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Thu Oct 16 17:57:58 2014 UTClccn-n500321240.00Papers, 1956-19900.261.00Joyce Carol Oates Papers34457514Francine_du_Plessix_Grayn 5003212467476Dju Plessi Grej, Frensis 1930-Du Plessix Gray, Francine.Du Plessix-Gray, Francine 1930-DuPlessix-Gray, Francine 1930-Gray, Francine D.Gray, Francine du PlessixGray, Francine du Plessix 1930-Gray, Francine DuPlessix 1930-Plessi Grej, Frensis dju 1930-Plessix Gray, Francine du.Plessix Gray, Francine du 1930-グレイ, フランシーヌグレイ, フランシーヌ・デュ・プレシックスlccn-n80038420Marie AntoinetteQueen, consort of Louis XVI, King of France1755-1793lccn-n50001290Fersen, Hans Axel vongreve1755-1810lccn-n78080924Weil, Simone1909-1943lccn-n80005109Sademarquis de1740-1814lccn-no2003119669I︠A︡kovleva, Tatʹi︠a︡na1906-1991lccn-n50050378Liberman, Alexander1912-1999lccn-n50029096Colet, Louise1810-1876lccn-n79059896Flaubert, Gustave1821-1880lccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-n50018614Hale, Nancy1908-1988Gray, Francine du PlessixBiographyFictionHistoryBiographical fictionHistorical fictionLove storiesFranceAuthors, FrenchWomenSoviet UnionStatesmenFersen, Hans Axel von,--greve,SwedenMarie Antoinette,--Queen, consort of Louis XVI, King of France,Courts and courtiersWomen authors, FrenchWeil, Simone,PhilosophersWomen journalistsSade,--marquis de,New York (State)--New YorkLiberman, Alexander,Publishers and publishingWomen fashion designersFashion designersRussiansSculptorsImmigrantsI︠A︡kovleva, Tatʹi︠a︡na,Colet, Louise,FeministsFriendshipWomen and literatureFlaubert, Gustave,Relations with womenDissenters, ReligiousCatholicsCatholic ChurchTheology, DoctrinalHawaiiEconomic historyPolitical scienceRace relationsUnited StatesHale, Nancy,Intellectual lifeWomen intellectualsIntellectualsStaël,--Madame de--(Anne-Louise-Germaine),English literatureBerrigan, PhilipBerrigan, DanielVietnam War (1961-1975)Protest movementsCivil disobedience--Religious aspectsPeace movements1930196719691970197119721973197619771978197919811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092012201320141321484262BPS3557.R294ocn438796625153517ocn020357026book19890.26Gray, Francine du PlessixSoviet women : walking the tightropeDiscusses conditions in the Soviet Union affecting women and presents their viewpoints on equality+-+5882690385141613ocn757471052book20120.17Gray, Francine du PlessixThe queen's lover : a novelFictionBiographical fictionHistorical fictionLove stories"The Queen's Lover" reveals the untold love affair between Swedish aristocrat Count Axel von Fersen and Marie Antoinette129318ocn002238294book19670.26Gray, Francine du PlessixLovers and tyrantsFictionStephanie is brought from France to America during World War II, here she meets and marries an American; but, she grows restless and takes to a life of drugs and nonstop sex+-+8290588485125313ocn045195633book20010.26Gray, Francine du PlessixSimone WeilBiographyIn Simone Weil, du Plessix Gray vividly evokes the life a patriot, mystic, and activist, a pampered intellectual who believed in the redemptive value of manual labor, an ascetic who craved sensuous beauty, the daughter of a secular Jewish family who yearned to enter the Catholic Church, Simone Weil died at the age of thirty-four after a long struggle with anorexia. But her tremendous intellectual legacy foreshadowed many of the twentieth century's great changes and continues to influence religious thought today. Du Plessix Gray's biography traces Weil's transformation from privileged Parisian student to union organizer, activist, and philosopher, as well as the complex evolution of her ideas on Christianity, politics, and sexuality. This subtle and compelling biography illuminates an enigmatic figure and early feminist whose passion and pathos will fascinate a wide audience. her ideas on Christianity, politics, & sexuality. In this thoughtful & compelling biography, du Plessix Gray illuminates an enigmatic figure & early feminist whose passion & pathos will fascinate a wide audience of readers+-+9344435215115016ocn039347558book19980.24Gray, Francine du PlessixAt home with the Marquis de Sade : a lifeBiographyIn the vast literature inspired by the marquis's fictional and real-life libertinism, relatively little attention has been given the two women who were closest to him: Renee-Pelagie de Sade, his adoring wife for more than a quarter of a century, and his powerful mother-in-law, Madame de Montreuil. Gray brings to life these two remarkable women and their complex relationship with Sade as they dedicated themselves, each in her own way, to protecting him from the law, curbing his excesses, and ultimately confining him+-+62555393159996ocn057357443book20050.21Gray, Francine du PlessixThem : a memoir of parentsBiographyA daughter's homage to the extraordinary lives of two fascinating, irrepressible people who were larger than life emblems of a bygone age. Tatiana du Plessix, Russian wife of a French diplomat, and Alexander Liberman, a gifted magazine editor and aspiring artist, lived as part of the artistic Russian émigré community in Paris in the 1930s. The two began a passionate affair and fled to New York with Tatiana's young daughter, Francine. There they rose to the top of high society, holding court to the midcentury's intellectuals and entertainers, friends like Marlene Dietrich, Salvador Dalí, and the publishing tycoon Condé Nast. Tatiana became an icon of New York fashion, and the hats she designed for Saks Fifth Avenue were de rigueur for stylish women everywhere. Liberman eventually came to preside over the Condé Nast empire. The glamorous life they shared was both creative and destructive and was marked by an exceptional bond forged out of their highly charged love and raging self-centeredness.--From publisher description+-+649557940687014ocn029220699book19940.28Gray, Francine du PlessixRage and fire : a life of Louise Colet, pioneer feminist, literary star, Flaubert's museHistoryBiographyWritten in a novelistic, richly detailed style but researched with meticulous scholarship, this biography portrays the complexities of a woman who ascended to fame and literary respectability through her talent and a willful spirit that refused to acknowledge the word "no."+-+33879262158667ocn007272275book19810.24Gray, Francine du PlessixWorld without end : a novelFiction80915ocn000081162book19690.39Gray, Francine du PlessixDivine disobedience : profiles in Catholic radicalismBiography6738ocn000214116book19720.30Gray, Francine du PlessixHawaii: the sugar-coated fortressHistory6004ocn012107363book19850.23Gray, Francine du PlessixOctober blood5878ocn227016437book20080.26Gray, Francine du PlessixMadame de Staël : the first modern womanBiography"One of the great literary forces of her age or any age, Germaine de Stael was born into the political and intellectual aristocracy of her time. The daughter of Jacques Necker, Louis XVI's finance minister; she married Sweden's ambassador to the French court and for two decades held the limelight as a political figure and prolific writer. Admittedly not a beauty, she was nonetheless notoriously seductive and enjoyed whirlwind affairs with some of the most influential men of her time. She was demonized by Napoleon for her forthrightness, her powerful intellect, and her prestigious salon, a hothouse of subversive ideas and sexual intrigue. The Emperor exiled her, on and off, for the last two decades of her life." "Madame de Stael - force of nature, exuberant idealist, and ultimate enthusiast - waged a lifelong struggle against all that was tyrannical, cynical, or passionless in her time; and left a legacy of enlightened liberalism that radiated throughout Europe during the nineteenth century."--Jacket+-+32688198465175ocn015594741book19870.28Gray, Francine du PlessixAdam & Eve and the city : selected non-fiction975ocn797214308rcrd20120.10Gray, Francine du PlessixThe queen's loverFictionGray crafts a sweeping tale about the infamous affair between Marie Antoinette and Swedish nobleman Count Axel Von Fersen. In 1774, the 19-year-old Dauphine of France meets the handsome Count at a masquerade ball in Paris, igniting a decades-long romance that lasts into the French Revolution962ocn000917142book19710.63The burden of the BerrigansHistory453ocn033328628book19900.33Gray, Francine du PlessixDrahtseilakte : Frauen in der Sowjetunion401ocn047966513rcrd20010.13Gray, Francine du PlessixSimone WeilBiographyLooks at the life of the twentieth-century philosopher whose intellectual legacy foresaw many of the twentieth century's great changes and continues to influence philosophy today+-+2085211825324354ocn243803694book19950.29Gray, Francine du PlessixWas wir träumen, wenn wir lieben : das Leben der Louise Colet - Literatin, Feministin, Geliebte FlaubertsHistoryBiography312ocn033200216book19940.77Gray, Francine du PlessixMon cher volcan, ou, La vie passionnée de Louise ColetHistoryBiography273ocn022145676book19900.70Gray, Francine du PlessixLes Oubliées de la Perestroïka201ocn644708832com20020.50Hunter, JefferyContemporary Literary CriticismCriticism, interpretation, etcStories, plots, etcCovers authors who are currently active or who died after December 31, 1959. Profiles novelists, poets, playwrights and other creative and nonfiction writers by providing criticism taken from books, magazines, literary reviews, newspapers and scholarly journals+-+280301232542ocn611349360file0.18Francine du Plessix Gray : (1930-)Criticism, interpretation, etc11ocn841447541visu1.00Williams, JonathanPolaroids (liable to be anywhere)PortraitsPictorial worksPortraits of individuals include Rick Allen, Glen Baxter, Asa Benveniste, Alan Beresford, Annie Beresford, David Brown, Shelley Brown, Basil Bunting, Laurie Clark, Thomas A. Clark, John Claiborne Davis, Robert Duncan, William Dunlap, Jerome Melvin Edelstein, Roy Fisher, Sandra Fisher, Astrid Furnival, John Furnival, Suzi Gablik, Diane Gardner, Dan Gerber, Sylvia Gilson, Josephine Goodden, Ray Gosling, Jim Hamlyn, Mike Harding, Mark Haworth-Booth, David Hockney, Max Kitaj, R. B. Kitaj, Robert Lewis Holmes, James Laughlin, Ann McGarrell, Guy Mendes, Thomas Meyer, Margaret Milburn, Mary Cooper Moore, Raymond Moore, Joel Oppenheimer, Clare Rowe, Maggie Silver, Paul Sinodhinos, Bernard Stone, Peter Straub, Heather Tanner, Peter Vincent Taylor, Erica Van Horn, Georgette Chamberlain Williams, and Trevor Winkfield11ocn849528302mix1.00Oates, Joyce CarolJoyce Carol Oates PapersThe papers of the American novelist, playwright, poet, short story writer, and author span 1956-1998 and include correspondence; a journal; typescript and holograph manuscripts for essays, novels, plays, and poems; periodicals; photographs; publicity; and reviews11ocn888093293mix1.00Friedman, B. HBernard Harper Friedman papersWritings by Friedman include manuscripts of novels, short stories, plays, articles, monographs, and art criticism, some published versions of his work, and a variety of notes. Also found are recordings of lectures by B. H. Friedman and panel discussions in which he participated. Other authors represented are John Cage, W. B. Henry, and Jon Schueler. Friedman's diaries, 1948-1993 (41 volumes) record activities, thoughts, and events11ocn017978548rcrd19830.47Gray, Francine du PlessixFrancine du Plessix Gray reads from her novel October blood and talks about growing up in a publishing familyInterviews11ocn812163291serial0.10Contemporary literary criticism, criticism of the works of today's novelists, poets, playwrights, short story writers, scriptwriters, and other creative writersCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn037416715visu19950.47The writing lifeBiographyDavid Levering Lewis interviews Francine du Plessix Gray about her biography of Louise Colet "Rage and fire". Among other themes they take up: feminism, national cultural attitudes, gender roles, the biographer's pitfalls01ocn122514373mixOates, Joyce CarolArchivesCorrespondence, journal, typescript and holograph manuscripts for essays, novels, plays, and poems; periodicals, photographs, reviews+-+9344435215+-+9344435215Thu Oct 16 15:58:31 EDT 2014batch24651