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Thu Oct 16 17:50:17 2014 UTClccn-n500249700.18Man on the moon0.260.97Miloš Forman /112401195Miloš_Formann 5002497060373Forman.Forman, Jan Tomáš.Forman, Jan Tomáš 1932-Formans, Milošs 1932-Форман, МилошФорман, Милош 1932-lccn-nr93000368Zaentz, Saulprdprodrtlccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)prolccn-n82247239Nicholson, Jackiveprfactlccn-n80022788Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus1756-1791cmplccn-n80057038Salieri, Antonio1750-1825cmplccn-no96024993Saul Zaentz Companyprolccn-n82235850Redfield, William1927-1976prfactlccn-n81072546Marriner, Nevillecndcmplccn-n93073153Goldman, Bo1932-sceauslccn-n88027458Abraham, F. MurrayprfactForman, MilošDramaFilm adaptationsHistoryBiographyComedy filmsInterviewsFictionFilm and video adaptationsBiographical filmsMusical filmsMozart, Wolfgang Amadeus,Salieri, Antonio,United StatesMentally illComposersPsychiatric hospitalsAustria--ViennaPsychiatric nursesPsychiatric hospital patientsShaffer, Peter,Forman, MilošKesey, KenOregonMan-woman relationshipsCzechoslovakiaMotion picture producers and directorsMozart, Constanze,LoveHair (MacDermot, Galt)HippiesDraftKaufman, Andy,ComediansFlynt, LarryPornographyVietnam War (1961-1975)SpainGoya, Francisco,InquisitionChristian hereticsMonksDraft resistersProtest movementsPublic opinionManners and customsRagtime musicCzech RepublicAmericaEmotionsWomenFire departmentsDance partiesEurope, EasternClosed captioningTarkovskiĭ, Andreĭ Arsenʹevich,Polanski, RomanSzabó, István,Makavejev, DušanPsychotherapy patientsEnvy19321953196319641965196619671968197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014241694831725791.4372PN1997ocn041397278ocn050733699ocn045105574ocn047058875ocn077461042ocn055859308ocn607901095ocn187706193ocn428816171ocn068754225ocn077461042ocn055859308ocn607901095ocn029460119ocn062329064ocn058445837ocn879409584ocn753082363ocn551885226ocn753691905ocn753082401ocn553491094ocn780914131ocn781123916ocn753159874ocn845564296ocn299913852ocn031399202ocn816406445ocn691269523ocn881499963ocn406009817ocn416753906ocn743043747ocn822611532ocn742938222ocn420329289ocn742825119ocn743043566ocn414838239ocn742924688ocn043047172ocn780303742ocn444212674ocn449234242ocn863016878ocn763001289ocn767326413ocn826706906ocn691912615ocn880988999ocn691740659ocn416753906ocn780870263ocn801748750ocn816566539ocn812530664ocn801748747ocn691928634ocn691258051ocn742826614ocn441809553ocn439438503ocn781370048ocn742953860ocn801781968ocn416258978ocn469663164ocn691209525ocn874403068ocn469319433ocn824633958ocn822028961ocn7233460705248177ocn049373861visu19840.21Forman, MilošPeter Shaffer's AmadeusBiographyDramaMusical filmsBiographical filmsTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsAdapted from Shaffer's play, the film presents the life of Antonio Salieri, a mediocre 18th century Viennese composer obsessed with and jealous of the musical genius of the age: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart+-+87265573253245188137ocn038148696visu19750.21Forman, MilošOne flew over the cuckoo's nestHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionInterviewsDramaFilm and video adaptationsComedy filmsFilm adaptationsThe story of a man whose rebelliousness pits him against the head nurse of a mental ward and the full-spectrum of institutional repression. The patients in the mental hospital then rebel against the rule-bound head nurse, whose smiling, unruffled and patient manner conceal her ruthless determination to crush any hint of individuality of spirit in the men in her charge+-+78553346963241701130ocn041397278visu19790.23Forman, MilošRagni, Rado & MacDermot's HairFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsFresh from the farm, Claude Bukowski arrives in New York City for a date with the Army Induction Board, only to walk into a hippie "happening" in Central Park and fall in love with the beautiful Sheila. Befriended by the hippies' pacifist leader, Berger, and urged to crash a formal party in order to declare his love for Sheila, Claude begins an adventure that lands him in jail, Central Park Lake and finally, in the army. But Berger's final effort to save Claude from Vietnam sets in motion a bizarre twist of fate with shocking consequences108648ocn045105574visu19990.18Forman, MilošMan on the moonBiographyDramaA stunning portrayal of the late Andy Kaufman+-+4686978325324100943ocn039366028visu19960.26Forman, MilošThe people vs. Larry FlyntBiographyDramaComedy filmsBased on the true story of the notorious Hustler publisher who was sued by the Religious Right and paralyzed by a fanatic's bulletin. He took his case to the Supreme Court in defense of free speech and First Amendment rights+-+104274959694132ocn184955350visu20060.20Forman, MilošGoya's ghostsChurch historyDramaTold through the eyes of celebrated Spanish painter Francisco Goya. Set against political turmoil at the end of the Spanish Inquisition and start of the invasion of Spain by Napoleon's army. Captures the essence and beauty of Goya's work which is best known for both the colorful depictions of the royal court and its people, and his grim depictions of the brutality of war and life in 18th century Spain. When Goya's beautiful muse is accused of being a heretic, the renowned painter must convince his old friend Lorenzo, a power-hungry monk and leader of the Spanish Inquisition, to spare her life71520ocn056946497visu19810.20Doctorow, E. LRagtimeHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsA young black pianist becomes embroiled in the lives of an upper-class white family set among the racial tensions, infidelity, violence, and other nostalgic events in early 1900s New York City66459ocn050733699visu19890.24Forman, MilošValmontDramaFilm adaptationsThe vindictive widow Merteuil bets her friend debaucherous Valmont that he cannot seduce the virtuous (and married) Madame de Tourvel. If Valmont succeeds he may also bed Merteuil, but if he fails he must join a monastery. Set amongst the aristocracy in France in the 18th century63934ocn049969273visu19670.29Forman, MilošHoří, má panenko The firemen's ballTrials, litigation, etcDramaComedy of a small-town fireman's ball which turns into a sprawling disaster59612ocn049037195visu19850.31Lásky jedné plavovlásky Loves of a blondDramaRomantic comedy of a girl who falls in love with a pianist when the reservist army comes to town+-+79187553253244705ocn052926312visu20030.24A decade under the influenceHistoryInterviewsA cast of pioneering writers, directors, and actors talk about the 70's, their films and their colleagues33613ocn051507060visu20020.26Forman, MilošAmadeus director's cutDramaFilm adaptationsAdapted from Shaffer's play, the film presents the life of Antonio Salieri, a mediocre 18th century Viennese composer obsessed with and jealous of the musical genius of the age, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart32632ocn023589361visu19810.23Forman, MilošRagtimeHistoryFictionDramaSummary: The lives and passions of a middle class, small town family are interwoven with the scandals and events of America in 19062935ocn264799369visu19930.21Hair let the sun shine inFilm adaptationsA documentary film celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Broadway debut of 'Hair'. Interviews of the original cast, crew, and creators discussing the cultural influences and impact of the play are accompanied by archival footage of the early stage performances. The camera also captures casting and rehearsals of the 40th anniversary stage production27626ocn039618305visu19840.22Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusAmadeusDramaFilm adaptationsThe life and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is viewed through the memories of an envious rival, Salieri+-+005233469632425222ocn607901095visu19650.27Forman, MilošLásky jedné plavovláskyFictionDramaThis romantic comedy is the story of Andula, a young woman who works in a shoe factory and dreams of love. Dissatisfied with the men in her town, she is forced to cope with Tonda, an ardent admirer but hardly her ideal of the perfect man. When the plant manager arranges a dance in honor of soldiers stationed in the town, Andula looks forward to meeting a handsome military man. To her disappointment, the soldiers are middle-aged reservists. Instead, she sets her romantic sights on the piano player, Milda. After some uneasy introductions, Andula spends the night with the musician. When she meets his parents, they renounce their son's immorality. Milda rejects Andula and she dejectedly returns to the factory. Loves of a blonde is considered one of the first films of the Czech new wave and utilizes techniques of cinema-verité1794ocn045092572visu20000.39The films of Milos FormanBiographyInterviewsMilos Forman talks about his films and the making of them, provides a brief autobiographical introduction of how he got started in his career, and follows with film reminiscences giving insights about the production, the casting process, studios, the industry and experiences with collaborators+-+81437072063241761ocn818256426visu20120.18Les bien-aimés BelovedDramaIn 1964 Paris, Madeleine works as a shoe salesgirl and a part-time prostitute. She falls in love with Jaromil, a Czech doctor she picks up, and the two continue to see each other for years despite Madeleine's marriage to another man. Meanwhile, Madeleine's daughter Vera has romantic trouble of her own: she is torn between her longtime boyfriend and an unobtainable American musician1151ocn055859308visu20040.27Černy̓ Petr Black sheepDrama16-year-old Petr has just started his first job--patrolling for shoplifters in a grocery store. An unsure young man, he is now an agent of the established order, yet he looks on complacently when a stout woman steals some candy. His father, a part time bandmaster, is a petty dictator--Petr resists playing audience to his habitual old-school monologues. His father lacks any direction for the future and Petr is confused and adrift. The disappointments and bewilderments of youth, traditional generational conflict, and a sense of cultural paralysis animate this slender story of human moments that bind, rather than divide, young and old1124ocn535678941visu20080.18Chelsea on the rocksDocuments the artists, writers, musicians, and celebrities that have emerged from the legendary residence in the middle of New York. Includes archival footage, interviews, narrative sequences, and the people who have lived and created in the American cultural icon, the Chelsea Hotel5351ocn027226023book19940.63Five filmmakers : Tarkovsky, Forman, Polanski, Szabó, MakavejevCriticism, interpretation, etc4453ocn029564380book19930.30Forman, MilošTurnaround : a memoirBiography"In these pages are wonderful stories of the artist as a young man: tales of finding love in a deranged Communist bureaucracy, fleeing his beloved homeland, living in the bohemian Chelsea Hotel in the late sixties, discovering free spirits in Greenwich Village, learning the peculiar ways and means of Hollywood, reaching the pinnacle of professional success, and, finally, being allowed to return home to film the life of another young genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. But above all, Forman's life story can be read as a chronicle of the bittersweet intersection of life, love, politics, and art. Frank, vibrant, passionate, Turnaround is a triumph."--Jacket2612ocn015365949book19870.79Slater, Thomas JMilos Forman : a bio-bibliographyBiographyBibliography+-+37480786853242573ocn002019899book19750.70Liehm, Antonín JThe Miloš Forman stories521ocn527378607book20050.26Authors & artists for young adultsBio-bibliographyBiographyBibliographyInterviewsFacts about the writers, artists, film directors, graphic novelists, and other creative personalities that interest teens. International in scope+-+8601112325423ocn015774722book19760.93Liehm, Antonín JPříběhy Miloše Formana352ocn003342492book19770.93United StatesMilos Forman : report to accompany H.R. 3085302ocn002674438book19760.90United StatesMilos Forman : report to accompany H.R. 14693293ocn002674414book19760.92United StatesMilos Forman291ocn033227143book19940.53Forman, MilošEt on dit la vérité : mémoiresBiographyDans ses mémoires, Milos Forman relate ses souvenirs d'enfance, la déportation de ses parents par la Gestapo, ses mariages, sa carrière cinématographique en Tchécoslovaquie et en Amérique, où il réalisa ses meilleurs films, dont ##Amadeus## qui remporta plusieurs Oscars271ocn041878230book19990.82Szabo-Knotik, CorneliaAmadeus : Milos Formans Film als musikhistorisches Phänomen241ocn042931166book19990.21Forman, MilošKrugovorotBiography231ocn008044734book19810.97Vecchi, PaoloMiloš Forman221ocn034787301book19940.88Forman, MilošCo já vím? : autobiografie Miloše FormanaBiography211ocn022657646book19870.90Poizot, ClaudeMilos FormanCriticism, interpretation, etc201ocn644709162com20030.50Witalec, JanetContemporary Literary CriticismCriticism, interpretation, etcStories, plots, etcCovers authors who are currently active or who died after December 31, 1959. Profiles novelists, poets, playwrights and other creative and nonfiction writers by providing criticism taken from books, magazines, literary reviews, newspapers and scholarly journals+-+1514012325202ocn505208785book20090.93Přádná, StanislavaMiloš Forman : filmař mezi dvěma kontinentyBiography111ocn056682071book20040.70Curot, FrankStyles filmiques. Cassavetes, Forman, Kiarostami, Loach, PialatCriticism, interpretation, etcS'intéresse au style réaliste et à ses diverses manifestations à travers l'analyse de l'oeuvre cinématographique de cinq réalisateurs des années 1950 aux années 199091ocn547597916book20090.88Novak, JanZa vodou : (šest rozhovorů)Interviews92ocn137314529book20070.66Ballester, CésarMiloš FormanCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+3308712893+-+8726557325324+-+8726557325324Thu Oct 16 15:47:00 EDT 2014batch51062