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Fri Mar 21 17:03:53 2014 UTClccn-n500266980.28Medieval and Renaissance poets : Langland to Spenser /0.480.90Chaucerian Shakespeare : adaptation and transformation : a collection of essays /108327575n 5002669862085Donaldson, E. T.Donaldson, E. T. 1910-1987Donaldson, E. T. (Ethelbert Talbot), 1910-Donaldson, E. T. (Ethelbert Talbot), 1910-1987Donaldson, E. Talbot.Donaldson, E. Talbot 1910-1987Donaldson, Ethelbert TalbotDonaldson, Ethelbert Talbot, 1910-Donaldson, Ethelbert Talbot, 1910-1987Talbot Donaldson, E., 1910-1987Talbot Donaldson, Ethelbert 1910-1987lccn-n79027228Chaucer, Geoffrey-1400lccn-n78095389Langland, William1330?-1400?lccn-n88241003Tuso, Joseph F.edtlccn-n82091000Kirk, Elizabeth D.edtlccn-n78095332Shakespeare, William1564-1616lccn-n79058567Kane, Georgeedtlccn-no2005071425Carruthers, Mary J.(Mary Jean)1941-edtlccn-n80034161Trinity College (University of Cambridge)lccn-n83137019Anderson, Judith H.edtlccn-n85251494Howe, NicholasDonaldson, E. Talbot(Ethelbert Talbot)1910-1987PoetryCriticism, interpretation, etcHistorySourcesConference proceedingsManuscriptsPeriodicalsChristian pilgrims and pilgrimagesChristian poetry, English (Middle)BeowulfChaucer, Geoffrey,Piers Plowman (Langland, William)Epic poetry, English (Old)ScandinaviaDragonsMonstersLiteratureEnglandEnglish poetryShakespeare, William,MedievalismMiddle Ages in literatureInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)English literature--Middle EnglishEnglish literature--Early modernCivilization, Medieval, in literatureRenaissanceDonaldson, E. Talbot--(Ethelbert Talbot),Monsters as literary charactersDragons in literatureVisionsDreamsLiterature, MedievalEnglish poetry--Middle EnglishChristianity and literatureEnglish poetry--Early modernHistory--SourcesEnglish literatureLangland, William,English philologyAmerican poetryHeroesHeroes as literary charactersEnglish poetry--Old EnglishCivilization, MedievalMiddle Ages1910198719491950195219531955195819611962196619671968197019721973197419751976197719781979198219831984198519881989199020012002200520062007912353218821.1PR2010ocn000683408ocn000462051ocn468834326ocn468830516ocn613347398ocn732732706ocn812214594ocn630002801ocn855915368ocn436070292ocn461958378ocn462146171ocn176874287ocn468392832ocn442430250ocn579499108127925ocn000178882book19700.39Donaldson, E. TalbotSpeaking of ChaucerCriticism, interpretation, etc12529ocn001952946book19660.32Donaldson, E. TalbotBeowulf : the Donaldson translation, backgrounds and sources, criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryPresents an annotated text of the saga of the hero Beowulf, slayer of the monster Grendel, and includes backgrounds and sources, as well as critical commentary+-+40774584859952ocn000350839book19580.37Chaucer, GeoffreyPoetry; an anthology for the modern reader97727ocn000348900book19490.59Donaldson, E. TalbotPiers plowman; the C-text and its poetHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc81118ocn000683408book19660.32Donaldson, E. TalbotBeowulf: a new prose translationCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetry+-+01592484857115ocn011261284book19850.59Donaldson, E. TalbotThe swan at the well : Shakespeare reading ChaucerHistorySources+-+94988555855006ocn008626626book19820.70Acts of interpretation : the text in its contexts, 700-1600 : essays on medieval and Renaissance literature in honor of E. Talbot DonaldsonCriticism, interpretation, etc42812ocn001340536book19580.47Chaucer, GeoffreyChaucer's poetry : an anthology for the modern reader4197ocn019456855book19890.56Langland, WilliamWill's vision of Piers PlowmanPoetry+-+56651484853801ocn046685616book20020.50Beowulf : a prose translation : backgrounds and contexts, criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryContains the prose translation of "Beowulf" and provides historical, linguistic, and literary settings, origins of Old English language, and material on Beowulf's tribes and genealogies+-+01592484852704ocn056111660book20050.53Langland, WilliamPiers Plowman : the Donaldson translation, Middle English text, sources and backgrounds, criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetrySources"Piers Plowman is one of the most significant works of medieval literature. Astonishing in its cultural and theological scope, William Langland's iconoclastic masterpiece is at once a historical relic and a deeply spiritual vision, probing not only the social and religious aristocracy but also the day-to-day realities of a largely voiceless proletariat class. E. Talbot Donaldson's translation of the text has been selected for this Norton Critical Edition because of its skillful emulation of the original poem's distinct alliterative verse. Selections of the authoritative Middle English text are also included for comparative analysis. "Sources and Backgrounds" includes a large collection of contemporary religious and historical documents pertaining to the poem, including selections from the Douai Bible, accounts of the plague, and legal statutes. "Criticism" includes twenty interpretive essays by leading medievalists, among them E. Talbot Donaldson, George Kane, Jill Mann, Derek Pearsall, C. David Benson, and Elizabeth D. Kirk. A Glossary and Selected Bibliography are also included."--Publisher's website+-+74002484852384ocn050393144book19750.59Langland, WilliamPiers Plowman, the B version : Will's visions of Piers Plowman, Do-well, Do-better, and Do-bestCriticism, interpretation, etc21114ocn018835968book19750.73Langland, WilliamWill's visions of Piers Plowman, do-well, do-better, and do-bestCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryManuscriptsThis definitive edition of the C Version of Piers Plowman presents the poem in its second, uncompleted revision. Its base is the text in Huntington Library MS 143, corrected and restored from the evidence of all known manuscripts of the C tradition to that of the first fair copy of the poet's revision materials. The correction and restoration are described in an extensive Introduction, and there is a full apparatus of variant readings1535ocn019125641book19880.70Langland, WilliamPiers PlowmanPoetry- - Supplement. The evidence for authorship/by George Kane.-1965.-72p.; 23cm+-+63056757051174ocn010010110book19830.90Chaucerian Shakespeare : adaptation and transformation : a collection of essaysHistoryConference proceedings803ocn001334772book19550.90Donaldson, E. TalbotMss. R and F in the B-tradition of Piers PlowmanManuscripts678ocn025440579book19500.28Auden, W. HMedieval and Renaissance poets : Langland to Spenser384ocn003713966book19760.63Donaldson, E. TalbotEssays and studies, 1976Criticism, interpretation, etcPeriodicals344ocn220097607book19750.59Langland, WilliamPiers Plowman; an introductionHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryA study of Langland's Middle English poem318ocn061577499book19660.32BeowulfPoetry+-+9498855585+-+9498855585Fri Mar 21 15:54:05 EDT 2014batch17158