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G.(Robert William Glenroie)1890-1966lccn-n79006523Bibliographical Society of Americaedtnp-christie miller, ianChristie-Miller, Iannp-cattrell, kevinCattrell, Kevinlccn-n80015550Eliot, John1604-1690lccn-n78085478Columbus, Christopherlccn-n82228784Pilling, James Constantine1846-1895lccn-n84201999Lenox Librarylccn-n80034012Rogers, Bruce1870-1957Eames, Wilberforce1855-1937BibliographyParaphrasesHistoryPictorial worksCatalogsBibliography‡vCatalogsRecords and correspondenceBiographyAmericaBible.--PsalmsPsalms (Music)American literatureUnited StatesPrintingBibliographyAlgonquian languagesEames, Wilberforce,CatechismsMassachuset languageGreat BritainBooksellers' catalogsBooksellers and booksellingPublishers and publishingRare booksDiscoveries in geographyNew EnglandNew York (State)--New YorkMassachusettsArctic Ocean--Northwest PassageArctic RegionsFrobisher, Martin,--Sir,Wood-engraving, GermanBrazilIndians of South AmericaBradford, William,Indians of North AmericaEliot, John,Early printed booksNew York (State)Massachuset Indians--MissionsLibrariesCuneiform inscriptionsSumerian literatureJones, Herschel V.--(Herschel Vespasian),AmericanaColumbus, ChristopherBibliography--MethodologyDiscovery and exploration, SpanishNew York Public LibraryPublic librariansIndiansClassification--BooksWilliam L. 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Earlier psalteries had been brought to the New World by colonists, but in Puritan thought they had strayed too far from the original Hebrew text. In 1640, The Whole Booke of Psalmes Faithfully Translated into English Metre was published in Cambridge; it was the first book published in the American Colonies. The Bay Psalm Book, as it has come to be known, consists of a substantial introduction summarizing the creators philosophy and intentions, followed by translations of the Psalms rendered into meter, enabling them to be sung to well-known tunes of the day. The psaltery was soon in widespread use on both sides of the Atlantic. It went through multiple printings and editions before being succeeded by newer texts in later decades.Generations of theologians and scholars have turned to The Bay Psalm Book, considering it from a variety of perspectives. Besides its significance as a religious treatise, spiritual guide, and historical document, The Bay Psalm Book is also recognized as an important milestone in the evolution of the American musical tradition. In recent years, a new generation of scholars has returned to the book, seeing it from fresh perspectivesas a social document, for example, and as a physical artifact of early American life in the Massachusetts Bay area.The Digital Bay Psalm Book gives scholars, researchers, and enthusiasts alike a rich and intimate experience of the book as it was known by its earliest readers.As an electronic-only publication offered as a downloadable PDF, The Digital Bay Psalm Book takes advantage of digital technology to offer meticulously rendered photographs of the 7.25 x 4 inch book, one of several once owned by Thomas Prince, scholar and minister of Bostons Old South Church from 1718 to 1758. In this format, users are able to zoom in to examine each individual page, the quality of the paper and printing, marginalia, notes, and other marks accrued over the centuries, yielding insights into the owners use and understanding of the text as well as the very life of the book itself. In addition, Christie-Miller provides four supplements that shed light on the technology and craft that went into the creation of Americas first English-language book58327ocn013972268book19360.66Sabin, JosephBibliotheca americana. A dictionary of books relating to America, from its discovery to the present timeBibliography42426ocn000021719book18980.73Eames, WilberforceEarly New England and catechisms; a bibliographical account of some catechisms published before the year 1800, for use in New EnglandHistoryBibliography40711ocn001191551book18910.70Pilling, James ConstantineBibliography of the Algonquian languagesHistoryBibliographyList of works in or on Algonquian dialects, including Montagnais and Cree. Has chronological index3468ocn000479724book19240.70Eames, WilberforceBibliographical essays; a tribute to Wilberforce Eames33820ocn000993027book18920.73Columbus, ChristopherThe letter of Columbus on the discovery of America : a facsimile of the pictorial edition, with a new and literal translation, and a complete reprint of the oldest four editions in LatinRecords and correspondence3194ocn001203037book19030.70The Bay Psalm bookParaphrases31719ocn001386922book19030.70The Bay Psalm book : being a facsimile reprint of the first edition, printed by Stephen Daye at Cambridge, in New England, in 1640HistoryBibliographyParaphrases"The first edition of the Bay Psalm Book, or New England version of the Psalms, printed by Stephen Daye at Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1640, has the distinction of being the first book printed in English America. When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth in 1620, and founded the first permanent colony in New England, they brought with them Henry Ainsworth's version of the Psalms in prose and metre, with the printed tunes. This version was used in the church at Plymouth until 1692. Elsewhere, the Puritan colonists of the Massachusetts Bay, coming over in 1629 and 1630, sang the words and tunes of Sternhold and Hopkins' Psalms, which for many years had been published with the ordinary editions of the English Bible"--Introduction2899ocn011102691book19040.70Eliot, JohnThe logic primer27910ocn000939199book19030.88Growoll, AdolfThree centuries of English booktrade bibliography: an essay on the beginnings of booktrade bibliography since the introduction of printing and in England since 1595Bibliography2408ocn000282897book19380.73Jones, Herschel VAmericana collection of Herschel V. Jones : a check-list [1473-1926]HistoryCatalogsBibliography15711ocn000495290book18850.73Eames, WilberforceA list of editions of the Bay Psalm book or New England version of the PsalmsBibliographyParaphrases1456ocn680832094file19200.88Eames, WilberforceDescription of a wood engraving illustrating the South American Indians (1505)Pictorial works1328ocn001476010book18670.76Best, GeorgeThe three voyages of Martin Frobisher in search of a passage to Cathay and India by the north-west, A.D. 1576-81092ocn847832724file19050.84MassachusettsThe humble request of His Majesties loyall [sic] subjects the governour and the company late gone for New England to the rest of their brethren in and of the Church of England for the obtaining of their prayers and the removall of suspitions and misconstructions of their intentions : new edition in facsimile of the rare original of 1630, with a bibliographical noteHistory1062ocn001968706book19280.95McMurtrie, Douglas CNew York printing MDCXCIII, facsimiles in the full scale of the originals of all known New York imprints of that year, compiled & editedHistory1016ocn008136757book19280.86Eames, WilberforceThe first year of printing in New-York, May 1693 to April 1694HistoryBibliography984ocn000492236book19150.92Eliot, JohnJohn Eliot and the Indians, 1652-1657; being letters addressed to Rev. Jonathan Hanmer of Barnstaple, England, reproduced from the original manuscripts in the possession of Theodore N. VailBibliography895ocn003213141book19480.81Oppenheim, A. LeoCatalogue of the cuneiform tablets of the Wilberforce Eames Babylonian collection in the New York Public Library. Tablets of the time of the third dynasty of UrBibliography CatalogsCatalogs1807ocn002416859book19240.79Bibliographical essays : a tribute to Wilberforce Eames252ocn012483387book19320.92New-York Historical SocietyProceedings and addresses at the presentation of the New-York historical society's gold medal to Dr. Wilberforce Eames, in recognition of his scholarship and his unselfish devotion to the interests of all researchers in the field of American historical literature and the unveiling of his portrait painted for the Society by Mr. De Witt M. Lockman, on the occasion of the one hundred and twenty-seventh anniversary of the founding of the Society, Friday, November 20, 1931161ocn009259925book0.93Eames, WilberforceRare Americana relating to the American Indians : being a portion of the library of Wilberforce EamesBibliography CatalogsCatalogs142ocn012548464book19500.56Brown, Robert BenawayThe Lenox-Eames classification scheme at the William L. Clements LibraryHistory133ocn016532895book19370.95Winship, George ParkerWilberforce Eames, bookmanBiography121ocn026885156book19380.98Vail, R. W. GWilberforce Eames, 1855-1937Biography121ocn040155526book19250.92Paltsits, Victor HugoWilberforce Eames : a bio-bibliographical narrative111ocn004659245book19560.90Lydenberg, Harry MillerWilburforce Eames as I recall him94ocn035992784book19531.00Paltsits, Victor HugoWilberforce Eames, American bibliographerBiography71ocn010783639book19250.96Harper, Lathrop ColgateA Maryland tract of 164641ocn228773577book0.92Eames, WilberforceCatalogue of the library of Wilberforce Eames (of the New York Public Library) ... For sale at auction ...Bibliography CatalogsCatalogs31ocn080852435book19321.00New-York Historical SocietyProceedings and addresses at the presentation of the New-York Historical Society's gold medal to Dr. Wilberforce Eames in recognition of his scholarship and his unselfish devotion to the interests of all researchers in the field of American historical literature, and the unveiling of his portrait painted for the society by Mr. DeWitt M. Lockman, on the occasion of the one hundred and twenty-seventh anniversary of the founding of the society31ocn078406685book19551.00Stark, Lewis MThe writings of Wilberforce Eames21ocn041637540book18791.00Eames, WilberforceCatalogue of books for sale by Wilberforce EamesCatalogs11ocn037129598bookEames, WilberforceHistoryRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, 1890-1892, of Eames with James Constantine Pilling (American ethnologist), William Frederick Poole (Newberry Library librarian), and an unknown addressee, regarding Indian-related writings11ocn207131767bookEames, WilberforceThis collection consists of papers relating to the publication _John Eliot and the Indians, 1652-1657, Being Letters Addressed to Rev. Jonathan Hanmer of Barnstaple, England_ (1915). The letters were reproduced from the original manuscripts in the possession of Theodore N. Vail and edited by Eames in 1915. The papers include typed and photostatic copies of the letters from John Eliot (1604-1690) to Jonathan Hanmer (1606-1687), correspondence mostly between Eames and the Adams & Grace Company concerning the printing of the work, and three printer's proofs of the work11ocn210195285book1929Award of the medal of the Bibliographic Society to Dr. WIlberforce Eames11ocn052820754art1999Eames, WilberforceBiography11ocn122607971mix1.00Lenox LibraryLenox Library Agency HistoryHistory11ocn164560309book19240.70Eames, WilberforceBibliographical essays; a tribute to Wilberforce Eames+-+8715343206+-+8715343206Fri Mar 21 15:59:22 EDT 2014batch34847