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Thu Oct 16 18:00:05 2014 UTClccn-n500138210.00Wolfson, Harry Austryn0.621.00Harry Austryn Wolfson; jubilee volume on the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday49315617Harry_Austryn_Wolfsonn 5001382149299Austryn Wolfson, HarryAustryn Wolfson, Harry 1887-1974Ṿolfson, Tsevi A. 1887-1974Wolfsohn, Harry 1887-1974Wolfson, H. A. 1887-1974Wolfson, H. A. (Harry Austryn), 1887-1974Wolfson, H. Austryn 1887-1974Wolfson, Harry.Wolfson, Harry A. 1887-1974Wolfson, Harry A. (Harry Austryn), 1887-1974Wolfson, Harry AustrynWolfson, Henricus Austryn 1887-1974Wolfson, Zebi.Wolfson, Zebi 1887-1974Wolfson, Ẕevi H. 1887-1974Wulfsin, Hari ̄Ūstrīn 1887-1974Wulfsūn, Hārī A. 1887-1974Wwlpswn Hariy ʾWsṭriyn 1887-1974Wwlpswn Ṣbiy 1887-1974וואלפסאן, צבי 1887-1974וואלפסזאן, צבי 1887-1974וולפזון, צבי 1887-1974וולפסון צבי 1887-1974וולפסון, צבי 7881־4791וולפסון, צבי א 1887-1974וולפסון צבי אוסטרין 1887-1974וולפסון, צבי ה 1887־1974וולפסון, צבי הריוולפסן, צבי ה 1887־1974هاري أ. ولفسون، 1887-1974ولفسون، هاري أوسترين، ‪1887-1974‬lccn-n79018753Spinoza, Benedictus de1632-1677lccn-n80051891Philoof Alexandrialccn-nr90014657Crescas, Ḥasdai1340-approximately 1410lccn-n79004182Aristotlelccn-n83061192Schwarz, Leo W.(Leo Walder)1906-1967lccn-n81027798Averroës1126-1198lccn-n79110479American Academy for Jewish Researchlccn-n85346887Lieberman, Saul1898-1983edtlccn-n79081867Strauss, Leolccn-n84801673Guttmann, Julius1880-1950Wolfson, Harry Austryn1887-1974HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcCommentariesCatalogsSpinoza, Benedictus de,Philo,--of AlexandriaEthica (Spinoza, Benedictus de)Theology, Doctrinal--Early churchChristian heresies--Early churchJewish philosophyPhilosophy and religionTrinity--History of doctrinesPhilosophyReligionIncarnation--History of doctrinesChristianity--PhilosophyWolfson, Harry Austryn,Islam--DoctrinesPhilosophersChristian literature, EarlyAristotleCrescas, Ḥasdai,Theology, DoctrinalTrinity--History of doctrines--Early churchPhilosophy, MedievalPhilosophy, ArabEthicsUnited StatesJudaismEthics, ModernPhilosophy, ModernEuropeIslamic philosophyPhysics (Aristotle)Religion--PhilosophyJewish philosophy--HistoriographyGuttmann, Julius,Strauss, LeoFathers of the churchGnosticismFaith--History of doctrinesJewsHebrew literatureHarvard College LibraryCadbury, Henry J.--(Henry Joel),Wright, G. Ernest--(George Ernest),Jewish librariesGraetz, Heinrich,Williams, George Huntston,Philosophy, DutchHarvard College Library.--Judaica CollectionHarvard University.--LibraryHarvard UniversityJews--Historiography188719741912191519161919192119221923192419251926192719291930193119321933193419351936193719381940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198219831984198519861989199019921997199819992001200220032005200720082010201310193274715181.3B3998ocn001127787ocn004480468ocn009739454ocn558922146ocn757215114ocn313354203ocn459442274ocn048982065ocn606018687ocn459128134ocn833477841ocn630305618ocn833477847ocn630305611ocn630305630ocn856864785ocn834199927ocn856864787ocn856864793ocn243923360ocn186394890ocn759742264153773ocn000045178book19270.56Wolfson, Harry AustrynThe philosophy of Spinoza; unfolding the latent processes of his reasoningHistory"Into the fabric of this work, which in form follows the order of the 'Ethics, ' we have also woven relevant passages from the other writings of Spinoza, so that the study of his philosophy herein presented is based upon his 'Ethics' as well as upon all his other writings in so far as they are related to the 'Ethics'."--Pref., p. viii+-+3040119215324141932ocn001124230book19560.59Wolfson, Harry AustrynThe philosophy of the church fathersHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc129243ocn026088787book19470.56Wolfson, Harry AustrynPhilo : foundations of religious philosophy in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam94824ocn000374693book19610.59Wolfson, Harry AustrynReligious philosophy : a group of essays88524ocn000695172book19630.56Wolfson, Harry AustrynStudies in the history of philosophy and religionHistory65527ocn001038795book19290.66Wolfson, Harry AustrynCrescas' critique of Aristotle; problems of Aristotle's Physics in Jewish and Arabic philosophyCriticism, interpretation, etc62111ocn002138906book19760.63Wolfson, Harry AustrynThe philosophy of the Kalam+-+95301192153244789ocn003915523book19790.70Wolfson, Harry AustrynRepercussions of the Kalam in Jewish philosophy+-+40261292153241984ocn002797830book19770.79Wolfson, Harry AustrynFrom Philo to Spinoza : two studies in religious philosophyHistory17211ocn001127787book19580.90AverroësCorpus commentariorum Averrois in AristotelemCommentaries1535ocn001916626book19650.86American Academy for Jewish ResearchHarry Austryn Wolfson jubilee volume : on the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday : English sectionHistory8120ocn032614614book19560.37Wolfson, Harry AustrynThe Philosophy of the church fathersHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc673ocn041057175book19990.70Wolfson, Harry AustrynLa philosophie de Spinoza : pour démêler l'implicite d'une argumentationWolfson part de l'hypothèse qu'il y a un Spinoza explicite, qui parle en termes d'axiomes, et qui raisonne selon la méthode rigide du géomètre et un Spinoza implicite, dont l'esprit est gorgé de doctrines traditionnelles juives et arabes. L'un est le premier des modernes ; l'autre le dernier des médiévaux. Or, l'on ne peut comprendre pleinement Spinoza qu'en pensant les deux versants de sa pensée507ocn011494116book19320.94Wolfson, Harry AustrynHebrew books in HarvardCatalogs421ocn019158343book19650.93Liberman, ShaʼulSefer ha-yovel li-khevod Tsevi Ṿolfson : li-melot lo shivʻim ṿe-ḥamesh shanah : ḥeleḳ ʻIvriHistory403ocn003208957book19500.88Wolfson, Harry AustrynSpinoza and religion.403ocn006691181book19230.92Wolfson, Harry AustrynEscaping Judaism363ocn012077253book19780.95Wolfson, Harry Austrynha-Maḥashavah ha-Yehudit bi-Yeme ha-Benayim : masot u-meḥḳarim353ocn019185303book19700.88Wolfson, Harry AustrynFilon : yesodot ha-filosofyah ha-datit ha-Yehudit342ocn016565859book19650.92American Academy for Jewish ResearchSefer ha-yovel likhvod Tsvi Wolfson łimełot ℓo shivʻim veḥamesh shanah. Ḥeleḳ ʻivriHistory3702ocn003974480book19780.59Schwarz, Leo WWolfson of Harvard : portrait of a scholarBiography1303ocn132581233book20070.86Cohen, JonathanPhilosophers and scholars : Wolfson, Guttmann and Strauss on the history of Jewish philosophy+-+7344664825352ocn037971767book19970.88Cohen, JonathanTevunah u-temurah : panim be-ḥeḳer ha-filosofyah ha-Yehudit ṿe-toldoteha182ocn003496353book19760.77Williams, George HuntstonProfiles from the beloved communityBiography152ocn001412868book19740.82A tribute in appreciation of: Professor Harry Austryn Wolfson, a founder and friend of Hebrew College83ocn012901599mix19840.94Sills, Deborah RoseRe-inventing the past : Philo and the historiography of Jewish identityHistory22ocn844556324book19651.00American Academy for Jewish ResearchHarry Austryn Wolfson; jubilee volume on the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday11ocn077065726mix1.00Student papers for Philosophy 27Papers, chiefly on Spinoza, written by students in Philosophy 27 in 1933-193411ocn213298059art1999Wolfson, Harry AustrynBiography11ocn070244118mix19460.47Letters to Rabbi Solomon Goldman, Jan.-Sept. 1946Letters written in reply to Goldman's query "to the most representative men of letters, thinkers, artists, scientists, and statesmen," as to whether they have ever expressed themselves "on the Bible as literature, or source of ideas, or both." The correspondence formed part of Goldman's research for his work The book of books: an introduction. Included are several of Goldman's responses and several drafts11ocn077067952book20021.00Gerber, MichaelHarry Austryn Wolfson : the personal struggles and intellectual projects of a Jewish immigrant at Harvard11ocn173025869book19690.47Reines, Alvin Jay[Review of] American Academy for Jewish Research. Harry Austryn Wolfson jubilee volume. Jerusalem, 196511ocn166528786art19320.10Cattell, James McKeenWolfson, Prof. Harry A(ustryn) : 95 Prescott St, Cambridge, Mass11ocn072799348book19490.47Hultin, Perry HarlanA study of Philo Judaeus : being a critical examination of the writings of Erwin R. Goodenough and Harry A. Wolfson11ocn077065730mix19411.00Cohen, Maurice SeymourStudent paper for Semitic Languages and History 20dPaper written by Cohen as a graduate student for Semitic Languages and History 20d in Fall of 194111ocn077065728mix19481.00Student papers for Philosophy 122Papers, chiefly on Spinoza, written by students in Philosophy 122 in the Fall of 194811ocn077065727mix19451.00Student papers for Philosophy 27Papers, chiefly on Spinoza, written by students in Philosophy 27, Fall 194511ocn070960314mix1.00Oko, Adolph SRecords and correspondencePapers trace the career and interests of Oko including personal and official correspondence, articles, and essays. Subjects and correspondents include Baruch Spinoza, Chinese Jewry, the Menorah Association, Hebrew Union College, Martin Buber, Jacob Epstein, Harry A. Wolfson, Nathan Isaacs, Henry Hurwitz, and Stephen S. Wise11ocn077066439mix1.00Wolfson, Harry AustrynScrapbookDocuments in the scrapbook include correspondence, term bills, grades, tickets, newspaper clippings, and other ephemera that document student life at Harvard. The emphasis is on Wolfson's academic activities and the Harvard Menorah Society. Also included are several postcards from Wolfson to a friend, 1913, ticket-taker's badges for Harvard football games, and report cards and newspaper clippings from Wolfson's senior year at Scranton High School in Scranton, Pennsylvania11ocn249202820mix19411.00Cohen, Maurice SeymourStudent paper for Semitic Languages and History 20dManuscript paper written by Cohen as a graduate student for Semitic Languages and History 20d in fall of 1941+-+9530119215324+-+9530119215324Thu Oct 16 15:05:58 EDT 2014batch31105