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Fri Mar 21 17:14:06 2014 UTClccn-n500317950.00Edward Eggleston as a social historian /0.471.00Letter : New York, to Edmund Clarence Stedman,69723582Edward_Egglestonn 5003179567153Eggleston, Edwardエグルストンlccn-n50053909Randel, William Peirce1909-edtlccn-n88620209Seelye, Elizabeth Eggleston1858-1923lccn-n79006779Lincoln, Abraham1809-1865lccn-n80020620TecumsehShawnee Chief1768-1813lccn-n83065987TenskwatawaShawnee Prophetlccn-n79084784Jesus Christlccn-n80044657Eggleston, George Cary1839-1911edtlccn-n85346623Beard, Frank1842-1905illlccn-nr90014480Karst, John1836-1922egrlccn-no94028602Orange Judd & CompanycphpblEggleston, Edward1837-1902FictionHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyShort storiesLove storiesUnited StatesIndianaTeachersCountry lifeEggleston, Edward,Circuit ridersCivilizationNew York (State)--New YorkLincoln, Abraham,Indians of North America--WarsConduct of lifeIndiana--VevaySickStudentsTecumseh,--Shawnee Chief,Civilization--English influencesTenskwatawa,--Shawnee ProphetShawnee IndiansChristian lifeBoys--Conduct of lifeSchoolsTeacher-student relationshipsTrialsSocial problemsIllinoisPresidentsDialect literature, AmericanWidowsBrothersCornstalk,--Shawnee chief,Clark, George Rogers,Harrison, William Henry,Kenton, Simon,FriendshipJudgesFarm lifePhysiciansChildren--Conduct of lifeBrant, Joseph,Social historyMexicoConquest of Mexico (1519-1540)Red Jacket,--Seneca chief,Iroquois Indians--WarsMontezuma--II,--Emperor of Mexico,Methodist ChurchItinerancy (Church polity)--Methodist ChurchCity and town lifeShort storiesMan-woman relationships1837190218441860186518671869187018711872187318741875187618771878187918801881188218831884188518861887188818891890189118921893189418951896189718981899190019011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391943194419451946194819491950195119531954195519571959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819801981198219841988198919901994199519961997199819992000200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013188692841380813.4PS1582ocn001348325ocn082986445ocn035701774ocn706878548ocn857884342ocn018957200162788ocn007143832book18740.31Eggleston, EdwardThe circuit rider : a tale of the heroic ageJuvenile worksFictionBased on the author's own life as well as the life of Ohio itinerant preacher Jacob Young, this 1874 novel of a frontier Methodist minister and Bible agent presents a rollicking yet realistic view of early American life in the Midwest. Corn-shuckings, camp meetings, revivals, revels, and highwaymen color this novel-as-social-history+-+5067218566152786ocn005506485book18710.39Eggleston, EdwardThe Hoosier school master : a story of backwoods life in IndianaJuvenile worksFictionStory of a school-master of the lawless and homely pioneer life of Indiana that rings true in the telling, for it has its roots deep in American life. It is a book that remains year in and year out a perennial favorite among children and grownups+-+8978578075324134136ocn000419759book19000.56Eggleston, EdwardThe transit of civilization from England to America in the seventeenth centuryHistory+-+3601103905105554ocn000273992book18780.56Eggleston, EdwardRoxyFictionPublished in 1878, Roxy was one of Eggleston's best selling novels. Its heroine, Roxy Adams, is a religious woman whose faith is sorely tested when her husband embarks on an affair that results in an illegitimate child. It is an example of pure American fiction; in a contemporary review, the New York Post wrote, Roxy' is the best product of Dr. Eggleston's activity in the field of fiction."103450ocn002179406book18090.59Eggleston, EdwardThe beginners of a nation; a history of the source and rise of the earliest English settlements in America, with special reference to the life and character of the peopleHistoryAmerican novelist and historian, Eggleston's novels depicting early life in southern Indiana have been widely read. In this book his aim has been to make the pages reflect the character of the age in which the English colonies were begun, and the traits of the colonists, and to bring into relief the social, political, intellectual, and religious forces that promoted emigration. It does not pretend to be the usual account of all the events attending early colonization; it is rather a history in which the succession of cause and effect is the main topic, a history of the dynamics of colony-planting in the first half of the seventeenth century. Who were the beginners of English life in America? What propulsions sent them for refuge to a wilderness? What visions beckoned them to undertake the founding of new states? What manner of men were their leaders? And what is the story of their hopes, their experiments, and their disappointments? These are the questions Eggleston attempts to answer in this volume. - Publisher+-+550461789698576ocn011095672book18810.22Eggleston, EdwardThe Hoosier school-boyJuvenile worksFictionThis 1883 juvenile novel, a sequel to Eggleston's first and best-known novel, The Hoosier School-Master , is based on the experiences of Eggleston's brother as a teacher. It offers considered criticisms of rural educational practices in Indiana but is also full of nostalgia for a bygone time in American life+-+691904459694150ocn000441265book18910.56Eggleston, EdwardThe faith doctor; a story of New YorkFictionPublished in 1891, this was Eggleston's final novel, before he turned his hand exclusively to history. Here Eggleston satirizes the wealthy followers of Christian Science and faith healing. The book was not written to depreciate anyone's valued delusions, he writes in his Preface, but to make a study of human nature under certain modern conditions+-+562753806632481453ocn001345928book18720.66Eggleston, EdwardThe end of the world. A love storyFictionLove storiesPublished in 1872, this novel sets a love story amidst the utopian Millerite sect in pioneer Indiana with its belief in a coming apocalypse sometime between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844, (in the words of its charismatic leader, William Miller)81361ocn011095789book18710.39Eggleston, EdwardThe Hoosier schoolmaster a novelHistoryJuvenile worksFictionThe encounters of Ralph Hartsook, a new school teacher in Flat Creek, Indiana, in the 1850s+-+653260159680156ocn000118235book18870.59Eggleston, EdwardThe Graysons, a story of IllinoisFictionPublished in 1881, this historical romance set in frontier Illinois features a young Abraham Lincoln as a character and is based on the future president's successful defense of an accused murderer77020ocn000273994book19570.32Eggleston, EdwardThe Hoosier school-master : a novelJuvenile worksFiction70147ocn000535330book18730.70Eggleston, EdwardThe mystery of MetropolisvilleFictionThis 1873 novel, set in a fictional Minnesota town during a real-estate bubble, describes the carving up of the American frontier by the sharp speculators who helped to usher in the Gilded Age. The story of greed and deception is both timely and timeless59266ocn001801200book18880.25Eggleston, EdwardA history of the United States and its people, for use of schoolsHistoryJuvenile works+-+K30827014542635ocn004306789book18780.33Eggleston, EdwardTecumseh and the Shawnee prophet : including sketches of George Rogers Clark, Simon Kenton, William Henry Harrison, Cornstalk, Blackhoof, Bluejacket, the Shawnee Logan, and others famous in the frontier wars of Tecumsehs̕ timeBiographyThis juvenile history, published in 1878, and cowritten by Eggleston's daughter, Elizabeth Eggleston Seelye, is a dramatic rendition of the life of the Shawnee leader Tecumseh (1768-1813) and his brother Tenskwatawa (1775-1836), known as the Shawnee Prophet+-+146127390536122ocn004024596book18930.63Eggleston, EdwardDuffelsHistoryFictionShort storiesPublished in 1893, this collection of eleven short stories includes Sister Tabea, The Gunpowder Plot, The Story of a Valentine, Talking for Life, and The Christmas Club. Eggleston writes in his preface, By these I am willing to be judged3267ocn000942869book19660.53Eggleston, EdwardThe circuit rider; a tale of the heroic ageFiction20528ocn002946038book18890.27Eggleston, EdwardA first book in American history, with special reference to the lives and deeds of great AmericansHistoryJuvenile worksBiography+-+290827014516820ocn001202098book18790.73Eggleston, EdwardBrant and Red Jacket. Including including [!] an account of the early wars of the Six nations, and the border warfare of the revolutionHistory16016ocn002062883book18800.73Eggleston, EdwardMontezuma and the conquest of MexicoHistory"Taken from the despatches of Cortes and the narrative of Bernal Diaz, himself a participant in the war of the conquest." -- Pref15015ocn015239513book18950.32Eggleston, EdwardStories of great Americans for little AmericansJuvenile worksBiographyEggleston was born in Vevay, Indiana. As a child, he was too ill to regularly attend school, so his education was primarily provided by his father. He became an ordained Methodist minister in 1856. His summer home, Owl's Nest, in Lake George, New York, eventually became his year-round home. Eggleston died there in 1902, at the age of 64. Owl's Nest was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1971+-+570827014511854ocn000273531book19630.39Randel, William PeirceEdward EgglestonCriticism, interpretation, etcA study of the life and writings of the novelist-historian3535ocn002674965book19460.63Randel, William PeirceEdward Eggleston, author of The Hoosier school-master20010ocn003224883book19030.59Eggleston, George CaryThe first of the Hoosiers : reminscences of Edward Eggleston ; and of that Wester life which he, first of all men, celebrated in literature and made famousBiography+-+7296942696485ocn233022985book18960.08Wright, Henrietta ChristianChildren's stories in American literature, 1861-1896Criticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiography332ocn003771995book19610.94McAtee, W. LStudies in the vocabularies of Hoosier authors : Edward Eggleston (1837-1902)111ocn008279287book19070.86Auringer, Obadiah CyrusFriendship's crown of verse : being memorials of Edward Eggleston62ocn021399912book19610.94Paine, Stephen CurtissA critical study of the writings of Edward EgglestonCriticism, interpretation, etc42ocn611345871com0.18Edward Eggleston : (1837-1902)Criticism, interpretation, etc42ocn015639027book19710.86Roth, John DavidDown East and Southwestern humor in the Western novels of Edward EgglestonCriticism, interpretation, etcHumor32ocn039750318book19970.47Walker, ElsieEdward Eggleston and frontier MethodismCriticism, interpretation, etcFiction22ocn007341403book19801.00Fenelon, Patricia SuzanneEdward Eggleston : a rhetoric of fiction21ocn028415728mix1.00Schumacher, George ACollection of papersRecords and correspondenceLetters of Indiana authors and politicians collected by Schumacher; drafts of his articles and book, Maurice Thompson, Archer and Author (1968); and correspondence with Vincennes University officials concerning his work on Thompson. Includes letters written by George Ade, Albert J. Beveridge, Edward Eggleston, Charles W. Fairbanks, Thomas A. Hendricks, Oliver P. Morton, Meredith Nicholson, James Whitcomb Riley, Maurice Thompson, and Lew Wallace21ocn022288686book19670.47Wolford, Thorp LEdward Eggleston : evolution of a historian22ocn052246626book18911.00Eggleston, EdwardLetter : New York, to Edmund Clarence StedmanAutograph letter signed21ocn021557463book19431.00Prince, Agnes MacGregorEdward Eggleston and his mid-western novels21ocn026700170art1961Brown, Clarence AEdward Eggleston as a social historian11ocn052858960art1999Eggleston, Edward11ocn319687875mix1.00Johnston, Richard MalcolmRichard Malcolm Johnston lettersRecords and correspondenceThe collection consists of two letters to Edward Eggleston and the rest to William Carey. The letters to Eggleston and the first letter to Cary chiefly concern his struggles to fulfill Mrs. Benjamin Harrison's desire for an inscription on vellum. He also speaks of the International copyright bill and a series of readings arranged for him. He also submits a manuscript and speaks of several short stories for Century Magazine and suggests publishing a volume of short stories11ocn018729925book19370.10Danner, Effa MorrisonEdward Eggleston11ocn752284350book19820.47Randel, William PeirceEdward Eggleston, 1837-1902, in: American realists and naturalists+-+8978578075324+-+8978578075324Fri Mar 21 15:35:40 EDT 2014batch45015