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Thu Oct 16 17:56:40 2014 UTClccn-n500337670.06Close to extinction /0.140.53Wildlife and roads the ecological impact /39458004John_Burton_(conservationist)n 5003376769102Burton, J. A.Burton, J. A. 1944-Burton, J. A. (John Andrew)Burton, J. A. (John Andrew), 1944-Burton, JohnBurton, John 1944-Burton, John A.Burton, John AndrewBurton, John Andrew 1944-バートン, ジョンlccn-n86050751Pearson, Bruceilllccn-n86129405Burton, Vivien G.lccn-n85094449Ron Hayward Associateslccn-n2004015629Arnold, Edwin Nicholaslccn-n79039469Channell, Jimilllccn-n79076149Royston, Angela1945-lccn-n82019688Ovenden, Denysilllccn-no92011038Sterry, Paullccn-n88632885Bertrand, Gerard Adrian1943-lccn-nb91008187Risdon, Donald Herbert Shier1911-Burton, John A.Juvenile worksGuidebooksConference proceedingsPictorial worksAtlasesEndangered speciesNature conservationEndangered plantsRoads--Environmental aspectsRare mammalsNorth AmericaRare animalsExtinction (Biology)MammalsBirdsWildlife conservationJunglesRain forestsRare plantsAnimalsReptilesGreat BritainNatural historyPlantsTropicsEuropeAmphibiansWildlife watchingUrban ecology (Biology)Gardening to attract wildlifeNature--Effect of human beings onBird attractingBirds--Feeding and feedsBird feedersEngland--LondonUnited StatesZoologyEurope, NorthernSnakesEnvironmental protectionRain forest ecologyUrban animalsJungle ecologyUrban plants194419731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820127623123307333.9516QH75ocn469973863ocn185991001ocn440699990ocn263299711ocn742857214ocn468487242ocn038227304202519ocn023584008book19910.07The atlas of endangered speciesJuvenile worksAtlasesDescribes the various animals and plants throughout the world whose survival is being threatened and the steps being taken to save them from extinction+-+863524375532489313ocn016129731book19870.21Burton, John AThe Collins guide to the rare mammals of the worldGuidebooks7146ocn018685068book19880.06Burton, John AClose to extinctionJuvenile worksExamines wildlife that is under threat or has become extinct and the causes of species extinction around the world5374ocn034322903book19960.06Burton, John AJungles & rainforestsJuvenile worksDiscusses the value of jungles and rain forests and the reasons why they have become endangered+-+90750962063709ocn000887821book19730.23Burton, John ABirds of the tropicsPictorial works3682ocn030894849book19950.06Burton, John AMammals of North AmericaJuvenile worksSummary: Details and identifies over 120 mammals. Includes more than 15 easy-to-do science projects+-+11650962063243322ocn052351368book20030.16Bertrand, Gerard AdrianHarperCollins complete North American wildlife : a photo field guideAn illustrated guide to all North American wildlife--from the black bear to the prickly pear cactus and everything in-between+-+88488451552508ocn003979452book19780.33Arnold, Edwin NicholasA field guide to the reptiles and amphibians of Britain and EuropeGuidebooksThe biology of reptiles and amphibians; Reptiles, amphibians and man; Snake bite and its treatment; Reptiles and amphibians in the British Isles; Salamanders and newts; Salamandridae, typical salamanders and newts; Key to triturus, newts; Plethodontidae, cave salamanders; Proteidae, olm; Frogs and toads; Discoglossidae, fire-bellied toads, painted frogs and midwife toads; Pelobatidae, spadefoots and parsley frog; Bufonidae, typical toads; Hylidae, tree frogs; Ranidae, typical frogs; Tortoises, terrapins and sea turtles; Testudinidae, tortoises; Emydidae, terrapins; Dermochelyidae and cheloniidae, Sea turtles; Lizards and amphisbaenians; Gekkonidae, geckoes; Agamidae, agamas; Chamaeleontidae, chameleons; Lacertidae, lacertids or typical lizards; Key to lacerta part I, green lizards; Keys to lacerta part II, and podarcis, small; Anguidae, slow worm and glass lizard; Scincidae, skinks; Amphisbaenidae, Amphisbaenians (Worm''Lizards'); Snakes; Typhlopidae, worm snakes; Boidae, sand boas; Colubridae, typical snakes (Montpellier snake, whip snakes, rat snakes, water snakes, smooth snakes, false smooth snake and cat snake); Viperidae, vipers; Identification of amphibian eggs; Identification of amphibian larvae; Key to newt and salamander larvae; Key to frog and toad larvae; Internal characters+-+93684675553242302ocn001572481book19750.16Burton, John AThe love of birdsPictorial works1984ocn049525811book20020.53Wildlife and roads: the ecological impact (Symposium)Wildlife and roads the ecological impactConference proceedingsAnnotation+-+26789451361319ocn002800973book19750.08Burton, John ANature in the cityDiscusses the wide range of plants and animals that have adapted to changing urban environments1156ocn024733438book19910.18Burton, John AField guide to the mammals of Britain & Europe+-+37417271353241123ocn056462020book20040.16Burton, John AAttracting wildlife to your garden+-+22682809363241024ocn062306560book20050.14Burton, John AThe ultimate birdfeeder handbookPictorial works+-+96072809363249516ocn611056136book19790.37Arnold, Edwin NicholasPareys Reptilien- und Amphibienführer Europas : ein Bestimmungsbuch für Biologen und NaturfreundeGuidebooks852ocn048244993book19990.06Burton, John AReptilesJuvenile worksFrom fearsome snakes to color-changing chameleons this guide explores the amazing world of reptiles. Full-color photos throughout+-+3426387306835ocn001418532book19740.27Burton, John AThe naturalist in London791ocn025604201book19910.13Burton, John AMammals655ocn026350884book19910.17Burton, John ASnakes612ocn040498228book19980.19Burton, John AWild animals : of Britain and EuropeGuidebooks+-+7355577555+-+8635243755324+-+8635243755324Thu Oct 16 15:12:52 EDT 2014batch16813