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Fri Mar 21 17:03:26 2014 UTClccn-n500220620.37Excedente económico e irracionalidad capitalista /0.611.00Anmerkungen zu Barans Begriff des "volkswirtschaftlichen Überschusses" /100304945Paul_A._Barann 5002206257481Baran, P. A.Baran, P. A. 1910-1964Baran, Paul.Baran, Paul A.Baran, Paul AlexanderBaran, Paul Alexander 1910-1964بول أ. باران، 1910-1964バラン, ポールlccn-n50011613Sweezy, Paul Marlor1910-edtcrelccn-n50029211Huberman, Leo1903-1968lccn-n80039693Castro, Fidel1926-lccn-n50002986O'Neill, John1933-edtviaf-99323619Passadéos, Christoslccn-n79060707Fried, Erichlccn-n80097664Salvatore, Gastonviaf-289235849Bärmann, Michaeltrlviaf-17703038Deininger, Dieterlccn-n93105323Mozère, Liane(1939-....).Baran, Paul A.HistoryMarxian economicsCapitalUnited StatesMonopoliesEconomic developmentEconomicsComparative economicsEconomic historyCubaPolitical scienceInformation servicesCommunication--ResearchBusiness forecastingCastro, Fidel,CommunismCapitalismSocialismGermany (West)IntellectualsImperialismTelecommunicationSwitching theoryBaran, Paul AEssaysProfitEmmanuel, ArghiriSweezy, Paul M.--(Paul Marlor),International economic relationsIncome distributionEconomistsDefense contractsDeveloping countriesMilitary suppliesLatin AmericaMilitary weaponsRadicalism19101964194819531957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801982198419851986198819891992199620004864130519338.820973HD82ocn0738334711551112ocn000168632book19660.56Baran, Paul AMonopoly capital; an essay on the American economic and social orderThis landmark text by Paul Baran and Paul Sweezy is a classic of twentieth-century radical thought, a hugely influential book that continues to shape our understanding of modern capitalism. "This book ... deals with a vital area of economics, has a unique approach, is stimulating and well written. It represents the first serious attempt to extend Marx's model of competitive capitalism to the new conditions of monopoly capitalism."--Howard J. Sherman, American Economic Review+-+5825098035130581ocn000168641book19570.59Baran, Paul AThe political economy of growth"One of the most influential studies ever written in the field of development economics, this book has, since first publication in 1957, bred a whole school of followers who are producing further works along the lines indicated by Baran. Concerned with the generation and use of economic surplus, it analyzes from this point of view both the advanced and the underdeveloped countries. A work in political economy rather than solely in economics, this book treats the economic transformation of society as one facet of a total social and political evolution." -- Back cover+-+012509803551520ocn000095629book19690.63Baran, Paul AThe longer view; essays toward a critique of political economy11810ocn422081822book19670.66Baran, Paul AEconomie politique de la croissance1129ocn460462347book19680.73Baran, Paul ALe capitalisme monopoliste : un essai sur la société industrielle américaine1108ocn002725764book19610.92Baran, Paul AReflections on the Cuban revolutionHistory10311ocn263623739book19660.53Baran, Paul APolitische Ökonomie des wirtschaftlichen Wachstums998ocn174157006book19670.39Baran, Paul AMonopolkapital ein Essay über die amerikanische Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftsordnung8913ocn002293137book19680.56Baran, Paul AZur politischen Ökonomie der geplanten Wirtschaft7613ocn000408563book19660.56Baran, Paul AUnterdrückung und Fortschritt; Essays591ocn000577133book19710.95Baran, Paul APotential market demand for two-way information services to the home, 1970-19905710ocn015150177book19680.70Baran, Paul AIntellektuelle und Sozialismus534ocn002173071book19600.81Baran, Paul AMarxism and psychoanalysis288ocn005688491book19630.86Baran, Paul AReflexiones sobre la revolución cubana2510ocn797910095book19570.81Baran, Paul AIl surplus economico e la teoria marxista dello sviluppo2314ocn016440783book19680.37Baran, Paul AExcedente económico e irracionalidad capitalista204ocn180685721book19710.47Psychoanalyse, Marxismus und Sozialwissenschaften : Aufsätze195ocn008868830book19690.59Baran, Paul AEl socialismo, única salida : ensayos161ocn009394924book19670.96Baran, Paul ASome remarks on digital distributed communicatons networks133ocn310608652book19640.79Kalecki, MichałProblems of economic dynamics and planning; essays in honour of Michal Kalecki1654ocn000186688book19650.84Sweezy, Paul MPaul A. Baran, 1910-1964: a collective portrait61ocn015643310book19710.53Baran, Paul APaul A. Baran : el hombre y su obra53ocn030876517book19700.95Althoff, PhillipPaul A. Baran : American Marxist political economist31ocn004555242book19741.00Stamatis, GeorgAnmerkungen zu Barans Begriff des "volkswirtschaftlichen Überschusses"21ocn015206552book19850.92Dutt, Amitava KrishnaNorthern income distribution and uneven development : Baran and Emmanuel revisited21ocn493614003book19690.53Hermanin, FedericoMonopolkapital Thesen zu dem Buch von Paul A. Baran und Paul M Sweezy11ocn237160152book19740.47Stevenson, PaulA defense of Baran and Sweezy11ocn061342865rcrd1.00The work of Paul Baran Moses Abramovitz and Herbert Marcuse"An appraisal of Baran's work, Abramovitz, Chairman of the Department of Economics at Stanford University, and Marcuse, a political scientist, open a conference on 'Baran and American Radicalism Today.' Recorded at Stanford University."11ocn050732837book19740.96Vyasulu, VinodEconomic analysis and baran-development11ocn036336679book19961.00Netherton, DaneWolf in the fold : Paul Alexander Baran, economics and Marxism, 1948-1964HistoryBiography+-+5825098035+-+5825098035Fri Mar 21 15:59:44 EDT 2014batch19883