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Fri Mar 21 17:16:44 2014 UTClccn-n500328130.00[Portrait of Captain Francis Grose]0.751.00Address to the people of Scotland, respecting Francis Grose9872069Francis_Grosen 5003281368158Captain GroseFrancis GroseGrose, ..., ca1731-1791Grose, CaptainGrose, Francis, ca1731-1791Grose, Franc╠žoisGrose, Francois 1731-1791Grosse captain Francis 1731?-1791Grosse, FrancisGrosse, Francis 1731-1791lccn-n79063282Great BritainArmylccn-no90007832Ledwich, Edward1738-1823lccn-n84016083Clarke, Hewson1787-1832?edtlccn-n91090747Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n83008324Bridges, Thomasactive 1759-1775attlccn-n78095639Homerlccn-n50028938Hooper, S.(Samuel)bkplccn-n50028333Warton, Thomas1728-1790lccn-n85814825Bentham, James1708-1794lccn-nr91022309Pegge, Samuel1733-1800Grose, Francis1731?-1791DictionariesParodies, imitations, etcHistoryHumorHandbooks, manuals, etcPictorial worksGlossaries, vocabularies, etcCriticism, interpretation, etcRegistersDesigns and plansEnglish language--SlangEnglandAntiquitiesGreat Britain.--ArmyGreat BritainHomerFolkloreProverbs, EnglishEnglish language--ProvincialismsIrelandEnglish language--DialectsCaricatureEnglish literatureManners and customsNew South WalesArchitecture, GothicScotlandArchitectureWeaponsWalesArmed Forces--OfficersCathedralsDrawing--Study and teachingEngland--LondonArmorEnglish languageGrose, Francis,Caricatures and cartoonsBeauty, PersonalLanguage and languagesPhillip, Arthur,Advertising--MedicineWomen--Social conditionsEpic poetry, GreekLife skillsMilitary art and scienceAustraliaOceaniaEnglish language--Grammar, HistoricalAdvertisingPrivate librariesWomen--Health and hygieneStukeley, William,Booksellers' catalogsHearne, Thomas,Books--PricesVertue, George,Social historyMilitary uniformsThoresby, Ralph,17311791173517621764176517661767177017711772177317741775177617771780178117821783178417851786178717881789179017911792179317951796179717981800180118021805180718081809181018111812181318141815181618181823183318391844184918671877188918941931194619551963196619681970197119721974197819791980198119821984198519871990199119921993199419952002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014103763201241427.09AC4ocn001382711ocn005747024ocn680474358ocn656942534ocn054310676ocn693096930ocn858826279ocn258465667ocn454938452ocn256545347ocn257931764ocn207176995ocn465585390ocn470263398ocn458071111ocn4720654291611132ocn000343843book17350.66Grose, FrancisA classical dictionary of the vulgar tongueDictionaries+-+286997593632468850ocn000148599book18110.56Grose, Francis1811 dictionary of the vulgar tongue; a dictionary of buckish slang, university wit, and pickpocket eloquenceDictionaries1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue - The Original Classic Edition+-+125556469646554ocn001369409book17720.79Grose, FrancisThe antiquities of England and Wales45945ocn642717760book17870.81Grose, FrancisA provincial glossary, with a collection of local proverbs, and popular superstitions. By Francis GroseGlossaries, vocabularies, etcDictionaries45173ocn006801902book17860.81Grose, FrancisMilitary antiquities respecting a history of the English Army, from the conquest to the present timeHistoryRegisters43544ocn253502841file17910.79Grose, FrancisThe antiquities of Ireland By Francis GroseHistoryPictorial works40425ocn190793597file17830.79Grose, FrancisA guide to health, beauty, riches, and honourHandbooks, manuals, etcA collection of advertisements38934ocn642223561file17880.79Grose, FrancisRules for drawing caricaturas with an essay on comic painting. By Francis Grose, Esq. F.R.S. and A.SHandbooks, manuals, etc34135ocn001678564book17890.79Grose, FrancisThe antiquities of ScotlandPictorial works32820ocn003613656file17920.76Grose, FrancisThe olio : being a collection of essays, dialogues, letters, biographical sketches, anecdotes, pieces of poetry, parodies, bon mots, epigrams, epitaphs, &c., chiefly originalCriticism, interpretation, etc29025ocn000547516book17700.81Bridges, ThomasA burlesque translation of Homer In two volumesParodies, imitations, etc25833ocn003237810book18000.92Warton, ThomasEssays on Gothic architectureDesigns and plans22028ocn642710652book17850.70Grose, FrancisA treatise on ancient armour and weaponsHistory1939ocn000468779book19680.84Grose, FrancisA provincial glossary, 178719027ocn186510181com17920.86Grose, FrancisThe olio being a collection of essays, dialogues, letters ... epitaphs, &c. chiefly original. By the late Francis Grose18027ocn004844193book17820.76Williamson, JohnAdvice to the officers of the British ArmyCaricatures and cartoonsHumorAnecdotesHandbooks, manuals, etc15615ocn002776652book18140.92Pegge, SamuelAnecdotes of the English language; chiefly regarding the local dialect of London and its environs; whence it will appear that the natives of the metropolis and its vicinities have not corrupted the language of their ancestors. In a letter from Samuel Pegge ... to an old acquaintance, and co-fellow of the Society of antiquaries [sic] London. To which is added, a supplement to the Provincial glossary of Francis GroseHistory+-+066658390515113ocn509453306file17890.73Grose, FrancisSupplement to a treatise on ancient armour, being illustrations of ancient and asiatic armour & weapons. By Francis Grose, Esq. F.A.SHistory1516ocn002204498book19680.86Grose, FrancisA classical dictionary of the vulgar tongue, 1785Dictionaries1348ocn181837382com17900.81Grose, FrancisThe account of Pythagoras's school in Cambridge as in Mr. Grose's Antiquities of England and Wales, and other notices1044ocn012954350book19800.70Barton, G. BHistory of New South Wales from the recordsHistory323ocn003363992book18770.63DavisHistorical records of the Second Royal Surrey : or Eleventh Regiment of Militia201ocn016784037book19740.35Sale catalogues of libraries of eminent persons91ocn055547340book19740.56Antiquaries61ocn220382172book18940.47Britton, AlexanderHistory of New South Wales from the recordsHistoryPhillip & Ross, famine 1789-90, Second Fleet, New South Wales Corps, progress of settlement, Third Fleet, emancipation, the natives, Phillip & Dawes, Lieut. Gov. Grose. Based on State Papers41ocn225772519book0.70New South WalesHistorical records of New South WalesHistoryMapsSources31ocn224190303book0.21Barton, G. BHistory of New South Wales from the recordsHistoryProposals for colonising New South Wales, transportation of convicts, First Fleet, Governor Phillip, foundation of colony. Uses letters and despatches of Governor Phillip and his contemporaries Collins, Hunter, King, Tench and White21ocn011107194book1.00Burns, RobertAddress to the people of Scotland, respecting Francis GrosePoetry21ocn264055943book17950.47Burns, RobertAddress to the people of Scotland, respecting Francis Grose, Esq ; the British antiquarian22ocn755057231mix20100.47Fisher, FloraA study of late eighteenth century linguistic, cultural and philosophical attitudes in Britain with a focus on the lexicographical work of Captain Francis GroseHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn082703375book19870.47Views of Hampshire by Captain Francis Grose, FSA, 1731-1791 : City Museum and Art Gallery, Museum Road, Old Portsmouth, 12th March-12 April, 1987Exhibition catalogs11ocn171376890book1793HutchinsA catalogue of a collection of drawings, prints, books of prints, atlasses, &c : the drawings from original sketches, by the late Francis Grose, Esquire, ... : which will be sold by auction, by Mr. Hutchins, at his rooms, in King-Street, and Hart Street, Covent-Garden, on Friday, March 22d, 1793, and the following eveningCatalogs11ocn701820199visu17711.00The connoiseursCaricatures and cartoonsThree men examine a curious head, which the man on the left is lifting off a low pedestal. The head has hollow eyesockets, is missing the nose, but has a moustache and wears what purports to be a crown. In the middle of the picture the man who faces us wears a brocaded coat, the star and ribbon of the Order of the Bath[?]. The fat man on our right is a portrait of Francis Grose, antiquarian and draughtsman. He holds a magnifying glass in his right hand and what looks like a small carved animal [possibly an armadillo?] in his left hand over the head11ocn041161254mix1.00Grose, FrancisPapersLetter of Francis Grose (1758?-1814), British soldier and colonial administrator, concerning the debts and estates of his father, Francis Grose (1731-1791), antiquary and draftsman; and the reply of D. Croasdille11ocn702207569visu17891.00Kay, JohnThe British antiquarianCaricatures and cartoons11ocn233700769book1777Grose, FrancisAutograph letter signed from Francis Grose, London, to George Allen (Allan), DarlingtonManuscriptsIntroduces a fellow antiquary, Mr. Brand11ocn299062058visu17800.10Bretherton, JamesA riding-houseCaricatures and cartoonsPrint shows the interior of a riding-school. A number of men riding round in a circle; those in the foreground ride from right to left, those in the background from left to right. The riding-master stands in the centre, pointing with hand and cane, and grinning at a short fat man in a clerical wig who is running across the room, alarmed at the horses. A short obese man in back-view on the extreme right, who is about to mount his horse has been identified as Captain Grose. Next him is a man with a grotesque impression of alarm riding a plunging horse. Among the riders are two with clerical wigs. One horse is galloping, out of control, the others are quietly ambling round. Two sides of a high rectangular room or hall are visible; in each wall are two high arch-topped windows11ocn171523579book1791Egerton, JohnA catalogue of the genuine library, and valuable collection of drawings and prints, belonging to the late Francis Grose ... : consisting of many uncommon and curious books, particularly in history, topography, the military science, poetry, witchcraft, &c., also a rare assemblage of drawings and prints, many of the latter from private plates : which will be sold by auction, by J. Egerton at the room, in Scotland Yard, opposite the Admiralty, on Monday, the 20th of June, 1791 and the five following daysCatalogs11ocn221237093visu[Portrait of Captain Francis Grose]Portraits11ocn663454453visu1980Horner, ArthurDevelopment of Australia's political system, 2HistoryCaricatures and cartoons+-+1255564696+-+1255564696Fri Mar 21 15:47:03 EDT 2014batch39057