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The study concludes that after three decades of effort, the U.S. has only a marginal CD program. Impediments to progress have been: the failure to grasp early, and to act on, implications of the experience of Britain, Germany and Japan under heavy bombing in WW II; delays in discarding outmoded concepts; difficulties in adjusting to the fast pace of weapons technology; excessive secrecy about the threat of nuclear weapons and radioactive fallout; limited Federal power in CD; confusion regarding civil- military relations in this field; ambiguity as to the strategic impact of CD; problems in designing a balanced program and strategy for survival; instability in Federal CD organization; and, of highest significance, Presidential and Congressional indifference and neglect and attendant budgetary constraints. There is an urgent need for a national commitment to a meaningful civil defense program, with strong leadership from the President to bring forth vigorous support from the Congress, State legislature and city councils, and from the public at large351ocn003234767book19640.84Yoshpe, Harry BellerNational security : requirements : matching needs with resources344ocn012641720book19440.70Yoshpe, Harry BellerProduction control in the Quartermaster Corps, 1939-194411ocn252029124mix1.00Bestor, Arthur EugeneGuide to ten major depositories of archival collections in New York State (exclusive of New York City)Fri Mar 21 15:45:59 EDT 2014batch14484