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Fri Mar 21 17:11:27 2014 UTClccn-n500024910.08La hora sin diosas0.500.93Ein Glück ohne Ruh' : die Briefe Gustav Mahlers an Alma : erste Gesamtausgabe /34578412Alma_Mahlern 5000249138135Alma MahlerAlma Maria Mahler-WerfelGropius, Alma.Gropius, Alma, 1879-1964Mahler, AlmaMahler, Alma, 1879-1964Mahler, Alma M. 1879-1964Mahler, Alma Maria.Mahler, Alma Maria, 1879-1964Mahler, Alma Maria SchindlerMahler, Alma Maria Schindler, 1879-1964Mahler-Schindler, Alma MariaMahler-Werfel, AlmaMahler-Werfel, Alma, 1879-1964Mahler-Werfel, Alma M. 1879-1964Mahler-Werfel, Alma MariaMahler-Werfel Alma Maria 1879-1964Mahler-Werfel, Alma Maria SchindlerMahlerová, AlmaMahlerová, Alma, 1879-1964Mahlerová-Werfelová, Alma 1879-1964Mārā, Aruma, 1879-1964Schindler, AlmaSchindler, Alma, 1879-1964Schindler, Alma 1879-1964 Frueherer NameSchindler, Alma M. 1879-1964Schindler, Alma Maria.Schindler, Alma Maria, 1879-1964Schindler-Mahler, Alma.Schindler-Mahler, Alma, 1879-1964Schindler-Mahler, Alma M. 1879-1964Schindler-Mahler, Alma Maria, 1879-1964Schindler, MariaWerfel, Alma.Werfel, Alma, 1879-1964Werfel, Alma M. 1879-1964Werfel, Alma Mahler-Werfel, Alma Mahler-, 1879-1964Werfel Alma Mahler- 1879-1967Werfel, Alma Maria Mahler- 1879-1964Werfel, Alma Schindler Mahler.Werfel, Alma Schindler Mahler, 1879-1964Werfel-Mahler, AlmaWerfel-Mahler, Alma MariaWerfel-Mahler, Alma Maria Schindlerアルマ・マーラーウェルフェル, アルマ・マーラーlccn-n80067106Mahler, Gustav1860-1911fmocredtecmplccn-n50002492Werfel, Franz1890-1945othrcplccn-n80076591Gropius, Walter1883-1969lccn-n85050852Martner, Knudilledtlccn-n82235936Beaumont, Antonytrledtlccn-n50033572Mitchell, Donald1925-comedtcrelccn-n80032699Kokoschka, Oskar1886-1980lccn-n88258249Rode-Breymann, Susanne1958-edtlccn-nr88001828Filler, Susan Melanie1947-edtlccn-n50029922Giroud, FrançoiseMahler, Alma1879-1964BiographyRecords and correspondenceDiariesPortraitsSelf-portraitsHistoryMusical settingsManuscriptsExhibition catalogsMahler, Gustav,Mahler, Alma,AustriaGropius, Walter,Werfel, Franz,Austria--ViennaWivesArtsComposersKokoschka, Oskar,Intellectual lifeMarried womenArtists' spousesCalifornia--Los Angeles--HollywoodAndreas-Salomé, Lou,Stein, Gertrude,WomenArtist couplesSongs (Medium voice) with pianoSongs (High voice) with pianoWomen composersSongs with pianoArendt, Hannah,Authors, AustrianTorberg, Friedrich,Women musiciansSongs (Medium voice) with orchestraMusiciansLove poetry, AmericanMusic--Instruction and studyZemlinsky, Alexander,Klimt, Gustav,Falke, Gustav,Bierbaum, Otto Julius,Dehmel, Richard,Rilke, Rainer Maria,MarriageGermanyFansFan painting, AustrianComposers' spousesComposers in motion picturesFan paintingSymphonies--ExcerptsMotion picturesMahler, GustavMarried peopleComposers--BiographyLove in motion pictures1879196418931895189619031905190919101911191519201924192519281929193519371940194519461947194819491951195319541956195819591960196119621963196419651966196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201313654369972BML410.M23ocn001099010ocn464492004ocn315740086ocn845489213ocn843604595ocn858084964ocn780670620ocn780670678ocn066350066ocn859432055ocn859432163ocn859432162ocn661878072ocn765923783ocn765923837ocn181443845ocn800414904ocn181445014ocn255882247ocn020164552ocn759737465ocn459841780ocn723556214ocn800414005ocn843604595ocn750970755ocn721640924ocn083807841237080ocn000045552book19400.50Mahler, AlmaGustav Mahler; memories and lettersBiographyRecords and correspondence7438ocn005811360book19790.50Mahler, GustavSelected letters of Gustav MahlerRecords and correspondence3954ocn000224507book19580.35Mahler, AlmaAnd the bridge is loveAlma Mahler-Werfel was the wife, successively, of the composer Gustav Mahler, architect Walter Gropius, and novelist Franz Werfel, as well as philosopher Rafael Schmidt and filmmaker Nicolás Vergara. She was also a composer26284ocn001404617book19600.63Mahler, AlmaMein LebenHistoryBiographyDen østrigske kvinde Alma Mahlers (1879-1964) erindringer fra 1900 til ca. 1950 om sine ægteskaber med komponisten Gustav Mahler, arkitekten Walter Gropius og digteren Franz Werfel24915ocn001099010book18240.76Mahler, GustavBriefe, 1879-1911Records and correspondence24722ocn011489817score19100.66Mahler, AlmaSämtliche Lieder : für mittlere Stimme und KlavierGattung: Gesang mit Instrumentalbegleitung1989ocn019548771rcrd19860.76Mahler, AlmaLieder1317ocn017748295book19870.90Torberg, FriedrichLiebste Freundin und Alma : Briefwechsel mit Alma Mahler-Werfel : nebst einigen Briefen an Franz Werfel, ergänzt durch zwei Aufsätze Friedrich Torbergs im Anhang und ein Vorwort von David AxmannBiographyRecords and correspondence1223ocn811336431file20030.79Mahler, AlmaComplete songs11627ocn003434734book19710.53Mahler, AlmaErinnerungen an Gustav Mahler Briefe an Alma Mahler. Hrsg. v. Donald MitchellBiographyRecords and correspondence1064ocn004301644book19690.90Spielmann, HeinzOskar Kokoschka; die Fächer für Alma MahlerHistory864ocn034186647book19950.93Mahler, GustavEin Glück ohne Ruh' : die Briefe Gustav Mahlers an Alma : erste GesamtausgabeRecords and correspondence772ocn047042960score20010.90Mahler, AlmaVier LiederMusical settings759ocn039048827rcrd19970.63Mahler, AlmaComplete songsMahler-Werfel: Fünf Lieder nach Gedichten von Dehmel, Hartleben, Falke, Rilke, Heine / Vier Lieder nach Gedichten von Bierbaum, Dehmel, Falke / Fünf Gesänge nach Gedichten von Novalis, Bierbaum, Werfel, Dehmel / Zemlinsky: Fünf Gesänge op.7 nach Gedichten von Morgenstern, Dehmel, Jacobsen, Wertheimer703ocn045126710score20000.88Mahler, AlmaTwo LiederMusical settings582ocn009768984book19800.79Frau und MusikVerzameling autobiografische teksten van Duitse componistes527ocn011358471book19580.56Mahler, AlmaAnd the bridge is love515ocn231717321book19970.32Mahler, AlmaTagebuch-Suiten : 1898 - 1902Diaries513ocn231646705book19950.32Mahler, GustavEin Glück ohne Ruh' : die Briefe Gustav Mahlers an Alma503ocn027297738book19920.84Kokoschka, OskarOskar Kokoschka und Alma Mahler : die Puppe : Epilog einer Passion : Städtische Galerie im Städel : Ausstellung vom 6. August bis 18. Oktober 1992, Frankfurt am MainBiographyExhibition catalogs6704ocn009575412book19830.31Monson, KarenAlma Mahler, muse to genius : from fin-de-siècle Vienna to Hollywood's heydayHistoryBiography6504ocn039765160book19980.37Mahler, AlmaDiaries, 1898-1902BiographyDiaries+-+59018965356344ocn025409371book19910.25Keegan, SusanneThe bride of the wind : the life and times of Alma Mahler-WerfelHistoryBiographyThis volume is biography of Viennese-born socialite Alma Mahler (1879-1964). Mahler became well known in her youth for her beauty and vivacity. She became the wife, successively, of composer Gustav Mahler, architect Walter Gropius, and novelist Franz Werfel, as well as the consort of several other prominent men. Born in Austria, Alma saw her native Vienna decline from the peak of its glory, weathered World War I and the Weimar years, survived three children, and made a hairbreadth escape from the Nazis by fleeing to America, where she died at the age of eighty-five. The author further paints the portrait of Alma -- a gifted musician who sublimated her own talent, and an anti-Semite who married two Jews and became a refugee from Hitler5812ocn045230453book20010.22Phillips, MaxThe artist's wife : a novelFiction"Tells of Alma Mahler's childhood in the crumbling Austro-Hungarian Empire, her climb to the heights of Central Europe's beau monde, the struggles of her three marriages, the deaths of three of her children, her flight from Hitler's Anschluss, and her exile in Golden Age Hollywood." -- Jacket+-+05211505355241ocn023692816book19910.37Giroud, FrançoiseAlma Mahler, or, The art of being lovedHistoryBiography5087ocn055657498book20040.56Mahler, GustavGustav Mahler : letters to his wifeRecords and correspondenceThis is a publication of unique historical significance. It restores Gustav Mahler's letters to his wife, Alma, to their original unedited form+-+25989965353282ocn020258966book19890.73Filler, Susan MelanieGustav and Alma Mahler : a guide to researchBibliography3254ocn001363510book19750.37Sorell, WalterThree women : lives of sex and geniusBiography2535ocn156784973book20070.81Filler, Susan MelanieGustav and Alma Mahler : a research and information guideBibliographyThis revised edition of Garland's 1989 publication updates the core bibliography on Gustave Mahler (as well as his spouse and fellow composer Alma Mahler) by incorporating new research gathered over the past dozen years on his life and professional works. Gustave Mahler, renowned conductor and composer of symphonies and song cycles, is one of the foremost musical figures of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His symphonies continue to be widely performed and studied through the twenty-first century.Organized in sections according to subject matter, references are arra+-+93389406952513ocn048264823visu20000.22Bride of the windDramaLike moths to a flame, the greatest artistic talents of turn-of-the-century Europe were drawn to Alma, a remarkable muse who ignited desires that translated into masterpieces of art, music, and literature. Based on the true story of untamed passions and inspirations that drove her to inspire the hearts and minds of composer Gustav Mahler, painter Oskar Kokoschka, architect Walter Gropius and novelist Franz Werfel, who helped her become a respected composer herself2492ocn035823993book19960.70Weidinger, AlfredKokoschka and Alma MahlerBiographyPortraitsSelf-portraitsOskar Kokoschka first met Alma Mahler on April 12, 1912, exactly eleven months after the death of her husband - the composer Gustav Mahler. Three days later, the much younger Kokoschka proposed to her in a passionate letter and they embarked on a stormy relationship which was to last only three years. This short and passionate affair greatly influenced his work. Kokoschka, born in Austria in 1886, was both an artist and writer. He led a turbulent life and travelled extensively, before settling in England where he became a British Subject in 1947. He died in Switzerland in 1980, just days before his 94th birthday. Kokoschka's work was greatly influenced by Gustav Klimt and medieval artists such as Lucas Cranach and Albrecht Durer, painting in a distinctive Expressionist style in his early career. Kokoschka and Alma Mahler explores their passionate relationship, illustrating and discussing the 20 paintings, 70 drawings and prints, and 7 fans that bear witness to this incredibly intense and fateful relationship. His works reflect his love and overwhelming desire, the impressions gained from his travels, and the depths of his despair. The fascinating picture portrayed by the author includes hitherto unpublished material, in particular Alma Mahler's diary from 1912-1913+-+477268642821420ocn013664005book19600.63Mahler, AlmaMein LebenHistoryBiographyDen østrigske kvinde Alma Mahlers (1879-1964) erindringer fra 1900 til ca. 1950 om sine ægteskaber med komponisten Gustav Mahler, arkitekten Walter Gropius og digteren Franz Werfel16513ocn040442590visu19930.47Russell, KenMahlerDramaKen Russell's "Mahler" is a dazzling depiction of the Austrian composer Gustav Mahler's turbulent marriage, passionate affairs, and rejection of Judaism+-+55457553253241355ocn063267249rcrd20050.08Rivas, BeatrizLa hora sin diosasFictionThere is always some insanity in love, but there is also some sanity in insanity. Old and very ill Daniel Ponty narrates his memories and the intimate details of his privileged life. Having lived in Paris and Vienna between 1890 and 1939, he was able to meet, frequent and be close to characters which are now part of history: Lou Andreas-Salomé, Hannah Arendt, Alma Mahler; and also Rilke, Nietzsche, Freud, Benjamin, Klimt, Rodin ... each one leaving a mark on him. The plot narrates his ideas on love, art, life, and intimacy1111ocn048517521book20020.86Lindner, AprilSkinPoetry+-+59397214351065ocn018305724book19880.70Giroud, FrançoiseAlma Mahler, ou, L'art d'être aiméeHistoryBiographyQu'advient-il d'une femme quand on lui coupe les ailes? Quand on lui interdit l'ambition personnelle, l'affirmation de sa personnalité? C'est ce que F. Giroud a choisi de raconter à travers Alma Malher1032ocn054394396book20030.31Enquist, AnnaDe sprong : vijf monologenFiction982ocn026203011score19920.90Mahler, GustavAdagietto : facsimile, documentation, recordingManuscripts956ocn010751995book19830.70Wessling, Berndt WAlma : Gefährtin von Gustav Mahler, Oskar Kokoschka, Walter Gropius, Franz WerfelHistoryBiography881ocn027897350book19920.47Kokoschka, OskarOskar Kokoschka letters 1905-1976Records and correspondence+-+5901896535+-+5901896535Fri Mar 21 15:46:31 EDT 2014batch39582