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Containing over one hundred original essays, organized by quotations from A to Z, this book illuminates, rescues, or occasionally destroys the careers of many of the greatest thinkers, humanists, musicians, artists, and philosophers of the twentieth century. In discussing, among others, Louis Armstrong, Walter Benjamin, Sigmund Freud, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Franz Kafka, Marcel Proust, and Ludwig Wittgenstein, James writes, "If the humanism that makes civilization civilized is to be preserved into the new century, it will need advocates. These advocates will need a memory, and part of that memory will need to be of an age in which they were not yet alive." This is the book to burnish these memories of a Western civilization that James fears is nearly lost.--From publisher description+-+21661584856765ocn812248325book20130.24Dante AlighieriThe divine comedyPoetryPresents a translation of Dante's allegorical poem6375ocn051478073book20030.25James, CliveAs of this writing : the essential essays, 1968-2002Criticism, interpretation, etcIt is Impossible not to be impressed by the remarkable range and erudition of the irrepressible, intellectually voracious, Australian-born critic Clive James. As of This Writing is James's most ambitious and expansive work to date, a book that features forty-nine penetrating essays on poetry, film, fiction, and criticism, presenting the most comprehensive view of his writings between 1968 and 2002. In the tradition of Edmund Wilson-himself the subject of the author's most famous early work, included here-James has throughout his career sought to be a Metropolitan Critic and to operate in the vital space between the hack reviewers of the periodicals and the dust contractors of the universities. Rather than shunning popular tastes, James has sought to mold them. Whether in the pages of The New Yorker, the Times Literary Supplement, or the New Yorker, Review of Books, James has written as lucidly and intelligently about daytime television, Marilyn Monroe, and lurid romance novels (see A Blizzard of Tiny Kisses) as about poetry, fiction, history, and philosophy. Moreover, James is a brilliant stylist, so perceptive (and trenchantly funny) that he often renders the twisted cultural terrain of the twentieth century far more accessible than it is generally portrayed elsewhere. Whether commenting on poets like Seamus Heaney and Randall Jarrell, novelists like D.H. Lawrence and James Agee, or filmmakers like Fellini and Bogdanovich, James delights his readers with a wide-ranging energy and critical aplomb, not to mention a literary education that few can rival. Separated into four sections-Poetry, Fiction and Literature, Culture and Criticism, and Visual Images-As of This Writing is the best introduction to James's massive body of work, a book that will give the intrepid reader a thorough cultural education in one volume. Spanning the entire range of his career, it includes, with additional notes by the author, classic essays like Nabokov's Grand Folly and On Auden's Death as well as recent pieces such as Les Murray's Master Spirits and Primo Levi's Last Will and Testament. This is the definitive collection of writings by one of the greatest literary critics of our age+-+85360584856167ocn027976528book19900.20James, CliveFame in the 20th centuryHistoryBiographyHumorThe famous, from Madame Curie to Madonna, who are "famous for what they did ... [and] for the lives they led while they did it5983ocn006378372book19800.37James, CliveFirst reactions : critical essays 1968-1979Criticism, interpretation, etc5735ocn227000237book20080.25James, CliveOpal sunset : selected poems, 1958-2008Opal Sunset gathers together fifty years of Clive Jamesʹs poetry, and will undoubtedly enhance his reputation as one of the most versatile and accomplished of contemporary writers. Indeed -- as with Other Passports, The Book of My Enemy and Angels Over Elsinore before it -- Opal Sunset proves Clive James to be as well suited to the intense demands of the poetic form as he is to prose. Readers new to his verse will not be surprised to find him a master of the comic set-piece and surreal excursion, while those who are familiar with his previous collections will already be aware of his fluency and apparently effortless style, his technical skill and thematic scope. Ultimately, however, the highest recommendation one can give is that Clive James is, in these poems, unmistakably himself -- an assured and dazzling wordsmith+-+12521584853916ocn009042210book19820.53James, CliveFrom the land of shadowsReviews+-+594417588532435111ocn035853186book19960.27James, CliveThe silver castle : a novelFictionA comedy on a street urchin in Bombay who cons his way to become a movie idol. The novel follows Sanjay's progress, from male prostitute serving tourists, to bodyguard to a film star, to film star in his own right+-+293895977532433514ocn076361147book20070.21James, CliveCultural amnesia : notes in the margin of my timeHistoryBiographyBiography Dictionaries"A lifetime in the making, Cultural Amnesia is the book Clive James has always wanted to write. Organized from A through to Z, and containing over 100 essays, it's the ultimate guide to the twentieth century, illuminating the careers of many of its greatest thinkers, humanists, musicians, artists and philosophers. From Louis Armstrong to Ludwig Wittgenstein, via Walter Benjamin, Sigmund Freud, Franz Kafka and Marcel Proust, it's a book for our times - and, indeed, for all time."--BOOK JACKET+-+11336958853048ocn061302176book20050.29James, CliveThe meaning of recognition : new essays, 2001-2005Criticism, interpretation, etcBiographyThe resulting volume - which takes the reader from London to Bali, from the theatre to the library, from pre-election campaigning to sitting in front of the TV at home, watching The Sopranos and The West Wing - is remarkable not only for its range and insight, but also its intimacy and honesty."--BOOK JACKET+-+K0759958853037ocn049386548book20010.27James, CliveEven as we speak : new essays, 1993-2000Criticism, interpretation, etc+-+712639588529610ocn008953976book19810.39James, CliveThe crystal bucket : television criticism from the Observer, 1976-79Reviews2877ocn012581989book19840.24James, CliveFlying visits : postcards from the Observer, 1976-83+-+74833758853242787ocn730402974book20110.19James, CliveA point of viewThe BBC Radio 4 series, A Point of View, has been on the air since 2007. Over the years, it's had a variety of presenters - including the national treasure that is Clive James - talking for ten minutes about anything and everything that has captured their imagination, piqued their interest, raised their blood pressure or just downright incensed them that week. Of all the presenters, Clive James was a clear favourite, and now, for the first time, his original pieces - sixty in total - and all new postscripts are collected together in one volume. Read along with Clive as he reflects on everything from wheelie bins to plastic surgery, Elizabeth Hurley to the Olympics, 24 to Damien Hirst, Harry Potter to giving up smoking, car parks to Chinese elections, Britain's Got Talent to the expenses scandal - and plenty more besides. Essentially a chronicle of life in twenty-first century Britain, Clive James A Point of View is informed and informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking - but above all, entertaining. In fact, in short, it's a damn good read+-+83898058853242677ocn046393909book20010.28James, CliveReliable essays : the best of Clive JamesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+34763958853242553ocn317252053book20090.23James, CliveThe revolt of the pendulum : essays, 2005-2008+-+03820958853242494ocn026399016book19910.20James, CliveThe man from Japan : Clive JamesFictionA visiting Japanese intellectual wonders through the confusing world of British culture2476ocn004848166book19790.63James, CliveAt the Pillars of HerculesCriticism, interpretation, etcHumorReviews+-+09672858853242459ocn010005280book19830.39James, CliveBrilliant creatures : a first novel+-+98983758853242387ocn059345347book20030.27James, CliveThe book of my enemy : collected verse, 1958-2003Parodies, imitations and lampoons - Verse letters - Song diaries - Earlier verse+-+995579588532494815ocn006816083book19800.25James, CliveUnreliable memoirsBiographyAutobiography disguised as a novel - Story of childhood - Notes and names of real people have been changed+-+681917588532460410ocn016405791book19850.24James, CliveFalling towards England (Unreliable memoirs continued)Biography+-+710043503635110ocn026724046book19900.27James, CliveMay Week was in June : Unreliable memoirs continuedBiography+-+27706858853243135ocn440165249book20090.19James, CliveThe blaze of obscurityBiographyFor many people, Clive James will always be a TV presenter first and foremost, and a writer second - this despite the fact that his adventures with the written word took place before, during and after his time on the small screen+-+01820958852414ocn038205656book19970.33Britain, IanOnce an Australian : journeys with Barry Humphries, Clive James, Germaine Greer, and Robert HughesBiography+-+97928004652047ocn085830961book20060.23James, CliveNorth face of Soho : unreliable memoirsBiographyAnecdotesIntelligent, amusing and provocative, the words apply to the man himself as much as his writing, the fourth volume of 'Unreliable Memoirs' is every bit as eventful, and entertaining as the previous three+-+73763958852012ocn028066464book19920.25James, CliveThe dreaming swimmer : non-fiction, 1987-19921583ocn047939417book20010.20James, CliveAlways unreliable : the memoirsBiography+-+90233958853241392ocn011108103book19840.24James, CliveFlying visits : postcards from the Observer, 1976-83281ocn502986400visu20100.19Elders. with Andrew DentonInterviewsThis six-part series, featuring Alan Alda, Clive James, Richard Dawkins, Helen Bamber, Rosalie Kunoth-Monks and Professor Muhammad Yunus, explores very different lives in search of that undervalued treasure: wisdom201ocn225421433book20060.15James, CliveNorth face of sohoBiography+-+9089995885324121ocn038354071book19930.23A text response guide to Clive James' Unreliable memoirsBiography111ocn154170785book19920.16James, CliveUnreliable memoirs ; Falling towards England ; May Week was in JuneBiography81ocn464825351rcrd20090.10James, CliveThe blaze of obscurity the TV yearsBiography+-+663082587532473ocn220776915book19850.24James, CliveFalling towards England : unreliable memoirs IIBiographyClive James continues his autobiography. In London in the early swinging sixties he was flat broke. Idealistic and uncompromising, if short on cash, he planned to engage himself in a low-paying menial job by day and to compose poetical masterpieces by night+-+428947588532461ocn154273198rcrd19870.17James, CliveUnreliable memoirsBiography51ocn154237435rcrd19880.10James, CliveFalling towards EnglandBiographyThe author captures the absurdities of the early sixties amid the rigours of being an alien in "the motherland."42ocn611352283com0.18Clive (Vivian Leopold) James : (1939-)Criticism, interpretation, etc41ocn703220722book20100.92James, CliveUnreliable memoirsBiography41ocn220813498rcrd19920.10James, CliveMay week was in JuneBiography+-+2166158485+-+2166158485Fri Mar 21 15:22:24 EDT 2014batch32239