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Thu Oct 16 18:00:42 2014 UTClccn-n500211010.47The Scottish romance tradition c.1375-c.1550 nation, chivalry and knighthood /0.721.00A! fredome : for full chorus of mixed voices, a cappella /49245093John_Barbour_(poet)n 5002110156527Barber, John 1316-1395Barbour, John d. 1395John 1316-1395 BarbourJohn Barbour 1316-1395lccn-n50057306RobertIKing of Scots1274-1329lccn-n80032735Skeat, Walter W.(Walter William)1835-1912othedtlccn-nb2010020142Mainer, Sergiviaf-194106673RobertIKing of Scotland1274-1329lccn-n79117143Lydgate, John1370?-1451?lccn-n50010918Eyre-Todd, George1862-1937trledtlccn-n50069196Henrythe Minstrelactive 1470-1492viaf-32348173Andrewof Wyntoun1350?-1420?lccn-n50016848Thomasthe Rhymer1220?-1297?lccn-n79004067Alexanderthe Great356 B.C.-323 B.C.Barbour, John-1395PoetryBiographyRomancesCriticism, interpretation, etcLegendsMusical settingsSourcesHistoryManuscriptsScotlandRobert--I,--King of Scots,Barbour, John,Romances, ScottishKnights and knighthood in literatureChivalry in literatureScottish poetryKings and rulersEnglish poetry--Scottish authorsEnglish poetry--Middle EnglishLegendsSaintsChoruses, Secular (Mixed voices) with orchestra--ScoresAlexander,--the Great,Civilization, MedievalRomancesBruce (Barbour, John)Epic poetry, ScottishFaculty of Advocates (Scotland).--LibraryManuscripts, English (Middle)Nationalism in literatureNational characteristics, Scottish, in literatureNationalism and literatureLiteratureBuke of the Howlat (Holland, Richard, Sir)Wallace (Henry, the Minstrel)Language and languagesSongs (Medium voice) with pianoPaine, Thomas,Wallace, William,--Sir,Edward Bruce,--King of Ireland,Douglas, James Douglas,--Earl of,Trojan WarChristian saintsEnglish poetrySongs (High voice) with pianoBurns, Robert,Language and languages--GrammarChoruses, Secular (Mixed voices) with orchestra--Vocal scores with pianoChoruses, Secular (Mixed voices, 4 parts), UnaccompaniedHagiographySongs (Low voice) with pianoScots languageEnglish language--InflectionEnglish language--Middle English--InflectionPoets, ScottishSongsChaucer, Geoffrey,PoetryPiano music, Arranged131613951571161616201648167016721714173717581790182018241831185618581867186918701874187718781881188218861889189118931894189618981899190019011903190419071909191219141916192019211924192519271929193219371941194219471952195519591960196219641965196619671968196919701971197319751977197819791980198119821984198519861987199019921993199619971999200020022004200520062009201020116121209571821.1DA783.4ocn080598626ocn86580858686559ocn004486108book18700.74Barbour, JohnThe Bruce; or, The book of the most excellent and noble prince, Robert de Broyss, king of Scots:HistoryBiographyPoetrySources41912ocn000128037book18910.70Eyre-Todd, GeorgeEarly Scottish poetry: Thomas the Rhymer, John Barbour, Androw of Wyntoun, Henry the minstrelCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetry38447ocn037339463book17900.70Barbour, JohnThe BruceBiographyPoetry+-+263169713523421ocn008626991book19800.90Barbour, JohnBarbour's Bruce : a fredome is a noble thing!BiographyPoetry21715ocn001157271book19210.79Barbour, JohnThe Buik of Alexander: or, The Buik of the most noble and valiant conquerour Alexander the GritCriticism, interpretation, etcRomances17716ocn642446216com16720.77Barbour, JohnThe acts and life of the most victorious conqueror Robert Bruce King of Scotland. Wherein also are contained The martial Deeds of the valiant Princes Edward Bruce, Sir James Dowglas, Earl Thomas Randel, Walter Stewart, and sundry others. To which is added a Glossary, explaining the difficult Words contained in this Book, and that of WallacePoetry1764ocn003526209score19550.77Copland, AaronCanticle of freedomMusical settingsManuscripts17412ocn004938464book18810.74Horstmann, CarlAltenglische legendenLegends16010ocn003197455book18960.82Metcalfe, W. MLegends of the saints : in the Scottish dialect of the fourteenth centuryLegends1503ocn002170212book19640.74Barbour, JohnThe Bruce, an epic poem written around the year A.D. 1375Poetry14910ocn745234303com17580.70Barbour, JohnThe life and acts of the most victorious conqueror Robert Bruce, King of Scotland. By John Barbour, Archdeacon of Aberdeen. Carefully corrected from the edition printed by Andro Hart in 16201296ocn000333446book18310.86Barbour, JohnThe buik of the most noble and vailzeand conquerour Alexander the GreatRomances1266ocn642719857com17900.74Barbour, JohnThe bruce or, the history of Robert I. King of Scotland. Written in Scotish verse by John Barbour. The first genuine edition, published from a MS. dated 1489 ; with notes and a glossary by J. Pinkerton.1194ocn012032272book16480.93Barbour, JohnThe life and acts of the most victorious conquerour Robert Bruce King of Scotland wherein also are contained the martiall deeds of the valiant princes: Edward Bruce, Sir James Dowglas, Earle Thomas Randell, Walter Stewart, and sundrie othersPoetry10811ocn002536281book18820.90Barbour, JohnBarbour's des schottischen Nationaldichters Legendensammlung : nebst den Fragmenten seines TrojanerkriegesLegendsPoetry958ocn004146373book18990.79Barbour, JohnSelections from Barbour's BruceSources803ocn001358230book19070.66Barbour, JohnThe Bruce, being the metrical history of Robert the Bruce, king of ScotsPoetry791ocn830976927file18200.86Barbour, JohnThe Bruce and, Wallace : published from two ancient manuscripts preserved in the library of the Faculty of Advocates : with notes, biographical sketches and a glossaryBiography774ocn004486130book18560.90Barbour, JohnThe Brus; from a collation of the Cambridge and Edinburgh manuscriptsPoetry698ocn003308792book18200.86Barbour, JohnThe Bruce : or, The metrical history of Robert I, king of ScotsPoetry9556ocn668446838file20100.47Mainer, SergiThe Scottish romance tradition c.1375-c.1550 nation, chivalry and knighthoodCriticism, interpretation, etcThis is the first ever comprehensive study of the Scottish medieval romances. The book reinstates the status of the Scottish romances. It offers a new definition of the Scottish romance tradition, bringing together texts which have not generally been considered part of the same corpus. It argues that Barbour's Bruce (c .1375) established the rhetorical devices and literary traits which were going to be typical of the later Scottish romances. It also examines the extent to which the translation of the four Arthurian and Alexander romances from French originals follows Barbour's precepts. These+-+5024757954324402ocn023615510book19700.77Bitterling, KlausDer Wortschatz von Barbours 'Bruce.'Glossaries, vocabularies, etc293ocn028773056book18860.88Henschel, Friedrich HugoDarstellung der Flexionslehre in John Barbour's Bruce. Ein Beitrag zur Kenntniss des Altschottischen282ocn004138887score19770.93Clarke, Henry LelandTwo songs : [for voice and piano]Musical settings141ocn003136722book18860.95Buss, Paul Friedrich HeinrichSind die von Horstmann herausgegbenen Schottischen lenden ein werk Barbere's?122ocn031985879book19030.79Baudisch, JuliusEin Beitrag zur Kenntnis der früher Barbour zugeschriebenen LegendensammlungCriticism, interpretation, etc51ocn020708911score19471.00Chávez, CarlosA! fredome : for full chorus of mixed voices, a cappellaMusical settings51ocn071233608book0.98Hahn, OZur Verbal- und Nominal-Flexion bei Robert Burns41ocn498980777book18690.86Barbour, JohnThe Bruce : or, The metrical history of Robert I, king of ScotsPoetry42ocn036298184book19120.92Mühleisen, Fr. WilhelmUntersuchungen über die Verwandtschaft der Überlieferungen von Barbour's Bruce32ocn006968499score19550.77Copland, AaronCanticle of freedomMusical settingsManuscripts31ocn191736087book0.47Leatham, JamesJohn Barbour, father of English poetry : a lecture delivered to the Scottish Literature and Song Association, AberdeenCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography31ocn315762678book20060.90Hall, Stefan ThomasThe role of medieval Scottish poetry in creating Scottish identity : "textual nationalism"HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+850109822531ocn016348327book0.92Hahn, OdwartZur verbal- und nominalflexion bei den schottischen Dichtern. (John Barbour - Robert Burns.)31ocn021900280score19520.98Clarke, Henry LelandFreedomMusical settings31ocn037312503book18860.97Baudisch, JuliusÜber die charaktere im "Bruce" des altschottischen dichters John Barbour, ein literarhistorischer versuch33ocn874930120book18670.47Bradshaw, HenryLetter: 1867 Feb. 8, Kings College, Cambridge, to David LaingDiscusses two Barbour manuscripts held at Cambridge21ocn034923794score19771.00Clarke, Henry LelandTwo songs: Ah! Freedom is a noble thing, from the BruceMusical settings22ocn040240151book18580.47Corser, ThomasLetter: 1858 Dec. 9, Stand Rectory, Manchester, to David LaingAcknowledging receipt of letter. Query concerning Drummond's and Barbour's works in Edinburgh libraries22ocn607671543book18670.47Bradshaw, HenryLetter: 1867 Mar. 19, University Library, Cambridge, to David LaingDiscusses Bannatyne Club matters and the work of Chaucer and Barbour+-+2631697135+-+2631697135Thu Oct 16 14:58:47 EDT 2014batch28869