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Fri Mar 21 17:12:32 2014 UTClccn-n500247880.18MI9 : escape and evasion 1939-1945 /0.400.76Holland at war against Hitler : Anglo-Dutch relations, 1940-1945 /39417121M._R._D._Footn 5002478860193Foot, M. R. D.Foot, M. R. D., 1919-Foot M. R. D. 1919-2012Foot, Michael, 1919-2012Foot, Michael R. D.Foot, Michael Richard DanielFoot, Michael Richard Daniel, 1919-Foot, Michael Richard Daniel, 1919-2012Foot, Michael Richard Daniell, 1919-Foot, Michael Richard Daniell, 1919-2012lccn-n80089776Dear, Ianothedtlccn-n79018726Gladstone, W. E.(William Ewart)1809-1898lccn-n79091133Great BritainSpecial Operations Executivelccn-n79114231Liberal Party (Great Britain)lccn-n50020022Hammond, J. L.(John Lawrence)1872-1949lccn-n85156205Matthew, H. C. G.(Henry Colin Gray)othedtlccn-n80079575Langley, J. M.(James Maydon)1916-lccn-n50058760Western, J. R.(John R.)othhnrlccn-n80095539Crockatt, N. R.viaf-134199040British Broadcasting CorporationothpblFoot, M. R. D.(Michael Richard Daniell)1919-2012EncyclopediasChronologyHistoryDiariesSourcesBiographyArtConference proceedingsWorld War (1939-1945)Great BritainSecret serviceUnderground movements, WarGladstone, W. E.--(William Ewart),Political scienceLiberal Party (Great Britain)EuropeGreat Britain.--Special Operations ExecutiveFrancePrime ministersMilitary historyEscapesCrockatt, N. RInternational relationsChronologyArmed ForcesMilitary policyWorld War (1914-1918)Art, BritishNetherlandsSpiesLiberalismHistoriansFoot, M. R. D.--(Michael Richard Daniell),Benelux countriesEspionageGreat Britain.--MI9Prisoner-of-war escapesArmed Forces--OfficersFrance--Saint-NazairePrisoners of warUnited States.--War Department.--Military Intelligence ServiceWestern, J. R.--(John R.)United States.--Office of Strategic ServicesArt, ModernWar and societyWar in artSpecial forces (Military science)Great Britain.--Army191920121952195319541956196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861988199019911993199419951996199719992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201312218144457940.5303D740ocn003242219ocn489827909ocn489827903ocn466274709ocn466277413ocn000845541ocn000845519ocn466279639ocn427574020ocn466278929ocn185755873ocn185823103ocn185497461ocn185648452ocn833644546ocn468390592ocn440176900286833ocn032364507book19950.25Dear, IanThe Oxford companion to World War IIEncyclopediasChronologyMilitary campaigns and battles, of course, receive extensive attention: entries include the Fall of France, Operation Barbarossa, and the Battle of Midway, as well as such smaller events as the sinking of the Scharnhorst and the fall of Wake Island. Scores of analytical biographies range from the national leaders - Hitler, Stalin, Tojo, Roosevelt, Churchill - to an array of military and political figures, from Dietrich Bonhoeffer to Ho Chi Minh, from Marshal Timoshenko to General von Manstein. World War II was also an era of technological leaps, covert exploits, and horrific atrocities - and the Companion gives thorough coverage to each, with articles on weapons ranging from tanks to E-boats to rockets, on intelligence organizations (ranging from the O.S.S. to Smersh), and on the German Einstatzgruppen and Todt organization+-+4077113465324125042ocn000227803book19660.50Foot, M. R. DSOE in France : an account of the work of the British Special Operations Executive in France, 1940-1944HistoryThis study, first published in 1966, has been updated from closed government records, to offer a more complete overview of the activities of the SOE and how it fitted into the Allied war effort in the French theatre of operations+-+2370019625108719ocn002769743book19760.32Foot, M. R. DResistance : European resistance to Nazism, 1940-1945101828ocn000710203book19520.53Hammond, J. LGladstone and liberalismHistory8089ocn000011263book19680.56Gladstone, W. EThe Gladstone diariesHistoryBiographyDiariesSourcesThe InteLex Past Masters English Letters database The Diaries of William Gladstone contains the definitive Oxford University Press edition of these diaries, edited by M.R.D. Foot and H.C.G. Matthew, in 14 volumes+-+407977346532462014ocn000815513book19730.59Foot, M. R. DWar and society; historical essays in honour and memory of J. R. Western, 1928-19715506ocn006554163book19790.25Foot, M. R. DMI 9 : escape and evasion, 1939-194550621ocn011400599book19840.39Foot, M. R. DSOE : an outline history of the Special Operations Executive 1940-46HistoryBogen fortæller om SOe's oprettelse og videre arbejde, om SOE,s fejltagelser og bedrifter i deres stræben efter at støtte modstanden i de besatte lande+-+296527868532444410ocn046240444book19850.32Dear, IanThe Oxford companion to the Second World WarEncyclopediasChronologyWorld War II was also an era of technological leaps, covert exploits, and horrific atrocities - and the Companion gives thorough coverage to each, with articles on weapons ranging from tanks to E-boats to rockets, on intelligence organizations (ranging from the O.S.S. to Smersh), and on the German Einstatzgruppen and Todt organization+-+13169674653379ocn003722107book19560.66Foot, M. R. DBritish foreign policy since 189832512ocn004395375book19780.32Foot, M. R. DSix faces of courageHistoryBiographyBiographien folgender Widerstandskaempfer gegen Hitlerdeutschland: - Jean Moulin. - Marie Madeleine Fourcade. - Harry peuleve. - Victor Gerson. - AndreĢe de Jongh. - Witold pilecki+-+901470503530717ocn002926831book19610.66Foot, M. R. DMen in uniform; military manpower in modern industrial societies2437ocn016444674book19750.39Foot, M. R. DMI9 : the British secret service that fostered escape and evasion 1939-1945, and its American counterpart2154ocn024174413book19900.35Foot, M. R. DArt and war : twentieth century warfare as depicted by war artistsArt2054ocn021226534book19900.76Holland at war against Hitler : Anglo-Dutch relations, 1940-1945Conference proceedings+-+74488196251508ocn047868506book20010.39Foot, M. R. DSOE in the low countriesHistory+-+K953518546943ocn050525574book20020.53Secret livesHistoryBiography+-+5281513465732ocn045806186book19990.50War, resistance, and intelligence : essays in honour of M.R.D. Foot+-+74317050357114ocn040839764book19840.24Foot, M. R. DSOE : an outline history of the Special Operations Executive, 1940-1946HistoryRecruited from remarkably diverse callings, the men and women who were the members of this most secret agency in WW2 lived in constant danger. Their job was to support and stimulate resistance behind enemy lines+-+3030117625324571ocn752791189book20110.18Foot, M. R. DMI9 : escape and evasion 1939-1945History+-+76869049363241504ocn236120373book20080.27Foot, M. R. DMemories of an S.O.E. historianHistoryBiography+-+2493069936121ocn055602007visu20020.18For one English officerAndy Hodges, a Red Cross volunteer, secured freedom for 149 prisoners of war during World War II. One was British SAS Captain M.R.D. Foot, who was wounded and interned in a Germany military hospital after trying to escape. This documentary focuses on the specific incident and upon Hodges' unique courage and negotiating skills, which allowed him, as an individual, to arrange the exchanges+-+1316967465+-+1316967465Fri Mar 21 16:11:36 EDT 2014batch21540