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Fri Mar 21 17:12:47 2014 UTClccn-n500276980.22The God of mirrors : a novel /0.560.94In excelsis,51732803Lord_Alfred_Douglasn 5002769863081Belgian Hare.Belgian Hare, 1870-1945Douglas, Alfred.Douglas, Alfred, 1870-1945Douglas, Alfred BruceDouglas, Alfred Bruce, Lord, 1870-1945Douglas, Alfred, LordDouglas, Alfred, Lord, 1870-1945Douglas, Bosie.Douglas, Bosie, 1870-1945lccn-n79042038Wilde, Oscar1854-1900lccn-n83201475Salome(Biblical figure)lccn-n79006533Shaw, Bernard1856-1950lccn-n50024951Harris, Frank1856-1931lccn-n80036714Beardsley, Aubrey1872-1898illlccn-n50030377Eccles, Mary Hydelccn-n00024858Murray, Douglas1979-lccn-n50030373Hyde, H. Montgomery(Harford Montgomery)1907-1989lccn-n85236390Reilly, Robertlccn-n79096858Bentley, Eric1916-Douglas, Alfred Bruce1870-1945DramaBiographyRecords and correspondenceCriticism, interpretation, etcMusical settingsArtMusicPoetryWilde, Oscar,Douglas, Alfred Bruce,Salome--(Biblical figure)Poets, EnglishAuthors, IrishMan-woman relationshipsOperasPrisonersSufferingEngland--ReadingAuthorsGriefEnglandGay menShaw, Bernard,Great BritainPrisoners' writings, EnglishDramatists, IrishIrelandEnglish poetrySonnets, EnglishEnglish literatureAuthors, Irish--BiographyBelief and doubtGermany--SwabiaHamlet (Legendary character)Authors, EnglishSonnets (Shakespeare, William)NobilityScotlandQueensberry, John Sholto Douglas,--Marquis of,Butler, Samuel,PrisonsCorrespondence (Wilde, Oscar)FriendshipHarris, Frank,LiteratureAuthors, English--Family relationshipsDouglas familyFamiliesDramaNonsense versesAuthors' spousesWilde, Constance,ImprisonmentRoss, Robert Baldwin,Verse satireVerse satire, EnglishHumorous poetry, EnglishWilde, Oscar18701945187418781879188018871889189018921893189418951896189718981899190019021904190519061907190819091911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119221924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195419561958196019611962196319641965196619671969197019711973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201315197369834822.8PR6007.O86ocn000927996ocn021327540ocn001253515ocn015720940ocn025939743ocn015970475ocn662162585ocn439541498ocn767351242ocn083790902ocn047668664ocn795691922ocn460568344149128ocn000619976book18940.53Wilde, OscarSalome a tragedy in one actArtDramaAfter Salome dances for the king, she asks for the head of John the Baptist for her mother+-+458367139571617ocn008387886book19820.39Shaw, BernardBernard Shaw and Alfred Douglas, a correspondenceBiographyRecords and correspondence57416ocn000545952book19300.59Harris, FrankOscar Wilde : his life and confessionsBiography46638ocn000843089book19140.66Douglas, Alfred BruceOscar Wilde; a summing-upCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyKleine biografie over Wilde, geschreven aan het einde van Douglas' leven36315ocn000098514book19330.66Douglas, Alfred BruceThe true history of Shakespeare's sonnetsCriticism, interpretation, etcLargely a discussion of Butler's "Shakespeare's sonnets reconsidered, and in part rearranged"; the present author adopts with few exceptions Butler's arrangement and also identifies the W. H. of the sonnets with William Hughes or Hewes29818ocn001309617book19140.73Douglas, Alfred BruceOscar Wilde and myselfBiography2932ocn001813589book19380.59Stokes, L. 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Dissolute, wellborn, and beautiful as a young man, his role in the events that led to Oscar Wilde's trial and imprisonment determined the strange celebrity that haunted him until his death. Biographies of Wilde generally give only a cursory account of what happened to Douglas after Wilde's death, but Bosie recounts the full and absorbing story of his complex life. A successful though now obscure poet, he renounced homosexuality after converting to Roman Catholicism and embarked on an ill-fated marriage to Olive Custance. Lord Alfred's time was largely consumed by his growing interest in religion and costly feuds -- he was imprisoned for libeling Winston Churchill -- and he died a neglected and lonely figure in 1945. - Jacket flap+-+08011313255622ocn012669312book19860.22Reilly, RobertThe God of mirrors : a novelFictionA richly textured, passionate portrait of the relationship between Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas and its tragic repercussions is set against the decadent, vital world of 1890's London and Paris5503ocn011917080book19840.35Hyde, H. MontgomeryLord Alfred Douglas : a biographyBiographyLevensbeschrijving van de Engelse dichter Alfred Bruce Douglas (1870-1945),die bevriend was met Oscar Fingall O'Flahertie Wills Wilde (1854-1900)5154ocn038602383book19980.39Hare, DavidThe Judas kissFictionDramaDavid Hare presents his powerful interpretation of Oscar Wilde's relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas+-+77208675354119ocn000092488book19290.66Douglas, Alfred BruceThe autobiography of Lord Alfred DouglasBiography3275ocn000456880book19050.63Wilde, OscarDe profundis : being the first complete and accurate version of Epistola: in carcere et vinculis, the last prose work in English of Oscar WildePoetryRecords and correspondenceDe gevangenisbrieven van O. Wilde2905ocn062533092book20060.33Wintermans, CasparAlfred Douglas : a poet's life and his finest workBiography+-+05276157252873ocn813392788book20130.31Stratmann, LindaThe Marquess of Queensberry : Wilde's nemesisHistoryBiographyTrials, litigation, etcThe Marquess of Queensberry is as famous for his role in the downfall of one of our greatest literary geniuses as he was for helping establish the rules for modern day boxing. The trial and two year imprisonment of Oscar Wilde, lover of Queensberry's son, Lord Alfred Douglas, remains one of literary history's great tragedies. However, Linda Stratmann's riveting biography of the Marquess paints a far more complex picture by drawing on new sources and unpublished letters25613ocn044016373book19080.35Wilde, OscarDe ProfundisHistoryTrials, litigation, etcPoetrySourcesRecords and correspondenceWritten from Wilde's prison cell at Reading Gaol to his friend and lover Lord Alfred Douglas, De Profundis explodes the conventions of the traditional love letter and offers a scathing indictment of Douglas's behavior, a mournful elegy for Wilde's own lost greatness, and an impassioned plea for reconciliation. At once a bracingly honest account of ruinous attachment and a profound meditation on human suffering, De Profundis is a classic of gay literature. Richard Ellmann calls De Profundis "a love letter...One of the greatest, and the longest, ever written." This Modern Library Paperback Classics edition contains newly commissioned notes. From the Trade Paperback edition+-+56783242152513ocn012172213book19850.73Bentley, EricMonstrous martyrdoms : 3 playsDrama""The road will be red with monstrous martyrdoms, but we will win!" Oscar Wilde, who figures prominently in Eric Bentley's play Lord Alfred's Lover, wrote these words at the end of the nineteenth century after serving two years of hard labor for the crime of being homosexual." "Other kinds of passionate martyrdom are portrayed in the other two plays in this collection. H for Hamlet is a variation on Pirandello's theme of madness in Enrico IV. In Bentley's version, the protagonist believes he is Hamlet, but, to use Marianne Moore's words in a different context, there was a real toad in the imaginary garden - a martyr of sorts." "German Requiem is a variation on Heinrich von Kleist's The Schroffenstein Family (which itself is a variation on Romeo and Juliet) tells the tale of two lovers caught in internecine strife that is both timeless and timely."--BOOK JACKET+-+51357656352273ocn002691680book19480.70Freeman, WilliamThe life of Lord Alfred Douglas, spoilt child of genius2156ocn000819123book19490.76Queensberry, Francis Archibald Kelhead DouglasOscar Wilde and the Black DouglasBiography1702ocn008206085book19810.47Roberts, BrianThe mad bad line : the family of Lord Alfred DouglasBiography1593ocn053846692book20010.59Fisher, TrevorOscar and Bosie : a fatal passionBiography+-+24097450253241522ocn004355165book19770.70Mazumdar, MaximOscar rememberedDrama1513ocn007542092book19810.79Bentley, EricLord Alfred's lover : a playFictionDramaThis play is about the tumultuous relationship between Oscar Wilde and Alfred Douglas. In the play, Bentley's most autobiographical work, the climax occurs when Wilde says, 'Posing as a sodomite'--the fateful phrase is libel now. I do not pose as a sodomite. I am a sodomite1352ocn038112989book19970.84Kilroy, ThomasThe secret fall of Constance WildeDrama+-+98460870361202ocn052214644book20070.76Bentley, EricMonstrous martyrdoms : three playsDrama"The road will be red with monstrous martyrdoms, but we shall win." Oscar Wilde wrote these words at the end of the nineteenth century after serving two years at hard labor for the crime of being homosexual. This modern martyrdom is the subject of Lord Alfred's Lover, Eric Bentley's Brechtian dramatization of Wilde's last days. H for Hamlet is another variation on the modern martyr play, this time in homage to Pirandello. The protagonist thinks, or once thought, he was Hamlet. Fantasy? Perhaps. But, to paraphrase Marianne Moore, there was a real toad in the imaginary garden--a real martyr in the toy theatre. In German Requiem, Bentley takes inspiration from Heinrich von Kleist's play The Schroffenstein Family, which in turn is a version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The young star-crossed lovers in his play are martyrs of an internecine conflict much like those seen in recent history in Ireland and the Middle East+-+51357656351092ocn000692586book19320.76Douglas, Alfred BruceMy friendship with Oscar Wilde, being the Autobiography of Lord Alfred Douglas+-+4583671395+-+4583671395Fri Mar 21 16:13:09 EDT 2014batch36508