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Fri Mar 21 17:06:03 2014 UTClccn-n500314640.00Autograph and typed letters signed to Sir Walter Wilson Greg from various correspondents0.691.00Walter Wilson Greg papers,14810300W._W._Gregn 5003146466823Greg, Dr. (Walter Wilson), 1875-1959Greg, W. W.Greg, W. W. 1875-1962Greg, Walter 1875-1962Greg, Walter W.Greg, Walter W. 1875-1962Greg, Walter W. (Walter Wilson), 1875-1959Greg (Walter Wilson), Dr, 1875-1959Greg, Walter Wilson, Sir, 1875-1959Wilson Greg, Walter 1875-1962lccn-n78095332Shakespeare, William1564-1616attlccn-n80044918Jonson, Ben1573?-1637lccn-n50045487Stationers' Company (London, England)lccn-n80126058Greene, Robert1558-1592lccn-n78088956Marlowe, Christopher1564-1593attlccn-n79141289Lodge, Thomas1558?-1625attlccn-n50038129Henslowe, Philip-1616lccn-n50008785Peele, George1556-1596lccn-n80137623Bang, W.(Willy)1869-1934edtlccn-n79056176More, ThomasSaint1478-1535Greg, W. W.(Walter Wilson)1875-1959Criticism, interpretation, etcBibliographyHistorySourcesDramaDiariesFictionAutographsBiographySpurious and doubtful worksEnglish drama--Early modern and ElizabethanShakespeare, William,TheaterEnglish dramaPastoral poetryEnglish poetry--Early modernEngland--LondonPastoral poetry, EnglishGreat BritainBibliographyEnglish literatureEnglandCriticism, TextualHenslowe, Philip,Manuscripts, EnglishTheatrical managersPublishers and publishingStationers' Company (London, England)More, Thomas,--Saint,Rosalind (Fictitious character)Greg, W. W.--(Walter Wilson),DenmarkFathers--DeathMurder victims' familiesRevengeKings and rulers--SuccessionPrincesHamlet (Legendary character)King Lear (Shakespeare, William)Lear, King (Legendary character), in literatureAs you like it (Shakespeare, William)Lear, King (Legendary character)Christmas playsMasquesIntellectual lifeEnglish-speaking countriesEditingAmerican literatureFathers and daughtersKings and rulersAging parentsInheritance and successionBritonsDrama, MedievalMysteries and miracle-plays, EnglishMasques, EnglishTragedyLatin drama, Medieval and modernMoralities, EnglishChristian ethics187519591899190019011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519171919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219741975197619771978197919801982198319851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199819992003200420052009201020112013308906892354822.33PR3071ocn006215396ocn000911190ocn003316432ocn003324973ocn003333240ocn003335961ocn002872295ocn003340954ocn003335971ocn003269865ocn005112185ocn500377872ocn459566338ocn459566650ocn820482455ocn459566524ocn186426049ocn186590958ocn185176777ocn187185765ocn310761564ocn367030810123826ocn000245260book19060.56Greg, W. WPastoral poetry & pastoral drama; a literary inquiry, with special reference to the pre-Restoration stage in EnglandCriticism, interpretation, etc113343ocn007196126book19390.63Greg, W. WThe editorial problem in Shakespeare : a survey of the foundations of the textCriticism, interpretation, etc85421ocn000580880book19550.56Greg, W. WThe Shakespeare first folio, its bibliographical and textual historyCriticism, interpretation, etc77949ocn001096759book19040.79DeVocht, HenryEverymanDrama63936ocn000555348book19390.66Greg, W. WA bibliography of the English printed drama to the RestorationBibliography56036ocn001382520book19000.70Greg, W. WA list of English plays written before 1643 and printed before 1700Bibliography51018ocn002221196book19310.70Greg, W. WDramatic documents from the Elizabethan playhouses; stage plots: actors' parts: prompt booksHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcCase studies4769ocn000230994book19660.66Greg, W. WCollected papersCriticism, interpretation, etc46216ocn003951263book19070.76Jonson, BenBen Jonson's Every man out of his humor4608ocn000577322book19560.73Greg, W. WSome aspects and problems of London publishing between 1550 and 165043915ocn003336744book19330.81Udall, NicholasJack Juggler42426ocn003141451book19040.73Henslowe, PhilipHenslowe's diaryHistoryDiariesSources42323ocn003316432book19110.84Munday, AnthonyThe book of Sir Thomas MoreHistoryAutographsDramaSpurious and doubtful works4219ocn001168282book19390.73Shakespeare, WilliamKing Lear, 1608 (Pied Bull quarto)Drama41132ocn002382177book19070.66Lodge, ThomasLodge's 'Rosalynde,' : being the original of Shakespeare's 'As you like it'FictionSources41110ocn001382987book19020.73Greg, W. WA list of masques, pageants, &c. supplementary to a List of English playsBibliography40829ocn000274186book19280.70Greg, W. WPrinciples of emendation in ShakespeareCriticism, interpretation, etc40715ocn003352504book19400.73Greg, W. WThe variants in the first quarto of ʻKing Lear'; a bibliographical and critical inquiryCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography4058ocn001168318book19400.70Shakespeare, WilliamHamlet: second quarto, 1604-5Drama40316ocn006215396book19520.73Udall, NicholasRespublica; an interlude for Christmas 1553, attributed to Nicholas Udall2501ocn016684960book19870.79Tanselle, G. ThomasTextual criticism since Greg : a chronicle, 1950-1985HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc663ocn606767099book20110.76Bradley, Greg, FolgerCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+1661991735261ocn009655026book19600.93Greg, W. WBiographical notes, 1877-1947Biography224ocn001894663book19600.93Wilson, F. PSir Walter Wilson Greg, 1875-1959171ocn721194801com20110.66DiPietro, CaryBradley, Greg, Folger Great ShakespeareansCriticism, interpretation, etcGreat Shakespeareans offers a systematic account of those figures who have had the greatest influence on the interpretation, understanding and cultural reception of Shakespeare, both nationally and internationally. . In this volume, leading scholars assess the contribution of A.C. Bradley, W.W. Greg and Henry Folger to the afterlife and reception of Shakespeare and his plays. Each substantial contribution assesses the double impact of Shakespeare on the figure covered and of the figure on the understanding, interpretation and appreciation of Shakespeare, provide a sketch of their subject's in91ocn066013242book19070.86Ariosto, LodovicoThe history of Orlando furioso, 159451ocn009276714book19590.97Walter Wilson Greg : 9 July 1875-4 March 195951ocn018843040book19450.81Francis, Frank ChaltonA list of Dr. Greg's writingsBibliography31ocn024466739book16400.88Randolph, ThomasAmyntas, or, The impossible dowry a pastorall21ocn850344697book19070.73Henslowe, PhilipHenslowe papers : being documents supplementary to Henslowe's DiaryHistoryDiariesSources11ocn082694469book19601.00The writings of Sir Walter Greg, 1945-1959Bibliography11ocn495705009bookGreg, W. WAutograph and typed letters signed to Sir Walter Wilson Greg from various correspondentsManuscripts(1) and (2) are typed letters signed from Joseph Q. Adams, on letterhead of the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, D.C. (1) is dated April 16, 1936 and (2) is dated May 11, 1936. Both letters concern a Henry Peacham manuscript of portions of Titus Andronicus and the possibility of a Collier forgery; (3) Autograph letter signed from E.K. Chambers, Eynsham, and dated May 17, 1936. Regarding letters and signs in a proof which he thinks it would be convenient for Greg to have; (4) Typed letter signed from Graham Pollard of Birrell & Garnett, London, dated 21 July 1937. Concerns an error Greg pointed out in Pollard's paper; (5) Autograph letter (incomplete) from James G. McManaway on letterhead of the Folger Shakespeare Library dated 26 March 1940. Discusses Massinger's The Picture and copies of Gosse and Lefferts; with a typescript leaf listing typographical errors in a copy of Massinger's The Picture and one leaf containing a copy of a signature of Christofer Marley, witness to the will of Katherine Benchkin, from John Bakeless's Christopher Marlowe, Howard University Press, 1942, vol. 1, p. 208, pasted on a larger leaf; (6) Typed letter signed from Giles E. Dawson, Folger Shakespeare Library, dated 7 June 1952. Concerning " a brief note to Bowers ... in which I asked his opinion of your footnote on my little paper on the printing of Troilus"; (7) Typed letter signed from James G. McManaway, Folger Shakespeare Library, dated March 30, 1953. He writes that the Oxinden MS, no. 750.1 is here and Greg may have a photostat of the list11ocn220089706book1960Greg, W. W[An autobiography of Sir Walter Wilson Greg]Biography11ocn503452881book1940Greg, W. WAutograph letter signed from W.W. Greg, Sussex, to Joseph Quincy AdamsManuscriptsThe first volume of Greg's A bibliography of the English printed drama to the restoration is out and he would be happy to send an extra copy to the library in recognition of all the help he has received from Adams and his staff. Sent from Jolly[coli?], Pagham, near Bognor, Sussex11ocn079458531mixGrolier ClubRecords and correspondenceIndividual correspondents include but are not limited to correspondence to and from: Elmer Adler, Frank Altschul, C.R. Ashbee, Samuel Putnam Avery, Henrietta Bartlett, Melbert B. Cary, George Watson Cole, Edith Diehl, Marian Dodd (Womens' University Club), Porter Garnett (Laboratory Press), Walter Gilliss, W.W. Greg, Louis Haber, Byrne Hackett, Sherman P. Haight, Lathrop Harper, Philip Hofer, Robert Jaffray, Geoffrey Keynes, Bella Landauer, Flora Livingston, Luther Livingston, Amy Lowell, Leonard L. Mackall, Ronald B. McKerrow, Howard Mansfield, Stanley Morison, Edward A. Parsons, Joseph Pennell, A.W. Pollard, Fanny Ratchford, Carl Purlington Rollins, Walter Kilburn Root, William Edwin Rudge, Margaret B. Stillwell, Edward L. Stone, Daniel Berkeley Updike, Beatrice Warde, Frederic Warde, and Lawrence C. Wroth. Book dealers and binders include but are not limited to: B.F. Stevens & Brown, G.E. Stechert & Co., Charles P. Lauriat, Atelier Bindery, French Binders (Doubleday & Co.), MacDonald James, MacDonald & Maier, and the Stikeman firm11ocn230393575bookGreg, W. WAutograph letters signed from W.W. Greg, London and Sussex, to various peopleManuscriptsCorrespondents: [Joseph Quincy] Adams, [Frederick Gard] Fleay, [Sir Edmund William] Gosse and [Thomas James] Wise. Letter (1) to Adams compares readings in a photostat copy of A midsummer night's dream [at the Folger Library] to those in other copies. Letter (6) to Fleay refers to Collier and the Henslowe diary, and it is followed by Fleay's draft reply. Letters (7-8) to Gosse and Wise discuss the Massinger quartos11ocn702135904mix1.00Simpson, PercyPercy Simpson papersCriticism, interpretation, etcCorrespondence, writings, scrapbooks and printed material documenting aspects of the scholarly career of Percy Simpson, particularly his edition of Ben Jonson's Works (1925-52) and his professional relationships with his colleagues, especially C. H. Herford, R. W. Chapman, William A. Jackson, Sir Humphrey Sumner Milford, and Eugénie Sellers Strong11ocn023992343mix1.00Tannenbaum, Samuel ASamuel Aaron Tannenbaum papersCriticism, interpretation, etcAutographsSpurious and doubtful worksChiefly correspondence, 1905-1943, between Tannenbaum and other specialists in 16th- and 17th-century English literature, including Joseph Quincy Adams (1881-1946), Horace Howard Furness (1865-1930), W.W. Greg (1875-1959), William Bailey Kempling, W.J. Lawrence (1862-1940), Arthur Huntington Nason (1877-1944), Ernest Henry Clark Oliphant (1862-1936), Charlotte Endymion Porter (1859-1942), Hyder Edward Rollins (1889-1958), M.H. Spielmann (1858-1948), Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes (1880-1958), and Charles William Wallace (1865-1932). Letters discuss Tannenbaum's interest in Shakespeare and his works, with particular emphasis on questions of disputed authorship, on Elizabethan theater productions, and on Shakespeare's handwriting and his sexual habits. Also included are letters relating to the Shakespeare Association, the Modern Language Association of America, and the Folger Shakespeare Library. Among the small number of letters not relating to English literature are those from individuals in the field of psychology, including a 1908 letter from Sigmund Freud to E.A. Brill about arrangements for Freud's trip to Clark University; two 1913 letters from Sandor Ferenczi (1873-1933); one 1912 letter from James Jackson Putnam (1846-1918); and seven letters, 1918-1919, from Ernest Jones (1879-1958) about the establishment of an English language journal on psychoanalysis. There are also a few writings by Tannenbaum on literary and medical topics and a small number of photographs11ocn529295658book19541.00Hodgson and CoA catalogue of fine and rare books including the property of Sir W.W. Greg, a selection from the library at Turvey Abbey, Beds., of the Rev. H. Hugh Longuet-Higgins, O.B.E., M.C., a selection from the library at Fordell House, Inverkeithing, of the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Buckinghamshire, books from the library of the late Selwyn A. Nathaniel Oxley, bequeathed to the National Institute for the Deaf with other properties ... : which will be sold by auction by Messrs. Hodgson & Co. (Sidney Hodgson and Wilfrid B. Hodgson) at their rooms, No. 115 Chancery Lane, London, W.C.2 ... on Thursday, February 18th, 1954 and following dayCatalogs11ocn702144755mix1.00Greg, W. WWalter Wilson Greg papersCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliographyThe papers contain correspondence, printed material, writings and other papers documenting the scholarly career of Walter Wilson Greg, particularly his work on the Bibilography of the English Printed Drama, his book reviews and his periodical articles concerning the editing of Shakespeare. Major correspondents include E. K. Chambers, D. M. Davin, A.W. Pollard, Evelyn Simpson, and Kenneth Sisam+-+1661991735Fri Mar 21 15:47:26 EDT 2014batch57520