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Fri Mar 21 17:04:30 2014 UTClccn-n500248170.00Papers, 1946, 1974-19790.541.00Social and scientific origins of modern evolutionary selectionism : the works of R.A. Fisher and E.B. Ford /108826891E._B._Fordn 5002481760221Ford, E. B.Ford, E.B., 1901-1988Ford, E. B. (Edmund Briscoe), 1901-Ford, Edmund Brisco, 1901-Ford, Edmund Brisco, 1901-1988Ford, Edmund Brisco "Henry"Ford, Edmund Briscoe, 1901-Ford, Edmund Briscoe, 1901-1988Ford, Henry.Ford, Henry, 1901-Ford, Henry, 1901-1988Форд, Э. Б., 1901-1988lccn-n84123560Ackery, Phillip Ronaldlccn-n84123559Vane-Wright, Richard Irwinlccn-n80046798Royal Entomological Society of Londonlccn-n89634193Creed, Robertedtlccn-n80057245Huxley, Julian1887-1975comlccn-n50020610Hardy, Alister ClaveringSircomlccn-n87828375Carpenter, G. D. Hale(Geoffrey Douglas Hale)1882-lccn-n88662060Guy, Yvesnp-chadwick, paxtonChadwick, Paxtonlccn-n85049577Haywood, J. S.(John S.)Ford, E. B.(Edmund Brisco)1901-1988Conference proceedingsGuidebooksEvolution (Biology)Adaptation (Biology)Natural selectionGeneticsEcological geneticsButterfliesGenetic polymorphismsGreat BritainMendel's lawMothsVariation (Biology)Human geneticsHeredity, HumanHeredityMimicry (Biology)Art, MedievalChurch decoration and ornamentChurch buildingsArt, EnglishEngland--Oxford RegionInsectsBreedingFord, E. B.--(Edmund Brisco),Mendel, Gregor,LepidopteraArchivesBodleian LibraryFisher, Ronald Aylmer,--Sir,Boesiger, ErnestScience publishingGloag, John,Rensch, Bernhard,Dobzhansky, Theodosius,Biology--ResearchBurland, C. A.--(Cottie Arthur),EnglandDarlington, C. D.--(Cyril Dean),Piper, John,Pevsner, Nikolaus,Gilmour, John Scott Lennox,Mead, Margaret,IrelandEnke, StephenStebbins, G. Ledyard--(George Ledyard),Dalrymple, Dana GWooster, NoraLockley, R. M.--(Ronald Mathias),Kornberg, Arthur,Dahlberg, Kenneth ADuncan, F. Martin--(Francis Martin),190119881919192319241928192919301931193319341936193719381939194019411942194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958196019611962196319641965196719681970197119721973197419751976197719791980198119821984198519861988199020087662114411575.1QH431ocn462885358ocn778077276171550ocn000254620book19640.24Ford, E. BEcological geneticsFor research workers and final year undergraduates in the biological sciences89253ocn005113765book19310.66Ford, E. BMendelism and evolution64612ocn000551755book19650.66Ford, E. BGenetic polymorphism60835ocn000369566book19000.56Ford, E. BButterfliesGuidebooks"All known British butterflies shown lifesize in colour and 56 colour photographs of living specimens by S. Beaufoy, 24 plates in Black and white, 32 distribution maps and 9 other diagrams."+-+249327255532459531ocn000790246book19420.76Ford, E. BGenetics for medical studentsGenetik54116ocn001448979book19550.53Ford, E. BMothsGuidebooks4146ocn011651920book19840.63Vane-Wright, Richard IrwinThe Biology of butterfliesConference proceedingsSystematics. Populations and communities. The food of butterflies. Predation and defense. Genetic variation and speciation. Sex and communication. Migration and seasonal variation. Conservation4136ocn000414430book19710.73Ecological genetics and evolution: essays in honour of E.B. Ford39520ocn001434718book19540.59Huxley, JulianEvolution as a process. [Essays]The evolutionary process; The evolution of metazoa and tropical forest; Allaesthetic selection and its evolutionary aspects; Evolution and bird sociality; Retrospect of the criticisms of the theory of natural selection; Problems in the evolution of geographical races; The statics of evolution33715ocn003630510book19760.66Ford, E. BGenetics and adaptation2814ocn005379758book19790.53Ford, E. BUnderstanding genetics1266ocn001675877book19730.53Ford, E. BEvolution studied by observation and experiment1187ocn001523135book19330.81Carpenter, G. D. HaleMimicry9510ocn002945800book19380.70Ford, E. BThe study of heredity935ocn025402494book19720.53Ford, E. BGénétique écologique751ocn003165744book19510.56Ford, E. BBritish butterflies592ocn008668856book19810.63Ford, E. BTaking genetics into the countryside389ocn030206155book19450.27Ford, E. BButterflies : all known British butterflies shown lifesize in colour341ocn014164639book19840.90Ford, E. BChurch treasures in the Oxford districtGuidebooks237ocn005823493book19500.53Ford, E. BMendelismo y evoluciónLa teoria de las particulas hereditarias; La herencia y el medio; La genetica experimental y su relacion con la evolucion; La aplicacion de la teoria mendeliana a los problemas evolucionarios en la naturaleza; La evolucion en las poblaciones salvajes53ocn021165651book19880.92Harper, PeterReport on the correspondence and papers of Edmund Brisco Ford, (1901-1988), geneticistBibliography CatalogsCatalogsRecords and correspondence21ocn012254347book19821.00Sibinga, Nicholas Ernst SmitSocial and scientific origins of modern evolutionary selectionism : the works of R.A. Fisher and E.B. Ford11ocn122644917mix0.47Ehrlich, Paul RPaul R. Ehrlich papersCorrespondence, memos, notes, photographs, posters and other papers relating to Paul Ehrlich's publications and public appearances, his work with the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Jasper Ridge Biological Presrve (California), the Zero Population Growth organization, and the Stanford Biological Sciences Department. Correspondents include Norman Cousins, J. Gordon Edwards, Sol Encel, Erich Fromm, Jane Goodall, Daniel McKinley, Margaret Mead, Lawrence Lader, E. C. Pielou, Eliot Porter, and Jonas Salk. Collection also includes materials relating to Dr. Anne Ehrlich's biological research and videotape of Paul Ehrlich's appearance on the Tonight Show11ocn062479385bookKing penguin books11ocn173465832mixMayr, ErnstHistoryThis collection includes documents (correspondence, drafts of talks, personal data sheets) relating to the Conference on Evolutionary Synthesis, which met in Boston in May and October 1974, and was sponsored by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. There is background material on the organization of the conference, as well as correspondence, especially with William B. Provine, on the editing and publication of the proceedings (Mayr and Provine, eds., "The Evolutionary Synthesis ..." 1980)+-+2493272555324+-+2493272555324Fri Mar 21 15:18:26 EDT 2014batch19572