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Fri Mar 21 17:03:34 2014 UTClccn-n500211030.06The Mousehole cat /0.071.00Gifts for the holidays : books and videos112880074Antonia_Barbern 5002110356529Anthony, Barbara, 1932-Anthony, Barbara 1932- Wirklicher NameBarber, AntoniaBarber, Barbara 1932-バーバー, アントニアバーバ, アントーニャlccn-n50005534Bayley, Nicolailllccn-n86082213Lynch, Patrick Jamesilllccn-n79061362Le Cain, Errolilllccn-n85156777Muñoz, Claudioilllccn-n91102905Littlewood, Karinilllccn-n87927959Wallis, Dizilllccn-n92035705Hull, Bizilllccn-n2008032779Lee, Virginia1976-lccn-no2012031252Hess, Paul1961-illlccn-n86139814Phillips, Siân1934-Barber, Antonia1932-FictionJuvenile worksFolkloreStories, plots, etcPictorial worksGhost storiesCatsEnglandSea storiesFairy talesChildren's storiesMemoryEggsChickensFarm lifeTalesArtMythology, GreekPainting--Themes, motivesMagicMiceBalletsFolkloreRussiaSpace and timeFantasyEngland--MouseholeDinosaursEurope, EasternDollsGhost storiesEngland--West CountryStormsFishersPandasMonkeysFablesJealousyGermanyChristmas stories, EnglishFishers--FolkloreChristmasLegendsSea stories, EnglishFairiesBalletFrogsKidnappingNew York (State)--New YorkDetective and mystery storiesHousehold employeesMothers and daughtersChildren's stories, EnglishPicture books for childrenRiddlesCarle, Eric1932196119661968196919701971197219731974197519771980198219831984198719881990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920108613114266[E]PZ7.B2323ocn440688897ocn004373998171816ocn021230918book19900.06Barber, AntoniaThe Mousehole catJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionPictorial worksWhen the Great Storm-Cat threatens the small English village of Mousehole, only an old fisherman's cat can soothe its fierceness during a dangerous sea venture+-+480870992532484312ocn030669201book19940.06Barber, AntoniaCatkinJuvenile worksFictionWhen a tiny, magical cat carelessly allows a young girl to be captured by the Little People, he must confront her captors and solve three cunning riddles in order to rescue her+-+68207099253247094ocn019492148book19870.06Barber, AntoniaThe enchanter's daughterJuvenile worksFictionThe Enchanter and his beautiful daughter live all alone in a palace at the top of the world. The Enchanter's daughter has no memory of her past and uses all her wit and bravery to try to remember+-+98967992853245243ocn024703263book19920.06Barber, AntoniaGemma and the baby chickJuvenile worksFictionGemma, who collects eggs from the hen house, discovers a hen sitting on her eggs and helps save a chick that is slow to hatch4709ocn000028347book19690.07Barber, AntoniaThe ghostsJuvenile worksFictionGhost storiesA brother and sister meet two strange children in the garden of their new home with whom they return to another century+-+59625262154443ocn037843755book19980.17Barber, AntoniaApollo & Daphne : masterpieces of Greek mythologyReproduces fifteen paintings based on Greek mythology along with the tales they are based on+-+39501874353635ocn137313579book20070.06Barber, AntoniaThe frog brideFolkloreFollowing the orders of his father, a Russian czar, to shoot an arrow and wed the woman he finds when it lands, his youngest son ends up marrying a frog who turns into a beautiful princess every evening+-+41292509363316ocn016084538book19870.06Barber, AntoniaSatchelmouse and the dinosaursJuvenile worksFictionSarah meets a real dinosaur with the help of her friend, a mischievous mouse, and his magic trumpet2959ocn056357941book20020.07Barber, AntoniaHidden tales from Eastern EuropeA collection of seven little-known folk tales from Eastern Europe+-+03667766253242785ocn015791861book19870.06Barber, AntoniaSatchelmouse and the doll's houseJuvenile worksFictionAdmiring the dolls in a dollhouse, Sarah is transformed into the servant doll through the magic spell of a mischievous mouse2679ocn426166852visu19930.07Barber, AntoniaThe mousehole catJuvenile worksFolkloreFiction"At the far end of England in Cornwall is the little fishing village of Mousehole, so called because the harbor is small and the mouth to the harbor is narrow. There is a Cornish legend about a fisherman called Tom Bawcock and his cat Mowzer. Mowzer tells the story of one winter when the Great Storm-Cat came snarling and leaping at the harbor walls, so that no boat could go out to fish. With Christmas coming, and no food left in Mousehole, Tom and Mowzer set out in their boat to try and save the village. As they sail into the mountainous seas, Mowzer begins to sing like a siren. Her lullaby charms the Great Storm-Cat, who stops his raging and listens to her song, so that Tom can catch enough fish to feed the entire village. Ever since that day, the people of Mousehole have celebrated Christmas with a Festival of Lights, where they feast and sing in memory of brave Tom Bawcock."--Container+-+88775815963242623ocn031971611book19950.06Barber, AntoniaShoes of satin, ribbons of silk : tales from the balletJuvenile worksStories, plots, etcPresents the stories of ten well-known ballets, including "Swan Lake," "The Nutcracker," "Giselle," and "The Sylph."+-+78402410362444ocn031075192book19950.06Barber, AntoniaThe monkey and the pandaJuvenile worksFictionDifferences triumph and the imagination is celebrated in this fable about a monkey jealous of a panda beloved by all the children+-+80356766252165ocn050745106book19820.06Barber, AntoniaTales from GrimmJuvenile worksAn illustrated collection of fifteen traditoonal tales including "The Frog Prince," "The Three Spinners," and "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids."+-+52825766253242143ocn033243760book19950.06Barber, AntoniaTales from the balletJuvenile worksStories, plots, etcPresents the stories of nine well-known ballets, including "Swan Lake," "The Nutcracker," "Giselle," and "Coppelia."+-+36182410363241284ocn059643021book19970.06Barber, AntoniaNoah and the arkJuvenile works+-+4110590385324941ocn043219847book19970.06Barber, AntoniaSnow-White and Rose-RedA bear, befriended by two sisters during the winter, returns one day to reward them royally for their kindness+-+6075755025324841ocn000089530book19700.06Barber, AntoniaThe affair of the Rockerbye babyJuvenile worksFictionBecause no one believes they witnessed the kidnapping of New York millionaire Rockerbye's son, three English children take the matter into their own hands622ocn040610457book19980.06Barber, AntoniaLessons for LucyJuvenile worksFiction+-+8631385965324533ocn011306146book19830.20Barber, AntoniaThe ring in the rough stuff381ocn507357780com20060.28Something about the author. facts and pictures about authors and illustrators of books for young peopleBiographyBibliographyCovers individuals ranging from established award winners to authors and illustrators who are just beginning their careers. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings and works in progress, adaptations, additional sources, and photographs+-+623231232511ocn864532206visu0.10The amazing Mr. Blunden ; A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's courtDramaFilm adaptationsThe amazing Mr. Blunden: Two children time travel from the year 1815 to a hundred years in the future to foil a crime committed by a greedy relative and his in-laws11ocn034398957art19951.00Thom, Rose AnneGifts for the holidays : books and videos+-+9896799285324+-+9896799285324Fri Mar 21 15:09:18 EDT 2014batch19611