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Fri Mar 21 17:11:26 2014 UTClccn-n500157680.06Helen Williams and the French Revolution /0.710.98Political radicalism in England, 1789-1799; a study in literary backgrounds,44455306Helen_Maria_Williamsn 5001576851233Miss Williams, 1762-1827Williams, ... 1762-1827Williams, Helen 1762-1827Williams, Helen M. 1762-1827Williams, Helen MariaWilliams, Héléna MariaWilliams, Helena Maria, 1762-1827Williams, Hélène-Maria.Williams, Hélène-Maria, 1762-1827Williams, Hélène-Marie 1762-1827Williams, Maria-HélèneWilliams, Miss, 1762-1827lccn-n00063744Du Fossé, Augustin François Thomas1750-1833lccn-n79006595Wordsworth, William1770-1850lccn-n80051862Humboldt, Alexander von1769-1859lccn-n84227245Gravil, Richardlccn-n50001402Seward, Anna1742-1809lccn-n50026080Harper, George McLean1863-1947lccn-nb99169471Griggs, Earl Leslieedtlccn-n78095462Coleridge, Samuel Taylor1772-1834lccn-n50042217Bonpland, Aimé1773-1858lccn-n50032770Saint-Pierre, Bernardin de1737-1814Williams, Helen Maria1762-1827HistoryRecords and correspondenceFictionJuvenile worksPoetryPersonal narrativesSourcesNature storiesPersonal narratives‡vBritishFranceRevolution (France : 1789-1799)Williams, Helen Maria,TravelDu Fossé, Augustin François Thomas,Wordsworth, William,Great BritainSouth AmericaNatural historyFrance--ParisScientific expeditionsWomen and literatureReign of Terror (France : 1793-1794)French fictionPolitical scienceVoyages and travelsMauritiusHistoriographyLiteratureEnglish fictionPolitical and social viewsEnglish literature--French influencesHays, Mary,Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)English literature--Women authorsRevolutionary literature, EnglishPublic opinion, BritishHamilton, Elizabeth,PeruConduct of lifeDetention of personsLettres de cachetPublic opinionManners and customsColeridge, Samuel Taylor,Seward, Anna,Harper, George McLean,Wollstonecraft, Mary,Paine, Thomas,EnglandNapoleon--I,--Emperor of the French,Slavery--Law and legislationSlave tradePoets, EnglishEnglish poetrySwitzerlandWest Indies--British West IndiesBritishHistoriansAntiquities176218271771178217831784178617871788178917901791179217931794179517961797179817991800180118021803180418051806180818091810181118131814181518161817181818191820182118221823182418251826182718281829183018341837183918401841184218441845184818491850185218531854185518571860186418671872187518771888188918911892189318951898190019051908190919101919192019291930193119341936193719391940196119621965196619671971197219731974197519771978198219831989199219931994199519961997199819992001200220042005200620072008200920102011201220132014145084501464944.04092AC4ocn002469279ocn000596898ocn004745075ocn007032379ocn001452244ocn009263929ocn001209745ocn010904294ocn001825678ocn008859071ocn466152169ocn464840752ocn466152176ocn466256665ocn466256657ocn466245333ocn419723962ocn846685013ocn858061273ocn457642268ocn084079353ocn25748633879969ocn083360063file17950.79Williams, Helen MariaLetters containing a sketch of the politics of France from the thirty-first of May 1793, till the twenty-eighth of July 1794, and of the scenes which have passed in the prisons of Paris. By Helen Maria WilliamsHistoryRecords and correspondencePersonal narratives British681119ocn021149252book17950.33Saint-Pierre, Bernardin dePaul and VirginiaJuvenile worksFictionNature storiesHere the author tells the story of two children of French parentage who grow up entirely according to nature's laws on a paradise island, free from the corrupting influence of the world. They reach adolescence and fall in love. -- From back cover+-+691940453565962ocn083280318com17900.76Williams, Helen MariaLetters written in FranceHistoryPersonal narrativesRecords and correspondencePersonal narratives British44039ocn765821833book18140.90Humboldt, Alexander vonPersonal narrative of travels to the equinoctial regions of the new continent during the years 1799-1804History+-+955375356643628ocn642666016file17860.73Williams, Helen MariaPoems by Helen Maria Williams. In two volumes.30026ocn642790555com17970.84Biggs, CharlotteA Residence in France, during the years 1792, 1793, 1794, and 1795 described in a series of letters from an English lady: with general and incidental remarks on the French character and manners. Prepared for the press by John Gifford, Esq. author of The history of France, Letter to Lord Lauderdale, Letter to the Hon. T. Erskine, &cHistoryPersonal narrativesSourcesRecords and correspondence28713ocn509732174file17820.81Williams, Helen MariaEdwin and Eltruda. A legendary tale. By a lady28546ocn511143000com17920.88Williams, Helen MariaLetters from FranceHistoryPersonal narrativesSourcesRecords and correspondence27717ocn015453709book18150.93Williams, Helen MariaA narrative of the events which have taken place in France, from the landing of Napoleon Bonaparte on the 1st of March, 1815, till the restoration of Louis XVIII with an account of the present state of society and public opinionHistory26812ocn065336134file17880.81Williams, Helen MariaA poem on the bill lately passed for regulating the slave tradePoetry2568ocn004912741book18140.86Humboldt, Alexander vonResearches concerning the institutions & monuments of the ancient inhabitants of America : with descriptions & views of some of the most striking scenes in the Cordilleras!23310ocn001506541book18030.90Babié de Bercenay, FrançoisThe political and confidential correspondence of Lewis XVI : with observations on each letterHistoryRecords and correspondenceThe letters, in French and English, are the work of F. Babie de Bercenay and Count Imbert de la Platiere21817ocn062841203com17910.84Williams, Helen MariaLetters on the French Revolution written in France, in the summer of 1790, to a friend in England ; containing, various anecdotes relative to that interesting event, and memoirs of Mons. and Madame Du F--.History21616ocn642666015file17900.66Williams, Helen MariaJulia, a novel ; interspersed with some poetical pieces. By Helen Maria Williams. In two volumes.20611ocn181833756file17980.73Williams, Helen MariaA tour in Switzerland or, a view of the present state of the governments and manners of those cantons: with comparative sketches of the present state of Paris. By Helen Maria Williams.20214ocn642664829com17830.86Williams, Helen MariaAn ode on the peace. By the author of Edwin and EltrudaHistory19813ocn062841201file17960.84Williams, Helen MariaLetters containing a sketch of the scenes which passed in various Departments of France during the tyranny of Robespierre ; and of the events which took place in Paris on the 28th of July, 1794History19710ocn065235598file18010.92Williams, Helen MariaSketches of the state of manners and opinions in the French Republic, towards the close of the eighteenth century in a series of lettersHistory1662ocn002469279book19660.63Humboldt, Alexander vonPersonal narrative of travels to the equinoctial regions of the New continent, during the years 1799-1804 / Printed for Longman [etc.], 1818-18291619ocn085872356file17840.81Williams, Helen MariaPeru, a poem. In six cantos. By Helen Maria WilliamsHistoryPoetry8784ocn741763946file20100.39Gravil, RichardWordsworth and Helen Maria Williams, or, The perils of sensibility three Grasmere essaysCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+50455129363248428ocn002573451book19390.59Griggs, Earl LeslieWordsworth and Coleridge; studies in honor of George McLean Harper4225ocn027265550book19930.76Kelly, GaryWomen, writing, and revolution, 1790-1827HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcThe French Revolution stirred a bitter debate in Britain concerning the nature of civil society and the political nation. This is an original and lively study of the efforts of contemporary women writers to base a reformed state and national culture on virtues and domains traditionally conceded to women. The pre-Revolutionary call for the feminization of culture acquired new and controversial meaning during the Revolution debate with the claims of Mary Wollstonecraft and others for intellectual, vocational, sexual, and even political equality with men. But women writers of the period were faced with a literary discourse that assigned learned, sublime, and controversial genres, and public and political themes, to men. Women writers therefore undertook bold literary experiments that were derided and suppressed in their time, and which are still misunderstood. Gary Kelly investigates this hitherto neglected achievement by combining a wide survey of women's writing in its historical context with detailed analyses of three leading women writers: Helen Maria Williams, the eyewitness to the Revolution most widely read in Britain; the determined feminist and self-styled 'female philosopher' Mary Hays; and Elizabeth Hamilton, relentless 'feminizer' of supposedly 'masculine' discourse, from satire to social reform and from classics to theology+-+77277634653242782ocn035318809book19970.84Blakemore, StevenCrisis in representation : Thomas Paine, Mary Wollstonecraft, Helen Maria Williams, and the rewriting of the French RevolutionHistoryFor Paine, Wollstonecraft, and Williams, the crisis in representation was actually a variety of representational crises. That they returned to the paradigms of the past to resolve the crisis signified that they were rewriting the Revolution within the textual space of the tradition they had originally opposed+-+59628138352564ocn048399211book20020.84Kennedy, DeborahHelen Maria Williams and the Age of RevolutionHistoryBiography"Deborah Kennedy's Helen Maria Williams and the Age of Revolution is the first critical study to be published on this fascinating woman of letters: it is a comprehensively researched and lucidly written account of Williams's life and writing in the context of the major events taking place in England and France throughout her life. Complicating and extending biography, Kennedy's richly textured and contextual discussion of this "literary celebrity of the French Revolution" combines social history, literary history, criticism, political and social history, and intellectual history, in a discussion that will appeal to general readers even while it makes an important contribution to the field of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century studies of women writers."--BOOK JACKET+-+46600238352493ocn032510615book19940.06Williams, Helen MariaHelen Williams and the French RevolutionHistoryJuvenile worksPersonal narrativesProvides a first-person account of the author's experiences in Paris during the Reign of Terror, from May 1793 to July 1794, when the government led by Robespierre terrorized the populace with summary arrests and executions+-+623739663524412ocn024505312book17900.76Williams, Helen MariaLetters written in FranceHistoryPersonal narrativesRecords and correspondencePersonal narratives British2172ocn045557284book20010.76Williams, Helen MariaLetters written in France : in the Summer 1790, to a friend in England, containing various anecdotes relative to the French RevolutionHistoryRecords and correspondence+-+30076660061582ocn033983631book19970.86Williams, Helen MariaAn eye-witness account of the French Revolution by Helen Maria Williams : letters containing a sketch of the politics of FranceHistoryPersonal narrativesRecords and correspondence+-+15768957351428ocn001971953book17920.88Williams, Helen MariaLetters from FranceHistoryPersonal narrativesSourcesRecords and correspondence1073ocn642351837com17930.76Williams, Helen MariaLetters from France containing a great variety of interesting and original information concerning the most important events that have lately occurred in that country, and particularly respecting the campaign of 1792.HistoryPersonal narrativesRecords and correspondence945ocn015612987book17930.93Hawkins, Laetitia MatildaLetters on the female mind, its powers and pursuits. Addressed to Miss H.M. Williams, with particular reference to her Letters from FranceHistory673ocn004960664book19300.94Woodward, Lionel DouglasUne Anglaise amie de la révolution francaise, Hélène-Maria Williams, et ses amisHistoryBiography501ocn034574309book19960.73Williams, Helen MariaPoems by Helen Maria Williams. In two volumes.491ocn644681745com20040.50Nineteenth-Century literature criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcStories, plots, etcPresents literary criticism on the works of nineteenth-century writers of all genres, nations, and cultures. Critical essays are selected from leading sources, including published journals, magazines, books, reviews, diaries, broadsheets, pamphlets, and scholarly papers. Criticism includes early views from the author's lifetime as well as later views, including extensive collections of contemporary analysis+-+2874112325432ocn841831686book20130.92Keane, AngelaRevolutionary women writers : Charlotte Smith & Helen Maria WilliamsIn the 1790s, when Charlotte Smith and Helen Maria Williams were at the peak of their critical reputations, they were known to each other and often cited together approvingly. It was Smith who provided the young William Wordsworth with a letter of introduction to Williams when he visited France in 1791 (though she had left by the time he got there). By the end of the decade Smith and Williams were being cited together more pejoratively, as two of a number of women who came to stand for the amoral, sexually suspect and politically naïve English Jacobins who were vilified in the conservative press. Neither were in fact Jacobins but they were revolutionary. This book looks at how Smith and Williams earned such reputations and at the politics and poetics of the works that reveal Smith to be a self-constructed Romantic and Williams as a mistress of intimate disguise+-+6624581925324202ocn002888100book19770.88Woodward, Lionel DHélène-Maria Williams et ses amisHistoryBiography131ocn025351848book19300.76Woodward, Lionel DUne adhérente anglaise de la révolution française : Hélène-Maria Williams et ses amisHistoryBiography91ocn030304169book19400.98Adams, M. RayPolitical radicalism in England, 1789-1799; a study in literary backgroundsHistory71ocn052978814book17980.93Williams, Helen MariaNouveau voyage en Suisse, contenant une peinture de ce pays, de ses moeurs et de ses gouvernemens actuels Avec quelques traits de comparaison entre les usages de la Suisse et ceux de Paris moderne+-+3007666006+-+3007666006Fri Mar 21 15:52:16 EDT 2014batch48545