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N.--(Samuel Nathaniel),Williams, Tennessee,Albee, Edward,Sherwood, Robert E.--(Robert Emmet),United StatesWilder, Thornton,Inge, WilliamDramaFathers and daughtersRemarque, Erich Maria,GermanyGangstersWorld War (1939-1945)Hellman, Lillian,Barry, Philip,Glaspell, Susan,Dramatists, AmericanFlorida--Key LargoVeteransAmerican literatureKelly, George,Shaw, Irwin,Howard, Sidney Coe,SoldiersDeathJeffers, Robinson,Hansberry, Lorraine,Green, Paul,Military campaignsTreesShrubsSocratesDos Passos, John,Cain, James M.--(James Mallahan),Steinbeck, John,West, Nathanael,Stevens, Wallace,Wright, Richard,Fearing, Kenneth,Wolfe, Thomas,Hemingway, Ernest,Fitzgerald, F. Scott--(Francis Scott),Pound, Ezra,188819591915192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013521966942040812.5PS3501.N256ocn082368594ocn040771890ocn778716488ocn822583827ocn826780501ocn800819421ocn747546902ocn762994092ocn056365716ocn037148239ocn839934260ocn011912103ocn047914168ocn036775750ocn025301878ocn182561406ocn000245632ocn724718628ocn070864814ocn031990747ocn016999778ocn082368594ocn778716488ocn822583827ocn826780501ocn694022759ocn747546902ocn518355668ocn767299789ocn795491586ocn028369273ocn815766045ocn000245632ocn724718628ocn042226989ocn441257227ocn029881118ocn056212380ocn048074595ocn078310406ocn797448331ocn421947556ocn780721026ocn767453945ocn673917934ocn694028813ocn797356286ocn767299789ocn320171622ocn800935660ocn220652686ocn215427413ocn220507400ocn219830843ocn676570892ocn743103779ocn742946390ocn691834689ocn801066260ocn692018697ocn691750921ocn691865767ocn691596946ocn315146438ocn155854522ocn732376810ocn732426196ocn796697195ocn082457643ocn725092314ocn725092192ocn256222529ocn724287801ocn080351946ocn723472432ocn072401550ocn691229331ocn247915594ocn725059781278648ocn082368594visu19300.21Milestone, LewisAll quiet on the western frontFictionDramaWar filmsFilm adaptations"This story is neither an accusation nor a confession, and least of all an adventure, for death is not an adventure to those who stand face to face with it. It will try simply to tell of a generation of men who, even though they may have escaped its shells, were destroyed by the war. . ." Title screens. 1914. War has broken out in Europe. A group of German college students are convinced to enlist after their teacher, Professor Kantorek, gives an impassioned speech about the honor of dying for their Fatherland. Paul Bäumer--sent to the Western Front where the fighting is most severe--is soon stripped of illusions about war being glorious. There is nothing but fear, pain, and the randomness of death. Paul is the sole survivor of his group and when he returns home, he denounces the war and his professor. Returned to the action, Paul tries to cope with the incessant fear that eats away at a soldier's insides, turning them hollow and empty+-+1895878325324149212ocn000964312book19390.29Anderson, MaxwellEleven verse plays130028ocn056365716visu19560.25Hitchcock, AlfredThe wrong manHistoryDramaThe true story of Manny Balestrero, a musician unjustly accused of armed robbery. Balestrero vehemently protests his innocence but acts thoroughly guilty, leading a host of policemen and witnesses to finger him as the thief. The trial goes badly for Manny, but life is worse for his wife, Rose, who falls apart under the strain of his ordeal117216ocn000276953book19510.37Anderson, MaxwellBarefoot in AthensDramaA bittersweet, amusing look at Socrates' last days109034ocn000347281book19450.37Anderson, MaxwellJoan of Lorraine, a play in two actsDramaMost persons are familiar with the story of Joan of Arc, so it is necessary only to say that this is a play within a play, the outer play (as it were) showing a group of actors in rehearsal on a bare stage, preparing to produce a Joan of Arc play. The story of Joan's visions and pilgrimage to court, her restoring faith to the French and the victory she wins, are beautifully dramatized. But Anderson has woven into the Joan story a parallel action, which takes place outside the Joan play proper, in which he shows the meaning of faith today and the necessity of believing in something. The actress who plays Joan claims that the role should show her never compromising her ideals, and she is ready to leave the cast because she thinks the part and the direction of herself shows Joan doing just that. But she learns, from her director and fellow players, that life is a series of compromises, and that she herself, as an actress, like the historical Joan, can and should give in on small things in order to achieve the greatest good in a larger sense. In acting her part through to the end, she learns the lesson that Joan taught the world, of great faith and idealism, tempered by reality and the acceptance of the necessary limitations which are in all of us+-+4840577735103227ocn001192729book19330.35Anderson, MaxwellMary of Scotland, a play in three actsHistoryDrama98735ocn000756839book19460.32Anderson, MaxwellLost in the stars : the dramatization of Alan Paton's novel Cry, the beloved countryDramaThe Music Box, under management of Irving Berlin and estate of Sam H. Harris, The Playwrights' Company: Maxwell Anderson, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Kurt Weill, John F. Wharton presents "Lost in the Stars," a musical tragedy (based on Alan Paton's novel "Cry, the Beloved Country"), words by Maxwell Anderson, music by Kurt Weill, production directed and supervised by Rouben Mamoulian, with Todd Duncan, Leslie Banks, Warren Coleman, Inez Matthews, Julian Mayfield, William Greaves, Frank Roane, Sheila Guyse, settings by George Jenkins, conducted by Maurice Levine, costumes by Anna Hill Johnstone, musical arrangements and orchestrations by Mr. Weill94710ocn000276942book19590.31Anderson, MaxwellFour verse playsDrama87914ocn000330611book19470.53Anderson, MaxwellOff Broadway, essays about the theater84921ocn001276914book19300.37Anderson, MaxwellElizabeth the queen : a play in three actsDrama+-+K54364269683820ocn000610966book19480.35Anderson, MaxwellAnne of the thousand daysDrama83116ocn000282757book19550.33Anderson, MaxwellBad seed : a play in two actsDrama80321ocn000276890book19420.39Anderson, MaxwellThe eve of St. Mark : a play in two actsDrama78828ocn001279569book19350.37Anderson, MaxwellWinterset; a play in three actsDrama7832ocn000228822book19150.25Mathews, F. SchuylerField book of American trees and shrubs : a concise description of the character and color of species common throughout the United States, together with maps showing their general distributionJuvenile worksGuidebooksPocket size guide to trees and shrubs in the United States with illustrations, pictures, and maps67211ocn001138886book19370.37Anderson, MaxwellHigh Tor, a play in three acts60510ocn001139012book19330.39Anderson, MaxwellBoth your houses, a play in three actsDrama58539ocn028369273rcrd19490.50Weill, KurtLost in the starsMusical settingsMusicDrama56312ocn001277043book19390.35Anderson, MaxwellKey Largo; a play in a prologue and two actsFiction56114ocn000276950book19410.39Anderson, MaxwellCandle in the wind, a play in three actsHistoryDrama15811ocn000270581book19660.25Gould, JeanModern American playwrightsCriticism, interpretation, etcAccomplishments, lives, and personalities of our modern playwrights including Rice, Glaspell, O'Neill, Sherwood, Anderson, and many others14001ocn000270230book19570.33Krutch, Joseph WoodThe American drama since 1918; an informal historyCriticism, interpretation, etc12802ocn002318509book19760.31Shivers, Alfred SMaxwell AndersonCriticism, interpretation, etcSurveys Anderson's life and twenty-three of his historical and nonhistorical plays to determine his contribution to the dramatic literature of the world11731ocn000273628book19650.33Frenz, HorstAmerican playwrights on dramaCriticism, interpretation, etcTwenty-two critical essays on the contemporary state of the drama in the U. S10971ocn000248358book19670.35French, Warren GThe thirties: fiction, poetry, dramaCriticism, interpretation, etc9441ocn041167716visu19990.17Brest, MartinMeet Joe BlackFictionDramaDeath appears to claim a wealthy media mogul who bargains for more time, during which Death falls in love with the man's daughter+-+22988783258633ocn002874512book19770.50Anderson, MaxwellDramatist in America : letters of Maxwell Anderson, 1912-1958Records and correspondence8465ocn000285037book19570.47Bailey, Mabel DriscollMaxwell Anderson, the playwright as prophetCriticism, interpretation, etcAn analysis of the creative principles in his plays. For other editions, see Author Catalog8373ocn043638265visu19890.21Huston, JohnKey LargoJuvenile worksDramaFilm adaptationsStandard. A disillusioned returning World War II veteran has lost the will to fight ... until he arrives at a rundown hotel in Key Largo. There a mobster holes up against a raging storm, holding the veteran, the hotel owner and the owner's widowed daughter-in-law at gunpoint7891ocn000270003book19640.53Rabkin, GeraldDrama and commitment; politics in the American theatre of the thirtiesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc6661ocn001175677book19680.53Taylor, William EdwardsModern American drama: essays in criticismCriticism, interpretation, etc5982ocn008667500book19830.37Shivers, Alfred SThe life of Maxwell AndersonBiography5462ocn001279419book19360.47Anderson, MaxwellThe wingless victory, a play in three actsNathaniel, a sea captain who left Salem penniless, returns wealthy after a seven-year absence. With one exception the pleasure of the puritanical members of his family is marred when they discover he has brought a Malay wife and their two children back with him. Deeply as he loves Oparre, the princess who has shared danger and misfortune with him, Nathaniel cannot but feel the invisible finger of scorn pointed at him by the townspeople, or avoid hearing their whispered comments on his unusual alliance. For Oparre's sake he lends them money to consolidate his social position, but they find this a weapon to be used against him. The travel of the man's soul when faced with a sudden choice between dishonor and the loss of his property or the loss of his dark-skinned family, and the magnificent self-sacrifice of the woman who has risked all she has for love have been clearly and forcefully presented43419ocn000676523book19330.66Clark, Barrett HMaxwell Anderson, the man and his playsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography4262ocn042733859book20000.25Anderson, HesperSouth Mountain Road : a daughter's journey of discoveryBiography"Personal and beautifully conceived and written story of a young girl's coming of age through the suicide of her mother. Featuring a virtual Who's Who of literary celebrities of its time (the late 1930s and 1940s) and place (New York and its environs)."--Jacket+-+26540393153382ocn002425121book19770.70Klink, WilliamMaxwell Anderson and S.N. Behrman : a reference guideBibliography3253ocn012217137book19850.73Shivers, Alfred SMaxwell Anderson, an annotated bibliography of primary and secondary worksBibliography3062ocn000021176book19680.79University of Texas at AustinA catalogue of the Maxwell Anderson collection at the University of TexasCatalogs2801ocn022505784book19910.70Adam, JulieVersions of heroism in modern American drama : redefinitions by Miller, O'Neill, and AndersonCriticism, interpretation, etc25012ocn000526922book19580.81Cox, Martha HeasleyMaxwell Anderson bibliographyBibliography+-+1895878325324+-+1895878325324Fri Mar 21 16:07:19 EDT 2014batch54328