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Fri Mar 21 17:10:40 2014 UTClccn-n500113540.28Twentieth century interpretations of Keats's Odes : a collection of critical essays /0.521.00Spencer Brown papers,29605114n 5001135446853Stillinger, J. C. (Jack Clifford)lccn-n80035884Keats, John1795-1821lccn-n78095462Coleridge, Samuel Taylor1772-1834lccn-n79007044Mill, John Stuart1806-1873lccn-n79006595Wordsworth, William1770-1850lccn-n50039628Brown, Charles Armitage1786-1842lccn-n79065851Munday, Anthony1553-1633lccn-n50046586Robson, John M.edtlccn-n80097499Houghton Librarylccn-n79095151Vendler, Helen1933-auispklccn-n87853926Woodhouse, Richard1788-1834Stillinger, JackCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyRecords and correspondenceManuscriptsSourcesHandbooks, manuals, etcEnglish poetryKeats, John,Mill, John Stuart,Coleridge, Samuel Taylor,PhilosophersGreat BritainCreation (Literary, artistic, etc.)GeniusAuthorship--CollaborationCriticismEnglish-speaking countriesEnglandRomanticismWordsworth, William,Lake poetsAuthors, EnglishBrown, Charles Armitage,Canon (Literature)Literature--Theory, etcAuthors and readersManuscripts, EnglishHoughton LibraryMassachusetts--CambridgePoets, EnglishBritish LibraryEngland--LondonPrivate pressesEconomic historyFrancePoems (Keats, John)PhilosophyPolitical scienceEconomicsEnglish literaturePoetryBrown, Spencer,Elizabeth PressStefanile, Felix,Gioia, DanaAmerican poetryStillinger, JackMoss, Howard,LiteratureEducationEnglishWeil, James L193119571960196119621963196519661968196919711974197719781979198019811982198419851986198719881990199119941995199619992000200120032004200620072008200920121204494277821.7B1606ocn000371707ocn000822869ocn000656412ocn000351535ocn001465462ocn000048322ocn003764947ocn489812687ocn570430716ocn489994068ocn000190950ocn269016285170010ocn000190950book19680.28Stillinger, JackTwentieth century interpretations of Keats's Odes : a collection of critical essaysCriticism, interpretation, etc11448ocn191935541com19940.56Stillinger, JackColeridge and textual instability the multiple versions of the major poemsCriticism, interpretation, etcJack Stillinger establishes and documents the existence of numerous different authoritative versions of Coleridge's best-known poems: sixteen or more of The Eolian Harp, for example, eighteen of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and comparable numbers for This Lime-Tree Bower, Frost at Midnight, Kubla Khan, Christabel, and Dejection: An Ode. Such multiplicity of versions raises interesting theoretical and practical questions about the constitution of the Coleridge canon, the ontological identity of any specific work in the canon, the editorial treatment of Coleridge's works, and the ways in whi+-+8830350465114016ocn003748491book19780.47Keats, JohnThe poems of John KeatsCriticism, interpretation, etcHandbooks, manuals, etcSourcesOver the course of his short life, John Keats (1795-1821) honed a raw talent into a brilliant poetic maturity. By the end of his brief career, he had written poems of such beauty, imagination and generosity of spirit, that he had - unwittingly - fulfilled his wish that he should 'be among the English poets after my death'. This new, wide-ranging selection of Keats' poetry has been selected by Claire Tomalin103012ocn252589585file19910.56Stillinger, JackMultiple authorship and the myth of solitary geniusCriticism, interpretation, etcA study which explores the implications of multiple authorship, using as examples the case of Keats and the assistants who aided him in the creation of "Isabella", the contributions of John Stuart Mill's wife to his autobiography, and the revisions to Wordsworth's "The Prelude."+-+561315046578812ocn000190818book19710.53Stillinger, JackThe hoodwinking of Madeline, and other essays on Keats's poemsCriticism, interpretation, etc6709ocn008388427book19790.28Keats, JohnComplete poemsHere is the first reliable edition of Keats's complete poems designed expressly for general readers and students. Jack Stillinger provides helpful explanatory notes to the poems which give dates of composition, identify quotations and allusions, gloss names and words not included in the ordinary desk dictionary, and refer the reader to the best critical interpretations of the poems. The new introduction provides central facts about Keats's life and career, describes the themes of his best work, and speculates on the causes of his greatness+-+76890692156069ocn062408631book20060.63Stillinger, JackRomantic complexity : Keats, Coleridge, and WordsworthCriticism, interpretation, etc"In Romantic Complexity, Jack Stillinger examines three of the most admired poets of English Romanticism - Keats, Coleridge, and Wordsworth - with a focus on the complexity that results from the multiple authorship, the multiple textual representation, and the multiple reading and interpretation of their best works."--Jacket+-+671585707558811ocn000371707book19610.59Mill, John StuartThe early draft of John Stuart Mill's autobiographyBiography58410ocn001236405book19740.59Stillinger, JackThe texts of Keats's poemsCriticism, interpretation, etc5224ocn000822869book19650.37Wordsworth, WilliamSelected poems and prefaces4502ocn000656412book19660.59Brown, Charles ArmitageLettersRecords and correspondence4318ocn039985637book19990.73Stillinger, JackReading The eve of St. Agnes : the multiples of complex literary transactionCriticism, interpretation, etcUsing the 180-year history of Keats's "The Eve of St. Agnes" as a basis for theorizing about the reading process, this book explores the nature and whereabouts of "meaning" in complex works. A proponent of authorial intent, Jack Stillinger argues a theoretical compromise between author and reader, applying a theory of interpretive democracy that includes the endlessly multifarious reader's response as well as Keats's guessed-at intent. Stillinger also ruminates on the process of constructing meaning, and posits an answer to why Keats's work is considered canonical, and why it is still being read and admired.; This book is intended for college libraries, scholars and critics+-+27758604654005ocn000351535book19630.70Munday, AnthonyZelauto: The fountaine of fame, 158037620ocn007977191book19810.53Mill, John StuartAutobiography and literary essaysCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+85012401352748ocn001465462book19610.53Mill, John StuartAutobiographyBiographyAt three years old John Stuart Mill was studying arithmetic and Greek; by the time he was six he was enjoying Hume and Gibbon and writing Roman histories. Diffident, intellectually brilliant, fearless and profound, he became one of the greatest of the Victorian liberals and his works - particularly On Liberty, Utilitarianism, The Subjection of Women, and this Autobiography - are among the crowning achievements of the age+-+25760504852435ocn019556391book19900.81Keats, JohnPoetry manuscripts at HarvardManuscripts1809ocn010948502book19850.90Keats, JohnJohn KeatsRecords and correspondenceManuscripts1541ocn000048322book19690.66Mill, John StuartAutobiography, and other writingsBiography692ocn018816950book19880.86Keats, JohnManuscript poems in the British Library : facsimiles of the Hyperion holograph and George Keats's notebook of holographs and transcriptsManuscripts652ocn017650675book19880.88Keats, JohnThe Charles Brown poetry transcripts at Harvard : facsimiles including the fair copy of Otho the GreatManuscripts11ocn702181271mix1.00Brown, SpencerSpencer Brown papersCriticism, interpretation, etcThe collection consists of writings, correspondence, printed material, scattered business records, and personal papers relating to aspects of Spencer's Brown career as an educator and poet. Writings include typescripts of articles, lectures, and poems, some of which are annotated, as well as a printed copy of the published collection, Verses by Two Not Old Hands (1930), by David Newton and Spencer Brown. Correspondence includes letters from friends, family, writers, editors, and admirers, as well as copies of outgoing correspondence and letters to Margaret Brown. Correspondents include Felix Stefanile, The Sewanee Review, Jack Stillinger, Dana Gioia, and Howard Moss, among others. Printed material includes clippings and book excerpts of various writings by Brown. Business records include agreements for the publication of My Father's Business and Other Poems and Child's Game, On a Journey, the latter published by The Elizabeth Press and edited by James L. Weil; and material relating to the copyright for My Father's Business and Other Poems and permission to reprint poems published in The New Yorker. Personal papers include birth and marriage certificates, grade reports from Harvard University, love poems to his wife, Elizabeth Boyle Brown, and biographical material. Also found is a video cassette (content unknown)+-+8830350465+-+8830350465Fri Mar 21 15:29:40 EDT 2014batch20185