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Fri Mar 21 17:10:38 2014 UTClccn-n500137210.00Autograph letter signed from Thomas Warton, Trinity College, Oxford, to Edmund Malone, London0.791.00Tonson, Wellington and the Shakespeare copyrights /330654Jacob_Tonsonn 5001372149199Tonson, I. 1656-1737Tonson, I. (Iacob), 1656?-1736Tonson, Iacob 1656-1737Tonson, J., 1656?-1736Tonson, Jacob I, 1656?-1736Tonson, Jacob I. 1656-1737トンソンlccn-n2011052112Lynch, Kathleen M.(Kathleen Martha)lccn-n50018248Geduld, Harry M.lccn-n79006406Dryden, John1631-1700trledtlccn-n50022308Rowe, Nicholas1674-1718trledtlccn-n78095332Shakespeare, William1564-1616lccn-n85196331Gucht, Michael van der1660-1725egrilllccn-nr93020664Longman, Thomas1699-1755lccn-n88140992Osborn, John-1739lccn-nr96010476Tonson, Richardbslpbledtprtlccn-n79007443Newton, Isaac1642-1727Tonson, Jacob1656?-1736DramaChronologyHistorySermonsBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcPortraitsControversial literaturePoetryJuvenile worksEthicsVirtueCharity-schoolsGreat BritainTonson, Jacob,England--LondonPublishers and publishingFables, EnglishVerse drama, EnglishOdysseus (Greek mythology)History, AncientJuvenalTravelSwitzerlandChronology, HistoricalVerse satire, LatinEnglish drama (Comedy)FablesBoadicea,--Queen,Church of EnglandEuropeNetherlandsInternational relationsEnglish dramaSatire, EnglishConduct of lifePersiusEnglish poetryShakespeare, William,Latin poetrySatire, LatinEnglish drama (Tragedy)Charles--I,--King of England,WomenWomen--Conduct of lifeManners and customsPolitical scienceGay, John,Sermons, EnglishWomen--Social conditionsBibleEnglish poetry--Early modernLatin poetry, Medieval and modernMassinger, Philip,Field, Nathan,Hierocles,--of Alexandria,PythagorasDryden, John,Verse satire, Latin (Medieval and modern)England165617361659166516781679168016811682168316841685168716881689169016911692169316941695169616971698169917001701170217031704170517061707170817091710171117121713171417151716171717181719172017211722172317241725172617271728172917301732173317341735173617371738174017411742174417451746174717491750175217531756175817601761176317641765176617671781178417921802180318211933193619451948195619631968196919711975197619801982200320052008201120134315612810179.9BJ1520ocn004754369ocn024816388ocn023805486ocn023092534ocn001186641ocn004677217ocn213396435ocn080688227ocn063955915ocn228724135ocn005395063ocn001165416ocn077717238ocn433302865ocn433296627ocn434668596ocn434755031ocn434754772ocn434755239ocn434755131ocn007331036ocn048431946ocn032197086ocn048431718ocn026280872ocn026280852ocn048915796ocn773089771ocn076963166ocn796190769ocn013042433ocn031300621ocn227526743ocn032165504ocn025889284ocn214870472ocn023630846ocn702182161ocn870980448ocn702182176ocn025122526ocn024088025ocn029400393ocn029673491ocn024155254ocn029481938ocn030151252ocn025981141ocn025981239ocn029673480ocn2214957361771ocn003834370book17280.81Newton, IsaacThe chronology of ancient kingdoms amended : to which is prefix'd, a short chronicle from the first memory of things in Europe, to the conquest of Persia by Alexander the GreatChronology1047ocn083275275file17110.79Tonson, JacobThe Kit-Cat clubs lamentation for the loss of the Pope, the Devil and the Pretender, that were taken into custody on Saturday last by the Secretary of State. Writen [sic] by Jacob door-holder to that society844ocn003127497book17090.76Shakespeare, WilliamThe works of Mr. William Shakespear in six volumesCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography651ocn001153611book17000.90Temple, WilliamLetters written by Sir W. Temple, Bart., and other ministers of state, both at home and abroad containing an account of the most important transactions that pass'd in Christendom from 1665-1672 : in two volumesHistory641ocn008856135book17090.53Poetical miscellanies the sixth part601ocn002781272book17170.76Roscommon, Wentworth DillonPoems by the earl of Roscommon To which is added, An essay on poetry, by the earl of Mulgrave, now duke of Buckingham. Together with poems by Mr. Richard Duke581ocn001420907book17030.90Rowe, NicholasThe fair penitent a tragedy ; as it is acted at the new theatre in Little Lincolns-Inn-Fields ; by Her Majesty's servants562ocn006467363book17140.84Wray, MaryThe ladies librarySupposedly a a collection of essays giving general rules for conduct in all the circumstances of the life of woman. Published by Sir Richard Steele, it resonates with "Victorian" attitudes concerning chastity, modesty and meekness512ocn004754369book17140.84Stanyan, AbrahamAn account of Switzerland written in the year 1714History501ocn002616908book17070.86Dacier, AndréThe life of Pythagoras, with his Symbols and Golden verses. Together with the life of Hierocles, and his commentaries upon the verses. Collected out of the choicest manuscripts, and tr. into French, with annotations494ocn004353512book16930.88JuvenalThe satires of Decimus Junius JuvenalisCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryPortraitsIncludes dedicatory poem to Dryden by William Congreve471ocn001429215book17060.76Rowe, NicholasUlysses a tragedy. Written by N. Rowe, EsqDrama461ocn777323603book16970.92Hopkins, CharlesBoadicea, Queen of Britain a tragedy, as it is acted by His Majesty's servants at the Theatre in Lincolns-Inn-FieldsDrama383ocn007331036book17070.84Moss, RobertA sermon preach'd before the House of Commons at Saint Margaret's Westminster. On Thursday Jan. 30, 1706/7. By Robert MossSermons374ocn015734498book17240.73Mandeville, BernardThe fable of the bees: or, Private vices, publick benefitsControversial literature"Among the masterworks of Augustan England few can be said to anticipate our dilemmas of individual, social, economic and political morality more ably than Bernard Mandeville's Fable of the Bees. Much misunderstood by his Augustan contemporaries, many of whom declared his book pernicious, Mandeville turned his physician's eye upon his society's health, and found that it thrived everywhere upon individual corruptions. His analyses of the role of social ideals and personal impulses in human motivation are as stimulating today as they were in his time, and those who believe that the political morality of Machiavelli is still alive today cannot ignore the pungent social criticism of Mandeville, his kindred spirit"--Introduction. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved)361ocn005961772book17000.90Hopkins, CharlesFriendship improv'd, or, The female warriour a tragedy : acted at the Theatre in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields by His Majesties servants351ocn001534009book17020.79Vanbrugh, JohnThe false friend A comedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. By Sir John Vanbrugh333ocn015618484book17370.79Gay, JohnFablesJuvenile worksFictionPoetryIllustrationsFables331ocn019374900book16990.86HoraceQuinti Horatii Flacci Opera ad optimorum exemplarium fidem recensita accesserunt variæ lectiones, quæ in libris mss. & eruditorum commentariis notatu digniores occurrunt322ocn011503228book17100.93Shakespeare, WilliamThe works of Mr. William Shakespear. containing, Venus & Adonis, Tarquin & Lucrece and his miscellany poems : with critical remarks on his plays, &c. : to which is prefix'd An essay on the art, rise and progress of the stage in Greece, Rome and EnglandHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc4242ocn000143075book19710.70Lynch, Kathleen MJacob Tonson, Kit-Cat publisherHistoryBiography3843ocn000046347book19690.73Geduld, Harry MPrince of publishers; a study of the work and career of Jacob TonsonHistoryBiography1122ocn000031866book19680.92Papali, G. FJacob Tonson, publisher; his life and work (1656-1736)HistoryBiography1062ocn001806932book19480.94Tonson, JacobJacob Tonson in ten letters by and about himHistoryBiography493ocn847842666book20130.96Morton, Richard EverettThe English Enlightenment reads Ovid : Dryden and Jacob Tonson's 1717 MetamorphosesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcEarly modern Ovid Moralis' - Golding, Renoüard, and Sandys -- "To restore Ovid to his native sweetness, easiness, and smoothness": Dryden and the 1717 Tonson edition -- "Pretty applications of poetical stories": Addison, Gay, Pope, Tate, and Rowe at work -- "Many noble and beautiful strokes of poetry": Sir Samuel Garth and his other collaborators151ocn015723823book17220.79Tickell, ThomasKensington GardenPoetry61ocn226855292book17090.66Advertisement to gentlemen. Whereas Hudibras, in three parts, written by Mr. Samuel Butler, has hitherto been printed on a scandalous paper ... it is now printed on a very fine paper ... illustrated with 19 cutts ... taken from the original, and finely engraven, as all persons allow who have seen it, notwithstanding the false insinuations of Mr. Jacob Tonson, in the Gazette of Tuesday Novemb. 22. 1709, which are design'd only to hinder the sale of the said book ... This edition is sold ... by John Baker, at the Black Boy in Pater-noster-RowAdvertising fliers61ocn226856977book17090.66Baker, JohnAdvertisement to gentlemen. Whereas Hudibras, in three parts, written by Mr. Samuel Butler, has hitherto been printed on a scandalous paper (to the great abuse of the publick;) it is now printed on a very fine paper, and a new letter, illustrated with 19 cutts ... notwithstanding the false insinuations of Mr. Jacob Tonson, in the Gazette of Tuesday Novemb. 22. 1709, which are design'd only to hinder the sale of the said book ... This edition is sold for 5 s. bound in 3 volumes, and 4 s. in one, calves leather, by John Baker at the Black-Boy in Pater-noster-RowAdvertising fliers61ocn226855170book17060.66July the 18th, 1706. Advertisement to gentlemen and booksellers. Whereas this day publish'd a book entituled, The Carthusian gard'ner, & c in five parts, translated from the French ... printed for Benjamin Tooke in Fleetstreet ... These are therefor to inform the world that there is already made a translation of the said book in two volumes ... very much enlarg'd and improv'd according to our English way of gard'ning, by Mr. London and Mr. Wise ... printed only for Jacob TonsonAdvertising fliers32ocn314198875book20030.47Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800Criticism, interpretation, etc+-+387111232522ocn046971429book19360.92Sturges, HaleThe publishing career of Jacob Tonson, the Elder, 1678-1720History11ocn252045821book1734Tonson, JacobAutograph letter signed from Jacob Tonson to [Jacob Tonson II]11ocn433545308visu1821Faber, JohnMr. Jacob Tonson11ocn702175353mix1.00Upcott, William[Collection of letters on antiquarian subjects]Records and correspondenceThirteen autograph letters, in various hands, which primarily discuss antiquarian matters. The collection includes a letter from John Sidney Hawkins to William Wilkins describing a volume, to be published, of a history of St. Stephen's Chapel. Another letter, from Philip Morant to Andrew Cortee Ducarel, gives advice about researching the Augmentation Office through old records in the Receipt of the Exchequer and the Cottonian Library; and two letters by Charles Vallancey discuss ancient Irish and Arab history. The volume also contains letters on other subjects: one letter from Henry Baker requests his correspondent to send him details of a recent earthquake in Northampton so that he can enter a record of it with the Royal Society; another letter discusses calculations of annuities; and one entry consists of biographical notes on John Nichols, accompanied by an engraved portrait of him11ocn318644369bookTonson, JacobPapers of Jacob TonsonManuscriptsMaterials written by or to Jacob Tonson I or Jacob Tonson II, with a handful of bills addressed to Jacob Tonson III. Autograph manuscripts by prominent literary figures such as John Dryden, Aphra Behn, Richard Bentley, Joseph Addison, William Congreve, and John Vanbrugh as well as letters from others, chiefly members of the Kit-Cat Club. The correspondence is representative of both Tonson's professional and personal activities: several letters concern gathering engravings and subscriptions for a fine edition of Caesar's Commentaries (ultimately published by Samuel Clarke), while others thank Tonson for his gifts of cider. Transcripts of 10 letters from Alexander Pope concern Lewis Theobald's Shakespeare. Correspondents: Joseph Addison, Roger de Coverley (pseud.?), Francis Atterbury, William Congreve, S. Compton, Thomas Creech, Henry Molins Davenant, John Dennis, John Dryden, Charles Fitzroy (Duke of Grafton), George Montagu (Earl of Halifax), Elizabeth Jekyll, Joseph Jekyll, Basil Kennett, Sir Godfrey Kneller, Henrietta Churchill (Duchess of Marlborough), Henry Pelham, Thomas Pelham-Holles (Duke of Newcastle), Thomas Bowers, Richard Newton, Daniel Pulteney, Thomas Wentworth (Earl of Strafford), John Somers, Charles Seymour (Duke of Somerset), Abraham Stanyan, Charles Stanhope, George Stepney, Sir John Vanbrugh, George Wilson11ocn858920050book19751.00Belanger, TerryTonson, Wellington and the Shakespeare copyrightsHistory11ocn263099016book1735Tonson, JacobAutograph letter signed from Jacob Tonson to Mr. Small, surgeonYor letter was ye most welcome11ocn428976259book1784Warton, ThomasAutograph letter signed from Thomas Warton, Trinity College, Oxford, to Edmund Malone, LondonManuscriptsWarton writes that he has "an authentic copy of Theobald's Argument with the Tonsons about his Shakespeare." He can send a transcript if Malone thinks it will be of use in his new Edition11ocn702147973bks1.00Malone, EdmondLetters to Jacob Tonson from English authorsManuscript copies, probably by Edmond Malone, of forty-one ALS to Jacob Tonson from J. Addison, W. Congreve, the Duchess of Marlborough, M. Prior, the Duke of Somerset, J. Vanbrugh, A. Pope, R. Steele, F. Dennis, B. Kennett, A. Behn, G. Stepney, and G. Kneller. " ... the originals in the poss. of Willm Baker, Esqrs."11ocn630095154book19630.47Barnard, JohnDryden, Tonson, and subscriptions for the 1697 Virgil+-+3871112325Fri Mar 21 15:14:02 EDT 2014batch37314