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Fri Mar 21 17:06:56 2014 UTClccn-n500142540.00Revolutionary road by Richard Yates : notes /0.250.98Richard Yates, an American writer : tributes in memoriam17323284Richard_Yates_(novelist)n 5001425449730Jejts, Ričard, 1926-1992イエーツ, リチャードlccn-nr97024608Winslet, Kateprfactlccn-n94000330DiCaprio, Leonardoprfactlccn-n2003059468Haythe, Justin1973-sceauslccn-no2006031203Shannon, Michael1974-prfactlccn-n2008005085Neal Street Productionslccn-no96015216BBC Filmslccn-no98086629Dreamworks Pictureslccn-no99015014DreamWorks Home Entertainment (Firm)lccn-no2005057961Hart, John N.Jrprolccn-no2005088669Paramount Home Entertainment (Firm)Yates, Richard1926-1992FictionDomestic fictionDramaFilm adaptationsShort storiesBildungsromansHistorical fictionRomance filmsConnecticutMarried peopleUnited StatesSuburban lifeYates, Richard,New York (State)--New YorkManners and customsSistersWomenHousewivesClerksMoving, HouseholdFrance--ParisBoarding schoolsWorld War (1939-1945)Children of divorced parentsNew York (State)--Long IslandAuthors, AmericanMothers and sonsShort stories, AmericanMidlife crisisFamiliesNineteen fiftiesMarriageAmerican fictionManners and customs in literatureWakefield, DanMcGuane, ThomasDomestic fiction, AmericanSocial historySuburbsMotion picture playsSoldiersSculptorsShort storiesSales personnelSpousesDomestic fictionVeteransPoets, AmericanMan-woman relationshipsMarried people--PsychologyVietnam War (1961-1975)AuthorsPrivate schoolsSuccessArtistsAmerican DreamFilm adaptationsMotion pictures, British19261992195619581961196219631964196519661969197019711972197519761977197819791981198219831984198519861987198819891990199219931996199820002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201420321154666813.54PS3575.A83ocn800021400ocn781414375ocn800024036ocn822822895ocn743158564ocn765903094ocn676637931ocn693881255ocn691270544ocn852226713ocn691457449ocn723660212ocn723820228ocn723832297ocn723958279ocn849742252ocn317077368ocn4606106843932104ocn192080527book19610.20Yates, RichardRevolutionary roadFictionDomestic fictionThe devastating effects of work, adultery, rebellion, and self-deception slowly destroy the once successful marriage of Frank and April Wheeler, a suburban American couple+-+7719092585161748ocn002202591book19760.24Yates, RichardThe Easter parade : a novelFictionDomestic fictionFollows forty years in the lives of two sisters, victims of divorced, neglectful parents, as they develop into different kinds of women+-+9373277685125626ocn010558755book19840.21Yates, RichardYoung hearts cryingFictionDomestic fictionIn Young Hearts Crying, Yates movingly portrays a man and a woman from their courtship and marriage in the 1950s to their divorce in the 70s, chronicling their heartbreaking attempts to reach their highest ambitions. Michael Davenport dreams of being a poet after returning home from World War II Europe, and at first he and his new wife Lucy enjoy their life together. But as the decades pass and the success of others creates an oppressive fear of failure in both Michael and Lucy, their once bright future gives way to a life of adultery and isolation. With empathy and grace, Yates creates a poignant novel of the desires and disasters of a tragic, hopeful couple. From the Trade Paperback edition+-+8140092585114915ocn044868931book20010.25Yates, RichardThe collected stories of Richard YatesFictionShort storiesThe stories of the influential American author are collected into a single volume for the first time, featuring nine new stories never before published in a collection+-+9841150535101725ocn003965867book19780.24Yates, RichardA good school : a novelFictionBildungsromansEnkele leerlingen van een kostschool van lage standing beleven hun groei naar volwassenheid aan de vooravond van de Tweede Wereldoorlog+-+5485797685100414ocn276172129rcrd20000.13Yates, RichardRevolutionary roadFictionDomestic fictionA bright Connecticut couple living on the assumption that greatness is just around the corner, mortgage their spiritual birthright, betraying not only each other, but their best selves+-+628408482592325ocn013123048book19860.21Yates, RichardCold Spring HarborFictionHistorical fictionIn a small Long Island town during the first months of World War II, Evan Shepard, a young machinist married for the second time, agrees to share a house with his wife's family and becomes torn by divided loyalties+-+380360445580825ocn000888083book19620.31Yates, RichardEleven kinds of loneliness; short storiesFictionShort storiesFirst published in 1962, a year after Revolutionary Road, this sublime collection of stories seems even more powerful today. Out of the lives of Manhattan office workers, a cab driver seeking immortality, frustrated would-be novelists, suburban men and their yearning, neglected women, Richard Yates creates a haunting mosaic of the 1950s, the era when the American dream was finally coming true - and just beginning to ring a little hollow+-+520360445580820ocn007554938book19810.27Yates, RichardLiars in love : storiesFictionShort stories+-+940360445532475223ocn001322948book19750.25Yates, RichardDisturbing the peace : a novelFictionDen desillusionerede og efterhånden kyniske reklamemand Wilder forsøger at drukne hverdagens trivialiteter med utroskab og drinks. En dag får han et mentalt sammenbrud og indlægges på en psykiatrisk afdeling hvilket inspirerer ham kreativt men ikke giver ham mindre at slås med+-+678847038574128ocn000029448book19690.24Yates, RichardA special providenceFictionIn a story set in postwar America, eighteen-year old Robert Prentice struggles with a soul damaged by war, while his fifty-three-year-old mother endures thwarted dreams of prosperity+-+00400925855293ocn232980210book20090.24Yates, RichardRevolutionary road ; The Easter parade ; Eleven kinds of lonelinessFictionDomestic fictionShort storiesEleven kinds of loneliness: Short stories+-+12684069361785ocn012689683book19850.79Yates, RichardWilliam Styron's Lie down in darkness : a screenplay12025ocn812981535visu20080.19Mendes, SamRevolutionary roadFictionDramaRomance filmsFilm adaptationsApril en Frank wonen in 1955 met hun twee kinderen in een buitenwijk in Connecticut. Ze zijn gefrustreerd over hun bestaan en besluiten naar Frankrijk te verhuizen om daar hun artistieke aspiraties te verwezenlijken1087ocn301893424book20030.14Yates, RichardVía revolucionariaFictionThe devastating effects of work, adultery, rebellion, and self-deception slowly destroy the once successful marriage of Frank and April Wheeler, a suburban American couple+-+57177811931045ocn651129079rcrd19760.12Yates, RichardThe Easter paradeFictionDomestic fictionChildren of divorced parents, sisters Sarah and Emily Grimes are observed over four decades and grow into two very different women. Sarah is stable and stalwart, settling into an unhappy marriage. Emily is precocious and independent, struggling with one unsatisfactory love affair after another942ocn706697192file20110.10Yates, RichardA good school [a novel]FictionFrom the critically-acclaimed author of Revolutionary Road, a spare and autumnal tale of a New England prep school tells the stories of William Grove, the nervous editor of the school paper; Jack Draper, the crippled chemistry teacher; and Edith Stone, the schoolmaster's daughter, who falls for the most celebrated boy in the class of 1943933ocn555760882book20090.16Yates, RichardCold Spring Harbor : romanDe wederwaardigheden van twee Amerikaanse families aan de vooravond van de Tweede Wereldoorlog in een klein plaatsje op Long Island881ocn191953464book20070.15Yates, RichardPaasparade : romanNa de scheiding van hun ouders zoeken twee zusjes met veel moeite naar liefde en geluk751ocn748160227book20110.14Yates, RichardEen speciaal soort voorzienigheidAls een jonge Amerikaan in de Tweede Wereldoorlog naar Europa wordt opgeroepen, blijkt dat hij als soldaat niet veel waard is18194ocn316340260visu20090.19Mendes, SamRevolutionary roadFictionDramaRomance filmsFilm adaptationsFrank and April Wheeler live a life that appears to be perfect. They live in the Connecticut suburbs with two young children. Frank commutes to New York City where he works in an office job that he hates and has yet to figure out what his passion in life is. April is a housewife who forgoes her dream of being an actress. They are not happy. One day, April suggests that they move to Paris as a means to rejuvenate their life. Initially skeptical, Frank ultimately agrees to April's plan. When circumstances change around the Wheelers, April decides she will do whatever she has to to get herself out of her unhappy existence7674ocn051040212book20030.27Bailey, BlakeA tragic honesty : the life and work of Richard YatesBiography"Yates's life was a tragicomic disaster. The favorite child of an unstable, impecunious mother, Yates described his youth as a "hysterical odyssey" through Depression-era America and beyond, from Westchester to Paris to Greenwich Village and back again, hounded by creditors every step of the way. Such an ordeal was the goad that made Yates determined to reveal the truth, no matter how bleak, that people like his mother tend to bury beneath layers of every delusion. "The most important thing," he liked to say, "is not to tell or live a lie."" "What emerges from these pages is a man of fascinating contradictions. A "gentlemen of the old school" who was rarely seen in public without a Brooks Brothers suit and foulard tie, Yates could be a man of consummate integrity and charm. But his better self was constantly sabotaged by alcohol and mental illness, and even at the best of times - a prestigious stint in Hollywood, say, or as Robert Kennedy's speechwriter - some fresh calamity was always in the offing." "A Tragic Honesty is an evocation of a man who in many ways embodied the struggles of the Great American Writer in the latter half of the twentieth century. The story of Richard Yates here stands as a singular reminder of what the writer must sacrifice for his craft, the devil's bargain of artistry for happiness, praise for sanity."--BOOK JACKET+-+10287976855213ocn035318721book19960.53Castronovo, DavidRichard YatesCriticism, interpretation, etcThis book presents biographical information on Richard Yates and critical commentary on his literary works+-+26859205354971ocn012262059book19860.56Klinkowitz, JeromeThe new American novel of manners : the fiction of Richard Yates, Dan Wakefield, Thomas McGuaneCriticism, interpretation, etc1465ocn682891163book20110.73Naparsteck, M. JRichard Yates up close : the writer and his worksCriticism, interpretation, etc"Richard Yates has been referred to as American's least known great writer. Today he's known primarily for the novel Revolutionary Road, considered by many as the greatest American novel of the second half of the twentieth century. This critical study examines the life and work of Yates by placing his body of work in cultural and personal context"--Provided by publisher+-+3405191325101ocn031770654book19930.98Richard Yates, an American writer : tributes in memoriamAnecdotes71ocn816279915book20120.84Moritz, RainerDer fatale Glaube an das Glück : Richard Yates - sein Leben, sein WerkCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography22ocn069344507book20050.47Taylor, Stephen JosephDiscovering the life-affirming in Richard Yates's Revolutionary roadCriticism, interpretation, etc21ocn504592494book2010Case, JoRevolutionary road by Richard Yates : notesCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn014697345book19860.47Whitehead, GwendolynThe fiction of Richard Yates : a journey down revolutionary road11ocn053281893rcrd2003Bailey, BlakeA tragic honesty the life and work of Richard YatesBiographyCelebrated in his prime, forgotten in his final years, only to be championed anew by our greatest contemporary authors, Richard Yates has always exposed readers to the unsettling hypocrisies of our modern age. Classic novels such as Revolutionary Road and The Easter Parade are incomparable chronicles of the quiet and not-so-quiet desperation of the American middle-class. Lonely housewives, addled businessmen, desperate career-girls and fearful boys and soldiers, Yates's America was a panorama of high living, self-doubt and self-deception. And in the tradition of other great realistic writers of his time (Fitzgerald and Hemingway, Cheever and Updike), Yates's fictional world mirrored his own. A manic-depressive alcoholic and unapologetic gentleman, his life was a hornets' nest of childhood ghosts, the horrors of war, money woes, and ebullient cocktailed evenings in New York, Hollywood, and the Riviera. [This volume] is [an] evocation of a man who in many ways embodied the struggles of the Great American Writer in the latter half of the twentieth century. Fame and reward followed by heartbreak and obscurity, Richard Yates here stands for what the writer must sacrifice for his craft, the devil's bargain of artistry for happiness, praise for sanity.-Dust jacket11ocn864491405visu20090.10Revolutionary road Les noces regellesDramaFilm adaptations11ocn863254500book19870.28Klinkowitz, JeromeThe new American novel of manners : the fiction of Richard Yates, Dan Wakefield and Thomas McGuaneCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn162107358com20070.47Feder, Darcy AnneReading suburbanization and placelessness in Richard YatesCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn034527892book19920.47Telloni, Anthony VincentThe best gift ever : a collection of prose and consCriticism, interpretation, etc01ocn122409368mixLincoln, AbrahamALS, 1860 October 2, Springfield, Illinois to J.E. Harvey, concerning tariffs; ALS 1860 September 27, Springfield, Illinois, to J.E. Harvey, concerning Judge Kelly; ALS, 1863 May 25, to the "Governor of Illinois" [Richard Yates], asking for reappointment of Lieutenant Gray to the Army. Also includes manuscript document, 1862 April 22 (2 p.), signed by Lincoln (as President) and William H. Seward, Secretary of State, introducing James E. Harvey, Minister to Lisbon01ocn086158796mixPhillips, Robert SArchivesWritings comprise a large assortment of manuscripts and production records for Phillips' books, as well as holograph and typescript manuscripts for essays, poems, reviews, stories, and interviews with William Goyen, Philip Larkin, Joyce Carol Oates, Karl Shapiro, Elizabeth Spencer, and Marya Zaturenska+-+9841150535+-+9841150535Fri Mar 21 15:15:17 EDT 2014batch35206