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B.Criticism, interpretation, etcHandbooks, manuals, etcBiographyDictionariesHistoryBiography‡vDictionariesChronologyRecords and correspondenceConference proceedingsHardy, Thomas,Authors, EnglishWomen and literatureEnglandWordsworth, William,Poets, EnglishEnglish literatureAusten, Jane,Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson,--Baron,Brontë familyLawrence, D. H.--(David Herbert),Eliot, T. 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BA Tennyson companion : life and worksCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyHandbooks, manuals, etc6598ocn011299557book19840.35Pinion, F. BA Wordsworth companion : survey and assessmentCriticism, interpretation, etc65114ocn024629476book19910.32Pinion, F. BThomas Hardy : his life and friendsBiographyThis up-to-date and highly informative biography contains new disclosures and interpretations of evidence, and observes commendable proportions, neglecting nothing significant in Hardy's early years, and providing the most relevant details on his later life. It draws from innumerable sources, including all his published writings (not least the poems), biographies of him and of contemporaries, correspondence of friends and acquaintances, Emma Hardy's diaries, and many unpublished letters from her and Florence Hardy. Except for brief background introductions which indicate how some of Hardy's friends (ranging chronologically from William Barnes and Horace Moule to Colonel Lawrence and Siegfried Sassoon) influenced his career or enriched his life, this biography keeps very closely in touch with him and his literary work and interests. The division between him and Emma is a dominant issue. On this and elsewhere, wherever uncertainty is inherent, the author provides the available evidence without any fictional assertion. His work is well organized, cogent, and full of interest+-+052025768532460919ocn007576750book19810.53Pinion, F. BA George Eliot companion : literary achievement and modern significanceHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcIncluces a biographical introduction and a critical survey of George Eliot's fiction, essays, poetry, and reviews+-+694007888547115ocn019629042book19880.66Pinion, F. BA Thomas Hardy dictionary : with maps and a chronologyDictionaries46711ocn020296329book19900.66Pinion, F. BHardy the writerCriticism, interpretation, etcThese essays are arranged progressively to indicate Hardy's development as a writer and thinker, and to present the major aspects of his work as a whole, linking the poetry and the prose at all appropriate stages. They suggest that 'his formative thought, the product of a period of conflict between new scientific philosophy and humanism on the one hand, and traditional Christian theology combined with Victorian restraints on the other, developed when England was not as intellectually provincial as Matthew Arnold had affirmed. Above all, they illustrate the extent to which the creative imagination and the style of Hardy the writer were stimulated and strengthened by literary influences...'. Important references are made throughout to his Life and Collected Letters4609ocn016683752book19880.63Pinion, F. 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