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Fri Mar 21 17:14:33 2014 UTClccn-n500112160.00Finite groups of automorphisms : course given at the Univ. of Southampton, Oct. - Dec. 19690.630.97Antique weights : the nineteenth century /91259051Norman_L._Biggsn 5001121646718Biggs, N.Biggs, N. L.Biggs, N.L., 1941-Biggs, N. L. (Norman L.)Biggs, N. L. (Norman Linstead)Biggs, Norman.Biggs, Norman, 1941-Biggs, Norman L.Biggs, Norman L. (Norman Linstead), 1941-Biggs, Norman Linsteadビッグス, N. Lビッグス, ノーマンlccn-nr92024839Anthony, Martinlccn-n79100488Wilson, Robin J.lccn-n82216520Lloyd, E. Keithlccn-n84010646White, Arthur, edward keithLloyd, Edward Keithviaf-244206956MacDonough, T. P.lccn-nr88000043Suntory-Toyota International Centre for Economics and Related Disciplinesnp-junquera, ernestoJunquera, Ernestolccn-no2012005925McDonough, T.P.edtlccn-nb2007001807Mavron, V.C.edtBiggs, NormanHistorySourcesConference proceedingsGraph theoryCombinatorial analysisComputer science--MathematicsPermutation groupsEconomics, MathematicalFinance--Mathematical modelsCoding theoryCryptographyFinite groupsPhase transformations (Statistical physics)Computational learning theoryPascal (Computer program language)Computer programmingMachine learningWeights and measuresMathematicsData structures (Computer science)TelecommunicationNumber theoryGreat BritainPrecious metals--Weights and measuresBusiness mathematicsTaxationEconomicsFinanceEnglandMathematical modelsArtificial intelligenceEconomics--Mathematical modelsComputer science194119661969197019711973197419761977197919821985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012700344315511.50903QA166132181ocn012082403book19850.59Biggs, NormanDiscrete mathematicsThis much-awaited new edition of Biggs' best-selling text includes new chapters on statements and proof, logical framework, and natural numbers and the integers, in addition to updated chapters, over 1000 tailored exercises and an accompanying website containing hints and solutions to all exercises. The text is designed explicitly for mathematicians and computer scientists seeking a first approach to this important topic+-+727980346598135ocn000947640book19730.70Biggs, NormanAlgebraic graph theory+-+208857670532496027ocn002911643book19760.56Biggs, NormanGraph theory 1736-1936HistorySources+-+716480346532487513ocn004494674book19770.59Biggs, NormanPermutation groups and combinatorial structuresThe subject of this book is the action of permutation groups on sets associated with combinatorial structures+-+223777670575036ocn034191031book19960.53Anthony, MartinMathematics for economics and finance : methods and modelling"Without expecting any particular background of the reader, this book covers the following mathematical topics with frequent reference to applications in economics and finance, Functions, graphs and equations, recurrences (difference equations), differentiation, exponentials and logarithms, optimisation, partial differentiation, optimisation in several variables, vectors and matrices, linear equations, Lagrange multipliers, integration, first-order and second-order differential equations. Throughout, the stress is firmly on how the mathematics relates to economics, and this is illustrated with copious examples and exercises that will foster depth of understanding. Each chapter has three parts: the main text, where key concepts are developed; a section of further worked examples, where sample problems are fully solved; a summary of the chapter together with a selection of problems for the reader to attempt." "For students of economics, mathematics, or both, this book provides an introduction to mathematical methods in economics and finance that will be welcomed for its clarity and breadth."--Jacket+-+386400670560313ocn426169236file20080.66Biggs, NormanCodes an introduction to information communication and cryptography"This book is an integrated introduction to the mathematics of coding, that is, replacing information expressed in symbols, such as a natural language or a sequence of bits, by another message using (possibly) different symbols. There are three main reasons for doing this: economy, reliability, and security, and each is covered in detail. Only a modest mathematical background is assumed, the mathematical theory being introduced at a level that enables the basic problems to be stated carefully, but without unnecessary abstraction."--BOOK JACKET+-+172755393639215ocn000207645book10710.76Biggs, NormanFinite groups of automorphisms; course given at the University of Southampton, October-December 196937017ocn003168080book19770.79Biggs, NormanInteraction models : course given at Royal Holloway College, University of London, October-December 1976This book is based on a set of lectures given to a mixed audience of physicists and mathematicians+-+452267670534517ocn026505022book19920.79Anthony, MartinComputational learning theory : an introduction+-+58516967053242646ocn018814742book19890.56Biggs, NormanIntroduction to computing with Pascal+-+0102803465184ocn802870606book19940.32Biggs, NormanMatemática discreta184ocn041754908book19920.47Biggs, NormanEnglish weights : an illustrated surveyHistory153ocn611941694book19740.56British Combinatorial ConferenceCombinatorics the proceedings of the British Combinatorical Conference held in the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, 2-6 July 1973Conference proceedings+-+7909576705143ocn052999812book20010.28Anthony, MartinMatemáticas para la economía y las finanzas : una introcción+-+5397878393112ocn034676923book19950.47Biggs, NormanBullion weights : an outline catalogue103ocn059894109book19920.47Biggs, NormanExchange rates and the matrix-tree theorem81ocn310819023book1971Biggs, NormanFinite groups of automorphisms : course given at the Univ. of Southampton, Oct. - Dec. 196973ocn045422172book19980.97Biggs, NormanAntique weights : the nineteenth centuryHistory71ocn043131475book19960.73Biggs, NormanVerification marks on weights : the administrative background61ocn610513337book19770.47Biggs, NormanInteraction models : course given at Royal Holloway College, University of London, Oct.-Dec. 1976+-+3864006705+-+3864006705Fri Mar 21 15:28:10 EDT 2014batch16657