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Fri Mar 21 17:06:17 2014 UTClccn-n500136120.35An enquiry concerning the influence of tithes upon agriculture, whether in the hands of the clergy or the laity : together with some thoughts respecting their commutation /0.820.96The writings of Arthur Young /17231195Arthur_Young_(agriculturist)n 5001361249091Author of The farmer's letters, 1741-1820Author of The tours through England, 1741-1820Farmer's letters, Author of the, 1741-1820Jung, Artur 1741-1820Tours through England, Author of the, 1741-1820Young, Arth. 1741-1820Young, ArthurYoung, Artur, 1741-1820Young, Arturo, 1741-1820ヤング, アーサーlccn-n86004625Board of Agriculture (Great Britain)lccn-n50051701Betham-Edwards, Matilda1836-1919edtlccn-n86140996Washington, George1732-1799lccn-n50023563Sinclair, JohnSir1754-1835lccn-n50039192Mitchell, John1711-1768attlccn-no91025521Gujer, Jakob1716-1785lccn-n85387620Hirzel, Hans Caspar1725-1803lccn-no97022105Carman, Harry J.(Harry James)1884-1964lccn-n50015673Wilberforce, William1759-1833lccn-no2001066667Gazley, John G.(John Gerow)1895-Young, Arthur1741-1820HistoryBiographyCalendarsHandbooks, manuals, etcRecords and correspondenceMapsBibliographyClassificationAgricultureEconomic historyGreat BritainTravelFranceYoung, Arthur,Agriculture--Economic aspectsPolitical scienceSocial historyEnglandEngland--NorfolkEngland--SuffolkItalyIrelandUnited StatesSpainIndustriesAgriculturistsWest IndiesNorth AmericaGrain tradeEngland--HertfordshireCommerceCorn laws (Great Britain)Swine--Feeding and feedsEngland--SussexEngland--EssexPoorWorking classLand usePhysiocratsAgriculture--ResearchFree tradeInternational relationsSwineCivilizationEuropeEngland--East SussexEngland, NorthernCorn industry--Law and legislationCorn industryItaly--LombardyRevolution (France : 1789-1799)Gujer, Jakob,Wilberforce, William,RapeseedSheep--DiseasesFarm rentsTithesAgriculture and state174118201749175817591764176517661767176817691770177117721773177417751776177717781779178017821783178417851786178717881789179017911792179317941795179617971798179918001801180218031804180518061807180818091810181118121813181418151817181818211822182318271831183618401847186018621867186918811882188418871889189018921893189618981899190019021905190619081909191119121913191519171921192419251926192719291930193119321933193419381939194219481950195519571959196419671968196919701971197219731974197519761978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199219931995199619971999200020052006200720092010201120122013376637523003330HB151ocn003998917ocn003221632ocn001631699ocn000945556ocn009865962ocn003397924ocn004127018ocn022224956ocn259957498ocn024180658ocn008226455ocn002350811ocn681476323ocn031001586ocn434319526ocn807349502ocn863526953ocn802479289ocn863526903ocn083160520ocn152412665ocn163615266ocn208131417ocn070097208ocn472059218ocn8664521431878118ocn001440660book17920.76Young, ArthurTravels in France during the years 1787, 1788 & 1789History+-+K315259595111293ocn065354772file17670.84Young, ArthurThe farmer's letters to the people of England containing the sentiments of a practical husbandman, on various subjects of great importance ... to which are added, Sylvae, or, Occasional tracts on husbandry and rural oeconomics98468ocn065332739file17930.88Young, ArthurThe example of France, a warning to BritainHistory96068ocn065343099file17940.86Young, ArthurGeneral view of the agriculture of the county of Suffolk drawn up for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal ImprovementMaps82754ocn065238186file18040.90Young, ArthurThe farmer's calendar containing the business necessary to be performed on various kinds of farms during every month of the yearCalendarsHandbooks, manuals, etc81070ocn000812805book17700.81Young, ArthurA six months tour through the North of EnglandHistory80743ocn065237828file17930.88Young, ArthurGeneral view of the agriculture of the county of Essex71542ocn065332319file17800.86Young, ArthurA tour in Ireland with general observations on the present state of that kingdom, made in the years 1776, 1777, and 1778 and brought down to the end of 1779+-+27413389053245657ocn000559267book17750.63Mitchell, JohnAmerican husbandry55748ocn642639418com17700.81Young, ArthurRural oeconomy: or, essays on the practical parts of husbandry Designed to explain several of the most important Methods of conducting Farms of various Kinds ; including many useful Hints to Gentlemen Farmers relative to the oeconomical Management of their Business. Containing, among other Enquiries, Of that Proportioned Farm, which is of all others the most profitable. Of the best Method of conducting Farms that consist all of Grass, or all of Arable Land. Of the Means of keeping the Year round the most Cattle on a given Quantity of Land. Considerations on the Oeconomical Conduct of Gentlemen Farmers. Of the cheapest Way of manuring Land. Of the Comparative Profit of Farming different Soils. Of the New Husbandry. Of Periodical Publications concerning Rural Oeconomics. To which is added, the rural Socrates: being memoirs of a country philosopher. By the author of The farmer's lettersHandbooks, manuals, etc52328ocn065345189file17980.81Young, ArthurAn enquiry into the state of the public mind amongst the lower classes, and on the means of turning it to the welfare of the state in a letter to William Wilberforce, Esq. M.P.An argument against reform; in part an attack on Thomas Paine and Rights of Man51427ocn065238189file18040.86Young, ArthurGeneral view of the agriculture of HertfordshireHistoryClassification49228ocn000359519book17740.84Young, ArthurPolitical arithmetic; containing observations on the present state of Great Britain, and the principles of her policy in the encouragement of agriculture. To which is added A memoir on the corn tradeBibliography47228ocn065354770file17700.84Young, ArthurThe expediency of a free exportation of corn at this time with some observations on the bounty, and its effects45721ocn065344920file17690.81Young, ArthurAn essay on the management of hogs including experiments on rearing and fattening them45323ocn065238191file18040.86Kent, NathanielGeneral view of the agriculture of the county of Norfolk with observations on the means of improvement43218ocn065352058file17710.84Young, ArthurThe farmer's kalendar, or, A monthly directory for all sorts of country business containing, plain instructions for performing the work of various kinds of farms, in every season of the year ...Calendars41123ocn000081086book17720.86Young, ArthurPolitical essays concerning the present state of the British Empire, particularly respecting: I. Natural advantages and disadvantages. II. Constitution. III. Agriculture. IV. Manufactures. V. The colonies ... VI. Commerce40031ocn065350361file17690.84Young, ArthurLetters concerning the present state of the French nation ... with a complete comparison between France and Great BritainHistory38817ocn065241142book18030.90Washington, GeorgeLetters from His Excellency George Washington, to Arthur Young, Esq. F.R.S. and Sir John Sinclair, Bart. M.P containing an account of his husbandry, with his opinions on various questions in agriculture, and many particulars of the rural economy of the United States4181ocn000691624book19730.70Gazley, John GThe life of Arthur Young, 1741-1820History3425ocn000808226book18980.76Young, ArthurThe autobiography of Arthur YoungHistoryBiography30811ocn065335737com17950.84Cartwright, JohnThe commonwealth in danger with an introduction containing remarks on some late writings of Arthur Young, Esq.2923ocn002074664book19750.70Young, ArthurArthur Young and his timesBiographyRecords and correspondence1567ocn000579881book18890.73Young, ArthurTravels in France1335ocn065353271com17720.81Comber, ThomasReal improvements in agriculture, (on the principles of A. Young, Esq.) recommended to accompany improvements of rents : in a letter to Reade Peacock, Esq. ... to which is added, a letter to Dr. Hunter, physician in York, concerning the rickets in sheep1184ocn065248613com18010.92Howlett, JohnAn enquiry concerning the influence of tithes upon agriculture, whether in the hands of the clergy or the laity together with some thoughts respecting their commutation : to which are added Remarks upon the animadversions of Mr. A. Young and his correspondents relative to the subject of tithes, as well as those of the county agricultural surveyors employed under the direction of the Board of Agriculture928ocn002982393book18920.76Young, ArthurArthur Young's travels in France during the years 1787, 1788, 1789915ocn002953216book19020.73Martinengo-Cesaresco, Evelyn Lilian Hazeldine CarringtonLombard studies793ocn002211973book19380.92Defries, AmeliaSheep and turnips : being the life and times of Arthur Young, F.R.S., first secretary to the Board of agricultureHistoryBiography752ocn003347675book18470.90Washington, GeorgeLetters on agriculture from His Excellency George Washington, president of the United States, to Arthur Young, Esq. F.R.S. and Sir John Sinclair, Bart., M.P with statistical tables and remarks, by Thomas Jefferson, Richard Peters, and other gentlemen, on the economy and management of farms in the United StatesRecords and correspondence649ocn797289582book18890.76Young, ArthurTravels in France during the years 1787, 1788 & 1789History431ocn020340178book19890.94Dyer, Colin LLa France revisitée : sur les traces d'Arthur YoungHistoryPersonal narratives British372ocn005773014book19130.76MacDonald, WilliamMakers of modern agriculture312ocn000545569book19480.79Arthur Young & CompanyArthur Young and the business he founded (personal reminiscences)271ocn797287735com18820.84Pell, AlbertArthur Young agriculturist, author, and statesman155ocn219305273book19380.47Defries, AmeliaSheep and turnips : being the life and times of Arthur Young, F.R.SHistory151ocn837768850com18010.35Howlett, JohnAn enquiry concerning the influence of tithes upon agriculture, whether in the hands of the clergy or the laity : together with some thoughts respecting their commutation151ocn156734820book17700.81Young, ArthurA six months tour through the North of EnglandHistory133ocn012127351book19240.96Amery, G. DThe writings of Arthur YoungBibliography+-+K315259595+-+K315259595Fri Mar 21 16:00:26 EDT 2014batch63647