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Most widely held works by Steven M Cahn
Saints and scamps : ethics in academia by Steven M Cahn( Book )

29 editions published between 1986 and 2011 in English and Spanish and held by 2,273 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This short book examines the role of the college professor and offers ethical guidelines for teaching, scholarship, and personnel duties. The chapters contain essays which focus primarily on common sense clarification of the obligations and responsibilities of college faculty members. Chapters are liberally illustrated with stories and examples from the author's experience and supplemented with practical suggestions for maintaining the ethical standards presented. The first chapter describes the professorial life in general and notes that it is very autonomous with a wide range of professional responsibilities in a variety of settings. The second chapter discusses the art of instruction, the teacher's concerns, examinations, grades, the teacher's role, and evaluation of teaching. Focus of the third chapter is on scholarship and service. This chapter discusses the morality of scholarship, the community of scholars, departmental obligations, and institution-wide faculty duties. The fourth chapter treats issues concerned with faculty appointments, tenure, voting procedures, and faculty dismissals. Graduate education is the topic of the final chapter which discusses the ambiguities and difficulties from the graduate student's point of view and offers suggestions for how faculty should guide graduate students. Includes an index. Contains 27 references. (Jb)
Fate, time, and language : an essay on free will : David Foster Wallace by David Foster Wallace( )

18 editions published between 2010 and 2011 in English and held by 1,668 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Presents David Foster Wallace critiques philosopher Richard Taylor's work implying that humans have no control over the future and includes essays linking Wallace's critique with his later works of fiction
Questions about God : today's philosophers ponder the Divine by David Shatz( )

17 editions published between 2002 and 2004 in English and held by 1,427 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

From young children, with their guileless, searching questions, to the recently bereaved, trying to make sense of tragic loss, humans wrestle with our relationship to God--and with God's essence, motivations, and power--throughout our lives: Why does God permit catastrophe and senseless tragedy, again and again? Is God's power limited in any way? Can He change the past? Does He know the future? Why does God require prayer? Why does He not provide stronger evidence of His presence? Whom does God consign to hell, and why? Does God change? Suffer? What can we make of the conflicting diversity wit
Classics of Western philosophy by Steven M Cahn( Book )

49 editions published between 1977 and 2012 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,417 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"This sixth edition of Steven Cahn's Classics of Western Philosophy includes eleven major new additions, including Plato's Symposium and selections from Aristotle's On Interpretation, Augustine's On Free Choice of the Will, and J.L. Austin's Sense and Sensibilia, as well as works of Sextus Empiricus, Boethius, Maimonides, Gersonides, Ockham, and William James. Selections from Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, Aquinas' Summa Theologiae, Hume's Treatise, and Russell's Problems of Philosophy have been expanded, whicle Plato's Republic, Hobbes' Leviathan, and Mill's On Liberty have been further abridged. In all, complete texts or substantial selections fromn fifty-two philosophical masterpieces are presented--in preeminent and thoughtfully annotated translations and editions, with introductions by a team of distinguished scholars including Richard Bett, Steven Cahn, Charles Guignon, Patricia Kitcher, Philip W. Kitcher, William Mann, Derk Pereboom, Ruth Anna Putnam, Israel Scheffler, David Shatz, George Sher, Jonathan Vogel, and Michael Williams."--Back cover
Thinking about logic : classic essays by Steven M Cahn( )

9 editions published between 2010 and 2018 in English and held by 1,308 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Thinking about Logic is an accessible and thought-provoking collection of classic articles in the philosophy of logic. An ideal companion to any formal logic course or textbook, this volume illuminates how logic relates to perennial philosophical issues about knowledge, meaning, rationality, and reality. The editors have selected each essay for its brevity, clarity, and impact and have included insightful introductions and discussion questions. The puzzles raised will help readers acquire a more thorough understanding of fundamental logic concepts and a firmer command of the connections between formal logic and other areas of philosophical study: epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, and metaphysics."--Provided by publisher
Ethics : history, theory, and contemporary issues by Steven M Cahn( Book )

52 editions published between 1997 and 2016 in English and held by 1,262 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The second part, Modern Ethical Theory, includes many of the most important essays of the past century. The discussion of utilitarianism, Kantianism, egoism, and relativism continues in the work of major contemporary philosophers (Foot, Brandt, Williams, Wolf, and Nagel). Landmark selections (Moore, Prichard, Ross, Ayer, Stevenson, Hare, Baier, Anscombe, Mackie, Gauthier, and Harman) reflect concern with moral language and the justification of morality. The concepts of justice (Rawls) and rights (Feinberg) are explored, as well as recent views on cultural relativism (Rachels) and an ethic influenced by feminist concerns (Held). In the third part, Contemporary Moral Problems, the readings present the current debates over abortion, euthanasia, famine relief, animal rights, and - for the first time in this edition - environmentalism and the use of torture in interrogations
Fate, logic, and time by Steven M Cahn( Book )

18 editions published between 1967 and 2004 in English and held by 879 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The affirmative action debate by Steven M Cahn( Book )

23 editions published between 1995 and 2013 in English and Undetermined and held by 875 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

First published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company
Polishing your prose : how to turn first drafts Into finished work by Steven M Cahn( )

6 editions published in 2013 in English and held by 841 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This singular book illustrates how to edit a piece of prose and enhance its clarity of thought and felicity of style. The authors first present ten principles of effective composition, and then scrutinize three extended paragraphs, suggesting with remarkable specificity how to improve them. The volume also offers challenging practice questions, as well as two finished essays, one serious and one humorous, that demonstrate how attention to sound mechanics need not result in mechanical writing. Steven M. Cahn and Victor L. Cahn help readers deploy a host of corrective strategies, such as avoiding jargon, bombast, and redundancy; varying sentence structure; paring the use of adjectives and adverbs; properly deploying phrases and clauses; and refining an argument. Here is a book for all who seek to increase their facility in written communication
New studies in the philosophy of John Dewey( Book )

13 editions published between 1977 and 1981 in English and held by 828 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Scholars who teach : the art of college teaching by Steven M Cahn( Book )

7 editions published between 1978 and 2004 in English and held by 825 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In essays on a variety of disciplines, seven college teachers discuss the art of inspiring enthusiasm in college students. The topics are: history (Russell H. Bostert); English (Edward B. Partridge); mathematics (Robert H. Gurland); science (Arnold B. Arons); social science (Rita W. Cooley); foreign language and literature (John G. Weiger); and music (L. Michael Griffel). An appendix is included on the uses and abuses of grades and examinations. (Mse)
Affirmative action and the university : a philosophical inquiry by Steven M Cahn( Book )

9 editions published between 1993 and 2009 in English and held by 819 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Within academia, affirmative action is an integral part of the appointment process. While equal opportunity for all candidates is widely recognized as a goal, the implementation of specific procedures to achieve equality has resulted in vehement disputes regarding both means and ends. Recently, however, as Steven Cahn observes, the affirmative action controversy has turned into an uneasy truce in which proponents and opponents "refrain from public debate while still whispering in corners [about] their adversaries." To encourage a reexamination of this issue, Cahn asked three prominent American social philosophers - Leslie Pickering Francis, Robert L. Simon, and Lawrence C. Becker - who hold divergent views about affirmative action, to write extended essays presenting their views. In Part I of Affirmative Action and the University, Francis writes in favor of the policy; Simon makes a case against it; and Becker proposes a compromise plan as a way out of the impasse. Cahn asked numerous other philosophers to respond to these three principal essays. In Part II, twenty-two philosophers grapple with the views presented by Francis, Simon, and Becker. While no consensus is reached, the resulting clash of reasoned judgments will serve to revitalize the issues raised by affirmative action
Exploring philosophy : an introductory anthology by Steven M Cahn( Book )

24 editions published between 2000 and 2018 in English and held by 756 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Exploring Philosophy: An Introductory Anthology, Second Edition, is an accessible introduction to philosophy. Steven M. Cahn brings together clear, recent essays by noted philosophers and supplements them with historical sources. Most important, the articles have been carefully edited to make them understandable to every reader. The topics are drawn from the major fields of philosophy and include knowledge and skepticism, freedom and determinism, mind and body, the existence of God, the problem of evil, cultural relativism, abortion, euthanasia, democracy, capital punishment, affirmative action, and the meaning of life."--Jacket
Morality, responsibility, and the university : studies in academic ethics by Steven M Cahn( Book )

9 editions published in 1990 in English and held by 724 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This book presents 14 essays from American philosophers who critically investigate the moral issues generated by academic life. Topics addressed include free speech on campus, justifications for tenure, faculty appointment and evaluation procedures, the differing demands of research and teaching, sexual harassment, parietal rules, business/university partnerships, and the ideal of institutional neutrality. Essays and their authors are as follows: "Human Rights and Academic Freedom" (Alan Gewirth); "Free Speech on Campus" (Judith Wagner DeCew); "Tenure: Academe's Peculiar Institution" (Andrew Oldenquist); "Ethics in Academic Personnel Processes: The Tenure Decision" (Rudolph H. Weingartner); "The Research Demands of Teaching in Modern Higher Education" (Theodore M. Benditt); "The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth" (Paul D. Eisenberg); "The Ethics of Graduate Teaching" (Robert Audi); "Professors, Students, and Friendship" (Peter J. Markie); "Sexual Harassment in the University" (Nancy Davis); "Beyond in Loco Parentis? Parietal Rules and Moral Maturity" (David A. Hoekema); "Business-University Partnerships" (Norman E. Bowie); "Diversity within University Faculties" (Alan H. Goldman); "Academic Appointments: Why Ignore the Advantage of Being Right?" (David Lewis); and "a Defense of the Neutral University" (Robert L. Simon). Reference notes follow essays. (Glr)
The philosophical foundations of education by Steven M Cahn( Book )

13 editions published between 1970 and 1973 in English and Spanish and held by 687 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Contemporary philosophy of religion by Steven M Cahn( Book )

12 editions published between 1980 and 1982 in English and held by 680 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This collection of twenty-one essays brings together some of the finest recent contributions to the philosophy of religion. Most of the selections appeared during the past decade and have not been reprinted previously. The authors include many of the most distinguished contemporary philosophers of religion, some sympathetic to religion, others sharply critical
Portraits of American philosophy by Steven M Cahn( )

10 editions published between 2013 and 2015 in English and Undetermined and held by 669 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"In Portraits of American Philosophy eight of America's leading philosophers offer autobiographical narratives, reminding us that the life of a scholar is both a personal struggle and an adventure in ideas. Selected from the prestigious John Dewey Lectures, these reminiscences provide personal perspectives on how a generation of scholars faced barriers built on prejudices of religion, race, gender, and sexual orientation, while being affected by the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, and feminism. Also explored are the major themes of post-World War II American philosophy, including the temporary dominance of logical positivism and then ordinary language philosophy; the animus between some supporters of the so-called analytic and Continental traditions; new approaches to a variety of subfields; and a deepened understanding of how the history of philosophy can be enriched through concentration on textual and contextual study. These unique remembrances of people, institutions, and issues not only chart the history of recent American philosophy but also present incisive accounts of the trajectory of American intellectual life as seen through the eyes of some of its most influential thinkers"--Page 4 of cover
Philosophy of art and aesthetics, from Plato to Wittgenstein by Frank A Tillman( Book )

17 editions published between 1968 and 1969 in English and held by 641 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Happiness and goodness : philosophical reflections on living well by Steven M Cahn( Book )

7 editions published in 2015 in English and held by 632 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

How should we evaluate the success of each person's life? Countering the prevalent philosophical perspective on the subject, Steven M. Cahn and Christine Vitrano defend the view that our well-being is dependent not on particular activities, accomplishments, or awards but on finding personal satisfaction while treating others with due concern. The authors suggest that moral behavior is not necessary for happiness and does not ensure it. Yet they also argue that morality and happiness are needed for living well, and together suffice to achieve that goal. Cahn and Vitrano link their position to elements within both the Hellenistic and Hebraic traditions, in particular the views of Epicurus and lessons found in the Book of Ecclesiastes. Written in an accessible style and illustrated with incisive vignettes drawn from history, literature, films, and everyday life, Happiness and Goodness is a compelling work of philosophy for anyone who seeks to understand the nature of a good life
Philosophy of religion by Steven M Cahn( Book )

7 editions published in 1970 in English and held by 617 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

No volume by single scholar can recreate the incessant dialectic of contemporary philosophic inquiry; hence we are offering a series that is a collaboration of many hands. The present series is intended to provide students, teachers, and interested nonprofessionals with collections of essays in every major problem area of contemporary philosophy. Each volume is devoted to a single set of interconnected issues; each issue is currently that subject of intense philosophic discussion. In making relatively inaccessible essays available, this series will enable teachers of philosophy to find strategic or supplementary materials for a wide range of courses. To the student it offers the luxury of possessing essays formerly buried in bound journals or closeted in library reserves. To readers other than teachers and students, the series offers an opportunity to explore contemporary philosophy at first hand. To all readers, it offers original formulations of new ideas and fresh insight into topics of ancient ancestry.-Introduction / Frank A. Tillman
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Thinking about logic : classic essays
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Fate, time, and language : an essay on free will : David Foster WallaceQuestions about God : today's philosophers ponder the DivineClassics of Western philosophyThinking about logic : classic essaysEthics : history, theory, and contemporary issuesFate, logic, and timeThe affirmative action debateScholars who teach : the art of college teaching