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Fri Mar 21 17:07:23 2014 UTClccn-n500139630.00Bibliography of Yigael Yadin0.461.00American Friends of the Hebrew University photograph collection,22154706Yigael_Yadinn 5001396349440Jadin, Jig'al 1917-1984Sukenik, YigaëlSukenik, Yigael, 1917-1984Sukenik, Yigal.Sukenik, Yigal, 1917-1984Swqeniyq Yigaʾel 1917-1984Yadin, Y.Yadin, YgaelYadin Ygael 1917-1984Yadin, Yiagel.Yadîn, YigaʾelYadin, Yigael, 1917-Yadin, Yigael 1917-1984Yadin, YigalYadīn, Yigʾal, 1917-1984Yādîn, Yiggāʾēl 1917-1984Yadiyn, Yiga'el.Yadiyn Yigaʾel 1917-1984Yadiyn Yigʾal 1917-1984דין, יגאלידין, יגאלידין, יגאל, 1917-1984ידין, יגאל, 1984־1917סוקניק, יגאל, 1917-1984イガエル・ヤディン, 1917-1984ヤディン, イガエルlccn-n81086472Bar Kokhba-135nc-temple of jerusalem jerusalemTemple of Jerusalem (Jerusalem)lccn-n85311500Ḥevrah la-ḥaḳirat Erets-Yiśraʼel ṿe-ʻatiḳotehaothlccn-n50054957Rabin, Chaimothtrledtlccn-n81137066Silberman, Neil Asher1950-lccn-n90617626Greenfield, Jonas C.1926-edtlccn-n50049584Lewis, Naphtaliedtlccn-n83179025Avigad, Nahmanedtlccn-n82066841Universiṭah ha-ʻIvrit bi-YerushalayimMakhon le-madaʻe ha-Yahadutlccn-n82018143Schiffman, Lawrence H.edtYadin, Yigael1917-1984HistoryMilitary historyCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedingsSourcesPictorial worksCommentariesAntiquitiesIsraelIsrael--Masada SiteDead Sea scrollsBar Kokhba,Middle East--PalestineExcavations (Archaeology)Middle East--Megiddo (Extinct city)Middle East--Hazor (Extinct city)Temple scrollMiddle East--JerusalemIsrael--Gezer SiteSiege of Masada Site (Israel : 72-73)Middle EastMilitary art and scienceFasts and feasts--JudaismYadin, Yigael,JewsBar Kokhba Rebellion (132-135)BibleMiddle East--Wilderness of JudaeaGeneralsStatesmenArmed ForcesArchaeologistsManuscripts, Greek (Papyri)Temple of Jerusalem (Jerusalem)Manuscripts, Hebrew (Papyri)Manuscripts, Aramaic (Papyri)Bible.--Apocrypha.--EcclesiasticusJews--AntiquitiesRomansArchaeologyIron agePottery, AncientIsrael--Bet SheʼanManuscripts, AramaicIsrael--Ḥever WadiMarcus, David,Trumpeldor, Joseph,Meir, Golda,Senesh, Hannah,Agnon, Shmuel Yosef,Ben-Yehuda, Eliezer,Ben-Gurion, David,Herzl, Theodor,Allon, Yigal,Weizmann, Chaim,Perelman, ChaïmUniversiṭah ha-ʻIvrit bi-Yerushalayim.--Makhon le-arkheʼologyah1917198419261948194919501954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919811982198319841985198619881989199019911992199319941995199719981999200020022005200620072012165463961012913.031028DS110.M33ocn000275004ocn000870046ocn000821749ocn013472126ocn180489615ocn462279335ocn614927129ocn647033974ocn459536423ocn438503559ocn186206871ocn186014233ocn186587867ocn185821086ocn186206888ocn310945702ocn438503559ocn460757328ocn761133689ocn438503559ocn586081876ocn761360979ocn079425162273194ocn001175632book19660.28Yadin, YigaelMasada : Herod's fortress and the Zealot's last standHistoryIllustrated on-site account of the author's archaeological expedition to excavate the Jewish stronghold that fell to Rome in 73 A.D+-+7885491106126228ocn000720948book19570.39Yadin, YigaelThe message of the scrollsIsraeli archeologist who participated in discovery of the Scrolls summarizes findings of ten years for the general reader+-+0796609735103020ocn002504095book19750.53Yadin, YigaelJerusalem revealed : archaeology in the Holy City, 1968-1974History101312ocn000866625book19740.33Yadin, YigaelHazor, the rediscovery of a great citadel of the Bible94229ocn000273030book19630.39Yadin, YigaelThe art of warfare in Biblical lands : in the light of archaeological studyHistoryMilitary history87210ocn011573809book19850.39Yadin, YigaelThe Temple scroll : the hidden law of the Dead Sea sectCriticism, interpretation, etc66415ocn000285922book19710.37Yadin, YigaelBar-Kokhba; the rediscovery of the legendary hero of the last Jewish revolt against Imperial RomeHistory6036ocn000189847book19710.35Yadin, YigaelBar-Kokhba; the rediscovery of the legendary hero of the second Jewish revolt against RomeHistoryPhoto-text report on the author's expedition into the Judaean desert during the summers of 1960-61 that found 15 letters of the Jewish leader, Bar Kokhba, 132-135 A.D4967ocn000524883book19720.56Yadin, YigaelHazor: with a chapter on Israelite Megiddo42511ocn000275004book19260.63DEAD SEA SCROLLSThe scroll of the War of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness36815ocn001320801book19630.79Yadin, YigaelThe finds from the Bar Kokhba period in the Cave of LettersHistory35716ocn000870046book19580.70Rabin, ChaimAspects of the Dead Sea scrolls28420ocn010975226book19680.73Yadin, YigaelThe Temple scrollCriticism, interpretation, etcCommentariesAnnouncement of unrolling of scroll and brief description of its contents26120ocn021262733book19890.79Gross, AndrewThe Documents from the Bar Kokhba period in the Cave of Letters2556ocn021474471book19890.73Archaeology and history in the Dead Sea scrolls : the New York University conference in memory of Yigael YadinCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings24712ocn001131881book19650.66Yadin, YigaelThe Ben Sira scroll from MasadaCriticism, interpretation, etc2296ocn000575834book19580.79James A. de Rothschild Expedition at HazorHazor22010ocn000576550book19000.35Harman, AvrahamIsraelHistoryPictorial works2195ocn021439819book19910.76Netzer, EhudMasada : the Yigael Yadin excavations 1963-1965 : final reportsSources1876ocn014394357book19860.76Yadin, YigaelInvestigations at Beth Shean : the early Iron Age strata4326ocn028375524book19930.63Silberman, Neil AsherA prophet from amongst you : the life of Yigael Yadin : soldier, scholar, and mythmaker of modern IsraelBiographyTragedies of the Jewish state. Through the use of never-before-published sources, Neil Asher Silberman has crafted a compelling story of Yadin's rise and fall, and of the powerful national ideology he helped create1221ocn000262759book19720.06Rosenblum, MorrisHeroes of IsraelJuvenile worksBiography1052ocn000970112book19670.06Miller, ShaneDesert fighter : the story of General Yigael Yadin and the Dead Sea scrollsJuvenile worksBiographyBiography of General Yadin, who helped to establish and defend the new nation of Israel, and whose interest in archaeology led to important discoveries in the texts of the Dead Sea scrolls and to the uncovering of the Biblical city, Hazor271ocn020860397book19890.66Ben-Tor, AYigael Yadin memorial volume172ocn080996510book20060.93Le-zikhro shel Yigaʼel Yadin bi-melot ʻeśrim shanah le-moto : yom ha-ʻiyun she-neʻerakh be...28 be-Oḳṭober 2004 ... ba-Universiṭah ha-ʻIvrit bi-Yerushalayim, Har ha-TsofimConference proceedings122ocn037292630book19940.76UJA memoirs, Irving Bernstein : an oral history anthologyInterviews123ocn708296149book19850.81Lipiński, EdwardThe Land of Israel : cross-roads of civilizations : proceedings of the conference held in Brussels from the 3th to the 5th of December 1984 to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Institute of Archaeology Queen Elisabeth of Belgium at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem : in memory of Prof. Y. Yadin and Prof. Ch. PerelmanConference proceedings91ocn232684670book20060.47<>41ocn048235873visu0.73Conversations with Yigael YadinProfessor Yadin, former commander-in-chief of the Israeli army, discusses the Dead Sea Scrolls, and his discoveries at Ein-Gedi31ocn122775222book19890.81Erets Yiśraʼel : meḥḳarim bi-yediʻat ha-arets ṿe-ʻatiḳoteha11ocn082315209book1983Bibliography of Yigael YadinBiography11ocn022361437rcrd19751.00Yadin, YigaelThe Bar Kokhba letters11ocn037847084book19950.47Abend-David, IlanaPolitics and archaeology in Israel : Yigael Yadin's excavations at Masada11ocn079425178visu0.47Scroll from a son of a starHistoryFilm adaptationsThis video traces the history of the Jewish exile from Jerusalem by the Roman conquerors in 70 C.E., with the destruction of the Temple. In the year 124 C.E., Bar Kokhba led an uprising against the Romans. In 1960, Yigael Yadin led an expedition in the Judean hills at Ein-Gedi, to discover the history of that period11ocn083806420book19851.00Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society : news and meetings of the Society 1984-511ocn022366487rcrd19711.00Yadin, YigaelMasada11ocn022363496rcrd19721.00Yadin, YigaelThe war of independence - APersonal narratives11ocn075272162visu1.00American Friends of the Hebrew UniversityAmerican Friends of the Hebrew University photograph collectionPhotographsPhotographs of dinner parties for the American Friends of the Hebrew University, including one of Yigael Yadin11ocn668353093book19740.47Van der Merwe, MichielDie lesers van die Hebreerbrief, volgens Y. Yadin se Qumran-hipoteseCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn025815163rcrd19740.47Yadin, YigaelShrine of the book+-+0796609735+-+0796609735Fri Mar 21 15:18:26 EDT 2014batch33377