument and accord : Anglo-American policies toward China, 1948-197222389080n 20060021236825045Kaufman, ScottKaufman, Victor S. (Victor Scott), 1969-lccn-n79021791Carter, Jimmy1924-lccn-n81097584Kaufman, Burton Iralccn-n77009358Carter, Rosalynnlccn-n88285812Project Plowshare (U.S.)lccn-n2009009176Warters, Alissaedtlccn-n79021345United Nationslccn-n84167469Marion, Francis1732-1795np-kaufman, dianeKaufman, Dianelccn-no96016334Francis Marion Universitylccn-n79022087Ford, Gerald R.1913-2006Kaufman, Scott1969-HistoryBiographyCase studiesConference proceedingsJuvenile worksDictionariesUnited StatesPolitical scienceInternational relationsGreat BritainChinaCommunismPresidents' spousesCarter, RosalynnNuclear energy--Industrial applicationsNuclear explosionsProject Plowshare (U.S.)Boundary disputesBalance of powerCanadaBoundariesUnited States--Northwest boundary of the United StatesWashington (State)--San Juan IslandsMarion, Francis,American Revolution (1775-1783)GeneralsMilitiaSouth CarolinaCarter, Jimmy,United NationsWorld politicsPig War (Washington (State): 1859)Washington (State)Human rightsRelationsFord, Gerald R.,South America--Southern Cone of South America196919941998200120032004200620072008200920112012201333761451973.926E872ocn699241000ocn86836383712266ocn056476652file20010.53Kaufman, ScottConfronting Communism U.S. and British policies toward ChinaHistoryIt ends in 1972, the year of President Richard Nixon's historic visit to the People's Republic, and also the year that Kaufman sees as bringing an end to the Anglo-American differences over China."--BOOK JACKET+-+38686717355655ocn068192340book20060.32Kaufman, Burton IraThe presidency of James Earl Carter, Jr."Burton Kaufman's book on the Carter years was hailed as the best account of his administration. This new edition probes more deeply into Jimmy Carter's approach to the presidency and the issues that he faced, placing his tenure in that office more squarely in the context of the fundamental changes taking place in America while he served. It features more information on his foreign and environmental policies and expanded coverage of his personal background - both his upbringing and naval career - along with insights into his wife's activist role." "Drawing on Carter's previously unavailable Handwriting File, as well as on new oral histories and Carter's own books, Burton and Scott Kaufman show the ways in which Carter had the opportunity - but failed - to be a successful transitional president for the Democrats. They argue that by the fall of 1978 he had become a more effective leader than during the first part of his presidency but could not undo his earlier mistakes and continued to make serious errors of political judgment."--BOOK JACKET+-+96296155253243345ocn223105345book20080.79Kaufman, ScottPlans unraveled : the foreign policy of the Carter administration"While previous monographs have focused on specific foreign policy issues, Scott Kaufman breaks away from the mold and offers this up-to-date, comprehensive look at former President Carter's aggregate foreign policy record. Although many Americans regard Jimmy Carter as the nation's greatest ex-president, Kaufman argues that the diplomatic performance of the thirty-ninth president was mediocre, primarily because of Carter's own doing."--BOOK JACKET+-+85485302353325ocn153580074book20070.59Kaufman, ScottRosalynn Carter : equal partner in the White HouseBiographyA portrait of an ambitious, brilliant, and hardworking woman. It details the many roles Rosalynn played in support of President Jimmy Carter and also documents the ambivalence of the American public to some of her activities."+-+K9906155253018ocn779472273book20110.63Kaufman, ScottProject Plowshare : the peaceful use of nuclear explosives in Cold War AmericaHistoryIntroduction : promoting the peaceful atom -- A plan of biblical proportions -- Just drop us a card -- A program on hold -- From moratorium to test ban -- The complexities of canal construction -- Nuclear testing, nonproliferation, and Plowshare -- Making headway? -- Plowshare goes down under -- Dead as a doornail -- Conclusion : back from the dead?2026ocn052757558book20030.84Kaufman, ScottThe Pig War : the United States, Britain, and the balance of power in the Pacific Northwest, 1846-72HistoryCase studiesScott Kaufman carefully examines, and places into both an American and an international context, the origins and the resolution of this tense stand-off over contested colonial territory. His story not only reveals a tense dispute between a burgeoning imperial power and a waning empire but also highlights the changing Reconstruction-era U.S. national ideology, foreign diplomacy, and control over foreign markets."--BOOK JACKET+-+94725648253241455ocn844348634file20090.59The United Nations past, present and future : proceedings of the 2007 Francis Marion University UN symposiumConference proceedings+-+85096925161421ocn063108284book20070.06Kaufman, ScottFrancis Marion : Swamp Fox of South CarolinaHistoryJuvenile worksBiography"A biography of the Colonial leader who achieved notable successes leading guerrilla forces against the British in South Carolina during the American Revolution"--Provided by publisher+-+49651004061203ocn768792919book20130.66Kaufman, DianeHistorical dictionary of the Carter eraDictionaries"The Historical Dictionary of the Carter Era covers the history of the Carter presidency through a chronology, an introductory essay, appendixes, an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has several hundred cross-referenced entries on important personalities, including the president, his advisors, his family, his opponents, and his critics, as well as members of Congress, military leaders, and international leaders. This book is a vital reference tool for any researcher interested in the presidency of Jimmy Carter."--Provided by publisher31ocn847396262file2009Francis Marion University UN SymposiumThe United Nations past, present and future : proceedings of the 2007 Francis Marion University UN Symposium22ocn046878302book19981.00Kaufman, ScottArgument and accord : Anglo-American policies toward China, 1948-197222ocn861318810book20130.47A companion to Gerald R. Ford and Jimmy Carter11ocn033155703book19941.00Kaufman, ScottJimmy Carter, human rights, and the Southern Cone11ocn469731040book2004Kaufman, ScottThe Pig War : the United States, Britain, and the balance of power in the Pacific Northwest, 1846-1872+-+9472564825324+-+9629615525324+-+9629615525324Fri Mar 21 15:21:01 EDT 2014batch12203