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Fri Mar 21 17:14:49 2014 UTClccn-n500192240.00Ben: Perley Poore : antiques as old-time atmosphere0.721.00The wheelbarrow polka /77183680Benjamin_Perley_Pooren 5001922454658Perley, 1820-1887Perley Poore, Benjamin 1820-1887Poore, B. P. (Benjamin Perley), 1820-1887Poore, Ben Perley.Poore, Ben. Perley 1820-1887Poore, Ben. Perley (Benjamin Perley), 1820-1887Poore, Benjamin P.lccn-n79022161United StatesCongressSenatelccn-n79056304Johnson, Andrew1808-1875nc-united states$congress$1867 1868United StatesCongress1867-1868)lccn-n79006779Lincoln, Abraham1809-1865lccn-n82020074Herold, David E.1844-1865lccn-n84204390O'Laughlin, Michaeld. 1867lccn-n84204237Arnold, Samuel1834-1906lccn-n84204389Spangler, Edwardlccn-n88164229Mudd, Samuel Alexander1833-1883lccn-n81056575Surratt, Mary E.(Mary Eugenia)1820-1865Poore, Benjamin Perley1820-1887SourcesHistoryBibliographyBiographyTrials, litigation, etcDirectoriesCatalogsFictionRecords and correspondenceUnited StatesImpeachmentsJohnson, Andrew,Government publicationsPolitical scienceWashington (D.C.)Manners and customsConstitutions--U.S. statesConstitutional lawConstitutional historyConstitutional history--U.S. statesAssassinationVetoUnited States.--CongressBurnside, Ambrose Everett,Lincoln, Abraham,Booth, John Wilkes,MassachusettsSurratt, Mary E.--(Mary Eugenia),O'Laughlin, Michael,Herold, David E.,Atzerodt, George A.,Spangler, EdwardArnold, Samuel,Mudd, Samuel Alexander,Payne, Lewis,Trials (Murder)AgriculturePoore, Benjamin Perley,CanadaUnited States.--Supreme CourtCabinet officersGrant, Ulysses S.--(Ulysses Simpson),HistoriographySherman, John,Constitutional law--U.S. statesTaylor, Zachary,JournalistsGovernment publications--BibliographyFranceSmyth, Frederick,Louis Philippe,--King of the French,AutographsAuctionsTrials (Impeachment)PresidentsPoliticiansCampaign biographyNapoleon--I,--Emperor of the French,Constitution (United States)182018871840184518471848184918501851185218531854185518561857185818601862186318641865186618671868186918701871187218731874187518761877187818791880188118821883188418851886188718881890189218971909191419241948194919531962197019711972197519791980198119821984198519951999200020012004200720106878234506343.332KF5075ocn000277188ocn002522615ocn010156544ocn681736246ocn458033322ocn832745955ocn763182600ocn759698133ocn458033309ocn832145719ocn006792540ocn679946178ocn000625562ocn009065163ocn043815332ocn249649228ocn656871012ocn301631651ocn023318306ocn029186247114722ocn000506938book18680.66Johnson, AndrewTrial of Andrew Johnson, president of the United States, before the Senate of the United States, on impeachment by the House of Representatives for high crimes and misdemeanorsHistorySources94230ocn001105499book18850.66Poore, Benjamin PerleyA descriptive catalogue of the government publications of the United States, September 5, 1774-March 4, 1881CatalogsBibliographyComplete lists of works, documents, reports, and pamphlets issued, printed or published by the respective departments or by order of Congress from September 5, 1774 to March 4, 188191436ocn000872098book18770.73Poore, Benjamin PerleyThe federal and state constitutions, colonial charters, and other organic laws of the United StatesSources+-+837622930659115ocn002455456book18860.59Poore, Benjamin PerleyPerley's reminiscences of sixty years in the national metropolisHistoryBiography+-+662820079641012ocn000277188book18650.84Herold, David EThe conspiracy trial for the murder of the President, and the attempt to overthrow the Government by the assassination of its principal officersTrials, litigation, etc37112ocn060728719file18860.84United StatesVeto messages of the Presidents of the United States with the action of Congress thereon28914ocn004390277book18820.66Poore, Benjamin PerleyThe life and public services of Ambrose E. Burnside, soldier, -citizen, -statesmanHistoryBiography1828ocn367971922com18470.92Poore, Benjamin PerleyLife of Gen. Zachary Taylor, the Whig candidate for the presidencyBiography1441ocn011483879book18670.53Poore, Benjamin PerleyHistory of the agriculture of the United StatesHistory1258ocn007012113book18830.81Collection de manuscrits contenant lettres, mémoires, et autres documents historiques relatifs à la Nouvelle-France, recueillis aux archives de la province de Québec, ou copiés à l'étrangerHistorySourcesRecords and correspondence1176ocn001466601book18780.76Poore, Benjamin PerleyThe political register and congressional directory: a statistical record of the federal officials, legislative, executive, and judicial, of the United States of America, 1776-1878BiographyDirectories1118ocn002277156book18550.93Poore, Benjamin PerleyAurora, or, The sharpshooters' scout a romance of the Revolution1107ocn002277201book18520.93Poore, Benjamin PerleyThe Russian guardsman a tale of the seas and shores of the East10910ocn011845680book18850.59Poore, Benjamin PerleyLife of U.S. GrantBiography1086ocn002278835book18630.93Poore, Benjamin PerleyThe West Point cadet, or, The turns of fortune's wheel1086ocn002277197book18520.93Poore, Benjamin PerleyThe Mameluke, or, The sign of the mystic tie a tale of the camp and court of BonaparteFiction932ocn733083395file18480.90MassachusettsMessage from His Excellency Geo. N. Briggs, transmitting the report of Benjamin Perley Poore, employed in France as historical agent of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with letters from the Hon[orable] J.G. Palfrey, Secretary of State, and Jared Sparks, LL. D., in relation to the subject926ocn011856749book18800.93Poore, Benjamin PerleyThe life and public services of John ShermanBiography446ocn006792540book18850.79Poore, Benjamin PerleySketches of the life and public services of Frederick Smyth, of New Hampshire434ocn005526784book18480.81Poore, Benjamin PerleyThe rise and fall of Louis Philippe, ex-king of the French; giving a history of the French revolution, from its commencement, in 1789History725ocn000416532book18860.59Poore, Benjamin PerleyPerley's reminiscences of sixty years in the national metropolisHistoryBiography406ocn008243650book18880.76Catalogue of the collection of autographs belonging to the estate of the late Maj. Ben. Perley Poore, of Newburyport, Mass124ocn012209690book19790.92McKerns, Joseph PBenjamin Perley Poore of the Boston journal : his life and times as a Washington correspondent, 1850-1887Biography31ocn080062698score18561.00Apples, A. BarrelThe wheelbarrow polkaMusic11ocn011202759book1.00Ben: Perley Poore11ocn612813232book18491.00Puibusque, Adolphe deDocumens de Paris relatifs au Canada, à l'Acadie et à la Nouvelle Angleterre : Catalogue de la Collection appartenant au Massachussetts et déposée aux Archives de la maison d'Etat (Boston) / rédigée par M. Adolphe de Puibusque, durant son séjour à Boston pendant l'été 1849 :HistoryA catalogue of the 10-vol. Benjamin Perley Poore collection of French archives in the possession of the State Archives, Boston. Collection contains records 1540-1789 relative to Canada, Acadia and New England11ocn081299849mix18641.00Coffin, Charles CarletonLetter : Boston, to [Benjamin Perley?] Poore, n.pHistoryAutograph letter signed. Includes references to Coffin's book, My Days and Nights in the Battle Field11ocn248929748mix1.00Kent, Levi ELevi E. Kent journalHistoryMapsMusicThe journal of Levi E. Kent, of the 4th Rhode Island Infantry, Company F., provides an account of his regiment's movements, battles, pastimes, entertainments, and lifestyle11ocn210311011bookThis scrapbook contains newsclippings regarding Benjamin Perley Poore11ocn084019822book1.00Bradley, Joseph PDiariesRecords and correspondenceOther correspondents include Melville W. Fuller, Archer Gifford, Horace Grey, John Marshall Harlan, Benjamin Harrison, Joseph Henry, George F. Hoar, Joseph C. Hornblower, William Hornblower, John P. Jackson, James G. King, Thomas T. Kinney, L.Q.C. Lamar, Martha J. Lamb, S.P. Langley, Robert Todd Lincoln, Arthur MacArthur, A.W. Markley, Weir Mitchell, Lot M. Morrill, Franklin Murphy, William Nelson, Cortlandt Parker, William Pennington, Benjamin Perley Poore, Rodman M. Price, Theodore F. Randolph, Charles H. Reed, George M. Robeson, Elihu Root, Martin Ryerson, Carl Schurz, Thomas Scott, John Sherman, Benjamin Silliman, Jr., Ellen L. Stanton, R.H. Stevens, John P. Stockton, Robert Field Stockton, William Howard Taft, Peter D. Vroom, Morrison Remick Waite, John Wanamaker, Marcus L. Ward, Stephen Wickes, Joseph G. Wilson, and Beatrice Winser. Correspondence is indexed in the manuscripts catalog11ocn207164761bookPoore, Benjamin PerleyHistoryThis volume, 1854-1855, was kept by Benjamin Perley Poore as a record of his plans to publish Archives of the Press, an illustrated history of the American press. The volume contains a printed prospectus, clippings from various newspapers promoting the publication, and a brief list of subscribers. There is also a page which contains a list of people to whom Poore sent a prospectus or a note of thanks for their assistance. There is also a loose page of blank receipts of the American Sentinel office in Washington, D.C., and a loose newsclipping11ocn051124309visu18701.00[Hon. Benjamin Perley Poore, from Mass., half-length portrait, facing front]11ocn144571401mix1.00Clapp, William WarlandWilliam Warland Clapp papersRecords and correspondencePrimarily letters from Benjamin Perley Poore, author and editor, and E.B. Wight, Clapp's son-in-law, reporter for the Chicago tribune and for Inter ocean, and manager of the Washington News Bureau. Relates chiefly to the reporting of political issues, such as the impeachment proceedings against Andrew Johnson, the disputed presidential election of 1876, and the consistency of the Boston Journal, which was edited by Clapp, in advancing the principles of the Republican Party. Includes letters from C.F. Kitteridge and James B. Runnion11ocn055941356mix1877Townshend, Richard WLetter to Ben Perley Poore stating that he is sending him a sketch "of the most important event in my life" for the Congressional Directory11ocn057042339visu18501.00[Benjamin Perley Poore, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly right]11ocn076823879book18681.00Whittemore, Benjamin FranklinFranklin Whittemore papersBiographyRecords and correspondenceThree autobiographical letters written by B.F. Whittemore from Washington D.C., to Charles Lanman and Ben[jamin] Perley Poore, two writers compiling bigraphical directories11ocn032144798book1876Williams, Jeremiah NormanLetter : Washington, D.C., to Major Ben Perley PooreHistoryDirectoriesSourcesRecords and correspondenceLetter concerns reports for the 1876 [Congressional] Directory which contain incorrect information about Williams' military service (C.S.A.) and the counties and districts of the state of Alabama11ocn057747033visu18530.10Indian Hill Farm at Newbury, Mass. the residence of Ben. Perley PoorePictorial worksSubject: Indian Hill Farm, Newbury, Mass11ocn851898208book1980Stillinger, ElizabethBen: Perley Poore : antiques as old-time atmosphere11ocn018971464visu1.00B. PerleyPortraits+-+8376229306+-+8376229306Fri Mar 21 15:47:26 EDT 2014batch29068