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(Анри), 1854-1912Пуанкаре, Анри, 1854-1912פואנקרה, הנריפואנקרה, הנרי, 1854־1912بوانكاري، هنري، 1854-1912هنري بوانكاريه، 1854-1912ポアンカレポアンカレ, アンリlccn-n79022889Einstein, Albert1879-1955lccn-n85812057Galison, Peter1955-lccn-n92032739O'Shea, Donallccn-no2008107620Perelman, Grigori1966-lccn-n87125289Blondin, J.(Jules)arrsecrededtlccn-no00014183Dvoeglazov, Valeri V.lccn-n78082114Bergson, Henri1859-1941clblccn-n85800520Dantzig, Tobias1884-1956lccn-n85235804Gray, Jeremy1947-edtlccn-n81091807Ostwald, Wilhelm1853-1932Poincaré, Henri1854-1912HistoryBiographyConference proceedingsRecords and correspondencePopular worksScience--PhilosophyPoincaré, Henri,Mathematics--PhilosophyRelativity (Physics)Science--MethodologyTimeMathematiciansAlgebraic topologyMathematics--AwardsEinstein, Albert,FranceCelestial mechanicsMathematicsScientistsEther (Space)Three-body problemHamiltonian systemsProbabilitiesAutomorphic functionsCosmogonyChaotic behavior in systemsMathematical physicsBergson, Henri,Metchnikoff, Elie,Maeterlinck, Maurice,Ostwald, Wilhelm,PhysicistsLunar theoryPerturbation (Astronomy)Shape theory (Topology)Three-manifolds (Topology)Poincaré conjectureInternational Congress of MathematiciansSpace and timeTime--PhilosophyImaginary conversationsMetaphysicsA prioriNietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm,PragmatismPhysicsLogic, Symbolic and mathematicalHypothesisTidesHaeckel, Ernst,Error analysis (Mathematics)HorologyTime--Systems and standardsSciencePerturbation (Mathematics)1854191218791880188118821883188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819091910191119121913191419151916191719181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320142993710533466501Q175ocn458316022ocn458075057ocn457753274ocn457796011ocn457950751ocn258344414ocn834369674ocn797468128ocn315043859ocn255634428ocn634956952ocn256081992ocn461826865ocn301613199ocn803075285ocn458238003ocn440352994ocn470006120ocn833070976ocn461762281ocn461762283144848ocn000522302book19020.59Poincaré, HenriScience and hypothesis+-+9677511395128251ocn000544971book19000.59Poincaré, HenriScience and method+-+2689150036324936176ocn301440190book19000.76Poincaré, HenriLa science et l'hypothese803136ocn319720171book18950.70Poincaré, HenriLa valeur de la sciencePsychologie / Physik / Mathematik64317ocn001409452book19070.66Poincaré, HenriThe value of science52736ocn001098649book18920.84Poincaré, HenriLes méthodes nouvelles de la mécanique céleste48093ocn007037567book19080.79Poincaré, HenriScience et méthode46020ocn002569829book19130.81Poincaré, HenriThe foundations of science; Science and hypothesis, The value of science, Science and method4578ocn000860699book19630.63Poincaré, HenriMathematics and science: last essays. 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Despite a million-dollar prize for a solution, Russian mathematician Grigory Perelman, posted his solution on the Internet instead of publishing it in a peer-reviewed journal. This book "tells the story of the fascinating personalities, institutions, and scholarship behind the centuries of mathematics that have led to Perelman's dramatic proof." The author also chronicles dramatic events at the 2006 International Congress of Mathematicians in Madrid, where Perelman was awarded a Fields Medal for his solution, which he declined+-+17806275353247444ocn070826696com20060.37Einstein and Poincaré the physical vacuum+-+88664782456037ocn001106752book19540.63Dantzig, TobiasHenri Poincaré, critic of crisis: reflections on his universe of discourse48811ocn000390561book19140.66Slosson, Edwin EMajor prophets of to-day4844ocn034357985book19930.63Barrow-Green, JunePoincaré and the three body problemHistoryPoincare's famous memoir on the three body problem arose from his entry in the competition celebrating the 60th birthday of King Oscar of Sweden and Norway. His essay won the prize and was set up in print as a paper in Acta Mathematica when it was found to contain a deep and critical error. In correcting this error Poincare discovered mathematical chaos, as is now clear from June Barrow-Green's pioneering study of a copy of the original memoir annotated by Poincare himself, recently discovered in the Institut Mittag-Leffler in Stockholm. Poincare and the Three Body Problem opens with a discussion of the development of the three body problem itself and Poincare's related earlier work. The book also contains intriguing insights into the contemporary European mathematical community revealed by the workings of the competition. After an account of the discovery of the error and a detailed comparative study of both the original memoir and its rewritten version, the book concludes with an account of the final memoir's reception, influence and impact, and an examination of Poincare's subsequent highly influential work in celestial mechanics+-+22185367353244758ocn788266487book20110.50Gray, JeremyHenri Poincaré : a scientific biographyBiography"Henri Poincaré (1854-1912) was not just one of the most inventive, versatile, and productive mathematicians of all time--he was also a leading physicist who almost won a Nobel Prize for physics and a prominent philosopher of science whose fresh and surprising essays are still in print a century later. The first in-depth and comprehensive look at his many accomplishments, Henri Poincaré explores all the fields that Poincaré touched, the debates sparked by his original investigations, and how his discoveries still contribute to society today. Math historian Jeremy Gray shows that Poincaré's influence was wide-ranging and permanent. His novel interpretation of non-Euclidean geometry challenged contemporary ideas about space, stirred heated discussion, and led to flourishing research. His work in topology began the modern study of the subject, recently highlighted by the successful resolution of the famous Poincaré conjecture. And Poincaré's reformulation of celestial mechanics and discovery of chaotic motion started the modern theory of dynamical systems. In physics, his insights on the Lorentz group preceded Einstein's, and he was the first to indicate that space and time might be fundamentally atomic. Poincaré the public intellectual did not shy away from scientific controversy, and he defended mathematics against the attacks of logicians such as Bertrand Russell, opposed the views of Catholic apologists, and served as an expert witness in probability for the notorious Dreyfus case that polarized France. Richly informed by letters and documents, Henri Poincaré demonstrates how one man's work revolutionized math, science, and the greater world"--3834ocn009282570book19830.73Browder, Felix EThe mathematical heritage of Henri PoincaréConference proceedings3743ocn806458685file20120.63Verhulst, FHenri Poincaré impatient geniusBiography"This book describes the life and work of Henri Poincaré, detailing most of his unique achievements in mathematics and physics"--Back cover2754ocn261225042com20070.66Poincaré, HenriLa correspondance entre Henri Poincare et les physiciens, chimistes et IngenieursHistoryRecords and correspondence+-+11862891282404ocn426389803book20060.73The scientific legacy of PoincaréHenri Poincare (1854-1912) was one of the greatest scientists of his time, perhaps the last one to have mastered and expanded almost all areas in mathematics and theoretical physics. In this book, twenty world experts present one part of Poincare's extraordinary work. Each chapter treats one theme, presenting Poincare's approach, and achievements+-+83629367353242364ocn008452782book19820.79Giedymin, JerzyScience and convention : essays on Henri Poincaré's philosophy of science and the conventionalist tradition1762ocn046565042book20010.81Zahar, EliePoincaré's philosophy : from conventionalism to phenomenology+-+K0894176351733ocn025282773book19920.84Folina, JanetPoincaré and the philosophy of mathematics+-+97830088853241492ocn000217837book19660.86Mooij, J. J. ALa Philosophie des mathématiques de Henri Poincaré1325ocn005616686book19750.84Schmid, Anne FrançoiseUne Philosophie de savant : Henri Poincaré et la logique mathématique10812ocn011030655book19090.86Lebon, ErnestHenri Poincaré; biographie, bibliographie analytique des écritsBiographyBibliography1042ocn032167093book19960.84Stienitz, YuvalIn defense of metaphysicsSwimming against the current tide of analytic philosophy and relativism, In Defense of Metaphysics aims to demonstrate the necessary existence of absolute philosophical truths. The author invites Kant, Ayer, Poincare, and Quine to participate in four dialogues, which present and attack those modern trends that reject metaphysics1008ocn000870941book19110.90Berthelot, RenéUn romantisme utilitaire; étude sur le mouvement pragmatiste762ocn062609069book20050.76Samueli, Jean-JacquesH. Poincaré (1854-1912) : physicienHistoryBiographyRetrace l'histoire professionnelle et personnelle du mathématicien et physicien Henri Poincaré (1854-1912) qui contribua à la mise au point de la théorie sur la relativité+-+8067142385324+-+8067142385324Fri Mar 21 15:31:26 EDT 2014batch72519