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Fri Mar 21 17:12:47 2014 UTClccn-n500321330.00Masks : a symposium devoted to the lives and works of John Gray and Andre Raffalovich, marking the fiftieth anniversary of their deaths in Edinburgh in 1934, to be held at the Dominican Chaplaincy, 25 George Square, Edinburgh, on 2nd, 3rd and 4th August 1984, by kind permission of the Dominican community, with Father Brocard Sewell, O. Carm., presiding0.761.00Records,39421155John_Gray_(poet)n 5003213367485Albert, Brother, 1866-1934Albert Brother 1866-1934 PseudonymGray, Fr., 1866-1934Gray, John, 1866-1934Gray, John Henry, 1866-1934lccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-n90720888McCormack, Jerusha Hulllccn-n79115460Cevasco, G. A.(George A.)lccn-n79042038Wilde, Oscar1854-1900lccn-n50001409Sewell, Brocardedtlccn-n99050320Fletcher, Ian1920-1988lccn-n90660046Raffalovich, André1864-1934lccn-n80043407Ricketts, Charles S.1866-1931prtilllccn-n85019025Healy, Philiplccn-n50029140Dowson, Ernest Christopher1867-1900Gray, John1866-1934Criticism, interpretation, etcBiographyRecords and correspondenceAudio adaptationsGray, John,Poets, EnglishGreat BritainCatholic ChurchClergyDandiesScotland--EdinburghEthicsWilde, Oscar,FriendshipEnglish poetryRaffalovich, André,Johnson, Lionel,Dowson, Ernest Christopher,Decadence (Literary movement)English literatureScotlandBeardsley, Aubrey,PriestsGay menArtistsAsceticismWagner, Richard,Christian poetryChaucer, Geoffrey,English language--Middle EnglishYeats, W. B.--(William Butler),Gray, John,Authors, FrenchLouÿs, Pierre,Fénéon, Félix,Art criticsFranceHymns, EnglishHymnsCrowley, Aleister,Authors, EnglishBeddoes, Thomas Lovell,Ballantyne PressPrivate pressesEccentrics and eccentricitiesGay clergyHorne, Herbert P.--(Herbert Percy),Conduct of lifePater, Walter,Symons, Arthur,Aylesford reviewPhilosophy, GermanPlarr, Victor,Painting, British--Themes, motives186619341891189218931895189618971898189919031904190519061907190919121917192219241925192619271928192919301931193219341936193719531954195819591961196319651966196719681969197019711973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841986198719881990199119921994199519981999200020062007200820092010201120124227157304828.809PR6013.R367ocn006308200ocn003103327ocn013401640ocn609535649ocn576242758ocn724113151ocn805435654ocn004571067ocn458675513ocn8011715362548ocn011883665book19320.56Gray, JohnPark : a fantastic story16015ocn005740641book18930.93Gray, JohnSilverpoints15513ocn014030940book19040.81Beardsley, AubreyLast letters of Aubrey BeardsleyRecords and correspondence1394ocn026340377book19920.88Gray, JohnThe selected prose of John Gray+-+01536899453241127ocn007332456book18970.59Nietzsche, Friedrich WilhelmThe genealogy of moralsWritten in response to a book on the origins of morality by his erstwhile friend Paul Rée, the three essays comprising The Genealogy of Morals---all three advancing the critique of Christian morality set forth in Beyond Good and Evil---are among Nietzsche's most sustained and cohesive work+-+1261125066324883ocn029314111book19940.92Gray, JohnSilverpoints ; Spiritual poems+-+0996229036324864ocn003564724book19660.92Gray, JohnPark : a fantastic story787ocn006308200book18970.93Constable, HenryThe poems & sonnets of Henry Constable656ocn057656830com19040.92Gray, JohnAd matrem poems622ocn001702579book0.66Nietzsche, Friedrich WilhelmThe works of Friedrich Nietzsche ... (Vol. VIII, X, XI)604ocn003103327book18960.84Suckling, JohnThe poems of Sir John Suckling587ocn057656825com19040.93Gray, JohnThe long road557ocn006444576book18960.90Gray, JohnSpiritual poems, chiefly done out of several languages482ocn013401640book18960.94Drayton, MichaelNimphidia, and The mvses elizivm434ocn020308581rcrd19880.84Chaucer, GeoffreyThe book of the DuchessAudio adaptations383ocn003014712book19310.88Gray, JohnPoems (1931)384ocn006260106book18960.93Campion, ThomasFifty songs352ocn010389648book19830.94Banville, Théodore Faullain deThe kiss353ocn606738841book20100.97Fénéon, FélixCorrespondance : avec les contributions de John Gray à La revue blancheRecords and correspondence346ocn004035042book19250.96Gray, JohnOn hymn writingCriticism, interpretation, etc4502ocn008452310book19820.63Cevasco, G. AJohn GrayCriticism, interpretation, etc3302ocn045226879book20000.50McCormack, Jerusha HullThe man who was Dorian GrayBiography"Everyone knows The Picture of Dorian Gray, but few know that "Dorian Gray" actually existed. This is his story. In this biography, Jerusha Hull McCormack, noted expert on Oscar Wilde and his circle, tells the story of John Gray, a working-class boy who had a passionate friendship with Oscar Wilde and became known as the reputed model for the character of Dorian Gray. McCormack traces Gray's life from decadent poet to Roman Catholic priest, exploring his changing relationship with Wilde and with his lifelong companion, Andre Raffalovich. Gray's life provides us with fascinating insight into fin-de-siecle literary society and the emerging gay culture of the period."--BOOK JACKET+-+53278776853104ocn022911243book19910.70McCormack, Jerusha HullJohn Gray : poet, dandy, and priestBiography2101ocn020453853book19900.79Cevasco, G. AThree decadent poets : Ernest Dowson, John Gray, and Lionel Johnson : an annotated bibliographyCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography2072ocn017014770book19880.84Gray, JohnThe poems of John Gray+-+85536899453242063ocn011468751book19830.88Sewell, BrocardIn the Dorian mode : a life of John Gray, 1866-1934Biography+-+13636525453241402ocn000025338book19680.86Sewell, BrocardFootnote to the Nineties: a memoir of John Gray and André Raffalovich1043ocn002920209book19630.93Sewell, BrocardTwo friends: John Gray & André Raffalovich; essays biographical & critical with three letters from Andre Raffalovich to J.-K. Huysmans301ocn013820990book19840.95Gray, JohnA friendship of the nineties : letters between John Gray & Pierre LouÿsRecords and correspondence81ocn780944910book20120.98Lagioia, VincenzoLa vera storia di Dorian Gray : una biografia di epoca vittorianaBiography51ocn760990056book20110.92Azay, Lucien d'Trois excentriques anglaisBiography11ocn263449393book19800.95Wratislaw, TheodoreThree nineties studies : W.B. Yeats, John Gray, Aubrey Beardsley11ocn504159687book19820.47Tinniswood, AdrianThree minor poets of the eighteen nineties : Ernest Dowson, Lionel Johnson, John Gray11ocn795327455book20080.47Pochin, StephenFrom influx to automatic drawing : Austin Osman Spare and poetry : the particular influence of William Blake, W.B. Yeats and John Gray11ocn540643847book18910.10Dowson, Ernest ChristopherLondon, to Arthur MooreMentioning that the manuscript of their collaborative novel "The Passion of Dr. Ludovicus" is now under consideration by the editor of People. Describing "a most queer assembly of 'Rhymers'" at Horne's on Thursday, noting that Walter Crane, "Dorian" Gray (i.e., John Gray), "the tedious Todhunter," Victor Plarr and Lionel Johnson read, and that "Oscar arrived late looking more like his Whistlerian name, in his voluminous dress clothes, than I have ever seen him." Mentioning that Johnson read Dowson's "Amor Umbratilis" for him, and briefly discussing contemporary literature. Mentioning that he took Missie (Adelaide Foltinowicz) to Hengler's on Saturday and observed her in a procession on Sunday11ocn064552826book19321.00Gray, JohnJohn Gray letter to Mr. Meade-KingRecords and correspondenceGray writes to Meade-King, 27 April 1932, sending three volumes for Andre's shelves (probably Andre Raffalovich). Includes envelope, unstamped11ocn269604331book18960.10Dowson, Ernest ChristopherParis, to Leonard SmithersThanking him for 50 francs and his letters, and mentioning that he has sent off the proofs of poems (for his Verses) as well as a new poem for the Savoy. Noting that his story (perhaps The Dying of Francis Donne) "does not march very well," but that he is "working away at it." Mentioning that he is glad Smithers will be "printing some copies of the Verses on Japanese vellum," hoping that Beardsley is recovering from his illness, and mentioning mutual acquaintances in London. Asking Smithers to send copies of his Verses "when the book of poems appears" to John Gray, M. le Vicomte de Lautrec, Lionel Johnson, M. Léopold Nelken, Mrs. William Wilde, Symons and a Japanese vellum copy to Mdlle Adelaide Foltinowicz. With a postscript on a sheet of notepaper mentioning that he becomes nervous about money when his bill is due around the 13th of the month and has thought of moving to a small island to further economize11ocn040067032mix1.00RecordsConsists primarily of correspondence, articles, photographs, and miscellaneous material collected by Father Brocard Sewell during the years he edited The Aylesford Review, a literary quarterly sponsored by the British Carmelites, 1955-1968. Most of the material relates to contemporary literary figures and movements with the focus on individuals who were contributors to or subjects of the Review11ocn067290747book19950.47Inman, Billie AndrewJohn 'Dorian' Gray and the theme of subservient love in Walter Pater's works of the 1890s01ocn314893875book1984Masks : a symposium devoted to the lives and works of John Gray and Andre Raffalovich, marking the fiftieth anniversary of their deaths in Edinburgh in 1934, to be held at the Dominican Chaplaincy, 25 George Square, Edinburgh, on 2nd, 3rd and 4th August 1984, by kind permission of the Dominican community, with Father Brocard Sewell, O. Carm., presidingConference proceedings+-+0153689945324+-+0153689945324Fri Mar 21 15:12:29 EDT 2014batch24675