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Thu Oct 16 17:50:03 2014 UTClccn-n500279220.00The life and work of George Ledyard Stebbins, Jr. : an oral history /0.601.00A publisher's career with the University of California Press, the Sierra Club, and the California Native Plant Society includes an interview with Susan Frugé /108716855G._Ledyard_Stebbinsn 5002792263301Ledyard Stebbins, George 1906-2000Stebbins, G. L. 1906-Stebbins, G. L. 1906-2000Stebbins, G. L. (George Ledyard), 1906-Stebbins G. Ledyard 1906-2000Stebbins, George L. 1906-2000Stebbins, George Ledyard.Stebbins, George Ledyard 1906-Stebbins, George Ledyard 1906-2000Stebbins, George Ledyard 1906-2002Stebbins, LedyardStebbins, Ledyard 1906-2000Stebbins, Ledyard 1906-2002lccn-n50016130Baker, Herbert G.edtlccn-n80118490International Union of Biological Scienceslccn-n90614391Babcock, E. B.(Ernest Brown)1877-1954lccn-n87892687Gottlieb, Leslie D.1936-lccn-n87943847Jain, Subodh K.1934-lccn-n79032227Ayala, Francisco José1934-edtlccn-n84229174Gustafson, J. P.lccn-n96021641Smocovitis, Vassiliki Bettyedtlccn-n80137806Dempster, Lauramay T.1905-1997lccn-n88234685Crawford, Daniel J.edtStebbins, G. Ledyard(George Ledyard)1906-2000Conference proceedingsBiographyEvolution (Biology)Plants--EvolutionPlants--VariationPlant populationsAngiosperms--EvolutionGeneticsChromosomesStebbins, G. Ledyard--(George Ledyard),Animal populationsColonization (Ecology)CrepisBiologyHuman beingsDevelopmental biologyCaliforniaMexico--Baja California (Peninsula)GaliumOregonCichoriaceaePlants--PhylogenyEvolutionDactylisUnited StatesNaturalistsFlowersPeoniesAnimal introductionPlant introductionMedicineHuman geneticsAngiospermsBotanistsCalifornia Native Plant SocietyBotanyDevelopmental geneticsLewontin, Richard C.,Mayr, Ernst,Boesiger, ErnestDobzhansky, Theodosius,EnvironmentalistsWright, Sewall,HorticulturistsPaleontologyUniversity of California, DavisPauling, Linus,Muller, H. J.--(Hermann Joseph),Population geneticsUniversity of California PressHuxley, Julian,Lerner, I. Michael--(Isadore Michael),19062000193019311932193319351936193719381939194019411942194319441947194919501951195219531954195719581959196019611963196419651966196719681969197019711973197419761977197819791980198119821986198719881989199019931994200020012002200420079305124281575QH366ocn000384980ocn003473025ocn490371588ocn610262189ocn651734965ocn467886237ocn215324153ocn122551720195932ocn000551269book19660.53Stebbins, G. LedyardProcesses of organic evolution117625ocn000294016book19500.56Stebbins, G. LedyardVariation and evolution in plants11534ocn007837457book19810.37Stebbins, G. LedyardDarwin to DNA, molecules to humanity99812ocn001099018book19740.53Stebbins, G. LedyardFlowering plants : evolution above the species levelFactors that determine evolutionary trends. Trends of angiosperm phylogeny6219ocn000197419book19500.63Stebbins, G. 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Ledyard Stebbins (1929-2000)Genetics, evolution, speciaton, hybridization, lifework1313ocn000220011book19680.84Dempster, Lauramay TA cytotaxonomic revision of the fleshy-fruited Galium species of the Californias and southern Oregon (Rubiaceae)1128ocn002400346book19380.82Young, Clarence WhitfordThe human organism and the world of life; a survey in biological science763ocn000912363book19530.84Stebbins, G. LedyardChromosomes and phylogeny in the Compositae, tribe Cichoricae743ocn004228917book19590.90Stebbins, G. LedyardCytogenetic and evolutionary studies in the genus Dactylis. I: Morphology, distribution, and interrelationships of the diploid subspecies601ocn004225131book19390.90Stebbins, G. LedyardNotes on some systematic relationships in the genus Paeonia593ocn004218600book19430.84Babcock, E. BSystematic studies of the Cichorieae491ocn016421272book19790.66Solbrig, Otto TTopics in plant population biology316ocn012266340book19680.59Stebbins, G. LedyardEvolutionsprozesse; Einzelvorgänge im Wandel der Organismen291ocn003948690book19400.93Stebbins, G. LedyardStudies in the Cichorieae: Dubyaea and Soroseris, endemics of the Sino-Himalayan region4402ocn017233777book19880.74Gottlieb, Leslie DPlant evolutionary biology692ocn191658116book20070.95Stebbins, G. LedyardThe ladyslipper and IBiography85ocn022477569mix19880.92Smocovitis, Vassiliki BettyBotany and the evolutionary synthesis : the life and work of G. Ledyard Stebbins Jr.HistoryBiography21ocn037607925book1993Stebbins, G. LedyardThe life and work of George Ledyard Stebbins, Jr. : an oral historyHistoryBiography21ocn048996760book20011.00Frugé, AugustA publisher's career with the University of California Press, the Sierra Club, and the California Native Plant Society includes an interview with Susan FrugéHistoryInterviewsTopics covered include: background in Idaho and Oregon, education at Stanford University; early job, UC Berkeley Master's of Library Science (MLS) degree in 1937; marriage to Grete [later Cubie] in 1939, retarded son from first marriage; library work in Sacramento; University of California Press, 1940's under Sam Farquhar early mandate; under Frugé, Editorial Committee meetings, sponsoring editors, new directions, paperback publication; UCLA office of the Press, finances, inventory, Board of Control, marketing; Sierra Club Publications committee, 1960's, and connections with UC Press, David Brower, creating Exhibit Format Books, internal conflicts; second marriage to Susan in 1959; comments on George Stewart, Max Yavno, Ansel Adams, Franklin Murphy, American Association of University Presses and university publishing in Latin America, 1950's, Centro Intraamericano de Libros Academicos; Chair of Sierra Club publications 1960; Sierra Club leader 1960-1980's11ocn122616113mixDobzhansky, TheodosiusHistory11ocn122364923mixRoe, AnneThis collection represents the data that Roe (Mrs. George Gaylord Simpson) collected on 64 scientists for her 1953 book, "The Making of a Scientist." The material for each scientist includes transcripts of interviews, Rorschach and Thematic Apperception Tests, personal data, reprints of the scientist's publications, and letters several years afterward asking for additional information. There are also photostats of letters and notes by the scientists dating earlier than 1949; holders of the originals unknown11ocn030106996mix1.00Stebbins, G. LedyardGeorge Ledyard Stebbins papersArchivesResearch papers, correspondence, class materials and lecture notes11ocn422623111art2002Stebbins, G. LedyardBiography11ocn754864441mix0.47Gould, Stephen JayStephen Jay Gould papersHistorySourcesThe papers include correspondence, juvenilia, manuscripts, subject files, teaching files, photographs, audiovisual materials, and personal and biographical materials created and compiled by Gould. Both textual and born digital materials are represented in the collection11ocn175312816book20001.00Yoon, Carol KaesukLedyard Stebbins, 94, dies: applied evolution to plants (obituary)11ocn173465832mixMayr, ErnstHistoryThis collection includes documents (correspondence, drafts of talks, personal data sheets) relating to the Conference on Evolutionary Synthesis, which met in Boston in May and October 1974, and was sponsored by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. There is background material on the organization of the conference, as well as correspondence, especially with William B. Provine, on the editing and publication of the proceedings (Mayr and Provine, eds., "The Evolutionary Synthesis ..." 1980)11ocn175312820book20001.00Ledyard Stebbins, 94 (obituary)11ocn609418851visu19931.00Stebbins, G. LedyardUCD Emeriti Association oral history interview with Ledyard G. StebbinsInterviews11ocn175312818book20001.00George Ledyard Stebbins Jr.: 1906-2000 (obituary)Thu Oct 16 15:10:17 EDT 2014batch21250