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Thu Oct 16 18:05:31 2014 UTClccn-n500321270.26Market potential for Wisconsin lodging, campgrounds and attractions /0.610.98Agrarian policies /9896849n 5003212767479Gray, J. 1926-Gray, J. (Jack), 1926-Gray, Jack, archie$1938Brown, Archie1938-lccn-no00069997Cavendish, Patricklccn-n80020460White, Gordon1942-viaf-305080179Royal Institute of International AffairsWorking Group on China and the Worldlccn-n78087649Mao, Zedong1893-1976lccn-n80004287University of SussexInstitute of Development Studieslccn-n2014013405Zhang, Yongninglccn-n80050316Films for the Humanities (Firm)lccn-no97015442S4C (Firm)lccn-nr00025676Opus Television (Firm)Gray, Jack1926-HistoryChinaPolitical scienceCommunist stateCommunist countriesPolitical cultureCultural Revolution (China : 1966-1976)Economic policyEast AsiaEconomic historyIndustrial policyTaiwanAgriculture--Economic aspectsRural developmentKorea (South)Mao, Zedong,CommunismCanadaArt and stateCultural policyCommercial policyTourismWisconsinAgriculture and stateWashington (State)--SpokaneRecreation--ResearchLand reformCultureArts and societyQing Dynasty (China)RecreationMarketingRecreational surveysWar--Causes1926196419661968196919701973197419761977197919801981198219841985198719881989199019911994199920002002200320052007482436145301.592091717DS755ocn000241821ocn461869288ocn489968093ocn455908532ocn185907249ocn185712727ocn760441715ocn802774681ocn799190167103023ocn002439463book19770.63Brown, ArchiePolitical culture and political change in Communist States88611ocn000436570book19680.47Gray, JackChinese communism in crisis; Maoism and the cultural revolutionHistory72620ocn020294239book19900.56Gray, JackRebellions and revolutions : China from the 1800s to the 1980sHistoryTraditional society - The opening of China - Taiping Rebelllion, 1850-1864 - Conflict with the Western Powers, 1843-1861 - The self-strengthening movement, 1861-1894 - Reform and revolution - Chinese economy - War-lord era - Radicalization of Chinese politics - Rise of Chiang Kaishek - Nationalist regime, 1928-1937 - Chinese Communist Party - Chinese People's Republic - The great leap forward - The great proletarian cultural revolutions - China since the death of Mao - The road to Tiananmen+-+412067346532463614ocn000241821book19690.63Gray, JackModern China's search for a political form4397ocn008487825book19820.74Gray, JackChina's new development strategy3709ocn050314532book20020.66Gray, JackRebellions and revolutions : China from the 1800s to 2000History"This is a study of China from the 1800s to the dawn of the twenty-first century. It focuses on China's problems of development - the decay and collapse of the Chinese empire, its failure to recover in the first half of the twentieth century, and its emergence in world affairs since the Communist revolution of 1949. This new edition examines China's rapid economic growth at the end of the twentieth century as well as recent developments in Chinese foreign policy, and provides a revised account of the Tiananmen Square incident. It also includes a fully updated chronology and further reading section. As such, it will prove indispensable reading to a new generation of students of Chinese and Asian history, as well as to the general reader."--Jacket+-+04155234653575ocn016712376book19870.74Developmental states in East Asia+-+63487988853241164ocn000694010book19730.74Gray, JackMao Tse-tung805ocn045110101visu19990.59The play's the thingHistory"The Cultural Revolution, which started in 1966, had less to do with culture than with a violent attempt to control the minds of the Chinese people. Yet it was a play, which slyly criticized Chairman Mao, that raised the curtain on this horrendous period in China's history, acting as a catalyst for the brutal reforms. Beginning with an excerpt from The dismissal of Hai Rui, this program presents the details of the movement that led to the deaths of half a million people before finally consuming itself. Jack Gray, author of Rebellions and revolutions, and Zhang Yongning, son of a Party official, offer their insights into the Communist politics of the day"--Container401ocn020632732book19840.86Gray, JackThe third strategy : a Canadian primer of sensible propsals for the solution of insoluble problems373ocn015625324book19850.79Institute of Development Studies (Brighton, England)Developmental states in East Asia : a research report to the Gatsby Charitable Foundation265ocn015388484book19700.35Gray, JackLa revolución cultural y la crisis China92ocn015944915book19840.96Canadian Conference of the ArtsUne troisième stratégie : un abécédaire canadien pour des solutions sensées à des problèmes insolubles83ocn027020695book19660.98Gray, JackAgrarian policies84ocn012045922book19790.74Gray, JackSpokane visitor and convention study, 1979 : marketing plan72ocn613245543book19900.30Gray, JackRebellions and revolutions : China from the 1800s to the 1900s+-+412067346532475ocn006833182book19760.77Gray, JackRecreation marketing maps : showing areas of communication influence52ocn020612950book19870.47Gray, JackWisconsin's northwoods area42ocn008711714book19820.26Gray, JackMarket potential for Wisconsin lodging, campgrounds and attractions41ocn012276954book19790.47Gray, JackThe Wisconsin guest : a market analysis+-+4120673465324+-+4120673465324Thu Oct 16 16:00:13 EDT 2014batch12866