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Fri Mar 21 17:13:40 2014 UTClccn-n500034980.06A promise fulfilled : Theodor Herzl, Chaim Weitzmann, and David Ben-Gurion, and the creation of the state of Israel /0.490.94Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons61778920Chaim_Weizmannn 5000349839108Vaitsman, Hayim.Ṿaitsman, Ḥayim, 1874-1952Ṿaytsman, Ḥayim, 1874-1952Ṿeitsman, Ḥayim, 1874-1952Ṿeitsman, Ḥayyim 1874-1952Veĭtsman, Khaim Azrielʼ, 1874-1952Ṿeytsman, Ḥayim, 1874-1952Veyẕman, Khayim, 1874-1952Waiṣman, Ḥayyim 1874-1952Wayṣman, ḤayyimWayṣman, Ḥayyîm 1874-1952Wayyṣman Ḥayyim 1874-1952Wayẕman, Ḥayim, 1874-1952Weiṣman, Ḥayyîm 1874-1952Weitzman, Chaim, 1874-1952Weizman, ChaimWeizman, Chaim, 1874-1952Weizman, Jaim, 1874-1952Weizmann, Ch. 1874-1952Weizmann, Chaim 1874-1952Weizmann, Chaim, Pres. IsraelWeizmann, Chaim, Pres. Israel, 1874-1952Weizmann, Chajim, 1874-1952Weizmann, Chajm.Weizmann, Chajm, 1874-1952Weizmann, Charles.Weizmann, Charles, 1874-1952Weizmann, HaimWeizmann, Haim, 1874-1952Weizmann, HayimWeizmann Hayim 1874-1952Weizmann, Hayyim, 1874-1952Weizmann, Jaím, 1874-1952ווייצמאן, חייםווייצמאן, חיים, 1874־1952ווייצמאן, חיים, 1952־1874ווייצמןווייצמן, חייםווייצמן, חיים, 1874־1952ווייצמן, חיים, נשיא ישראל, 1874־1952וויצמאן, חייםוויצמאן, חיים, 1874-1952וויצמן, חייםוויצמן, חיים, 1952-1874וייצמן, חייםוייצמן, חיים, 1874־1952וייצמן, חיים, 1952־1874ויצמאן, חיים, 1874-1952ויצמן, חייםויצמן, חיים, 1874-1952װײצמאן, חייםװײצמאן, חיים, 1874־1952وايزمان، حييموايزمن، حاييموايصمن، حاييمويتسمن، حاييمويزمن، حاييمويصمن، حاييمڤايتسمن، حاييمڤايزمن، حاييمlccn-n83312843Zionist Commissionlccn-n79066133Reinharz, Jehudaedtlccn-n50051383Litvinoff, Barnetothedtlccn-n79018108Brandeis, Louis Dembitz1856-1941lccn-n50023547Halpern, Benlccn-n50007677Ben-Gurion, David1886-1973lccn-n50051687Weisgal, Meyer Wolfe1894-1977edtlccn-n80118793Rose, Normanedtlccn-n50017666Balfour, Arthur James1848-1930lccn-nb90604390Lewis, Geoffrey1929-Weizmann, Chaim1874-1952BiographyHistoryRecords and correspondenceWeizmann, Chaim,ZionistsZionismIsraelPresidentsGreat BritainZionist CommissionBalfour DeclarationUnited StatesBrandeis, Louis Dembitz,Middle East--PalestineInternational relationsBalfour, Arthur James Balfour,--Earl of,Ben-Gurion, David,Bevin, Ernest,Jewish-Arab relationsHerzl, Theodor,ManuscriptsJewish questionJewsJews--RestorationJews--Social conditionsJews--Politics and governmentKeren HayesodUniversiṭah ha-ʻIvrit bi-YerushalayimHydrocarbonsPolitical scienceSimons, Leonard N.,Great Britain.--Palestine Royal CommissionJewish nationalismColonizationAustriaPalestine in JudaismHeads of stateFiction1874195218991900190219031914191519171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199619971998199920002001200220042005200620082009201120122013169048801574BDS125.3.W45ocn721108647ocn723770266ocn765685357ocn661594563ocn245788562ocn083441438ocn45935500975742ocn000512638book19480.47Weizmann, ChaimTrial and error; the autobiography of Chaim WeizmannHistoryBiographyRecords and correspondence30447ocn008826757book19000.70Weizmann, ChaimThe letters and papers of Chaim WeizmannBiographyRecords and correspondence2303ocn002014049book19740.56Chaim Weizmann : statesman of the Jewish renaissance : the Chaim Weizmann centenary, 1874-197411421ocn002639458book19360.76Weizmann, ChaimThe Jewish people and Palestine; statement made before the Palestine Royal Commission in Jerusalem, on November 25th, 1936782ocn002585794book19430.73Herzl, TheodorThe Jewish state : an attempt at a modern solution of the Jewish questionBiography7215ocn002019195book19240.73Weizmann, ChaimIsrael und sein Land; Reden und Ansprachen6511ocn002004943book19370.79Weizmann, ChaimReden und Aufsätze, 1901-1936615ocn003439158book19230.90Weizmann, ChaimAmerican addresses of Dr. Chaim Weizmann : including address delivered by Dr. Weizmann on the occasion of the laying of the corner-stone of the Hebrew University on the Mount of Olives, July 24, 1918572ocn003642539book19450.79Chaim Weizmann, a tribute on his seventieth birthday, edited by Paul Goodman4810ocn613972137book19510.53Weizmann, ChaimMemoiren; das Werden des Staates IsraelBiography4210ocn017504515book19180.79Weizmann, ChaimWhat is Zionism? : two chapters from "Zionism and the Jewish future"378ocn012893910book19390.90Jewish Agency for IsraelThe Jewish case against the Palestine White paper : documents submitted to the Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations3711ocn006411924book19420.79Weizmann, ChaimPalestine's role in the solution of the Jewish problem374ocn013222172book19360.86Weizmann, ChaimDevarim : neʼumim, maʼamarim u-mikhtavim be-arbaʻah kerakhim364ocn038714828book19680.92Buber, MartinBet-sefer-gavoha YehudiHistory345ocn009563341book19380.94Weizmann, ChaimPolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons299ocn004427829book19370.81Weizmann, ChaimDas jüdische Volk und Palästina : Erklärung vor der Königlichen Palästina-Kommission in Jerusalem am 25. November 1936283ocn004128596book19170.94Weizmann, ChaimBefore the United Nations : a plea for a just solution of the problem of PalestineHistory275ocn000653488book19360.92Weizmann, ChaimDas Recht auf die Heimat263ocn005155972book19470.76Jewish Agency for IsraelAbba Hillel Silver, Moshe Shertok, Chaim Weizmann before the United Nations, October, 194711275ocn182530458com19870.56Halpern, BenA clash of heroes Brandeis, Weizmann, and American ZionismBiographyThis book examines the conflict between Louis D. Brandeis and Chaim Weizmann, two heroes of a crucial era in recent Jewish history. The author considers how each man confronted the problem of his Jewish identity and the extent to which they both served as models for rival solutions+-+2715950465105121ocn000408962book19490.47Weizmann, ChaimTrial and error; the autobiography of Chaim WeizmannHistoryBiographyRecords and correspondence8905ocn010725315book19850.37Reinharz, JehudaChaim Weizmann, the making of a Zionist leaderHistoryBiography+-+64150504653248727ocn013333289book19860.31Rose, NormanChaim Weizmann : a biographyBiography7675ocn676698429file20090.50Lewis, GeoffreyBalfour and Weizmann the Zionist, the zealot and the emergence of IsraelHistoryOn November 2nd 1917 Arthur Balfour, then Foreign Secretary, wrote to Lord Rothschild to say that the British Government viewed with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people. It was a statement the consequences of which have reverberated throughout the world in a crescendo of bitterness and violence ever since. It interposed a European (mainly Russian) Jewish cultural idea in an Arab land and it led eventually to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Eleven years before his declaration, Balfour had met the passionate Zionist and émigré chemist Chaim Weizmann while el+-+35950729365934ocn002332331book19760.31Litvinoff, BarnetWeizmann : last of the patriarchsBiography5404ocn024373388book19920.47Reinharz, JehudaChaim Weizmann : the making of a statesmanHistoryBiographyThis narrative follows Weizmann's life from the beginning of the First World War through some of his greatest triumphs--the Balfour Declaration, the founding of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the British Mandate for Palestine. Reinharz untangles the internal politics of the World Zionist Organization as he charts Weizmann's rise to prominence. We see Weizmann struggling with fellow Zionists over his pro-British policies and his increasingly authoritarian leadership. We see him as a persuader and diplomat, a charming figure who could win influence in elite British circles without downplaying his Jewish identity or heritage. Reinharz offers insights into Weizmann's brilliance as a chemist and follows the difficult negotiations that produced the triumphant Balfour Declaration. He carries the story through Weizmann's work in Palestine to found a vibrant Jewish community. Weizmann's largely unsuccessful efforts to open a friendly dialogue with the Arabs are also fully explored. --From publisher's description+-+506725046532452611ocn000040167book19680.70Weizmann, ChaimThe letters and papers of Chaim WeizmannBiographyRecords and correspondence4053ocn000983598book19600.47Crossman, R. H. SA nation reborn; a personal report on the roles played by Weizmann, Bevin and Ben-Gurion in the story of IsraelHistory3998ocn000819083book19620.39Weizmann, ChaimChaim Weizmann : a biography by several handsBiography3505ocn001976620book19750.39Blumberg, H. MWeizmann, his life and timesHistoryBiography3112ocn001347520book19670.37Weizmann, VeraThe impossible takes longer; the memoirs of Vera Weizmann, wife of Israel's first President, as told to David Tutaev3066ocn002405182book19760.24Davidson, LionelThe sun chemistFictionSuspense fiction'Beyond question the book of the year.' Spectator Chaim Weizmann was a great man, one of the founders of modern Israel. He was also a chemist of international repute. His work in the thirties led him to a cheap way of synthesising oil. But politics took over and it seemed Weizmann had died without passing on his revolutionary knowledge. In the oil-starved seventies, it falls to Igor Druyanov to reconstruct that magic formula. And the chase is on, for the news will overturn the Middle East ... Tense, intelligent and stylish, The Sun Chemist is gripping spy thriller from a true master of t2995ocn754718175com20090.70Fraser, T. GChaim Weizmann the Zionist dreamHistory+-+92164205462873ocn000631710book19500.20Baker, RachelChaim Weizmann, builder of a nationZionist who aided in the restoration of Israel2823ocn005972870book19440.63Chaim Weizmann, statesman, scientist, builder of the Jewish commonwealth2761ocn056096151book20050.06Greenfeld, HowardA promise fulfilled : Theodor Herzl, Chaim Weitzmann, and David Ben-Gurion, and the creation of the state of IsraelHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyBiographies of a journalist, a scientist, and a labor leader who shared the same dream about the nation of Israel+-+K9506051552683ocn001535044book19530.66Samuel, MauriceLevel sunlightHistory2494ocn009196916book19820.81Weizmann, ChaimThe essential Chaim Weizmann : the man, the statesman, the scientistHistoryBiography2387ocn005298926book19580.59Berlin, IsaiahChaim WeizmannBiography+-+2715950465Fri Mar 21 16:08:03 EDT 2014batch44329